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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A great duet by SPB/PS from "Achamillai Achamillai"

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Inventions are discovered everyday

“Just turn the Antenna towards me, another thirty degree, OK wait, just another ten degree towards south, OK now its good, so if you want Roopavaghini this will be the direction, fix it and put this stone under, if you want Doordharshan, then change into previous position, OK” I instructed this RAMAN EFFECT to my friend two decades back, I don’t know about that great CV Raman’s effect, apart from Noble prize, what that “Srirangathan” got, but, because of my RAMAN effect, many people of my street enjoyed both the Srilanka’s Roopavaaghini, and our inimitable(?!) DD. I got the reward in the very next day of my invention. My strict teacher asked me to stand outside of the class for late coming, and seeing my reddish eyes, asked furiously by tapping the bamboo in her palm, “Balu, what movie did you watch yesterday’s night?”, by looking her cane, slightly howling, rubbing my palms for the incoming strokes and with quivering, I replied “Achamillai Achamillai”!!

Actually, I have many nostalgia of Doordharshan, may it that single song of CHITRAMALA (always Devi Sridevi from Vazhve Maayam), may it once in a half-yearly the Sunday’s regional movie, and may it mid-night's yearly once Tamizh movie, I have many flashbacks, which I can’t forget forever. I happened to see this movie “Achamillai Achamillai” in the mid-night slot. (Actually DD used to announce to telecast 10.40 PM, but it always goes beyond 12 mid night). Those days, I love only Kamal and Rajni movie, so at that time I didn’t like this movie (actually i can't understnad at that time), but later on KB’s movies “Unnal Mudium Thambi”, and “Manadil Ourudhi Vendum”, influenced my teenage and changed my life style.

But I love all the songs from KB’s movies, which always the box office hits, all the songs in this movie “Achamillai Achamillai” also nice numbers. An anonymity that still eludes me that how can TFM forgot a music director of Narasimman’s Caliber. He was an excellent music director in the 80’s and melody was his cup of tea. And I can’t think of anyone except Raaja who can handle the violin and Guitar in a nice way as of VSN did. Based on my limited lexicon of music, I can strongly say this song “Aavarampoovu” from the movie “Achamillai Achamillai” is a bucolic melodious all about. It’s a simple composition, but the way the composer handled is quite amazing, especially the starting “early morning” effect along with Sushila’s humming (refresh “Boopalam Isiakum” by Raaja) and that bit before first stanza ( Refresh “Poongkadhave” from Nizhalgal) and the finishing with the same starting effort are the pick of this song.

P Sushila and SP.Balasubramaniam rendered this song like cuckoo. One can feel the same effect of this song in their duet from the movie “Eenipadigal”, “Enunga mappilai”. I’m great fan of S.Janaki, but in my view for lullaby and rustic folk songs, I think PS is the best choice. Even Raaja aware of this, and always used to give lullaby songs to PS. Here also, the selection of singers for this song is ultimate by VSN. In this song, “En Nooni Mooku”, a nostril snippet, “Enunga”, “thavipachu” the rustic renders, and in nutshell PS is at her best in this song. More importantly, in this song, VSN’s MUSIC never irritates the Singers’ voices and also the listeners’ ears.

What S Bala like about SP Bala is his full involvement in all the songs he sings and to the above all his improvisation. Who said SPB cant able to sing rustic songs, call that stupid, let him to listen this song, listen SPB’s “Aavarampoovu”, “Vethuirukku” and “Kelichele”. I Love SPB’s laughing while singing “Nooni mooku Enamma” (Just refresh SPB’s own composition “Unnai Kanda pinbudhan”, in that “Saandhupotteduthu Mookin”) and SPB’s rendering of “Verrodudhan manasa parichale”, and his usual elastic effect in pronouncing the word “Melam”, in all, I want to say “Men May come, Men may go, but SPB….”

In Delhi, the complex where I stay, there is a very naughty boy . Last week, his mother asked him as she noticed that he was doing something with the TV, “Munna Kiya Kar raghe ho” (What are you doing?), that little boy replied “Kuch nahi maa, aaj raath ko ZEE-cinima pe “Parneetha” movie hai, isleye ooavaali Band ko tune kar ragha hu” (Tonight in ZEE-cinima, there will be movie of “Parneetha”, so I’m tuning to that Band)

I smiled and refreshed my nostalgia,

“Inventions are discovered everyday by someone”

Fact File:
SPB is VSN’s favorite singer and had many memorable hits under his baton. Even in VSN’s renaissance release of PASAMALARGAL SPB sang 3 beautiful songs.

Rajni praised VSN’s re-recording for the movie “YAAR”, in Yaar also VSN used SPB effectively, in this movie SPB sang two different styles of songs, one romantic playful train duet song for youthful Arjun, and one climax devotional song for aged Somayajulu.

In this film “Achamillai Achamillai”, more than “Aavarampoovu” song I love my lovable Idiot, SPB’s “Kaiyala Kaasu” song, What a song, dear singers, this is a way to sing an antipoetry song in an intoxicated mood, listen to that song, and come to singing field.

This film was supposed by Sivakumar, and then KB approached Rajesh. In my view, both Sivakumar and Rajesh(his smile) deserved more than what they are having now”

Some what difficult, this song “Aavarampoovu” from “Achamillai Achamillai” got another version again sung by SPB, but not with PS. Identify the female singer who sang that another version along with SPB.

Clue: Don’t think of Tamizh female singers; don’t think of North Indian famous Ashaji and Lathaji.

With Love



Rajesh and Saritha acted in this wonderful movie 'Achamillai Achamillai' (No Fear!) (1984) directed by K.Balachander. Saritha's acting was awesome, as usual, matched by Rajesh's performance. The movie had a very strong story line and screen play.

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There are some good numbers in this movie, specifically a great duet by SPB & P.Suseela. PS starts the song with her honey-soaked voice. Her sweet humming as a prelude brings the charm to the whole song. The interludes with Violin, Flute and Guitar are simply superb. For a very long time, I believed that Maestro composed the music for this film; but it was V. Narasimhan, the popular Violinist, who was the Music Director for this movie. Well. VN was the lead violinist who played the solo violin in Maestro's "How to Name it?" album! :)
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It was in the eighties, there were two popular bands playing Western Music in Chennai viz., Madras Philharmonic and Choral Society Orchestra (MPCS) and The Madras Chamber Orchestra (MCO. VN was leading MCO and conducted many programmes till 1985. Music Industry went thro' a tough time those years and MCO was dismantled as a result.

Again in 1993, a team of professionals including V R Shekar (cellist), B J Chandran (viola), K Murali (violin), V.S. Narasimhan started The Madras String Quartet to give life with the Western Classical Music again in South India. I hope the group is still in tact and continuing!

Let's hear this great duet from Achamillai Achamillai.

Also visit : http://myspb.blogspot.com for the Tamil Version and Lyrics!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

A divine song from the greatest movie 'Mahanadhi'

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“Art is ageless, culture is borderless, and value is timeless “


Ever to be swayed and charmed by a well-composed song, in aided with some good support of voices? May be, every one of you will come up with a thousands of songs, starting from the period of old ages to modernized music. Well, ever feel a moment, some seconds when you feel everything around you is very much perfect, some kind of nostalgia, you feel loving everyone and everything around you, and you feel to scream the Archimedes’ ‘eureka’ (non-naked, though!!) by listening to the crystal clear voices, ever happened? Don’t get envy on me, I’m getting this everyday! Want to know reason, better one wants to get the same feeling which I’m getting everyday, right? If so, just listens to “Sriranganadhanin” song from MAHANADHI.

Recognition first, appreciation, next
MAHANADHI is a movie acted by KAMAL, one of the greatest actors this universe ever produced. In point of words, you can say, Mahanadhi is a life subsisted by the greatest performer Kamal. Honestly speaking, I never cried while seeing movies, I swear you, I didn’t cry for even “Thulaparam”, “Saandha Sakkubhai”, but this film, Mahanadhi did something on me, I cried literally, and decided not to see this film again, I agree I’m cowardice. Still, this film influenced me a lot; you know I supposed to get a capital punishment for killing two persons. Thanks to my dream, it saved three persons, “Thulukanam” shankar, VMH Haneefa and Balu, the Me.

Can you define a great person, one can define by means of art, hardwork, inimitable work, dedication, and etc, but I can define a great person by showing Kamal as an epitome who is having all the above. Once he quoted, “if I were a septic tank cleaner, in that I should be the topper”, this is what made me to define Kamal as a great person. My dear friends, artist don’t want your appreciation, more than that they want some recognition from you all, otherwise, we’ll, not only miss the artist, but also the ART.

The royal touch, the Raaja’s
He knows how to compose a devotional song with folk effect, listen “mariyamma marriyamma”, he knows how to compose a devotional song with classical effort, listen to “Janani Janani”, and he knows how to compose the mixing innovation of semi-classical devotional, just listen to this song from Mahanadhi. This song is a musical extravaganza, I wont ask, how come it possible for him, but I'll ask how come it’s possible only for him? His usage of traditional instrumentation in this song made me dumbfound. He is the maestro; others are merely mortals, Raaja, the royal touch.

God is different, and Divine is
Stop the nonsense of calling him as a “GOD”, just stop. “Theerthaam”, just listen the articulation of this word in the second stanza of this song, then you’ll stop to call him a “GOD”, it may be thousandth time I’m telling you this, GOD is different, and Divine is, which gives birth to Goddess. SPB is a Divine act, so please stop to call him as a GOD.

This song is not a first “Cauvery” song to SPB, he sang some numbers before, but this is a different one. How many of you know that, SPB loves the river cauvery? Still I vividly remember my first meeting with SPB, Jan 26, 2000, I introduced myself a MCA student from Bharadhidasan University, SPB raised his eye- brow, “Oha, are you from Trichy, great and you are blessed, in Trichy only the famous Rockfort temple is there, Srirangam-Cauvery is there,” before his finish, I over enjoyed and proudly screamed “Sir, I’m from that SRIRANGAM, only”

The Regional Feeling, the River Feeling
Cauvery, whenever I utter this name, I find myself into some astonishing world with full of flourish, prosperity, opulence and no poverty. Till date, the only thing I proudly can able to say in any stage is that I’m belonging to Srirangam, where the river cauvery flows.

What I can say about river cauvery, all said before by my own city lyrist Vaali, the great, “Kannadam Thai veedu Endrirundhalum”, I happened to see many rivers, but the cauvery is different. Whenever I visit “Haridhwar-Reshikesh”, I remember the lines “Gangayin Melana Cauvery theertham” .

About Srirangam, as the line reads “Oorvannam enna Kuruven Daivalogamedhanadi”, word have no feels, come to Srirangam you’ll. Now I’m in the capital city New Delhi (Bharadhatin Thalainagarili Theddu Thedu Vellai Theedu Thambiiii, Vaatradha Gangai Endrum Valamana Ponni Endrum Katthadha Allilaiyappa), but my city, my srirangam, my rengan temple, my cauvery bridge, my rockport, my ragavendra, chakrathazhvar temples, my dear beautiful girls(hehehehe), “Vereengu Sendra podhilum indha inbhangal edhedi”


Fact File
After the recording, Illaiyaraja kissed Shobana, and Umaramanan praised her as a budding singer.

After a long gap, Shobana recorded a song in a film called “Aaravindhan”, which was Mastero’s son Yuvan’s first song, and the co singer is SPB!!!


Nobody is answering to my quiz, I don’t know even all of you are checking my blog or not, but still the below is this blog’s quiz.

SPB sang another great song in Kamal movie which eulogizes the river cauvery, identify the song.

With Love


Have you ever felt going weak on your knees on hearing some amazing songs. Some songs make you feel heaven. Some songs touch your heart and keep ringing in your ears for ages. There are some good numbers in this category, which don't fall into the 'typical' tamil film song types.

The movie Mahanadhi (1994), THE BEST of Kamal Hassan, wakes us from the sleep with a big jerk. If I further get into its detail, I won't stop. Secondly I'm not prepared to go thro' the agony again! We can keep that as a separate topic for discussion in some other day.

Maestro's re-recordings and tunes are simply awesome in this movie. Specifically, this song 'Sriranga Ranganathanin' is a great song and is very memorable all the times. Especially for those who's been to Srirangam and has tasted Kaveri atleast once, will love this song from the bottom of his/her heart and will always cherish listening to it.

The moment it starts, it switches off all the noises in our mind instantly and lets us go through a divine feeling. An amazing tune from the Maestro with great interludes make this song very special. Vaali, a native of Srirangam, has written great lyrics. Shobana, a then girl, and SPB have wonderfully rendered their voices.

Whenever I hear to this song, it kindles my days on the bank of Kaveri, and I feel like I should shake off the sand from my foot.

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Very rarely, we get some songs which have beautiful picturization also. This one is a rare number in that list.



One of the beautiful melodies of 70s - Uchi Vagintheduthu

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I remember seeing this movie "Rosapoo Ravikaikari" (1979) secretly without my parents' knowledge! :)

Sivakumar played the innocent character of the village who serves for everybody (and was taken for granted by the people) who weds the beauty Deepa, an odd woman out in the village, who wears modern dresses like the Bra and Blouse! The village women don't wear Bra or Blouse and just wear their sarees all the times! I don't remember the exact story; but it was something like an extra-marital affair of Deepa, which makes the innocent Sivakumar sad and there is a sequence of several scenes in that line.

There are some hilarious scenes when the village women try the bra on top of the blouse!

Some songs are very good. The 'servant' siva goes out of town to buy groceries, vegetables, live stocks for the fellow-villagers, and the whole sequence is told in a song 'veththala veththala veththalayo kozunthu veththalaiyo' sung by Malaysia Vasudevan. There is another good one 'maman oru naal malliyapoo koduththan'. Vani Jayaram has sung a great melody 'ennulle engo engum geetham', an awesome song.

SPB has this pathos song which is amazing. He'd sung with great depth and emotions, depicting the character and his mood very well. Enjoy!

Friday, June 23, 2006

The unsung series - Special # 10 (Finale)

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I have not seen the movie 'Sollathan Ninaikiren' directed by the great director K.Balachander. I understand that this movie was based on a novel written by Manian. The lead artists include Sivakumar, Jayachithra, Srividya and Subha. However I've listened to this song several times in the past. The song was originally sung by the MD MSV himself with S.Janaki.

SPB has sung this song in his own style. Listen to it and Enjoy.

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You can see Mr. Chella Muthaiah with SPB in the above picture. Mr. Chella Muthaiah is the Director of the most popular Orchestra 'Dindigul Angingu'. Many thanks to him for bringing us these rare songs in SPB's voice, as a tribute to those popular singers of Tamil Film Music.

Rain... Rain... Don't go away!

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When we lived in a small house in my native village (Watrap), during the rainy days, we used to bring the vessels from the kitchen to the living room and spread them around to collect the rain water, pouring through holes of the roof! The house used to be wet all the time; we used to sleep in a bunch of jute bags. Later, we moved into another rented house, which had a 'mutram' (an rectangle shaped open roof, which allows sunlight to come inside the house, and allows the rain to pour in, while we can sit back and enjoy!). I love those houses with mutram for many reasons. First you get a lot of sun light; secondly it's well ventilated, thirdly, you can lean on the corner pillars! and lastly you can enjoy the rain without going out; and get drenched if you like!

The ball hit by the boys playing cricket on the street, used to fall inside the house thro' the mutram. You can keep one and pretend as though you've seen nothing! :) You can dry the pappadams in the mutram area without sacrificing them to the crows!

Most of the Tamil movies with village based subjects, will surely have a house with Mutram. There are many songs in a 'mutram' situation too. Few of them are really good songs. One of those goodies is this song 'chinna chinna' from the movie 'Senthamiz Paattu'!

I went weak on my knees when I heard this song for the first time. I was listening to it repeatedly several times for so long. The song is an awesome number from Balu and Maestro with good picturization.

Prabhu's lip-sync and expressions were pretty good in this song.

I wrote a 'poem-like' poem sometime back based on a rainy day! '>You can check it here:

The preludes and interludes are great in this song. Both MSV & Maestro together composed music for this movie; directed by P.Vasu.

This song reminds me of my childhood life whenever I listen to it. That's probably why my eyes become wet sometimes!

The unsung series - Special # 9

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When someone mentions 'Sirkali Govindarajan', I instantly remember his great Devotional numbers like.

* Ganapathiye Varuvai
* Nee Allal Dheivam Illai
* Neeye En Vaazhvukku
* Panniru Vizhigalile
* Thai Poosa Thiru Naalil
* Theeratha Vinai Theerkum
* Vinayagane Vinai Theerpavane

These songs are great ones and melt our hearts. Besides he'd sung a lot of popular hits in Tamil Movies. Some of them are:

* Sange Muzhangu
* Neenga Nalla irukkonum Naadu Munnera
* Adi Adangum Vaazhkaiyada (Uvamai Kavinjar Suratha was a lyricist for this song, who passed away on June 20, 2006)
* Amuthu Thenum Etharku (This was also written by Mr. Suratha)
* Ullaththil Nalla Ullam
* Odi Vilaiyadu Pappa
* Kannan Vandhan Ange
* Kattu malli poothirukku
* Kannaana Kannanukku Avasarama
* Engiruntho Vandhan
* Panam Pandhiyile
* Odam Nadhiyinile
* Kadhalikka Neramillai
* Vetri Venduma Pottu Parada
* Irukkum Idaththai Vittu
* Arupadai Veedu Konda
* Thalai vaari poochoodi unnai
* Madurai Arasalum
* Thirupathi malai vaazhum venkatesa
* Nadanthai Vaazhi Kaveri
* Ulagam samanillai
* Kallile Kalai Vannam Kandan
* Ellarum Ellamum Pera Vendum

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Whenever I think of him, I think of the 'history' based and devotional movies. In my childhood period, I used to believe that he is the real 'agathiyar' saint for a very long time - like I believed K.B. Sundarambal to be great woman poet of Tamil 'Avvaiyar'!

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SPB has sung the song 'Devan Kovil Maniyosai' from the movie 'Maniyosai' which was originally sung by Padmasri Dr. Govindarajan, in V.Ramamurthy's music.


Monday, June 19, 2006

The unsung series - Special # 8

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Dear music lovers, before writing this blog for the unsung song of SPB “Raasathi Unnai” from Veidhegi Kaathirundhal, which was originally sung by P. Jeyachandran, I want to make a point to note. Unsung songs are usually from a budding singer, who stimulated by some senior singers and try to sing like them. But, SPB, a singer who have already a gigantic number of 40000 songs in his credit, holding the Guinness record of maximum songs by a singer, released his “Unsung songs” album only to honor all the singers and their immortal songs. Even SPB’s songs database itself included with almost half-a-lack, in which almost seventy percentage are hit numbers, hence singing others songs only shows SPB’s modesty, and simplicity. Also, can anyone tell me how many senior singers are ready to sing his/her juniors songs? But, SPB in this album sang almost all the singers’ song, in which some of the singers’ age is par below with the singing experience of the great SP Bala! Also, SPB, in this album selected many famous songs which have already registered in the minds of music lovers along with the singers’ style of singing like KJJ’s ‘melodious’, M.Vasudevan’s ‘base’, ARR’s “westernize” and etc, so don’t compare it with SPB’s way, which is ofcouse a different one, not a replication "unsung songs" like mediocre budding singers use to, actually its SPB’s way of giving tribute to all the singers. So, please avoid the statements like “I cant see the MV’s base voice in SPB’s version”, “Like KJJ, noone can sing Kanna Kalaimane” and etc, because, my dear friends, MUSIC is not a comparative study. And final words, “All of you LOVE MUSIC and so LIKE SPB”, but me, the stupid who doesn’t know about music “I LOVE SPB, SO I LIKE MUSIC”, so atleast for this idiot, avoid comparison, please.

Voice of Jeyachandran
Paliath Jayachandran , I don’t know why this singer didn’t get the same popularity as of his contemporary KJ Jesudas in Malayalam Film music, actually PJ deserved more than what he is having now. I like PJ’s voice since the day I listened the song “Mayanginen Solla thyaanginen” from Vijayakanth ‘comedy(!!) try’ movie of “Naane Raaja Naane Mandri”. In this song he competed with the singing queen P. Sushila, especially the lines he rendered “Kothithirukum Kodai kalamum”, is a perfect instance of how to sing a melodious song. I love his voice like anything, which makes my friends to ask this question “Balu, do you like SPB or PJ”, although they knew the truth, they use to enjoy my embarrassment, let them to.

The song “Raasathi onnai” was sang originally by Jeyachandran, and confusing so, why this amazing and talented singer got minimal chances in tamizh. But, PJ was well utilized by the maestro Raaja, and Raaja gave PJ an innumerable number of Hit songs. PJ’s voice is actually fit for soft songs, and in this song also one will feel the velvet touches of PJ, and at that time he used to sing for Vijayakanth.

In this song, I like the way he sings “Yaarodu Ingu Ennakenna Peachu, Needhane Kanne Naan Vaangum Moochu”, simply the melody and softness is all about. Also I amaze at his breath control as this song includes continuous lines of poetic version. May be for music lovers and persons knowing all the notes of music, love only the composers’ effort in this song, and appreciating composers’ violin effects as honey-bees, for those people, music is brain-based, but for me, an amateur, music is only ear based and those ears are filled with honey only thru’ singers like PJ and KJJ, so for me ONLY PJ IS A HONEY-BEE in this song.

It was 1985, in tollywood, a film released ‘Manchi Manasulu’, Banuchandar & Banupriya acted in that, all the songs were mega hits in this movie, especially a song which starts “Jabili Kosam Aakashamalli”, which is nothing but a remake of Tamizh “Raasathi Unnai”. In telugu version, it was sung by a world-famous singer, who doesn’t have any parallel to his voice, none other than SPB, the name which spells melody. In this song, the emotions of Balu is quite amazing, and especially the second stanza finishing “Naave Naave”, I cant think of any singer who can give this much emotions and expression in his voice. I can’t express in words, just listen to that version, then only one will realize.

So, in unsung songs album, it’s SPB’s turn to produce a song which shouldn’t replicate the great PJ’s tamizh version and his own telugu version, and the result is obviously the PERFECT, and if SPB can't, who can, my dear friends!!!

In this version, listen to SPB’s pronunciation of ‘Nakshtiram’, in the lines “Mutham thara nitham varum”, and listen the expressions in the lines, “Vazhndhgavendum Vaa Vaa Kannae”, in the second stanza’s “Thangadha Eekam Poduhum, Podhum”, if one wont get a tears while listening to this line, Sorry, I’ll call them ‘Maakaal” as of Valluvan’s lexicon.

The highlight is SPB’s improvisation of “Ponmanee Unnai Theduudhuuu”, in the finishing of the song, in my view SPB is the pioneer of applying lateral thinking in voice culture, hehhehehehe I Love SPB

My Nostalgia

When I was in 3rd std, I won in a musical concert rounds, by singing M.V’s “Poduvaga En Manasu”, and in the final I sang M.V & TMS’s (a rare compo) “En Sogha Kadhayai” and won a ‘Soap box” along with some cash awards, which made me to enter direct Semi finals when I was in my 4th, and at that time I sang KJJ’s “Urrai Therinjukeeten”, and selected in finals, in the final I sang “Raasathi Unnai Kaanadha Nenju”, those days are gone out, oofffss, don’t ask me to sing now, then I’ll sing my darling’s Janu’s “Aan Paavam” song, hehehehehehehe, “Ennai Paada Solladha Naan Kannadapadi Paadipuduven”

Fact File

1. SPB used to sing all the PJ’s tamizh versions in Telugu and relatively, PJ mostly used to sing SPB’s telugu versions in Malayalam. Anyone happened to listen to the Malayalam Version of “Thagidha Thadimi”?

2. In tamizh SPB-PJ combination duet is rare, to my knowledge there are only two songs sung by SPB and PJ, one is “Andhi Nera” from Inindha Kaighal and another is from the Sridhar’s movie Azghae Unnai Aardhikiren. But in Kannada they sang many numbers.

3. In Kannada there was film called ‘Kiladigalu’, the hero was Vishnuvardhan, in this there are two male duets by SPB and PJ, especially before the recording of the song “Kaala Mattomme” PJ told to the composer Raj Koti “Don’t expect me to sing like Balu, he is genius”, that’s what PJ is for you, he is very simple personality like my own SPB, the great.

Trivia, Train UR Brain
SPB holds the Fame of Singing the Last Cini Song of a Great Lyricist, the TFM ever produced. Mention the Lyricist Name, and the Song (Film Also).

Clue: This song got another Version, which only included in the film, sung by S.Janaki with Paliath Jayachandran!!!!!

With Love



It was in the mid 80's. I was living in Musiri, a small town, 40 kms away from Trichy, TN, doing my schooling. Musiri had one or two old theatres which they used to screen movies after their first runs were over at Cities. A new theatre came up with modern amenities (don't try to define 'modern amenities' please! a 'concrete structure' is one among the 'modern amenities'!) and started releasing new movies.

I was never interested in Vijaykanth's movies for the simple reason, he was acting in movies like 'sattam oru iruttarai' 'sivappu malli' which went over my head those days. However my friends insisted me to watch a new movie 'vaithegi kathirunthal' which just came in the new theatre. I went with hesitations - but never regretted watching that movie till date.

There was no usual matrix style fight sequences, no major violences, no punch dialogues, no cigar-pipe villain gangs - the movie came as a surprise to me. Vijayakanth also looked very different in that movie like the 'ellai saami' of the village.

Maestro was at his peaks in those years. This movie had wonderfully orchestrated songs which are simply mind-boggling. The sweet singer Jayachandran had some great numbers of his career in this movie like 'Indraikku Enintha Anandame', 'kaththirunthu kathirinthu'.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The picturization was great. The village atmosphere, location, characters, etc. reminded me of my childhood years in which I lived in a similar village. It was directed by R. Sundararajan.

This particular song starts with Jayachandran singing the first line twice... like

"Rasathi unna kanatha nenju kathadi poladuthu"... and then an ocean of violins strikes us like a giant wave and make us surf on top of it for a prolonged time. This song is Jayachandran's best of the bests and is my all-time favorite.. I would have listened to this song hundreds of time so far, and I can't deny an opportunity to listen to it once again - any time!

I have mentioned it before and I would like to mention it once again, as this is related to this post. My father always talk high about the 60s and 70s - Pre-Ilayaraja Era- Music and always used to compare with the 'modern noise'. However this song has been his favorite till date. This song brings a smile on his face instantly. He used to quote 'Ilayaraja has God's blessings - its' impossible otherwise!'. He's 70 years old. My 5 year old daughter also loves this song.

I watched Jayachandran performing this song in the recent Maestro's Orchestra telecasted by Jaya TV.

This song is not sounding so different with the voice of SPB!!!

Ilayaraja's Violins must be Honey-Bees. Thatiswhy they produce honey-like songs with a taste that lasts for ever!


Sunday, June 18, 2006

The unsung series - Special # 7

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Every Musician is a singer, and every singer is so. TFM had many great musicians can able to sing songs too. The fact is, the success is, in the selection of songs, that the musician can able to produce, in concise, knowing their own limits of voice culture. In that, I can rate MSV, Raaja and ARR as the best Composer-Singers. (Analogy with cricket’s batting all-rounder, like Sachin) MSV always used to select BASE songs, I amazed with his high pitches, and especially songs like “Aadala Ghanda”, in this, he compete even with high-pitch specialist Hariharan, and the oldies of “Sivasampo”. On the other hand, Raaja makes us to cry thru his pathos songs, my life time favorite is “Engengo Kaalghal Sellum” from Nandha. Somehow, still, I confused with his experimentation of songs like “Ullukulle Chakravarthy” from Panakaran and “Thalatu Maariponadhe” from Unnai Naan Sandhiten. (Sorry Raaja, and Raaja’s Fans, it’s only a view of an amateur who don’t know the ‘sa pa sa’ of music). Now move on to AR Rehman, the choice of young girls, his way of singing is more towards western culture, and especially he selects songs based on Arabian style. He sang only few songs, but, no need to say, all are box office hits, and who will forget the “Mustafa Mustafa” (Who is Mustafa, the question which is till date, unanswered) and this particular song from Bombay “Andha Arabi kadoloram”...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Original Singer

The song “Hamma Hamma” from Bombay was originally sang by the musical thunder AR Rehman. If one asks me about my favorite composers, I’ll figure out only two persons, MSV and my all time favorite Raaja, because both of them are masters in their profession. If formers are masters, then I’ll quote ARR as a WINNER, because, winners never do different things, but do things differently. He cursed by many musical fans who love yesteryears melodies, by complaining ARR’s usages of more instrumentation, less melodies, and ofcourse, neglecting yesteryears’ popular singers. But only few, including ARR himself, knew how much respect he is having over the singers. I need a separate blog to explain about ARR’s love and view over Evergreen SPB, which I’ll do in the near future with a title “ARR on SPB”. OK

In this song, ARR starts “yaAbhireeee”, with full of Zeal and enthu, and continues same stamina thro’out the song, and as a composer, his usage of female voice Anupama overlapping in between, is quite amazing, and no words to explain that. Like that, there are many “oha, Great” things in this song, it’s not only because of ARR’s composition, but also, mainly because of his voice.

No yesteryear melody fans will like ARR, they always complaining ARR and comparing with MSV and Raaja. (Like Raaja, can ARR compose songs like “Ennule Ennule” from Valli?- a silly question from one Raaja’s crazy fan, who always talking about Raaja, in SPB’s forums) Leave those silly comparisons; just listen to ARR’s stamina, simplicity, respect to elders, spiritual things, and etc, and these maturity heights he gained only thru MUSIC, so for me he is a Winner, and deserved a separate chapter along with my favorite MSV and Raaja.

Replication or Renovation or something else

YaaaAAAAbhireeeeee, oha my GOD, SPBBBBBBBB, if one asks me to show a personality who can produce all styles and nuances of Music notes with his voice, my dear sir, definitely I’ll give your Gamdhar nagar address. Actually I’ve promised myself, to my intuition, that not to praise SPB with a trivial adjectives like “Super playback”, “SPB is the greatest singer India ever produced”, and bla bla, because, he is above all such trivial judgments by mortal like this silly Balu. Just, just listen to his articulation of “Paadham Kandane”, “Aaaacham naanam vandhu “ and nothing more could be said to praise his in-between impish acts of words like “dupalaka”, “dokuja”, “naghugu”, and etc.

SPB is generally a person of zeal and a vivacious vocalist, singing songs like these kind is usually his cup of tea, just listen to “Thanga Thamarai”, the perfect Arabian style song, again composed by the winner ARR. In my view, its stupidity to say that SPB goes nadir while singing RUSTIC style, and western culture, if one listening to SPB to the core, then only they’ll aware of his abilities in the above said areas.

At any point of this song, he never tried to imitate the original singer, but somehow, he mixed his own style with the originality’s. One will agree with me, if keenly listens to the lines “Vaanam Pozhindapinnum, Bhoomi nanaindhapinnum.. “. Honestly speaking, I’ve realized many words of this song, while listening to SPB’s version!!

A "Yaaaabireeeee" to SPB


Hariharan, the specialized singer for high pitches, took a high-fly thru this movie; his “Uyire” with Chitu is still lover’s favorite, while his rustic “Kuchi Kuchi” with swarna is my life time favorite. Hariharan narrowly missed his national award for his “Uyrie”, anyhow he got the same, two years later, for his Border song. Still, definately till my last breath my favorite will be SPB, I Love him like anything, but Hariharan and Jesudas is different, I have some hidden love with them, albeit one blessed with beautiful wife, he cant stay away from seeing beautiful girls, but wife is different, and beautiful girls are, right? Hence for me, it’s SPB and Hari-KJJ.

Quizzing Trivia

Many of you not aware that SPB sang a Punjabi remix. I think, it’s an apt situation to ask this quiz. Tell me the song which SPB recorded in this style, it’s a non-film Punjabi album.

Confusing Clues:

1. It’s a duet, the female singer is my Darling Janaki
2. It’s a remix of a famous Tamizh song, which originally sang by Mano, a solo!!!

Ok friends, with these confusing clues, a bye from Balu

With Love


Friday, June 16, 2006

The unsung series - Special # 6

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I consider two of the movies as the best ones done by Chevalier Sivaji in his later years., i.e., "Muthal Mariyathai" (1985) and "Thevar Magan". The roles in those two movies were matching his age and he'd done exceedingly well. His acting in some of the scenes was simply unbelievable.

Alongwith the Duo - Ilayaraja and Bharathiraja - Sivaji gave us one of his finest performance in his career in this movie "Muthal Mariyathai" (loosely translated as 'A matter of honour'). Alongwith him, Radha, a leading actress of yester years and Vadivukarasi, had done their best and almost matched with Sivaji in every scene.

Maestro's music was simply outstanding. Composing music for a village based subject must be something very close to the Maestro - the re-recording, and the tunes were awesome in this movie. SJ's 'Raasave onna nambi' gave me sleepless nights for several days and is still lingering in my ears! There are few more beautiful numbers viz.,
- Ye kiliyirukku pazhamirukku
- Eratha malai mela
- Ye kuruvi, sittu kuruvi
- Vetti veru vasam

I particularly love this song "poongatru thirumbuma?" (loosely translated as 'will the breeze ever come back?') sung by Malaysia Vasudevan and SJ, penned by Vairamuthu, which got him a National Award for the Best Lyricist. I consider this as the best of Malaysia Vasudevan as well.

Listen to how SPB sings this beautiful song in his own style!

A great solo of SPB - Vanthal Mahalakshmiye!

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The movie "Uyarntha Ullam" was released in 1985 acted by Kamal, Ambika, V.K.Ramasamy, Radha Ravi and others, directed by S.P. Muthuraman, produced by A.V.M.

It was a story about the 'born-with-a-silver-spoon' man, who knows only 'spending' in his life, a drunkard and doesn't care about anything else. Radha Ravi, who helps Kamal when he was drunk, joins him in his Bungalow and turns out to be a Villain - later throws Kamal out. Losing all his wealth, Kamal goes to Ambika's place, a house-maid who came to work in Kamal's place, earlier. They both fall in love and after several usual sequence of events, Kamal fights the villains in the climax and wins - and then all goes well with a very-predictable happy ending!

There was nothing extra-ordinary in that movie except for the Music by Maestro and some scenes in which Kamal's performance was excellent.

When the big-house comes up for Auction, Kamal realizes his blunders and regrets about everything he'd done to lose the hard-earned wealth by his father, grand-father. While leaving the Bungalow he touches that monsterous wood pillar and exclaims sadly 'made of burma teak wood' with a great expression on his face.

Maestro composed some excellent tunes for this movie. P.Suseela's "Kalai Thendral" is a mind-blowing melody song. KJY & SJ would take our hearts away with their 'enge en jeevane' song. SPB rendered two more dancing songs - one for the rich Kamal and one for the Poor Kamal, viz. "enna venum thinnungada doi" and "otta sattiya vachikittu'.

This song "vanthal mahalakshmiye" is a master piece solo of SPB composed in Kalayani Raaga. The interluds are just great, setting the stage for a festival mood. SPB is as usual great in the alapanas and also left his 'trade-mark' smiles and laughs in several places. He emphasized words like 'theiveegame' 'pennanatho' 'naan paadave', etc. extremely beautiful.

This song always brings joy in me, whenever I listen to it.


Thursday, June 15, 2006

The unsung series - Special # 5

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This song "asaiye alai pole" is a philosophical one in the movie 'Thai Pirandhal Vazhi Pirakkum' acted by S.S.Rajendran and Rajasulochana. K.V.Mahadevan was the Music Director. It was originally sung by Trichy Loganathan. There is another beautiful song 'amuthum thenum etharku' in the same movie sung by Sirkali Govindarajan.

Talking of TL, I can quickly remmember the following popular numbers of him:

- Kalyana Samaiyal Satham
- Adikkira Kaithaan Anaikkum
- Ponnana vaazhvum Mannagi'
- Ulavum thendral katrinile
- Vaarai Nee Vaarai

"Asaiye alai pole" has beautiful lyrics. It's a different experience to hear this song in SPB's voice! Enjoy.

A beautiful duet of 70s - "Padagu Padagu"

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Sivaji and Manjula acted in the movie Uthaman (1976), directed by V.B.Rajendraprasad. KVM was the Music Director. I don't remember any of the scenes from this movie; however I could recollect the scenes of this beautiful duet song sung by SPB & P.Suseela.

The tune and lyrics of this song were different from the conventional duets of that time. The charanams are unusually longer with pauses and changes in the rhythm. It slows down in some places; and gets into a faster pace in some lines. In summary, one of the memorable songs of SPB's early years.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The unsung series - Special # 4

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There are different types of voices. Some sound clear and loud; some sound soft and sweet - Styles are different and every style has its uniqueness.

Chevalier Shivaji's crystal clear and authoritative voice is great. So does Surendar's sweet and soft voice, who dubbed over 90 movies for Actor Mohan.

Similarly on one side, TMS was rocking the tamil music by rendering songs for the Greatest Heros of Tamil Film industry like MGR & Shivaji. On the other side, both P.B. Srinivas and A.M.Raja were mesmerizing the listeners with their soft and sweet voices - rendering songs for soft heros like Gemini.

I must say that my interest in old songs was kindled by these soft & sweet singers.

I'm sure everyone heard 'kalangalil aval vasantham' of PBS, which is a lovely song, standing by the time. Similarly, I'm doubly sure that all of us must have heard the song 'Kalaiyum Neeye Malaiyum Neeye' from the movie Thenilavu, sung by AMR. Kadhal Mannan Gemini Ganesan and Vyjayanthi Mala acted for this song, sung by AMR & SJ, Music was also by AMR. All the songs in that movie are great numbers to listen anytime.

It's a different experience to listen to the lovely song 'Kalaiyum Neeye' in SPB's voice. Listen how he's sung the starting lines!!! Simply Superb! He has done his best and made this song sound as good as it used to sound with AMR's voice!

It's been my long-term BIG WISH to listen all great songs of other male singers in SPB's voice!!! Too much to ask for.. huh?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The unsung series - Special # 3

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When the movie 'Nayagan' (1987) was released, I was sad to learn that SPB didn't have any song in that movie. I'm a crazy fan of Kamal and a crazy fan of SPB. I never missed this duo in many movies for a very long time.

"Then Pandi Seemaiyile" was a great song with a superb tune by Maestro. Both Kamal and Ilayaraja had sung this song as solos, in two different situations in the movie.

I still remember in the credits of the movie, Ilayaraja was shown as Music Director and within brackets it was said as "(400th Film!)" - I can't express how I felt when I read that on the big screen!

The flute instrumental of this song was widely used in that movie in many scenes - I can say this is the 'theme song' of Nayagan! I really wished SPB had a song in this movie! Well. SPB might have heard my wish! :)

This is another unsung song of SPB in the series, which is very mesmerizing and soothing.

Monday, June 12, 2006

The river Yamuna is here!

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Chevalier Shivaji acted in dual roles in this movie 'Gauravam', which was released in 1973, directed by 'Viyatnam Veedu Sundaram'. Music was composed by the Melody King, MSV. This movie had some good numbers from T.M.Soundarajan viz., 'neeyum naanuma?' and 'Palootti valartha kiLi'.

Shivaji acted as a leading lawyer (Barrister Rajinikanth?) and his nephew. The Comedy Actor Vivek imitates Shivaji's - so-called 'over acting' - in his comedy tracks these days. Well after 30 years when we see this movie again, it does apppear to be over-acting - compared to today's acting standards.

SPB and P.Suseela had sung this beautiful duet song which is very sweet and soft to hear.

With a breezing prelude, PS starts the Pallavi with her honey-soaked voice, with SPB singing the Charanam - both have beautifully rendered this song.

The unsung series - Special # 2

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"Ilayaraja is over!" was the gossip of the industry in the late 90s! ARR, Vidyasagar and many more new Music Directors were rocking in the Tamil film music and one would tend to believe that after 20+ years of Music, it's time for the new generation!!

But the Maestro stroke again! Fazil's "Kadhalukku Mariyathai" was a huge box office hit when it was released with many sweet, soothig melodies of Maestro! Vijay should now look back those goodies he'd done in the past and should give up his stupid punch dialogue movies, which are good for nothing! I actually miss the Vijay of Kadhalukku Mariyathai and Thullatha Manamum Thullum! I hope Vijay starts doing such good movies again!

I went weak on my kneeds when I heard Hariharan's solo 'ennai thalatta varuvalo'! in Kadhalukku Mariyathai. What a great song! This song has a special place in my heart!

My daughter Akshara was 1 year old when the movie was released. She simply loved this song and stops all her plays when this song is played. She had this song in her favorite list for a very long time.

I'm sure all of us have a wish deep in our heart - to sing on stage - atleast once! During an annual day celebration in my ex-company, we invited a local orchestra group to perform for the employees and the families gathered during that day. We also invited the employees who wanted to sing on stage. I wanted to give it a shot - as I may never get an opportunity again in my life :) - and went on stage. The Orchestration was great - of course - they're professionals and I somehow finished singing!!!! I presumed nobody noticed my legs shaking when I sang! :)

So in many ways, this song is very special to me!

SPB had sung this song originally sung by Hariharan - again thanks to Dindigul Angingu Orchestra. I'm sure you'll all like this.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The unsung series - Special # 1

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Sometimes, when we hear some songs sung by other singers, we used wonder how these song would sound like, if SPB had sung those songs? right?

I thought about it several times on several instances when I hear some of the songs sung by KJY, Hariharan and others.

Thanks to Covai Ravee for sending the unsung songs of Baluji, in Dindigul Angingu Orchestra's music. SPB has sung few songs originally sung by other singers. I wanted to share those with all fans of SPB - here is the first one. This song - 'nilave ennidam' - was originally sung by P.B.Srinivas - was sung again by SPB in his own style.

He'd sung a couple of lines of this song in the movie 'Pattu Padava' also in which he acted. In one of the scenes, he visits MSV & Gangai Amaran to ask for a chance to sing in movies. While asked to sing, he sings couple of lines from this song!


An awesome solo by SPB for the Super Star in "Veera"

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The HeroI Solidly Remember This Movie, Veera, Super Star, The Man of Letters Rajni, the Hero. Usually Rajni is Famous for His Fast & Stylish Characters, and Usually avoids Singer Roles. But in this Film He did a Singer Role. So There is no Usual Fast Song of Rajni. This Particuler Song is the Theme song of this Movie. Konji Konji Alaighal Oooda. The Way the Song Starts is Quite Amazing.

The Composer
Now the Composer, Raaja, Having Some Mesmerism in the Name and His Composition. Actually its a Comeback Film For Raaja. Comeback Means, As I Told Earlier, there is no Point to Prove His Ability. Noone Will Doubt His Ability, and He has nothing left to Prove. In this Song, His Composition Quite Amazing, Greately Joining with the Singer. The Coordination and Orchestration is Simply Superb. One Small Note, He Did Many Bit Songs in this Movie, Those R Real Great Pieces, But Unfortunately not Picturized.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Lyrist:Dont think About Vaali, or Vairamuthu, The Lyrist for this Song is Panju Arunachalam, Who Introduced the Great Mastero to Us. Actually Panju Sir Was Working With the Great Lyrist Kannadasan. (One can see in the title card as "Paadalgal : Kannadasan, Udhavi: Panju Arunachalam). Actually Kanadasan, as the Name Specifies Great Lover of Lord Krishna (Just Listen to Kannan Songs Album Which Includes SPB's "Aayar Paadi Malighail" Composed by MSV). So obviously U'll Find the Touch of Lord Krishna in his Assistant Panju Sir Also. In this Song, Just Listen Lines "Maadhavan Poonguzhal Maandira Geedhathil...". The Touch of Lord Krishna. And To Add, Just Remember Panju's Master Piece of "Chinna Kannan Azhaikiran " from Kaavikuil Sung by the Great Balamurali Krishna. (Tell me Who is Maadhavan in this Song, For Raja fans Its Raaja, For Me Its SPB, for Musical Lovers Both SPB & Raaja)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Singer:I'm Listening Some Crooning and Soft and Calm Voice, Very Very Polite the Way It Comes to My Ears, Who is the Singer, Oha My God, My Chellam (heheheheheh, Read it in Gilli's Prakashraj Style) SPB. Usually SPB Sings for Rajni, (for His Fast Movements), and For Kamal,(for his Romantic Love Act). But at that Time in 1993, SPB Sang "Sandhu Poattu" the Fast Song for Kamal in Devar Maghan, and this Song, a Soft one for Rajni in the Movie Veera. After "Kaadhalin Deepam" Song, U'll Find the Great Touch of This Compo SPB-RAJNI-RAAJA

What I amazed about this Singer is the way he improvised every Song comes towards him. Even in this Song, there is No Scope for his trademark "Laughing" (Divine Laughing, noone can imitate that, im Sure) but he never fail to improvise. Just Listen the Word "Geedhalthil" from his Thondai, Quite Amazing (Eppadida Unnalai Mudiyadhu, I Love UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU)

And Apart from this Word, I love his rendering in "Kaalai Paniyil Roja" (I Cant able to Write it in Words, how He rendered the word Roja)
Friends U Know SPB is the Only Singer who Rendered many songs with actress names, such as "Kondaiyil Thazahpoo" (Kushboo), "Nadhiya, Nadhiya" (Nadhiya), "Konji Konji"(Roja) and a lot.

For Fans Those like Raajni's Style and Fast Nos, and SPB's Decorated Songs, Just Listen "Maadathile" Song in this Same Movie, Balu Pyan Kalaki irrupan.
Ennai Vita Naan SPB Pathi Ethavadhu Ularite Irrupen, So Stopped……………………………

My Nostalgia This film released in 1994-95, when I did my College UG First Year. That time ARR was the Budding Musician, and Favourite of All, esp for Girls. One of My Close GF's is Great Fan of ARR, always Torturing me by Comparing Raaja and ARR. She used to take movies like Roja, Vandisolai Chinarasu, Thiruda Thiruda, May Madham and etc. and Saying "See Bala, What a Compisition". All the Films included with the Master piece of SPB, So I took those Songs, and Argued(Counter argument) with her, that, SPB only Giving life to ARR's Songs. But She argued with me "Bala I Don’t take SP Bala (She is a Great Fan of SPB, No need to say, But I love the way She Pronounces SP Bala ) Its matter of Raaja Vs ARR". I tired to argue with her. At that time Veera Released and the Song "Konji Konji" assisted me a Support, I Just visited her house with the audio cassate(Pyrimid Cassate, relesed with a nice box), and ask her to listen this Song, after that THERE IS NO ARGUMENT FROM HER, only We used to discuss about the Greatness of Raaja and ARR, no Comparison, which I Don’t want to do, Because if Raaja is Master , then ARR is the Winner as both of them are having a DAL-PATHI called BALU.

With Love


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Actor Sivakumar meets SPB

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Don't be too puzzled. This interview happened 36 years ago - in 1970. Actor Sivakumar met SPB for the Tamil Cine-Magazine Bommai for an interview. Here is the transcript...


Siva : Hello Mr. Balasubramaniam. Good morning!

SPB : Good morning, good morning, it's been long since we met!

Siva : Yes. atleast 2 months!

SPB : Must be more than that, Brother!

Siva : May be. Mr. Balasubramaniam. Do you know where I first saw you?

SPB: I don't know!

Siva: I saw you in AVM Studio when you came there for recording a song. I also had my shooting going on in AVM. Someone told about you that a new Play-back singer is in and he looks like a Hero. I was curious to see you. When I had a break, I came to the Recording Theatre and saw you. Whoever remarked about you deserves a spoon of sugar - becoz you looked like a Hero.

SPB: Then why didn't you talk to me?

Siva: You were also busy. I had my shooting going on. So I returned back to the set.

SPB: I came and met you in another instance. Do you remember that?

Siva: How can I forget that day? That was in the same AVM Studio. That too when I was acting for a song, you'd sung for me, and you came and met me!

SPB: That song 'malligaipoo vangi' in the movie 'paal kudam' sung for you, is one of my favorites.

Siva: When we were chatting after introducing ourselves, I told you something. Do you remember that?

SPB: What did you say? We talked on many things that day.

Siva: Try to recollect.. Think about it... something I told you specifically..

SPB: mmmm..... yeah. I remember now. You said I can try acting in movies as I have a good personality. Why shouldn't I try? right? You're the only actor who asked me to try acting!! :) :)

Siva: Was Paal kudam the first movie to be released in which you'd sung?

SPB: True. that was the first movie to be released. But that was not the first movie I'd sung for.

Siva: I know about it. But which was your first song?

SPB: I sang my first song for the movie 'Hotel Ramba' which has not been released yet.

Siva: How did you get interest in music?

SPB: My father and grand father have expertise in music. my father used to perform 'katha kalatshebam' programs.

Siva: So yours is a music family.

SPB: Yes. Thatswhy I got my interest in music since I was a kid. I remember in one of the local temple festivals, I went and bought a flute from a seller, and brought it home; started practicing myself.

Siva: Oh.. you know how to play a flute then?

SPB: No no. I left practicing it half-a-way through.

Siva: Did you learn any other music instruments?

SPB: No. But I know how to play a harmonium - I learned it myself.

Siva: Singing?

SPB: I learned it too at my native place

Siva: How did you enter into Play-back for movies?

SPB: That's a long story - will take time - shall I go ahead?

Siva: Please go ahead

SPB: After finishing my schooling in Nellore, I came to Chennai to do Engineering. I had many friends. I was performing in college programs. I participated in many competitions and won a few as well.

Siva: Very good. very good.

SPB: That time, there was a competition held at Andhra Club in Vijayaraghavachari Road. I participated in that. I was the first one to sing among several competitors and I got the first prize.

Siva: Very good, very good

SPB: Music Director Gothandapani was also there in that program. He appreciated my voice very much. He also promised to give me a chance for singing film songs in an appropriate time.

Siva: Is he the one who composes music for Telugu films?

SPB: Yes. He's the same person. After that meeting, I used to go to him frequently. He was also taking a lot of efforts for me. Do you Artist Bharani Kumar?

Siva: Come on. I'm also an Artist basically. From that perspective, I like Bharanikumar's designs very much.

SPB: He's my close friend. When I went to a Studio with him, Director Sridhar was on the set. He asked me to sing. There were others including Actor Sundararajan. I sang a song.

Siva: Which song?

SPB: A song from 'Dhosthi'. I sang that song in two different styles. Sridhar liked it very much. He asked me to see Music Director Viswanathan. Viswanathan also asked me to sing and said that I have a very good voice and he would use me very soon.

Siva: Did you meet anybody else?

SPB: I met Bhanumathi. Someone told about me to her. She was actually leaving the place; but agreed to listen to just one song. She listened to my singing and appreciated me very much.

Siva: So you got the 'bramha rishi' title from 'Vashishtar'.

SPB: Yes. I was very happy and proud to be appreciated by Bhanumathiji. One day, Music Director Gothandapani took me to Telugu comedy actor Padmanaban. He also listened to my voice and appreciated me much. Only after few days of that meeting, Gothandapani informed me that I got my first chance to sing for a Telugu Movie produced by Padmanaban. That was my first movie. Then I started singing in many telugu movies.

Siva: How did you get a chance to sing in Tamil movies?

SPB: Viswanathan Sir gave me the chance. After my meeting with him, he called me after few days and gave me a chance to sing for the movie 'Hotel Ramba'. He was composing music for the movie 'Santhi Nilayam'. He gave me a chance to sing for Gemini Ganesan. Gemini liked my voice very much. He recommended to Savithri and got me a chance to sing in the movie 'kuzhanthai ullam'.

Siva: How did you get the chance to sing in 'Adimai Pen'?

SPB: That was an interesting story.

Siva: Whatever you've described so far was also interesting. Tell me about this.

SPB: MGR's movie 'Kudiyiruntha kovil' was dubbed in Telugu. I'd sung the telugu songs for MGR in the telugu version. MGR happened to listen to those songs and talked about me to Music Director K.V.Mahadevan.

Siva: If he finds a talent, he won't just like that leave that person! :)

SPB: KVM sent a person to my home. I was suffering from severe fever. I could not go. In the meanwhile, MGR got some Records of my telugu songs and was listening to them. Once I recovered, I went and met KVM Sir. He said he would give me a chance in 'adimai pen' movie for a song for MGR. I couldn't believe myself as it's a very big opportunity for me.

Siva: Yes. That's a great opportunity. I always keep singing that song 'ayiram nilave vaa'. I like that song very much.

SPB: That song was recorded when I had high fever.

Siva: Really?

SPB: Really. Once the rehearsals were over, a date was fixed for the final recordings. I again was sick with severe fever. I was going to sing for the first time for MGR. Hence I didn't want to lose that great opportunity. I went to AVM studio with my father. Another rehearsal was done. MGR also had come for the final recording. Producer Thevar was also present. My hands and legs were shaking due to high fever. I did 11 takes for that song which was finally okayed. MGR & KVM were very much satisfied with that. Thevar came to me and appreciated me. He also asked me if I can act in his movie.

Siva: What did you tell him?

SPB: I just laughed and stood there. I met Thever in Gemini Studio recently again. He asked me again about my interest in acting and was willing to give me the advance. I told him that I had to think and get back to him. He said if I ever decide to act in movies, I must act in his movie first!

siva: I also think you should act in movies

SPB: Acting is not an easy thing to do.

Siva: Singing is also not an easy thing to do :)

SPB: That's true.

Siva: You've become very popular becoz of your song in 'Adimai Pen'. right?

SPB: Yes. Since then I've been getting a lot of chances in movies

Siva: Have you song for Sivaji?

SPB: Oh.. I have sung in a movie being produced by Ramkumar productions. Sivaji listened to Santhi Nilayam songs and he liked my voice very much. I think I'm singing for all the Heros in Tamil films these days. I must be very lucky.

Siva: Yes it's a big thing and a thing to be very proud of.

SPB: I am very grateful to Mr. Viswanathan and Mr. Kothandapani. Mr. Viswanathan treats me like one of his children. He is the only reason for all my songs in Tamil films today.

Siva. Yes. we should never forget those who helped us to succeed. well. Which of your song is your favorite?

SPB: I like all my songs like all children are special for the mother

Siva: that's a smart one... :) anyway, do you think people who want to get into play-back singing should have music knowledge and background?

SPB: We can't say it's a must. It's good to have. But if some one has the right interest and good voice, he or she can surely make an attempt. Take yourself for example. You never had any background like acting in dramas, etc. before you came to movies. You were painting pictures. You came to act, becoz you were interested.

Siva: I agree that 'interest' is the most important factor in anything. Well. Other than telugu and tamil, have you sung in any other languages?

SPB: I have sung in Kannada and Malayalam.

Siva: Would you want to become a Music Director

SPB: That requires a lot of music knowledge. I've just stepped into the industry. I have a lot to learn. But I've written a telugu devotional song and composed a tune for it. I always start with that song in all my programs.

Siva: Oh.... my god.. I have dubbing for APN Sir's movie. shall I take leave?

SPB: I also have a rehearsal. I'm also taking leave now. Thank you

Siva: Thank you.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I'm a shooting water thro' the open Gates!

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This is another great solo of SPB from the movie 'Nizhalgal' (Shadows) in which actor Chandrasekar played the role of an aspiring Music Director, who gets an opportunity to demonstrate his skills to one of the producer/director. He listens to the situation given and starts composing the song instantly (Maestro's style!) which turns out to be a full-blown song - His experessions were great! As he composes the tune, he gets into his dream world where he becomes the famous Music Director instantly with a huge fan-following!.

This song has an extremely pepped up tune and very cheerful singing by SPB. Lyricist Vairamuthu wrote lyrics that reflect the pride of the Music Director which compares the Music Director with God, as he also "creates"!

Great tune, great singing and great lyrics make this song a wonderful master-piece!

listen carefully how SPB emphasizes 'madai thiranthu thaavum nathiyalai naan' 'manam thiranthu koovum siru kuyil naan'

"thaavum" - means 'jumping'

"koovum" - means 'cukooing' - he exactly revealed the same emotion while singing those words!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

This is a golden evening!

I don't have any music knowledge; never learned it. But I heard that this song is based on the raga 'Kedharam'!

Most of the poets write about the Sun rise in their poems! We normally rush back home in the evenin; birds rush back to their nests - who cares about the 'evening' and how somebody can write a poem about an Evening? Well. Poets don't have any boundaries when it comes to enjoying the beauty of the nature! Do we have an answer to the question 'when a poem is born in a poet?' ?

I don't want to get into an argument of whether Vairamuthu is a great lyricist / poet. I use to redicule him for his trade mark quotes like 'sky looks above', 'fire feels the heat', 'water sweats', etc. May be I don't have the right sense to enjoy his creations. However this song from the movie 'Nizhalgal' (shadows) was the greatest hit of our times and is still a good number to listen!

With a soft prelude, SPB starts of the song cheerfully and sings it with great mix of emotions, with his honey-soaked voice. This song surely gave me a different perspective about the 'evening' time!

It cheers me up and makes me feel great whenever I listen to it!


She's like a Golden Lotus!

A raffle was drawn and the winners enjoyed a trip in a Train!! Yes. The sponsors actually ran a train from Chennai to Kanyakumari, which was first of its kind in the State. When the movie 'minsara kanavu' (loosely translated as 'electrifying dream', came in Hindi as 'sapne') was released in 1996, it was a box office hit. "Isay Puyal" A.R.Rahman's rocking music, beautiful Arvind Samy, bouncing Prabhu Deva, Nasar in a new get-up, cool cinematography - all put together made this movie as a great entertainer - different from the Trade Mark commercial movies which had belly dance, stupid fight sequences, punch dialogues, etc. The movie was like a Greeting Card!

Every song was so well done in this movie. The poetically picturized 'vennilave vennilave' of Hariharan, rocking and rolling 'mana madurai mamara kilaiyile' of Unni Menon, sweet 'anbendra mazhaiyile' of Anuradha Sriram, beautiful 'poo pookkum osai' by Sujatha, and the 'strawberry kanne' by Sadana Sargam and Krishnakumar!

This solo sung by SPB, for which Kajol calls Arvind Samy to get drenched in the water-falls, got him the National Award. "Thanga thamarai magale" had a different tune, beats, and the voice of SPB which made it stand apart from the rest of the crowd. Listen to the way SPB sings 'vaa azhage'! Awesome!

There was a lot of publicity campaigns ran for this movie. One of the raffle question asked was "What's the color of the dress, Kajol takes off and throws out in this song?" !!!!! :) :) Guess they couldn't find anything else attractice in this song? COMMERCIALS.... COMMERCIALS... may be they judged the the taste of the mass well!

Baluji's call of the Golden Lotus Girl, got her the National Award!

Well. Is he identified by these awards?


A greatest lullaby of our times!

Dr SPB needs no introduction. Well, as this is my first post, I still want to say something about him and keep going!

"Ninaivalaigal Sundar" (nostalgic Sundar) is my nick name in maraththadi. Becoz, though I've not written any short storie, novels, poems, etc. (I heard it requires 'that' to be a good writer!) I've written a lot in the name of 'articles' which are flashbacks of my childhood life. For me it's easier to write about something that I already know, rather than trying to be 'creative'. I've been writing about my flashbacks happily and passionately - as I never wanted to be a 'Writer' which requires a lot of imagination and creativity!

I was digging my memory; trying to find out when 'film song' - for that matter - 'music' was introduced to me - I could instantly recollect a song, which I heard almost everyday when I was a kid repeatedly several hundred times, as a lullaby song, sung by Dr SPB. Either it was played in the Radio, or my mom would have sung it, or my aunties would have sung it for me. After several decades, the song still sounds so fresh and so soft, and my kids demand me every night to sing that song for them. The song stands by the time.

I don't know who the Music Director was; I don't know the Lyricist - all I know is : it's sung by SPB (I used to prounce him as S Bee Bee, until I knew his name!).

It's an amazing lullaby song - I'm proud to have slept listening to this when I was a kid; and I'm proud to sing the same song for my kids after nearly 25 years!