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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jillunnu oru isai mazhai

Making music immortal

First SPB Fans Thank to The Hindu Metroplus Newspaper for this article. And I Personally thank to Mr.Jeevanlal, Manager of Annalakshmi Restaurent, Coimbatore for information to me.

This is a audio file from Surian FM Mr.Ravi Varma (RJ). I dedicate to this audio for our beloved members to Mr.N.Ramanathan, Mr.Aanand and All SPB Fans. Enjoy

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When M. S. Viswanathan, S. P. Balasubhramanyam and P. Susheela get together, the result is magic, writes K. JESHI

Photos: S. Siva Saravananan

Casting a spell M.S. Viswanathan with S.P. Balasubhramanyam and S.P. Sailaja and P. Susheela

They revolutionised south Indian film music. She is a melody queen. And, his voice is magic. It was great music when mellisai mannargal M. S. Viswanathan, T.R. Ramamurthy, P. Susheela and S.P. Balasubhramanyam gathered for an unfor gettable bonanza in Coimbatore. Organised by Helpline Arts Academy that is into social service for six years, the funds raised from the evening will be used to conduct heart surgeries for disadvantaged children.

The programme, Sangeetha Saamrajyam, will remain etched forever in the memory of every music lover present there. It was not just about great music, but also an opportunity to draw inspiration as the legends shared anecdotes from their illustrious music careers. What shone through was their humility, mutual love and respect and of course, their passion for music.

Setting the mood

It was a delight to watch the paasaa sandai between the legendary M.S.V and singer SPB. The music director wanted his children (the singers) to be honoured first, but the singer insisted that their appa should take precedence.

Jillunnu oru isai mazhaiyil nanaiyya poareenga, the compere Uma Pamanabhan announced to a packed audience at Ramalinga Chettiar School grounds on Alagesan Road. And, that’s what happened with P. Susheela’s invocation song, Iraivan varuvaan avan enrum nimmadhi tharuvaan.

Apart from his mesmerising singing it is always a pleasure to watch SPB move about with the members of the orchestra, joking with them and helping them fine tune their instruments. When the audio became jarring, he went to the sound engineers, put on the ear phones and helped them set the audio system right, all along cheering for singer Ananthu as he sang the popular number vizhiye kadhai ezhudhu from the MGR starrer Urimai Kural with P. Susheela. Back on stage, he gave thumbs up to the team with a smile and settled down on his chair. Every member in the audience thanked him.

When it was his turn, SPB gave the orchestra the ‘one, two, three…’ cue, and cast his spell with unakkenna melae ninraai oh nandha laala. During a break the veteran M.S.V director had generous words for his colleagues. He said, “Singers like Balu, T.M. Soundarrajan and P. Susheela innovate the compositions so beautifully and bring popularity to music directors like me”.

M.S.V’s presence also energised the gathering. He stood there on stage all through the concert, playing his compositions on the harmonium and the keyboard and pepping up the singers and the orchestra. “If you clap well, we’ll get into the right mood,” he urged the audience.

Memorable was sindhu nadhiyin isai nilavinile…, Bharathiar’s poem set to music by M.S.V. Maalai pozhudhin mayakkathilae followed. “It is my brother Ilayaraaja’s favourite,” said MSV and went on to narrate many anecdotes of working with Kannadasan. And SPB followed that up with sippi irukkudhu muthum irukkudhu composition from K. Balachander’s film Varumaiyyin niram sigappu.

SPB’s innovation in ‘mayakkam thanthadhu yaar… MSVyo, kannadasano…’ was a treat. “They are mellisai mahachakravarthigal…Ilayaraaja and I used to wait in Luz corner everyday to get a glimpse of his white ambassador hoping we’d get a chance to work with him,” the singer recalled and told the audience that his sister S.P. Sailaja was also blessed to have performed with the legend.

Kanaa kaanum kangal mella from Agni Saakshi by SPB was beautiful. When Susheela sang her national award winning number, naalai indha velai parthu odi vaa nila, the music director turned nostalgic. “When Susheelamma came for the recording I told her she’d win the national award and she did,” said MSV. Susheela recalled “I got the award in ’69. Balu, Janaki, TMS and I were lucky to work with him. There is so much variety in every song,” she said and hummed partha nyabagam illaiyo.

Of melody and matter

“People feel bad that I haven’t won any awards, but earning your love and affection is the biggest award,” MSV told the audience. “Matter, meter and melody is important for a song, even if it’s a kuthu song,” he said and sang manidhan ninaipadhundu vazhvu nilaikkum endru from Avan dhaan manidhan. SPB sang the popular vaa nila nila admiring the bright moon and shouts of ‘once more’ rent the air. He sang ayiram nilavae vaa, vaa venilla and the extraordinary kamban aemaandhan.

When Kovai Murali sang adi ennadi raakkamma, MSV kept time clapping and the crowd joined in the fun. When asked if the new generation was missing out on good music, “No,” replied MSV. “At a concert in Pondicherry, an eight-year-old came up to us and asked for ninaipathellam nadanthu vittaal. That is 38-year-old! Irakkum manidhan, iravaa paadalgal (mortal men, immortal music).”

First Part of Audio File in Concert

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Second Part of Audio File in Concert.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

SPB's First Ever Song in Marathi

SPB recorded his first ever song in Marathi recently in Mumbai. This article was printed in today's newspaper (April 03, 2008) "Maharashtra Times". I am posting transalated version of it for all SPB fans.


“Sir, if I make any mistake, do not hesitate whatsoever, and rectify me till I get all the nuances in the right way. I have no issues”…. Music director Salil Kulkarni was blessed to hear these sweet and kind words from a Legendary singer which is very difficult to expect these days even from a new and upcoming singer. He is known as the “Voice” of South India, and he has left a credible dent in Hindi too with his sweet as honey voice. Yes, we are talking about the legendary singer Dr. S.P. Balasubramaniam who has just sung his first ever song in Marathi. What left a lasting impression on all those present on this occasion in addition to superb rendition of the song by SPB was the singers egoless (?), simplicity and the quest for perfection.

SPB flew from Chennai to Mumbai to sing this song for the marathi movie “Bandya aani baby”. The song was recorded in Suresh Wadekars “Aajivasan Studio”. SPB said earlier that “My long desire of singing in Marathi has been fulfilled with this song, I am happy about this. Salil played this song over phone. I agreed instantly listening to the rhythm. Salil also asked me about my scale (range of voice), and I really felt very good. Nowadays, nobody asks this. Many music directors insist that a singer must sing according to his scale (music directors system of definite tones).“ When asked if he listens to marathi songs, he replied “I listened them when many singers from Maharashtra come for programmes in Chennai, and also my friend Suresh Wadekar helps”.
Chats over and back to rehearsals. SPB first heart the complete song from Salil, and asked him the meaning of every word. After getting the proper pronunciations of every word, he got them recorded on his recorder. He then said “Give me half an hour time to prepare”, and then he started practicing. Exactly after half-an-hour, he came out for recording and asked Salil, “If I make a mistake, make me do it again.” He co-operated every moment, and to the core! Sometimes, it so happened that even though Salil okayed the take, SPB would say…“Sir, please at this particular word my vocals aren’t proper, so please get one take extra. Just in case…” He would also enquire “Is it ok if I express the emotion in this way?”

After the complete song was heard he embraced Salil saying, “this song really doesn’t seem to be belonging to this era…especially…with the lyrics and the semi-classical ragas… with my voice!! I request Salil not to make songs that are made in this generation. I am glad I waited to sing a song in Marathi for this long…because now it has genuinely hit the right node…and I am glad it took it off in the right scale…!”

Eventually… the recording was over…but that was a spectacular day that people present there in the studio witnessed………!!!
Truly it was a marvelous day with the magnificent maestro…unforgettable..!!!