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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mazhai Tharumo En Megam ...... our SPB pleads

Dear SPB Fans,

This is a lovely melody from the 1978 Tamil Movie "Manidharil Iththanai NirangaLaa" starring SriDevi and Murali Mohan. Kamal has also acted in this movie but not as an hero.

Did you all notice the humming of a female voice at the end of the Pallavi and Charanams. This was by SP.Shailaja the beloved sister of our SPB. This marked her entry into Tamil Film singing and she had started with a small role of humming in her own brother's song. Her full fledged song however was in 1979 only.

Shyam is the Music Director. This is one among his melodies. Many would have forgotten him. But he does seem to have to his credit some good numbers which may not be known to many. Maybe we can explore those at a later stage.

Good music with violins at the start and with guitar picking up in the pallavi and violins peeping in here and there in the charanams. I happened to note one feature of this song. It does not have any identifiable music in the interludes. The humming of SPS is the only bridging link between the Pallavi and the Charanams and the overall effect you get is that of a continuously rendered song. I have not heard anything like this before. Seems to be a unique composition by Shyam.

Our SPB has sung this with lot of bass in his voice, maybe, to project the mood of the song wherein the hero (MM) expresses his state of mind & being and calls upon the herione (SD) to open up and accept his love and longing for her and wondering how all this would happen. Good lyrics indeed (i am not able to get the name of the lyricist - someone can help)



mazhai tharumO yen mEgam
mayangudhamma yeNNangaL yaavum
thOhaikku thoodhuvan yaarOthOL thotta thendraladi
thodarndhu nee paadum raagam yennaponvandE…. (mazhai tharumO)


thEnirukkum vaNNa malar nEraadudhu
thEneeeyil ondru ingu pOraadudhu… (ThEnirukkum)
azhaikkindra kaNgaL seiyum aanandha kOlam
thadai pOdum uLLam Yaar seidha paavam…(2)
thaLirE nee annappEdu yeNNam maarumaa… (Mazhai TharumO)


kOvilukkuL dheiva magaL kudiyErinaaL
kaadhalukkuL yendru avaL padiyEruvaaL..
sirikkindra thanga sirpam thEril varaaadhO
silai vaNNam angEkalai uLLam ingE..
nilai thannai solla thoodhuvan yengE
iLaikkindra sEdhi Solla anbE Odi vaa… (Mazhai TharumO)


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A Rare Dimension to our Great SPB (Don't miss reading this)

Dear SPB Fans,

Just listen to this song. Are you all wondering why this English song is featured here in this blog. Well there are many reasons ……

1. The lyrics for this song was written by our SPB !!! - It doesn’t stop with that
2. The music director is our Great SPB himself – again it does not end here
3. Yes, you all have guessed it right. The singer is none other than our multi-faceted and multi-dimensioned SPB – Surprised? I too was.

An excellent sample depicting three dimensions of our SPBsinging, MD & lyricist. As far as I remember, I have not heard any mention about this English song at all in any of the interviews. Lucky, that, I came across this one now. Our SPB in one of his interviews has mentioned that he is not at all knowledgeable on Western Music. After hearing this song, i wish to differ from him. This song was recorded in 1987. Just listen to the throw of his English words. He has clearly copied the accent to perfection. As MSV had said in one of his interviews about our SPB's excellent Kaelvi Gnanam, it is quite prominent here. He brings in a "quiver" in his voice at the start of the second charanam. Really fantastic. Great vocal dramatics in the entire song. Such a powerful rendition finally ending with a great "maama-mieya". The words are also clearly sung. The song seems to take various types from Pop to Rock to Rap. Commendable music also.


Also, please listen carefully to the lyrics. It is great.

One more interesting info is that the actor featured in this song is the renowned and popular drummer Sivamani who acts (sorry he has not acted - he has just done what he does in real life i.e. playing drums) the role of an African-American always playing drums in the movie and is also madly in love (which ends up being one-sided) with Vijayashanthi, the heroine of the movie. Our SPB has modulated his voice totally and his accent is also afro-americanised to suit the character. It does not sound like him at all. It is totally a different voice - seems to match the personality of Sivamani. Maybe he has gained inspiration from the voices of Old Time American or English singers . I forgot to mention the movie. It is a Telugu movie “Padamati Sandhyaa Raagam” (1987) and was shot primarily in the US. The hero for this movie happens to be an American.

Our SPB is the Music Director for this movie. There are also a couple of very good songs in this film of which one is rated as the best under his own MD. I will be featuring this number at a later date.

There are also other contributions by our SPB for this movie. It seems that the title of the movie was suggested by SPB and he also recommended Sivamani for the role in the movie.

(Note : Details of the movie was extracted from the website www.telugucinema.com)


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Saturday, January 20, 2007

An Audio of an SPB Interview

Dear SPB Fans,

Here is an audio of an SPB interview which i came across on the net. This interview article was already circulated in the spb fans group mail some time back by someone. This happens to be the audio of that interview. It is in three parts. So go ahead enjoying part by part by clicking on the Play icon of Part-1, then Part-2 (after Part-1 is over) & Part-3 (after Part-2 is over). We should be indebted to the team which had organised this interview and also recorded it.(B.Balaji, Raja.G, Udhaya, Srikanth .....). I have just captured the links of these audio parts and put it here for your benefit. I was really bowled over by the clarity of our SPB talking and the sweetness of his voice and his langauge. It was like honey pouring into the ears. He is modesty personified. I am out of words to express after listening to the audio. Simply great, superb, fascinating ..........



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Sorry, your browser doesn't support the embedding of multimedia.


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A Patriotic Song by our SPB

Dear SPB Fans,

Recently we have been posting many songs which covered a wide range of Lullabies, love songs, romantic songs, disco numbers, comedy songs, pathos song of our great SPB.

The whole world knows about the versatility of our genius and we, as fans, have been trying to explore and enjoy the wide repertoire and dimensions of our beloved singer by posting various songs and discussing about his various facets.

I thought it would be appropriate now to bring in one more dimension of our SPB in singing. That is “PATRIOTIC songs”. The voice which turns melodious for a love song, soft for a lullaby & pathos, gutsy for disco numbers and comical for the comedy songs changes itself to provide a feeling of anguish and anger when rendering a patriotic song.

Just listen to the song “Gandhi Dhesamaey Kaaval Illayaa….” from “Naan Sigappu Manidhan” (1985) starring Rajini & Ambika (with Bhagyaraj appearing in a small role delighting all). One can realize the ultimate patriotic feeling that our SPB has brought into the song. IR has produced a great orchestration reflecting very well the mood of the song.

Our SPB’s voice assumes various emotions throughout the song. Initially it represents one of anguish at what is happening in the country today regarding unemployment and caste differentiations. He just comes out with a heavy & powerful rendering. In the second charanam his voice brings in a feeling of anger & sorrow at the way internal traitors are spoiling the nation when our soldiers on the border are guarding the nation against outsiders. Listen to the rendering of the words “raththathin aarugal odudhadaa...” in the second charanam. He emotes differently here matching the mood (he almost seems to weep here) and then, after this, switches emotions to dynamics again.

One more song showcasing our SPB’s histrionics in singing.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Vaa Ponmayile from Poonthalir

Dear SPB Fans,

This is a solo melody from our Emperor for the Tamil Film “Poonthalir” (1979) featuring Sivakumar & Sujatha. Music by IR and lyrics by Panju Arunachalam. One of my all-time favorite song. IR employs the violins once again for this song giving a great effect to the song

A great love song with the man inviting his lady love to join him towards an eternal bliss. He finds illustrations in nature and compares it to the attributes of his lady love. What more does our SPB need. He puts in heart and soul into the song and comes out with a great piece. The richness in his voice is so great that it fills our ears with honey. Just listen to the way he renders the lines “endrum neeindri naanillai, naanindri neeyillai, kanmani”. There are lots of such sweet toned rendering throughout the song. His voice expresses a longing feeling matching very well with the mood of the song

Actor Surya (son of Sivakumar), in one of his interviews, citied this song as his favorite song featuring his father.


vaa ponmayile
nenjam aekkathil thavikkudhu
endrum neeindri naanillai
naanindri neeyillai

kaadhalin jaadaiyellaam
kovilin thaerazhago
kaniye manam mayanga mayanga
varuvai suvai peruga peruga
ilamaiyin nalinamae
inimaiyin uruvam malara

vaa ponmayile
nenjam aekkathil thavikkudhu
endrum neeindri naanillai
naanindri neeyillai

deviyin manjal niram
boomiyin neela niram
azhagae sugam valara valara
ninaive dhinam pazhaga pazhaga
urimiyail azaikirein
uyirile kalandhu magizha

vaa ponmayile
nenjam aekkathil thavikkudhu
endrum neeindri naanillai
naanindri neeyillai

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Beginning of a "Great Combo"

Dear SPB Fans,


We have read so many articles discussing in great lengths the “IR-SPB” combo and the superb quality of the songs generated by this great combo.

This prompted me to embark upon the exercise of finding out the root of this great relationship in films and their first song that hit the screens.

And I ended up with this song “Oru Naal Unnodu Oru Naal” from the Tamil Film “Uravaadum Nenjam” (1976). Lyrics is by Panchu Arunachalam.

This song used to be one of my favorites at that time & always on my lips and then like many other songs had gone into the archives once again surfacing now when I ventured to find out the first song of this combo and what great pleasure i derived listening to it again after so many years.

The quality of SPB-SJ voices is so great and prominent that it gives ultimate pleasure when savoring it. The song is very lively and is also melodiously paced. Great Orchestration by the Maestro. An extensive use of the violin throughout the song. It is understood that the violinists had a tough time bringing out what IR wanted. Just listen to the beautiful play of violin and flute just before the first charanam. This song also silenced IR's critics who till then had branded IR as a "GramathuRaja" capable of composing only village based songs (based on his Annakili songs which had the flavour of the soil and his subsequent film also). IR proved a point that he had a wide repertoire under his belt waiting to blossom them on to the screens.

The main actors in this film are Sivakumar & Chandrakala. Obviously the song would have featured these two. The lyrics is great with the couple exchanging thoughts on their future life together and the adjustments (give & take) they need to make to live a happy life. The lady compliments her man and pleads lovingly with him to get rid of two traits. (pls correct me if i am wrong as i have not seen this movie or the song clip).

I came upon an article talking elaborately on the background to this song. This was posted by one Mr. Manisekaran (must be a Malaysian Tamil, I presume) on Nov 16, 2004 in one of the discussion threads (on the net) related to IR. He seems to be an encyclopedia / authority on IR info, from whatever I read of his articles.

I have just “cut and paste”d below the portion of his article dwelling on this first song of “IR-SPB” Combo. It also happens to be the first “IR-SPB-SJ” combo song.

Manisekaran wrote :

Sri Vishnupriya Creations URAVAADUM NENJAM is an important film for
Ilayaraja. The film itself happened to be an utter failure. But there was a
landmark that Ilayaraja had left for us. The song Oru Naal Unnodu Oru Naal was
earmarked for success of the movie. The song was an instant hit alright, but the
movie had nothing to boast of.

This was the third film for Raja, after Palooti Valartha Kili.
However, S.P. Bala’s first song under Ilayaraja was recorded for URAVAADUM NENJAM movie, and that is Oru Naal Unnodu Oru Naal. Ilayaraja had assisted other MDs, such as GK Vengatesh, who had used Bala. But those were not to be attributed to Raja.

When Ilayaraja was composing under various MDs in the late 1960s
Bala was already a playback singer following the film Shanthi Nilayam, under MS
Visvanathan. Bala’s first ever-Tamil song was a duet with LR Eswary in the film
Hotel Ramba. The song is “Athanukku Eppadi Irukku Mansukkulle.” Both the song
and the film were never released. The Shanthi Nilayam song was the first to be
released. But it was the song Ayiram Nilave Vaa in ADIMAI PENN that boosted Bala to new heights.

While looking for cine chances, Bala was first singing under the Paavalar Brothers. Later Raja played harmonium and guitar under the band that Bala initiated.

Raja was invited to compose for a film called UYIR. Bala and a few others sang and recorded 4 songs under Raja’s composition. The film never materialised. Then came Annakili. Bala and Raja were among the thickest of friends. However, when Annakili came by, Raja could not impose on using Bala. It was Raja’s debut and Panju had all the say. Raja was interested in breaking through. But when URAVADUM NENJAM was in the making,
Raja made sure Bala was in. In an attempt to honour his close friend, Raja wanted to make sure he composed a song that would be cherished by both the composer and the singer. Remember the title of the film is also URAVADUM NENJAM. So Ilayaraja centered all his energy, effort and imagination to compose what would ever remain as one of the best songs for a best friend of his. Likewise, SP Bala too made sure he sang with much feeling. S. Janaki too followed suit. The lyrics were by Panju Arunasalam.

The song, especially the orchestration was something unknown to many fans of Tamil film music. It was simply rich orchestration. Ilayaraja told Bala that the film would run for 100 days on the strength of the song. Raja proposed, but the moviegoers disposed. The film became an utter failure- commercially. However, the song became immortalised, and is one of my best.

The story did not end there. It was on the lips of Bala for a long time. Every time Bala entered the recording studio, he used to sing to himself or hum this song. And Raja used to immediately respond, “ Naama Ennnumo Nenachom, Padam Odalaiye daa” (These two friends called each other “vaada poda.”)

However, Raja’s first song for his closest friend shall always be on our lips too.

One more information which I gathered regarding the music composition for this song is as follows (from one of IR’s interviews)

Another song he (ilayaraja) mentioned where the violinists found it
really difficult was "Oru Naal Unnodu Oru Naal" from Uravadum Nenjam, which
incidentally is the first song sung by SPB for him.(for ilayaraja)

LYRICS (By Panchu Arunachalam) :

oru naaL unnOdu oru naaL
uravinil aada
puthumaigaL kaaNa
kaaNbOmE yennaaLum thirunaaL
oru naaL..

manjaLin maharaaNi
kunguma perundhEvi
unnaal ponnaaL kaNdEnE
kaNNil sorgaththin nizhalai kaNdEnE
unn mugam paarththu malarndhEnE
unn nizhal thEdi vaLarndhEnE (oru naaL)

unnidam naan kaNda
perumaigaL pala undu
kObam vEham maaraadhO
maarum nannaaL
yennaaL kaaNbEnO
punnagaiyaalE yenai maatru
ponnazhagE nee poongaatru (oru naaL)

mangala naaN vENdum
maganudan magaL vENdum
yendrum kaaval neeyaga
undhan vaazhvin geetham naanaga(mangala)
kaaviyam pOlE vaazhnthiruppOm
aayiram nilavai paarthiruppOm (oru naaL)

Friday, January 12, 2007

An Exclusive Interview with SPB by Tollywood.com

Please find below an interview article which i stumbled upon in "TotalTollywood.com"

Exclusive interview with SPB

After a long time, SPB played a full length and interesting role in the recently released Mayabazar. He played Kubera, the god of wealth. Mayabazar got good talk all over and SPB is getting ultimate reviews from nook and corner. We got a chance to meet him at Multiplex and he spent some exclusive time with TotalTollywood. Here are the excerpts.

Congratulations for the reviews on your performance as Kubera.
Thank you very much. I am so happy doing this role after a gap. It struck the right chord with the audience.

You complete 4 decades this 15th December. How do you feel? (SPB sang his first song for Sobhan Babu for the film Sri Maryada Ramanna on 15th Dec, 1966)
It is a wonderful journey. I should thank the audience for their constant support which keeps me in my spirits all the time. It is because of their affection that I am still recording every day for 40 years. There is no SPB the moment they stop listening to my songs. I took an oath that the day audience stop listening to me, the day my voice would not heed to the need, the day I cannot deliver what a music director wanted, that day I will stop singing.

I should tell you one interesting incident here. The first thing that Kodandapani said to me was that I am disciplined and will be in an excellent slot in the industry for at least 40 years. This he told me the first time he saw me during a music competition. They haven't decided the winner yet. I still remember that.

Going back to your early days, how much time did you take for your first song?
In fact, very less time. We did rehearsals for 3 days. I was already an assistant to Kodandapani by then. You wont believe but my portion was okayed in the first take. I completed my song in 20 minutes.

How much was your remuneration for that song and what did you do with that?
(Laughs).. 300 Rs. I sent one 100 to my home. You see, I was in my second year of engineering then. I was sharing a room with my friend. Rent was 10 Rs per head then. Every month I got 80Rs from home. So I sent 100 Rs to my dad and wrote him a letter that he doesn't have to send me money for the next 2 months.

You have a gift. You modulate your voice to fit any actor. What I mean is your voice fits aptly to any actor. Do you do anything special to achieve that?
Changing or modulating voice will not suit every situation and actor. For example, comedians have a different caricature and hence a peculiar voice. I just mimic for them when I sing and it would work. It wont work for heroes. More efforts are needed for that. Especially it was very tough for ANR and NTR. When I started out, audiences are already used to the voice of Ghantasala for NTR and ANR. I was 22 then. So I had 2 options. Either to imitate Ghantasala or be myself. I decided to go the second way. I tried to modulate to be close to the respective dialog delivery. And more over if the song appeals natural sung by the hero then the credit goes equal to the actor also.

In recent days, the number of your songs have reduced. Is it your choice or is it the current trend of singers from other languages?
I did not call for reduction in number of songs. What I did was set myself a standard with song. Ofcourse you cannot do Shankarabharanams for all commercial films. But still I try to look for a standard. And also the new talent and upcoming singers should always be encouraged. And in that process, my songs will be less in number.

You have been doing lot of US shows lately. Is that your primary focus now?
Nothing like that. In the past, for about 30 years, I worked 15-16 hrs a day. I rarely did any shows then. Now that my numbers are less with songs, I am getting more time to do these shows. And it is kind of interesting that people like to see me presenting the songs live even though they have already heard them in movies. And I am not overdoing them either. I go on concert tour once in while. I tour US every alternate year. When I do, I stay there for 6 weeks.

Previously, critics said Mano was imitating you. Now looks like even SP Charan is on the same track.
Mano imitating me was a fact. He himself accepted that. Coming to Charan sounding like me can be a natural thing since he is my son. It is in his genes. He is not imitating me but his voice sounds like me. And also I dont see it wrong if he imitates me. After all when others are doing it, why cant my son do it?

Coming to film Mayabazar, what are your impressions on the director?
Mohankrishna is a fine director. The way he worked on the script of Mayabazar proves his finesse. He has got grip on all aspects of film making. And overall, I admire the knowledge he has on Telugu literature and his command in Telugu language. Usually when directors venture into commercial films, they look for either a good casting or present trend of films for quick recognition. But the script picked by Mohan is like tight rope walking. It was wonderful working with him.

I acted in 70-80 films so far. I can get the feel for the director on the first day. Some of the directors depends heavily on their assistants and some depend on senior artists like us. But Mohan knows what he wants. Every artist had the entire script in hand well in advance. He did not degrade the quality of the film even a bit to project the so called commercial aspects. K.Viswanath films are also commercial films but classics too. Mohankrishna is going in that direction.

In a previous pressmeet, you mentioned that you tried to avoid this film in the beginning.
Initially producer Satyanarayana garu approached me and narrated the story line in short form. He asked my opinion. I said the film is a good one and has novelty. He asked me for a favor and I slipped my tongue saying I am okay to do even a short role in the film. I did not know what was on his mind then until he reacted immediatley that they are considering me for the role of Kuberudu. I was a bit hesitant. So, I said no. After a week he called me again to see if I changed my mind. I wanted to avoid this and hence told him a few loop holes in the character. He came back with the corrections and notified me that he will do this film only if I agreed to play the role of Kuberudu. The makers were very particular that I do this role. So I thought of giving it a shot. Now I thank the producers for giving me this role since it gave me a new projection.

What did you think about music in this film?
Radhakrishna is a wonderful music director. He is one music director who still believes in melody and sticks to semi-classical based pattern. I requested him never to change his style. He might not get too many offers because of this but it is his songs that will stay for long and evergreen.

If you have to pick top 5 of your songs, what will they be?
Medante Meda Kadoo (this is my first turning point), Ye divilo virisina, all songs in Shankarabharanam, all songs in Sagarasangamam, Adaviramudu.. and the list goes on. I cannot just pick 5.

What are the recent films that you liked the best?
I liked Godavari and now Mayabazar.

Show at IMAX was over by then and it was time for his interaction with the audience. So we had to break but SPB promised more exclusive time soon. We thank him for his time and applaud him for his role of Kuberudu in Mayabazar.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ilaya Nila "Balu" Pozhigiraar.....

Dear SPB Fans,

This great IR song from the Tamil film "Payanangal Mudivadhillai"(1982) in fact needs no discussion at all as we all hear it frequently either on TV or in some musical concert. It has stood the test of time and is still going strong after 25 years and will probably never have a rebirth as there are no chances for it to become extinct.

However, i have taken up this song for posting in this blog based on request from one of our SPB fans "K Padmanabhan" who had taken the initiative of sending the lyrics in the SPB Fan group mail. What i will do here is to put in some quotes or info on this song which i read somewhere. This song had already featured in the Tamil Blog by Sundar and i do not want to make this a monotonous reading.

It was revealed by SPB in an interview in Asianet/Kairali/Surya TV during Aug-Sep, that Ilayanila was recorded on the 24th take to perfection.. Each time the guitarist erred, IR played the tune quite effortlessly for him..

I got the following information from a blog page of a person, who got a chance to meet the Maestro during June this year in US.

IR on him playing the Guitar for his songs - He has never played the guitar for any of his songs - including "Ilaya Nila". If there are difficult phrases he will do a demo for the guitarist. For "Ilaya Nila" apparently the guitarist, who was much senior to him in the industry, was able to reproduce only 10% of what he had shown him.

There is another story to this song

The Hindi Music Directors Kalyanji-Anandji were so fascinated by this guitar interludes that they approached our IR to use it (for the pallavi primarily) for the song in the Hindi remake of this same film. The Hindi song starts like "Neelay Neelay Ambar Par...." sung by Kishore Kumar and the film is "Kalaakar"(1983)

My own attraction towards this song can be attributed to two aspects (apart from that of our SPB singing this one), one of course is the superb guitar play and the other is the Vairamuthu's lyrics for the song especially "mugilinangal alaigiradhae mugavarigal tholaindhanavoa mugavarigal thavariyadhaal azhudhidumoa adhu mazhaiyoa" (What an imaginative interpretation of wandering clouds and the resultant rainfall)


ilaiya nilaa pozhigaradhae idhayam varai nanaigiradhae
ulaap poagum maegam kanaak kaanudhae vizhaakkaanudhae vaanamae

(ilaiya nilaa)

varum vazhiyil pani mazhaiyil paruva nilaa dhinam nanaiyum
mugileduththu mugam thudaiththu vidiyum varum nadai pazhagum
vaana veedhiyil maega oorvalam kaanumboadhilae aarudhal tharum
paruva magal vizhigalilae kanavu varum


mugilinangal alaigiradhae mugavarigal tholaindhanavoa
mugavarigal thavariyadhaal azhudhidumoa adhu mazhaiyoa
neela vaanilae velli oadaigal oaduginradhae enna jaadaigal
vin veliyil vidhaiththadhu yaar nava manigal


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

"Kavidhaigal Sollum...." num Balu

Dear SPB Fans,

This song is from the 2001 film "Ullam Kollai Poguthe" starring Anjala Javeri, Prabhu Deva, Karthik.

I have chosen this song for the way our SPB has sung this one. If you notice, he sings it lightly without stressing too much on the words and gives a melodious flow to the lyrics. One more highlight of this song is the way he has modulated his voice to sound young, young and really young (he must have been 54 at that time but he sounds 20 to 25 years younger). The tone also matches for Karthik who lipsyncs for this song. Listen to the way he renders the word "Peyar" in the first line of the song. There are lot of small improvisations by him in this song like a small laughter, the way he sings same lines differently and so on. Have your ears tuned to register all these.

Music is by Karthik Raja and lyrics penned by Pa.Vijay.

Listen and enjoy this light melody with Sujatha accompanying our SPB for this song


kavidhaigaL sollava, un peyar sollava
iraNdumae ondrudhaan oho
oviyam varaiyava, un kaal thadam varaiyava
iraNdumae ondrudhaan oho
yaar andha roja poo
en kanavil medhuvaaga
poo veesi poonaaL, avaL yaaro?

uLLam koLLai poagudhey
unnai kaNda naaL mudhal
uLLam koLLai poagudhey
anbae en anbae
(uLLam koLLai poagudhey...)

(kavidhaigaL sollava...)

pulveLi meedhu nadakkadhey
hey palagaihaL irukku poongaavil
adhai dhaan padithida kaatrukku
oh theriyaadhey theriyaadhey
pookkaLai pookkaLai theeNdaadhey
malar kaatchiyil solgiRa soRkaL idhu
adhai dhaan vaNdugaL eppavumdhaan
kaetkaadhey kaetkaadhey
ellai koadugaL thaandaadhey, ulaga dhesangaL sollum
paRavai koottangaL kaetkaadhey
paRakkum paRakkum nammai poal
oah........ oah........

(kavidhaigaL sollava...)

kaatrena kaatrena naan maaRi
un swaasathai naanum kadan vaangi
ragasiyamaay naan swaasikkava oah
swaasikkava swaasikkava
maeghangaL maeghangaL naanaagi
un koondhalin vaNNathai kadan vaangi
vaanathin iravuku kodithidava oah
koduthidava koduthidava
kadalin alaiyaaga naan maaRi
unadhu peyar solli varava
undhan kai kuttai kadan vaangi
nilavin kaLangam thudaikkava

(kavidhaigaL sollava...)

I have included two links of this same song in this post. One is the one shown below (music plug-in). This is not playing the full song and it is truncated at the end. I have included this because of the good sound quality. For the full song (with lesser sound quality) please click on the title of this post ""Kavidhaigal Sollum...." num Balu" and then select "PLAY SELECTED" on the screen that appears subsequently to play the song

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Idhu "Balu" Paadum Thaalaattu..... (A TR-SPB song)

This song is from the movie "Oru Thalai Raagam" (1980). This i remember as the first T Rajender's movie and what a debut film it was. A totally new love concept, not thought of for films till then or experimented upon. It was a trendsetter in many ways. 1) the lovers do not touch each other in the film 2) there are no female singers 3) many male singers were used namely SPB, TMS, Malaysia Vasudevan, Jayachandran and Jolly Abraham 4) a lot of new entrants like Chandrasekhar, Shankar, Rupa, Usha (i think she became TR's wife later) and so on...

Our SPB had sung two songs in this movie and this song is a touching one with excellent lyrics and music by TR. What a poetic treat he has presented in this song.
Our SPB has sung it with the right emotion elevating the song to a great level

TR has used the veena (hope i am right here) generously for this song and it is prominent throughout the song adding beauty to the composition. I read somewhere that this song is based on "Kaapi" raagam.



Idhu Kuzhandhai Paadum thaalaattu
idhu iravu nera boopaalam
idhu maerkil thoondrum udhayam
idhu nadhiyillaadha odam
(Idhu Kuzhandhai...)

nadai marandha kaalgal thannin thadaiyathai paarkiraen
valamizhandha therathu ondrai naaldhoorum izhukkiraen
sirakizhandha paravai ondrai vaanathil paarkiraen
sirakizhandha paravai ondrai vaanathil paarkiraen
uravuraadha pennai yenni naallellaam vazhgiraen

(Idhu Kuzhandhai...)

Verum naaril karam kondu poomaalai thodukiraen
verum kaatril uli kondu silai ondrai vadikiraen
vidindhu vitta poozhudhil kuda vinmeenai paarkiraen
vidindhu vitta poozhudhil kuda vinmeenai paarkiraen
viruppamila pennai yenni ulagai naan verukiraen

(Idhu kuzhandhai...)

ulamarindha pinthaano avalai naan ninaithadhu
uravuruvaal yena thaanae manadhai naan koduthadhu
uyirizhandha karuvai kondu kavithai naan vadipathu
uyirizhandha karuvai kondu kavithai naan vadipathu
oruthaalaiyaai kaathalilae yethanai naal vazhvadhu

(Idhu Kuzhandhai...)