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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Tere Payal Mere Geet" Hindi Songs by SPB

Dear SPB Fans,

Taking inspiration from Magi’s email about the Hindi film song “Tere Payal Mere Geet”, I am posting now three songs sung by our SPB from the Movie whose Title is also “Tere Payal Mere Geet”. This movie seems to have been released in the year 1992. Some websites mention the year as 1989. So, somewhere between 1989~1992.

I thank Magi for having introduced me to the songs. They are really great to listen. Our SPB’s voice is so rich in all these songs thanks to good quality recording also.

Music is by the doyen Naushad, one of the popular Hindi Music Directors who has given so many melodious with the great Mohammed Rafi.

While browsing websites for these songs, I came across some interview articles of our SPB which talks about this film and the background to our SPB singing for this movie. I thought this would be of interest to you all. I am reproducing the same below.

Extract from one of the SPB interviews :
Question to SPB in one of the interviews : After a few hits (such as in the films “Ek Duje Ke Liye” and “Hum Aapke Hain Koun?”) you did not pursue Hindi playback singing keenly.

SPB’s answer : At that time I was at my peak in the South. It was not possible to keep shuttling between Mumbai and Chennai. Moreover, after the demise of Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar on the verge of retirement, there was a vacuum. My entry raised a lot of hope. Soon a fresh band of singers from the North emerged and it was natural for music directors to patronize regional talent. But even now, when directors feel that only I can do justice to a particular number, they invite me and I oblige. Naushadji once called me and requested me to render all the songs in the film “Tere Payal Mere Geet”. The film flopped commercially but Naushadji received the “Miya Tansen” award while I bagged the best classical singer award

Extract from another article about SPB :
The fact that the talent to sing is paramount and the accent is secondary was proved when SPB got an opportunity to sing under Naushad in "Tere Payal Mere Geet". "To sing for a purist like him was distant dream for me," recalls Balu, adding, "But it became a reality when Uttam Singh, the arranger who works for RamLaxman, Ilaiyaraaja and Naushad introduced me to him. I had my doubts about my being able to satisfy his exacting needs. But I thought I should at least sing in his presence because if he rejects me that would also be a privilege." But after listening to him, Naushad went ahead and recorded songs. He also complimented Balu lavishly and affectionately "on my singing and faultless diction." It was the greatest compliment he received in his entire career, the singer said.

Apart from the above, I have my own experience to share at this point where Naushad - SPB combination is being mentioned. More than 10 years back, I read an interview article of Naushad in The Hindu. In that article, he made a special mention about our SPB, saying that, he had a special trait of picking up & understanding the nuances of a song and recording it fast unlike Mohamed Rafi who took a longer time. This comparison was mentioned by Naushad himself in that article.

Now, please go ahead and listen to the three great songs by clicking on the play button of the player one after another

I was able to get lyrics for only one song in this movie which I have provided below


teri paayal mere geet, tu saragam hai main sangeet - 2
teri paayal mere geet

gora mukhada chanchal bindiya
sapane dekhe le gayi nindiya
aa ...
gora mukhada chanchal bindiya
sapane dekhe le gayi nindiya
man ki haar hai pyaar ki jeet - 2
teri paayal mere geet

ek pal milake jhuk gaye naina - 2
tir chalake ruk gaye naina - 2
ghaayal manava paagal preet - 2
teri paayal mere geet - 2

chaar dinon ki rut hai javaani
pyaar ki de de koi nishaani
aa ...
chaar dinon ki rut hai javaani
pyaar ki de de koi nishaani
dekh ye rut na jaaye beet - 2
teri paayal mere geet
tu saragam hai main sangeet
teree, paayal, teri paayal mere geet

teri paayal
ga ma pa ga ma pa ni sa
pa ni sa re sa re sa re sa re sa
teri paayal
ni sa ga ma pa ma ga sa ...

tha na di re na ...
sa ga ma pa ni ni sa ...
sa ga ma pa ni ni sa ...

aa ...

Tere Payal Mere Geet
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Baat Sabse Karo Pyar Humse Karo
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Har Jawaan Dil Ko Kisise
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Ennodu Paattu Paadungal - An Audio Recording

Dear SPB Fans,

Please find below the audio recording of two episodes i.e, 17/02/2007 & 24/02/2007 of Jaya TV's SPB's "Ennodu Paattu Paadungal" Program. Hope this to some extent will satisfy those fans who were not fortunate enough to view it on TV.

(Courtesy : COVAI RAVEE - for providing the audio links)

Please click on the Play button on the respective Player to listen to that episode



Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Kaalam Maaralaam ... Num SPB voice Maarumaa ?

Dear SPB Fans,

I unearthed from the archives, this past melody “Kaalam Maaralaam Nam Kaadhal Maarumaa…” in “IR-SPB-VJ” combination from the Tamil Film “Vaazhkai” (1984) starring Sivaji Ganesan & Ambika.

This is a very good love duet which starts off with a beautiful humming by our SPB and VaniJayaram. This song used to be one of my favourite numbers during those times.
The song is also very pacy and flows melodiously. Our SPB seems to have modulated his voice in certain portions of the song for Sivaji Ganesan. IR has used violins prominently at some portions of the song and overall a good orchestration giving a pleasant effect to the song.

When I listen to this song, i get an urge to relate the opening words with our SPB. "Kaalam Maaralaam Num SPB voice Maarumo" - Maaravae Maaraadhu



Kaalam maaralaam nam kaadhal maarumaa
Thadaigal thondrumbothum thalaivi paarvai pothum
Ini varumKaalam maaralaam nam kaadhal maarumaa
Thadaigal thondrumbothum thalaivan paadhampothum
Ini varumKaalam maaralaam nam kaadhal maarumaa

Endhan tholil nee saaindhal innum enna mownamaa
pullin meedhu poo veezndhal oosai enna keatkumaa
malligai kodi thoLaichutruthey
Devan thotathal bhoomi sutruthey
udalil gaandham kondu
thazhuvum thangam ondru
Ithazgalil eeramanadhindru
ini varumKaalam maaralaam nam kaadhal maarumaa
Kaalam maaralaam nam kaadhal maarumaa
Thadaigal thondrumbothum thalaivi paarvai pothum
Ini varumKaalam maaralaam nam kaadhal maarumaa

kaalamennum thaennaatril naamirandu odangal
vaazndhu kaatum namm vaazkai vaiyagathin paadangal
uLLankaigalaal unnai mooduvein
unnai kaakavey maNNil vaazhuvein
VAAZhum kaalamyavum madiyil saaindhaal poadhum
ThoLgalil thoongum paarijaadham
Ini varumKaalam maaralaam nam kaadhal maarumaa
Thadaigal thondrumbothum thalavan paadham pothum
Ini varumKaalam maaralaam nam kaadhal maarumaa
Kaalam maaralaam nam kaadhal maarumaa

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Velli Nilavae Velli Nilavae ...

Dear SPB Fans,

This song "Velli Nilavae.." from the Tamil Film "Nandhavana Theru" (1995) is a very light melody song by our SPB rendered for Karthik. He has evolved a slightly different tone for Karthik to give an illusion that Karthik himself is singing the song. Music is by IR.

This is a night song and the orchestration reflects the night mood of the song very well and our SPB voice is very clear and melodious and you can enjoy a lot. Uma Ramanan, one of the most underutilised singers of TFM joins towards the end of the song.

The way the charanam has been sung is really great and the overlapping of mulitple SPB voices in some portions of the song gives a pleasant effect and overall a good composition with crystal clear orchestration.


VeLLi Nilavae.. VeLLi Nilavae ...
VeLLi Nilavae VeLLi Nilavae
Veen Sogam Enadi Maane Enadi
Mullai Malarae Mullai Malarae
Un Bhaaram Theerpavar Yaaru Kooradi
Minnum Silayae Annai Pol Varavaa Naanum Sorootta
Unnaadhirundhaal Ingae Yaar varuvaar Unai Cheeraatta

VeLLi Nilavae VeLLi Nilavae
Veen Sogam Enadi Maane Enadi

Vinnil Odi Kannaal Vaadum Nilavae Naalum Urugaadhe
Unnai Paadi Mannil Kodi Kavidhai Vaazhum Maravaadhe
Nila Choru Nila Choru Tharavaa neeyum pasiaara
Kuyil paattu kuyil paattu tharuvom naangal pushi aara
Vaanavillum thaan irangi paai podume nee uranga
Aadum Mayil Thogai ellam thaalaattiye kaathtthu veesa
Dheva Kanniye Theivadhenna nee thannaale

VeLLi Nilavae VeLLi Nilavae
Veen Sogam Enadi Maane Enadi
Mullai Malarae Mullai Malarae
Un Bhaaram Theerpavar Yaaru Kooradi

Sondhum Yaaru Bandham Yaaru Nilave Paaru Enai Paaru
Nenjil Baaram Kannil Eeram Thudaippar yaaru bhadhil kooru
Ullam dhorum kallam nooru adhai nee paarthu edai podu
Unmai kaaththu thollai theerka varuvom naangal thunivodu
Vaanathodu Kobam Kondu Nee Povadhenna Paal Nilaave
Vaanum Kaakka Naangal Undu Nee Nambiye Paal Nilaave
Dheva Kanniye Theivadhenna nee thannaale

Velli Nilavu Velli Nilavu Unnodu Serndhida thaane paadudhu
Ullam Thirandhu Ullam Thirandhu Than Sogam theerndhida thaane thedudhu
Minnum Nilave Unnaale Varudhae Paadi Sorootta
Thalli Nadandhal veraaru varuvaar ennai kaappaatra

Velli Nilavu Velli Nilavu Unnodu Serndhida thaane paadudhu

Dhandhan Naanaa Dhandhan Naanaa .............

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Chinna Chinna Megam

Dear SPB Fans,

Listen to one of the yesteryear melodies of our Guruji which has been lying in the archives for quite a long time. The audio quality will not be great but this is the best i could locate on the web and i thought that the fans should not miss listening to this song and hence i am playing it here. This also happens to be one of the songs which i used to listen frequently during those times.

Details of the song as follows :

Film : kAtRukkenna vEli (1982)
Singer : SPB, Anitha
Music : Shivaji raja
Lyric : Panju Arunachalam
Actors : Mohan, Radha and Geetha

I got hold of some details about this song and its music director from the dhool.com and i am reproducing the same here for your info.

"Panchu Arunachalam who gave the world Ilayaraja also gave TFM Sivaji Raja in this superb debut. How this artist got forgotten is a mystery that still eludes me. From the vibrant "Kadal Meethilae", to the seductive "Rekha Rekha", from the celebrating "Naan Vanangukiraen" to the nostalgic "Chinna Chinna Megam", which remains the best kept secret in TFM history, there's so much energy and spunk in this soundtrack that it's a shame Sivaji Raja still hasn't seen the limelight. "

- Sivaji Raja started off as a singer, and sang a few songs under MSV. He then became a Music Director. He was the MD for a handful of movies only. He also introduced Karthik as a singer. This movie *ed Mohan and Radha. The orchestration of this song is quite different, and has the northern feel, a change from the regular songs.


chinna chinna mEgam, A...A...
ennai thottu pOgum, A....A....
ninaivugaL poovAgum - kaNNukkuL
kanavugal yErALam


pirivAna kAdhal nenjin sugamAna sOgangaL
mazhaikAla poovin meedhu irukkinRa eerangaL
kanniyiLam pookkaL kaiyezhuthu kEtkum
uLLuRangum sOgam kaNN thiRanthu pArkum
gnAbagangaL kaNNil inRu muthu kuLikkum


anal meedhu pookkum andha kodikkinRu vErillai
idhayathin suvaril undhan peyarinRi vERillai
mEdaigaLin Oram jAdai seyyum poovai
pArvagaLIl nooRu pandhi vaikkum pAvai
kOdhai magaL pErai sonnAl rAgam inikkum


Chinna Chinna Megam
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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

SPB's 30 years Musical Journey : An Audio Celebration

(SPByin 30 Aandu Kaala Isai Payanam)

Dear SPB Fans,

This post brings to you one of our SPB's earlier landmarks which is "30 years of singing, 30,000 songs and his 50 golden years of life". This first stage of achievement was celebrated on a very grand scale at Music Academy Auditorium in Chennai in the year 1996. I was blessed to attend this program amidst all odds (without a ticket !!!?) and i had posted a brief write-up of my experience when i had joined this SPB fan group in November 2006. At that time, some of our friends were enquiring if a video recording of this program was available. I do not have any clue to that. However, thanks to our Covai Ravee, i was able to get my hands on the audio compilation of the program and i thought it appropriate to share it with you all, with due permission from our friend Covai Ravee who provided the audio MP3 files of this concert.

As said earlier, this achievement of our SPB was celebrated on a grand scale. Popular and Famous personalities attended this program. I am just naming a few from my memory

Chief Minister Karunanidhi
MS Subhalakshmi
Lata Mangeshkar
S Janaki
P Susheela

The program was compered by GangaiAmaran, one of our SPB's close friends who had been with him right from those earlier years of his singing career and has grown with him professionally also.

The interior decoration and art work on the stage for this show was done by "Thottaa Tharini" a popular art director who had started his career almost at the same time as our SPB. They share a lot of commonness between them.

I will now stop boring you all with my own experience.

I am sure you all would love this. This runs to almost 2 hours and it consists of speeches by most of the above personalities, SPB's introductory speech about his inspirations and then his many songs sung in the concert. The only sore point is that this program is entirely in Tamil and fans not familiar with Tamil may not be able to understand the speech portions of the program. However one can have the satisfaction of listening to his songs atleast.

Wishing you all happy listening

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Kaalai Nera Poonguyil....... Nam Balu

Dear SPB Fans,

Come on, listen to this lovely solo melody of our Guruji. He has rendered this song in a velvet-like voice and it sounds a bit different and charming. He has played around in this song a lot like providing variations in rendering of the same line when repeating it and lot of alapanas in the song
. The way he stretches some words while rendering is really great. He has provided a very soft touch to this song. IR's orchestration is semi-classical based and he has employed the instruments beautifully giving prominence to our Guruji's voice with music just supporting it. The voice is very very very sweet. Lyrics is by Gangaiamaran and he seems to have come with something good for this song. Enjoy.

Details of the song :

Movie Name: Amman Kovil Kizhakale (1986)
Singer: Balasubramanyam S P
Music Director: Ilayaraja
Lyrics : Gangai Amaran
Actors: Radha, Vijayakanth
Raagam : aabhOgi


kaalai naerap poonguyil kavidhai paadath thoondudhae
kalaindhu poana maegangal kavanamaagak kaetkudhae
kaetta paadal kaatrilae kaelviyaagap poagumoa
engae un raagam suvaram aa aa aa


maedai poadum pournami aadip paadum oar nadhi (2)
vella oliyinil maegalai mella mayangudhu en nilai

puthiya megam kavidhai paadum (2)
bhoopaalam paadaamal endhan kaalai thoanrum ennaalum


ilamai ennum moaganam inaindhu paadum en manam (2)
pattu viriththadhu pulveli pattuth theriththadhu vinnoli
dhinamum paadum enadhu paadal (2)
kaatroadum aatroadum indrum endrum ketkum endrendrum


Kaalai Nera Poonguyil
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Review of "Ennodu Paattu Paadungal" by Thuglak

Dear SPB Fans,

This week’s edition, dated 21-2-2007, of the Tamil Weekly “Thuglak” carries an article on one of the episodes of the Jaya TV program - SPB’s “Ennodu Paattu Paadungal” (on Page 33) which has been reprodiced below as a scanned document

Our Mr.Venkat informed me about this Tamil article and initiated me in translating this Tamil article into English for the benefit of all SPB fans. Please find below, the translated one. I have tried my best to stick to the spirit and structure of the Tamil version. Hope I have not distorted it. It is really heartening to know that our SPB is discussed very frequently in many forums.

Article ......

Jaya TV’s “Ennodu Paattu Paadungal”, if not for anything else, should be viewed for the sake of enjoying the bubbling enthusiasm of SPB. Due to his participation in different public programs, his uninterrupted spoken Tamil, like a grand car traveling on a grand highway, flows out from him like a waterfall.

The program is just proceeding on and on with first round, second round and so on. The participating young boys & girls are assigned marks, with some of them being eliminated diligently. Some of them wear the garland of victory and become eligible for the next round. After each participant’s performance, SPB lauds them abundantly for their positives and concisely points out their shortcoming too.

All being popular songs, he explains about the unique traits of singers like Swarnalatha, Malaysia Vasudevan etc…. who had originally rendered the songs. He also highlights those portions of the songs, where music directors like Harris Jayaraj, A.R.Rehman & IlayaRaja have composed elevating music, by singing them himself. Well done is better than well said.
(this highlighted English phrase alone appears as it is, in the Tamil version also, and has been just reproduced and not translated)

All these are not big. Choosing a particular portion of the background music of a song, singing the tune and then testing the participants to identify the song, is simply superb. If sung well, apart from appreciating and applauding them enthusiastically, he also sings along with the participant. At that moment, to see the happiness lighting up his face, one needs a dozen eyes and to hear his “out of the world” voice, two dozen ears.

In his concluding speech, he insists that “one should never sing in a false voice”. “Sruthi, Pronounciation and Bhavam – these three are very important” he says. After everything is over, he has made it a habit to talk a few words about any one of the public issues. On that day, he talked about the mistake that the car & two wheeler motorists commit, by overtaking unnecessarily.

Finally, when you glance at your watch at the end of the program, you wonder “Oh! has one hour passed?!!!”

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Telugu Music Concert :Feb 16th 2007: A Report

Ye Divilo Virisina Paarijaathamo …..
A Telugu Musical Concert by SPB & Troupe

Venue : Kamaranjar Arangam, Chennai
Date : 16th February 2007
Time : 6:30 pm (started at 7:00 pm)
Presented by : PLAZA
Event Managers : Ramana, Sharan Incorporation
Purpose : Partially in aid of a Social Organisation “SMILE” run for AIDS affected children

Dear SPB Fans,

I am glad that I have got one more chance of detailing a SPB event. It is always an honour to talk and write about an oasis like our SPB. You never get bored with it and one tends to get more enthusiastic and rejuvenated discussing about him at great lengths. I will be doing my best to capture all the details of the event so that this post more or less gives a complete picture to those who could not attend the program. I have tried noting down the song name, film and Music Director but for some of the songs i have missed out.

The Webmaster, Venkat, Ashok, Madhumita, Priya, Vijayakrishnan, Balaji, Anand and myself were the SPB Fan Group Members who were fortunate to attend this concert.

The first impression that one got when entering the premises of the auditorium was that “this could not be a SPB event”. The reason being the “not-so” busy entrance area and the half-filled auditorium. This partial attendance had its reasons that the day being a “Maha Siva Rathri” and also a working day. So, it was felt that the crowd would trickle in as time went by (which happened eventually). Even our SPB made this observation at the start of the program and he said even a small audience was enough for him to sing.

The program started off at 7:00pm with an introductory speech by Ramana. He mentioned that it was indeed a rare occasion to see so many Telugu people assembled under one roof. The aim was to bring quality Telugu programs to Chennai and this was one such effort towards it. He also mentioned about the organization “SMILE” which was doing noble work for AIDS affected children taking care of all their needs and that part of the fund generated from the program would go to this organization. He then requested our SPB & his wife along with two other elderly persons (our SPB’s in-laws ?) to light the Kuthuvilakku.

Our SPB was dressed in normal pant & shirt. During the program, his co-singers were SP Shailaja (SPS), Gopika Poornima (GP), Mallikarjun and SPB Charan. Our SPB straightaway started off with the following song

1) Om Kaara Naadhaanu (SPB + SPS) from Sankarabharanum (MD : KV Mahadevan)
The song was completed to a rousing applause and then our SPB started his introductory speech. He expressed happiness on singing this song on a Maha Siva Raathri which was appropriate for the occasion. On behalf of all artists and musicians he expressed his thanks to the gathering and mentioned about the completion of 40 years of singing. He then mentioned that to do justice he should be visiting each and every house and fall at everyone’s feet for bringing him to such a stature. He thanked his parents, Kothandapani (for debut in telugu), MSV (in Tamil), Devarajan or Sekar (?) (in Malayalam), LV Prasad & K Balachander (in Hindi), RD Burman (in Bengali), RangaRao (in Kannada) and all the intrumentalists, Music Directors, Recordists and finally the Actors who had ably presented his songs (and also to those actors who did not do so). It has been due to total team work that has made him climb the steps to this podium, he said. He also outlined that the agenda for the day’s program would be to cover as many Music Directors as possible among the 13,000~14,000 Telugu songs he had rendered and begged to be pardoned if some of the MDs were missed which would not be intentional.

The next number was

2) Lalitha Kala Raagalulo (SPB) from Kalyani (MD : Ramesh Naidu)
After completing the song, once again, to good applause he mentioned that he was laoding himself with lot of antibiotics and that he may go off track here and there and requested one and all to accommodate him. He then proceeded to give a brief about the next song

3) Aadavae Mayuri Natanam Aadave (SPB)
He said that in the year 1970, this song was originally planned for Ghantasala but due to ill-health he could not make it and in his place our SPB was called upon to record the song with a clear indication that the same song may be recorded with Ghantasala once he regained health. Our SPB mentioned that he went ahead with a possible consolation that even if his song did not make it he would have had at least the fortune of having sung track for the great singer Ghantasala which by itself would be a honour. However, Ghantasala never recorded the song and the SPB song itself was used for the film which he felt happy. He also pondered that maybe he had tried to do too much in the song at the time and had gone overboard and he was happy that he could make amendments now by singing it properly.

Then he came out with his opinion that actors should never interfere in the creation of a song and that it should be left to the experts namely the Music Director and the directors to mould it into a beautiful one. With this, the next song was started

4) Manasaa Thulli Padakkae (SPS) from Sri Variki Prema Lekha (MD : Ramesh Naidu)
Before starting this song, our SPB jokingly mentioned that his sister used to sing this song a lot before her marriage and he patted her on the head affectionately. SPS response was a quiet smile.

5) Suvvi Suvvi Suvvaalamma (SPB + SPS) from Swathi Muthyam (MD : IlayaRaja)
He had a lot of praise for IR’s composition for this song and also felt that it was good to be associated with an actor like Kamalahaasan who had good music sense which helped in creating a very good song. He then embarked on the song in his normal style by singing the starting aalapana and asking SPS how was it and SPS replying that it was beautiful and then he went to the lower most octave and slowly raised his voice to higher octaves accompanied by thunderous applause. During this song there was a background rendition by one of the accompanying musicians. At this time our SPB went up to the musician and held his microphone up to him so that the voice could be more prominent.!!!

He next dwelled on the period of 1970s which he said was a golden period for him as he had the fortune of being associated with very senior singers and lyricists and Music Directors from whom he could learn a lot. At this point, he made a special mention of Kothandapani once again for the initiative that the latter had taken in referring our SPB to all the MDs till he had settled down without detaching himself and never stopping with getting him his first chance. He wondered whether Kothandapani would have put in so much effort for his own chances for music direction. He said that during the music competition attended by Kothandapani when the MD had approached him and asked him whether he would sing for films, it seems our SPB had replied in the negative assuming that it was some sort of a joke at that time as he had no idea who this person was and also he was hardly 17 or 18 years at that time. However Kothandapani had told SPB that he had presented good sangadhis while singing in the competition and that if disciplined he would rule the roost for 40 years to come. He wondered again what Kothandapani had seen him in him to have so much faith in his ability. He felt sorry at this juncture that his mentor was not with him but he would always be in his heart forever. As a tribute, he next sang his mentor’s composition

6) Tanivi Teeralede (SPB + SPS) from Goodu Puttani (MD : Kothandapani)
After this song SPB talked about PBS who was present there at the concert. He praised his multi-faceted personality and this humanitarian attributes. It seems PBS used to call SPB as LGB or something like that (when he happened to meet SPB at a bus stop while he was travelling by car) meaning Lucky Balu since he was fortunate to sing with all great MDs at such a young age

7) Venu Maadhavaa (Gopika Poornima) from Nenunnanu (MD : Keeravani)
After this song, he introduced Gopika Poornima who sang this song originally rendered by Chitra. He mentioned that she was the output of the competition “Paadathaa Theeyaga” which he had compered some years back on ETV. He requested everyone to give a big round of applause for her good rendition of the song and also to encourage her to sing better.

8) Ravi Varmakkae Andani Oke Oka Andhanivo (SPB + GP) from RavaNude Ramudaithe (MD : GK Venkatesh)
As a prelude to this song which is a Nageswara Rao number, he mentioned that singing for the stalwarts ANR & NTR was a dream come true. Even though he could not sing like Ghantasala who was a good match for these two stalwarts, through mimicking he was able to match them and had the opportunity of singing lot of songs for them. He in fact talked a few words in ANR’s tone before starting off this song. He also revealed that this was a Kannada song originally sung by PBS and that he was fortunate to render the same song in Telugu. He then introduced all the accompanying musicians one by one. Some of them had come from Bangalore and some from Hyderabad. He said they were part of his team which accompanied him for his own programs. The total number was only “12” and they really gave an impressive performance providing adequate support to the singers. (Normally for SPB programs we are used to big orchestra)

After this there was a break to carry out the felicitations for the event. PBS was asked to garland SPB. SPB got PBS’s blessings by touching his feet. Before this our SPB & his wife Savithri were greatly honoured with some sastrigals chanting Mantras for his well-being, a thoughtful gesture by the event organisers. PBS as usual was enthusiastic in reading out poems on our SPB in all the languages (Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi & English) which he had written the previous night. Seeing PBS, you come to a conclusion that his enthusiasm is directly proportional to his age. Even at post 80s he makes it a point to attend all musical concerts and read out self-prepared poems for the occasion. A versatile personality indeed and a great human being too. Many at this age would be happy to have a quiet life at home. Some cheques were also presented by some donors to the SMILE organization. Even in between the songs there was a constant receipt of donation cheques from some persons which our SPB announced and handed over to the SMILE in-charge and our SPB was happy at the good inflow of cheques (around Rs. 40,000 was collected in this manner and presented by SPB on the behalf of the donors to the SMILE organisation). All the other singers & musicians were also presented mementos. At this juncture, SPB’s PA Mr.Vittal who has been associated with him for the past 30 years was also introduced to the gathering.

I am happy to inform our Fans at this point that our SPB also made a special mention of our Fan Group and he took effort to locate our group in the crowd and identified our group to all others present for a good round of applause. He mentioned that he was happy to be associated with us. We all stood up when he made this announcement. It was really thoughtful of him to have our group always in consideration. We all felt happy and it made our day. Our SPB also requested us to extend any help possible from our foundation to the SMILE organisation.

Next song was

9) Ye Divilo Virisina Paarijaathamo (SPB) from Kanne Vayasu (MD : Satyam)
This was in fact the title of the event and he mentioned it before starting off. This song was also originally a Kannada song rendered by PBS.

10) Mellaga Karagani (SP Charan – he was the original singer also for this song + GP) from Varsham (MD : Devi Sri Prasad)
For this song SPB Charan was called on to the stage and our SPB mentioned that Charan was not much oriented towards singing and was more interested in film production. HE also said this was one of the very good compositions of Devi Sri Prasad

11) Urikkae Chilakkaa (Mallikarjun + GP) from Bombay (MD : AR Rehman)
SPB introduced another singer of the concert, Mallikarjun, who was also a product of the Paadatha Theeyaga program. Mallikarjun besides active singing is also working as an assistant to the MD Mani Sharma. The pair rendered the song well and received a good round of applause. After this song our SPB came on stage and praised the two singers for singing a tough song quite well and earned one more applause for them. He also had a few words for AR Rehman whom he knew from the age of 3 and mentioned that nothing had changed ARR and he is still a good human being now even after having attained international recognition.

12) E Vela Theeyadhi (SPB +SPS) from Chitti Chinni (MD : Rajeswara Rao)

13) Kusalamaa Neeku Kusalamena (SPB + SPS) from BaliPeetam (MD : Chakravarthy)
He brought an aspect of the Telugu language here in this song. There is a word Kammalu in this song which normally would mislead other to think of the jewellery item. Actually in Telugu “Kamma” means letter which many would have forgotten, he said. He stressed on the importance of appreciating a language and not forgetting its characteristics and root.

14) Rama Rama Raghu Rama (Mallikarjun – he has sung this song himself in the film also) from Sri Anjineyam (MD : Mani Sharma)
SPB mentioned that this song was composed by Mani Sharma. He also informed that earlier Mani Sharma used to play the keyboard in his troupe.
After the song, Mallikarjun had a few words about our SPB. He said that he once received a phone call from SPB appreciating him for rendering the song well and that it was the best song of his career. Mallikarjun felt happy about it. He also informed that on occasions where he had given a bad performance SPB used to call him to his house and scold him left & right. He expressed his thanks to SPB for nurturing him. When SPB came on to the stage later he told Mallikarjun on a lighter vein that such facts should not be revealed to the public

15) Ennenno Janmala Bandham Needhi Naadhi (SPB + GP) from Puja (MD : Rajan Nagendra)
SPB thought this song would bring nostalgic feelings to many as they would identify themselves with this song one way or the other based on their own experiences

16) Nigama Nigamaanta (SPB + GP) from Annamayya (MD : Keeravani)
SPB had a few words of praise for the MD Keeravaani

17) Sari Koththa Cheera (SPB Charan) from Pelli Pusthakam (MD : KVM)

18) chitram.. bhaLArE vichitram (SPB + SPS) from Dhaana Veera Soora Karna (MD : Pendyala Nageswara Rao)
This was a NTR song and SPB mentioned that at those times he used to sing parallelly for Krishna and NTR and each actor used to be curious and ask SPB about what song was recorded for the other actor which made SPB’s life difficult. Such was the intention of the artistes to perform better. This song it seems was picturised as a duet song on the character Dhuriyodhana (NTR) and it happened that the counterparts (I am not sure if it is the music directors or the actors themselves) met once at the airport and enquired how come a duet song was picturised for Dhuriyodhana. Here again, our SPB mimicked a few words in NTR’s voice before rendering the song.

19) Eduta Neeve (SPB + SPS + GP) from Abhinandhana (MD : IlayaRaja)
He introduced this song as IR’s composition and a beautiful one and mentioned that his musicians enjoyed very much playing this song. He also mentioned that lyrics for this song was by Atreya. It seems that Atreya usually writes lyrics first and then his lyrics are tuned by MDs. In this case, Athreya had to write the lyrics to IR's tune.

20) A song by Malli + GP (I am not clear about the song details)

21) Tere Mere Beechume (Hindi) Only the Pallavi was sung by SPB based on request from a Fan who promised to donate Rs.1000 if SPB rendered this song. He was magnanimous in rendering it in order to earn Rs.1000 for the SMILE organization and did not want to let go this opportunity to get some money for a good cause. Ths donor was called on to the stage to present the money and he told SPB that long time back he was a neighbour of our SPB living in the same apartment complex.

22) Chuttu Chirugaali Cheera Kattaaliamma (SPB)

23) Ninu Choodakalekha Neenu (SPB + GP) from Neeranjanam (MD : OP Nayyar)

24) Chandamaama Andhala maama (SPS) from Thene Manasulu (MD : KVM)

25) Raasaadu Premalekha (SPB + SPS) from SriDevi (MD : GKV)
He said that this GK Venkatesh composed song was recorded in one take after the rehearsals. He advised upcoming singers to practice rendering the full song in one go rather than splitting into few lines and then joining together to make up the song. This would help in building lung power.

26) Kougililo Nannu Dhaasi

27) Anthaa Ramamayam (SPB + chorus (SPS + Malli + GP)) from Sri Ramadasu (MD : Keeravani)
Finally the event came to an end with this bhakthi song which was very pleasant to hear & a closing note by our SPB & team. He thanked one and all in coming together for a noble cause. He also said that the event was being recorded by MAA TV. He praised the sound system and the organisors for a wonderful show and completed the event by singing the song. He also thanked the audience for staying till the end which showed the love they had for him.

He finally concluded the event by joining hands with all the other singers and bowing to the audience three times. This by now has become a regular feature of his shows and which he never misses out. The time was 10:20pm.

Even though I am familiar with only 7 to 8 of the songs rendered, I had the opportunity of listening to other golden melodies as well. The selection of songs were purely based on melody and the entire crowd was appreciative of the selection as interpreted from their responses. It was also a pleasure to listen to our SPB talking only in Telugu. English words were sparsely used in the entire program.

One more RED lettered day indeed.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

"Kaalayil Kaettadhu Koyil Mani" Nam Kaadhilo SPB Honey

Dear SPB Fans,

Here is a very lovely song "Kaalayil Kaettadhu Koyil Mani ...." from the Tamil Movie "Senthamizh Paattu" (1992). Swarnalatha is the female singer. Both IR & MSV have jointly scored the Music for this film. However, i am not sure who composed this particular song. Lyrics by Vairamuthu. This film featured Prabhu, Sukanya and Kasturi and has a few other good songs as well.

This song is a leisurely paced melody which gives ample opportunity and time for the singers to render the words clearly and with required emotions attached to it. Swarnalatha has rendered great support to our SPB in this song and together they give a heavenly touch to it. And needless to say the orchestration is crisp and clear with each bit of it lingering and ringing in our ears.

Listen to the line "Mogam Ennenna Mandhiram Pottadho" in the first line of the first Charanam. When our SPB sings this the first time he sings it normally but when the same line is repeated again he stretches the words "Mandhiram Pottadho" combined with this trademark "laughter".

Also listen closely to the lines of the First Charanam

Pudhuvidha Anubhavam Ah Ahaha
Mudhal Mudhal Arimugam Oh Ohaho

The words "Pudhuvidha Anubhavam" and "Mudhal Mudhal" have been rendered at the same pitch by Swarnalatha whereas our SPB brings in an improvisation when he sings similar lines in the second charanam

"Ragisiyam Purindhadhu Ah Ahaha
Adhisayam Therindhadhu Oh Ohaho

by rendering the words "Ragisiyam Purindhadhu" at a lower pitch when compared to the words of the next line "Adhisayam Therindhadhu" which is at a higher pitch. Namma Thalaivaroda TradeMark Dhaan (Our Leader's Trademark indeed).

The quality of recording is also great with both voices coming out very rich. The orchestration seems to alternate between semi-classical and western in some portions of the song. A really lovely melody by the "IR-SPB-Vairamuthu" combination.



Kaalaiyil Kaettadhu KoyilMani
Kaettadhum Poothadhu KanninMani
Paadhaiyil Aen Oru Kaaval Ini
ThoLgalil Saaindhadhu KaadhalKani

Kaalaiyil Kaettadhu KoyilMani
Kaettadhum Poothadhu KanninMani

Mogam Ennenna Mandhiram Pottadho
Dhegam Engengum Minnalgal Paaindhadho (2)
Dhevanin Kaiviral Paavaimel Paattadhu
Dheviyin Kanvizhi Bhaanamdhaan Vittadhu
Pudhuvidha Anubhavam Ah Ahaha
Mudhal Mudhal Arimugam Oh Ohaho
Pudhuvidha Anubhavam Mudhal Mudhal Arimugam
Thenum Paalum Thoda Thoda oorudhu

Kaalaiyil Kaettadhu KoyilMani
Kaettadhum Poothadhu KanninMani
Paadhaiyil En Oru Kaaval Ini
ThoLgalil Saaindhadhu KaadhalKani

Kaalaiyil Kaettadhu KoyilMani
Kaettadhum Poothadhu KanninMani

Thookkam Kanvittu Sendradhe Raathiri
Nenjam Punpattu Ninradhae Poochhedi (2)
Aekkama Kanmani Kaindhadho Sevvizhi
Kaadhala En Manam Serndhadhe Un Vaizhi
Ragisiyam Purindhadhu Ah Ahaha
Adhisayam Therindhadhu Oh Ohaho
Ragisiyam Purindhadhu Adhisayam Therindhadhu
Kaatrum Poovum Kalandhuravaadudhu

Kaalaiyil Kaettadhu KoyilMani
Kaettadhum Poothadhu KanninMani
Paadhaiyil En Oru Kaaval Ini
ThoLgalil Saaindhadhu KaadhalKani

Kaalaiyil Kaettadhu KoyilMani
Kaettadhum Poothadhu KanninMani

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ilancholai Poothathaa Enna Jaalam

Dear SPB Fans,

This song "Ilancholai Poothathaa ....." from the Tamil Movie "Unnakkaagave Vaazhgirein" is a very beautiful IR-SPB combo number. The song is featured on Sivakumar. The heroine being Nadhiya. Lyrics is by Vairamuthu. This is a very good semi-classical number. I understood from some article that this is based on the "madhuvanti" raagam. The alapana at the start of the song provides a great beginning to the song with our SPB maintaining his voice well even at the lower notes. This songs seems to be mostly in the lower notes. The orchestration for this song is really a beauty with IR employing all the traditional instruments to produce a lovely number. A beautiful rendering all through by our SPB in a honey-toned voice. Must be one of the best of IR-SPB combo. But to my surprise, i heard this song for the first time only a few months back (somehow i seemed to have missed hearing to this number) and since then it has got embedded in me forcing me to post it now. This film also has another great song "kanna unai thedugiraen vaa..." which we will listen at a later stage.


iLanjchOlai pUththathA enna jAlam vaNNa kOlam (2)
oru pUnthenRal thAlAtta sila mEganggaL nIrURRa
iLanjchOlai pUththathA....

entha sonthanggaL yArOdu enRu
kAlam thAn sollumA..A.A
pUkkaL sollAmal pUththUvum mEgam
sEthi thAn sollumA
sOlai enggum sugantham..
mINdum inggE vasantham
nenjcham EnthAn mayanggum
kaNgaL sonnAl viLanggum
oru maunam thIrnthathu
suthiyOdu sErnththathu
oru thALam rAgam solla
santham ponggum mella
mAyamalla manthiram alla

.........iLanjchOlai pUththathA.............

UmaiyAy pOna sanggItham onRu
inRu thAn pEsuthO
mEdai illAmal AdAtha kAlgaL
inRu thAn AduthO
kaNNil enna kanavO
-nenjchil enna ninaivO
-nammai yArthAn kEtppathu
vithithAnE sErppAthu
intha pAsam pAvam illai
nEsam mOsam illai
ganggai enRum kAyvathumillai

............iLanjchOlai pUththathA...............

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Devan vedhamum kannan geethayum

Dear SPB Fans,

Let us now listen to this good V Kumar’s song. It is from a Tamil movie "RajaNaagam” (1974). Lyric is by Vaali. This one seems to aim at fostering religious harmony by the lovers of two different religions – the man Srikanth being a Hindu and his lover Subha being a Christian. Our SPB & PS have provided a clean rendering of the song conveying the right mood of the song.

The lyrics is all about equating religious attributes to either of the lovers and also mentions about the common thread for all religions. In the song the lady sings some Hindu references and the man some Christian references which depicts exchange of religious values. (pls listen to a man voice chanting a line at the start of the song. It happens to be the “Malayur Mambattiyan” Thiagarajan (actor Prashant’s father) who chanted this line)

Towards the end of the song the overlapping effect of the two singers singing has been used to good effect and sounds great.

One of V Kumar’s great songs.

Listen and Enjoy.


Devan yesuvin vedham....vedham ...vedham....
Kannan solliya geehdai...geedhai...geethai...

Devan vedhamum kannan geethayum
oru paadhayil ingu sangamam
oru paadhayil ingu sangamam

Maadhavin vaazhthukal maniyoosai sollatum
Kannan engey radhai angey
kuzhaloosai vaazthum undu
Nee veru naan veru andru
Nee indri naan illai indru
oru paadhayil ingu sangamam
oru paadhayil ingu sangamam....

Devan vedhamum kannan geethayum
oru paadhayil ingu sangamam

Nenjodum ninaivodum neengaamal nindradum'
Siluvai neeyandro
Velan konjum velin vannam
kanney unn kannil undo
Thatungal kelungal ondru
Dharmangal engeyum ondru

oru paadhayil ingu sangamam
oru paadhayil ingu sangamam

Devan vedhamum kannan geethayum
oru paadhayil ingu sangamam
oru paadhayil ingu sangamam

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

On a Hot Summer Morning .........

Dear SPB Fans,

For a change, listen to this different type "Anglo-Tamil" song by our SPB recorded in the early 70s i think for the Tamil Film "raaNi yaar kuzhandhaii" (1972) which featured Jaishankar & Lakshmi . Music is by either TV Raju or Shankar-Ganesh, i am not sure. This used to be one of my favourite SPB numbers during the 70s and this would be aired a lot on Radio and love it for the way it has been rendered by our SPB. So versatile he has been right from the start of his singing career. And i wanted to present this song to all of you. I am not sure how many of you would have heard this. Thanks to Covai Ravee for providing details of this song. This is a "Road Romeo Type" song and just an excellent rendering all through. I cannot say all the nuances of SPB in words. So, just listen to this for yourself and enjoy. Our yesteryear singer A.L.Raghavan used to sing these type of songs before SPB came into the picture and our SPB has capably taken over from him in singing these type of songs. I know that you will all be smiling at the way our SPB has rendered this song. Quite funny indeed.


On a hottu summeru morning
A girlu wentu walking
Her face-uh balae fine-u
And The sweety issu mine-u

maadi veettu poNNu
Oru jOdi thEdum kaNNu
aadi aadi nadakkum bOdhu
adhirudhadaa maNNu

aiyayyO What shall I do
Tell me what to do
ammammO what can I do
I am mad after you

Kokkarakokko .....

aahaa, rolledu goldu mEni
nee romaa puri raaNi
summaa thooNdil pOttu izhukkudhammaa
unnudaiya baaNi

un paruvaththile sexxu
en nenjaththile fixxu
nerungi nerungip pazhagum bOdhu
neeyum naanum mixxu

en kaiyi romba raasi
nee thottup paaru rosi
paiya paiya pazhagi vandhOm
kaadhal romba easy

oorai suththum baama
naan oNdikkattai thaamma
unakkum enakkum poruththamuNdu
mudichchu pOdalaamaa!

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Diktana Diktana from HAHK (Hindi)


Movie Name: Hum Aapke Hain Koun (1994)
Singer: Balasubramanyam S P
Music Director: Ram Laxman
Lyrics: Ravinder Rawal
Year: 1994
Producer: Rajshree Prod.
Director: Sooraj R Barjatya
Actors: Anupam Kher, Madhuri Dixit, Mohnish Behl, Renuka Shahane, Salman Khan

This is another good song by our SPB for "Hum Aapke Hain Koun". Music by RamLaxman. When i first listened to this song, i was very impressed with it due to the way our SPB has sung it. Even though at first thought, it appears to be a normal good song, dwelling further into the song brings out certain aspects.

One is the liveliness of the song. It is paced out beautifully with the instrument music accompanying it happily. The other one, is the way our SPB has rendered this song. No other singer would have given the touch which he has given to this song. Just listen attentively to the first two lines of the three charanams and you will find that our SPB has given a unique emotional touch to the rendering of these lines. On hearing it the first time itself it caught my attention and moved my heart. Such a soulful rendering from our Emperor.

The music at the interludes if you observe is that of the other songs in the movie. Almost all songs in this movie are of this type only.

The present Hindi Music World is really missing out, by not utilising the talent of our SPB. Why are these people so region centric nowadays? Can't they break the barriers and give the right artists their due.

I understood from my wife (who is well versed with Hindi) that this song is about the newly wed sister-in-law of Salman Khan in the movie. It brings out the attributes of the SIL


Dhiktana - Tiktana - Dhiktana
Dhik - Dhiktana - Tiktana - Dhiktana
Bhabhi Tum Khushiyon Ka Khazana..!
Dhiktana - Tiktana - Dhiktana..!

Pehli Kiran Jab Se Uge
Bhabhi Meri Tab Se Jage
Sabka Pura Dhyan Dhare Woh
Shaam Dhale Tak Kaam Kare
Kal Tak Raha, Is Chaon Se
Mera Bachpan Anjana
Dhiktana - Tiktana - Dhiktana..!

Hogi Meri Shaadi Kabhi
Kahte Hain Yeh Mujhse Sabhi
Khud Apni Devrani Chunna
Baat Kisi Ki Mat Sunna
Tum Dhoondh Ke, Rang Roop Mein
Apni Parchai Laana
Dhiktana - Tiktana - Dhiktana..!

Kab Tak Rahun Sabse Chota
Aaye Koi Mujhse Chota
Hansta Bolta Koi Khilona
Ab In Bahon Ko Do Na
Tumse Maange, Ghar Ka Aangan
Pyara Pyara Nazrana...
Bhabhi Tum Khushiyon Ka Khazana..!
Dhiktana- Tiktana - Dhiktana...
Dhik - Dhiktana - Tiktana - Dhiktana...

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Friday, February 09, 2007

"ILamayo ILamai" ILamai Enum Poongatru

Dear SPB Fans,

You must be wondering why i am posting this evergreen melody "Ilamai Enum Poongatru..." from the Tamil Film "Pagalil Oar Iravu"(1977) directed by I V Sasi. Well, since it is an evergreen melody i thought you would all love to hear it once again along with me even though we hear it quite often in Concerts, Radio, TV, CD Player and PC. Our SPB Fan "K Padmanabhan" had initiated this, by providing the lyrics some time back and i eventually fell for it and posted it now. Also, this would be good listening to those who do not possess a record of this song either on CD, Tape or their computer but having a latent longing to hear it again.

As you all may know, Music is by The Maestro "IlayaRaja" and the lyrics by none other than the one and only "Kaviarasu Kannadaasan". What lovely lyrics bringing out clearly the essence of the song with great orchestration by the Maestro employing the violins, flute and guitar to great effect. The loveliness ends there and would get corrupted if the song is viewed on Screen. I was a die hard fan of SriDevi and seeing her in this song really broke my heart (of course many other(s) heart(s) also) and that too with an unknown character. So, let us concentrate on the audio alone and enjoy the lovely moments again. This song even after almost 30 years has stood with its roots grounded & firm and like the "Ilaya Nila" song will never fade away. I now picturise even the Grand children of those who are yet to get married listening to it and enjoying the song. Evergreen indeed, it will be, forever.



ilamaiyenum poongaatru paadiyadhu oar paattu
oru pozhudhu oar aasai sugam sugam adhilae orae sugam
orae veenai orae raagam (2)


thannai marandhu mannil vizhundhu
ilamai malarin meedhu kannai izhandha vandu
dhaega sugaththil kavanam kaattu vazhiyil payanam
gangai nadhikku mannil anaiyaa


angam muzhudhum pongum ilamai
idham padhamaayth thoanra alli anaiththa kaigal
kaetka ninaiththaal marandhaal kaelvi
ezhumun vizhundhaal endha udaloa endha uravoa


mangai inamum mannan inamum
kulam gunamum enna dhegam thudiththaal
kannaedhu koondhal kalaindha kaniyae
konji suvaiththa kiliyae intha nilaidhaan enna vidhiyoa


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"pratirAtri vasaMta rAtri" - A "Ghantasala-SPB" duet

Dear SPB Fans,

Here is a beautiful duet by "Ghantasala - SPB" from the Telugu Movie "Ekaveera" (1969) which featured NTR, Kanta Rao, Jamuna & KR Vijaya. Music by
K V Mahadevan. Lyrics by Devulapalli Krishna Sastry.

I was all along wondering whether the Student (SPB) had ever sung with the Master (Ghantasala) and by serendipity, I stumbled on this song.

The student starts off the song with a humming and the Master joins in and from there on, it is a beautiful trip down music lane. SPB sings the first Pallavi followed by Ghantasala. Then the first Charanam is handled by Ghantasala and SPB follows next singing the second Charanam and then in the climax of the song both join together and complete a beautiful song. Our SPB's youthful & nascent voice combines well with the matured voice of the Master and together provides us with a unique musical treat for our ears. I presume that the Master would have sung for NTR and our SPB for Kanta Rao (?).

Please click on the title of the post to enter the dishant web page and on that page selected the button 'Play Selected' to listen to the song


pratirAtri vasaMta rAtri
pratigAli pairagAli
bratukaMtA pratinimishaM pATalAga sAgAli
pratinimishaM priyA, priyA pATalAga sAgAli
pratirAtri vasaMta rAtri

niilO nApATa kadalii
nAlO nii aMde medali (2)
lOlOna malle podala
poolennO virisi virisi (2)
manakOsaM prati nimishaM madhumAsAM kavaali
manakOsaM priyA, priyA madhumAsaM kAvAli
(pratirAtri vasaMta rAtri)

origiMdi caMdravaMka
oyyAri tAravaMka (2)
virajAji tiiga suMta
jarigiMdi mAviceMta (2)
nanujUcI, ninujUcI vanamaMtA valaciMdi
nanujUcI, priyA priyaa vanamaMtA valaciMdi
(pratirAtri vasaMta rAtri)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Song No.3 from an Unreleased Tamil Film

Dear SPB Fans,

Here is the third song from an Unreleased Tamil Movie. Once again i have nothing to say except reproduce the original article from dhool.com 'Song of the Day" discussions as it is and paste it here. One observation from my side is that in the Pallavi and some portions of the Charanams wherever our SPB is singing there is almost no instuments playing and you are able to hear only our SPB's rich voice. I get a feeling that he is singing only for us at these portions (my thoughts go back to the 28th Jan 2007 Bangalore Meet where he had sung for us some song bits)

From: bb on: Sun Apr 03, 2005 9:38 pm

Song of the Day: en kaNmaNi en paadal kELadi from ninaivO oru paRavai.

Listen to the song

- Saravanan writes:

Sung by SPB. Lyrics by Vairamuthu. Music by Jerry Amaldev.

* * * *

I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have.

- Abraham Lincoln

I don’t understand the lyrics wholly, yet each time I listen to the tender strains of ‘Aayiram kannumaai kaathirunnu ninne njaan’, I am overcome at the fragility and fleeting ethereality of human relationships that the song manages so effortlessly to convey across barriers of language. Is it the studied leisurely gait of the song, or the magic of Yesudas, or the dreamy interludes, or the insistent choral refrain ‘painkili malar thenkili’, or the invigorating effect of the combined concoction- I cannot fathom. Yet the song leaves me shaken at every listen, and I offer a mental salute to the composer who crafted such a jewel.

And even within my limited knowledge of Malayalam film songs, many of this composer’s creations rank high in my list of favorites- the caressing gentleness of ‘Kannodu kannoram ni kani malaralle’ and ‘Aalorungi arangorungi aayiram therorungi’ (Ente Maamatti Kuttiyammaku), the fun and frolic that reverberates throughout ‘Minnum minna minni’ and the hushed angst in ‘Thilangum thingale’ (No.1 Snehatheeram Bangalore North), the stylish prelude with which ‘Neerkili neendhivaa’ (Punnaram Cholli Cholli) opens, the silky warp and waft of ‘Dhevadhumdhubhi saandralayam’ (Ennennum Kannettante), the euphoric empathy at the determined streak of adolescent mutiny that ‘Vanambaadi edho theerangal thedunna vanambaadi’ (Deshadanakili Karayarilla ) evidences…. Scintillating signatures of an unsung genius.

Luck has always played a capricious game of hide and seek with Jerry Amaldev. The man studied for years in a seminary with the intention of becoming a priest, but realizing his true calling, gave up his religious aspirations without much regret. His inherent gift for music, and years of learning Hindustani classical, tabla and the piano made him approach the legendary Naushad. Deeply impressed at the young lad’s enthusiasm, Naushad took him on as his assistant. After 5 years, Jerry went to US and completed a Bachelors degree in Music in New Orleans, followed by a Masters in Composition at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. He even taught in Queen’s College in New York, before returning to India to try his hand at film music.

He could not have wished for a better opening. Manjil Virinja Pookkal (1980/ Navodaya) by Faazil, starring Shankar, Mohanlal and Poornima Jairam was a thumping success, aided strongly by Jerry’s brilliant score. The awesome interludes in SJ’s ‘mizhiyoram’ were of a kind never heard before. The State Award was his, and he looked all set to be mfm’s darling of the decade. But things didn’t turn out quite that way, and despite coming out with stunners in the ensuing years, Jerry Amaldev found himself slowly, but surely sidelined.

1986. Jerry Amaldev was approached to compose music for a Tamil film, and he set about the task, excited at the prospects that this album could summon up. ninaivO oru paRavai (Scorpio Creations) was produced by K.Ajit and directed by ‘uchchakattam’ fame N.S.Rajbharath. Rahman was the hero. Vairamuthu wrote the lyrics for the songs.

And what wonderful songs they were! ‘thEn kudiththa thendRal’ (SPB/Chitra) must be the among the softest romantic duets ever. ‘endhan kaNNE’ (KJY/BSS) is made for the mellifluosness of KJY. ‘muththam engE’ tantalizes despite the innate limitations of S.P.Shailaja. 'kaathalikka katRukkoL’ might have made Raj Seetharaman really famous, if only the song had ever been aired.

And as for the SOTD, do I really need to dwell upon it? Vairamuthu writes with his pen darting as cupid’s arrow, Jerry Amaldev conceives a tune that casts a beguiling spell, and our SPB takes charge nonchalantly to make Amaldev’s Tamil debut unforgettable.

I imagine Rahman singing in a cloudy night, perhaps under the window of his beloved (a la Gemini in ‘kaadhal nilavE kaNmaNi radha’) trying to get her to sleep. The overcast sky opens up, and the sudden showers, instead of cooling his ardor, end up kindling the flame of passion! And then do you suppose, sleep would ever beckon the eyelids of one whose heart bursts with longings wrought by love, and whose ears thrill to the passionate wooing of her suitor? Yet he sings his lullaby, and when she does sleep exhaustedly in the end, her eyelids would surely be heavily laden with delicious dreams.

Jerry Amaldev’s famed orchestrational brilliance is evident in the flowing interludes- they urge the listener to try flapping imaginary wings and soar exultantly high in the air. I have seldom listened to operatic passages of this class in tfm! SPB must have sensed the extraordinary beauty of the composition, for he unleashes his magic in all its potent strength, and gleefully cloaks each line with his endearing nuances.

How much Jerry Amaldev must have looked forward to this album!

Unfortunately for him, ninavO oru paRavai was never released. But Radio Ceylon did air the songs, at least for a brief while in 1986-87. And then the songs disappeared forever. Much later, (yes, in Virudunagar!) I chanced upon a record of the film (with Rahman on a bike featured on its sleeve), and got those cherished songs recorded.

poovE iLam poovE (1987/ Vijayakala Pictures) did manage a release, but was a prompt failure, notwithstanding the then successful pairing of Suresh and Nadia. Despite this, Jerry Amaldev’s songs therein like ‘paattu paada vandhEn’ (VJ), ‘gangai nadhi’ (SJ) and ‘puththam pudhidhu’ (SPB/Chitra) did get a deservedly generous airtime.

I don’t know if Jerry Amaldev scored for a Tamil film ever again. (The vandhadhu vasantham mentioned in the interview seems to have shared the stillborn fate of ninaivO oru paRavai)

Offers and Awards have come sporadically. He was awarded the Amritavarshini Puraskaram for music in the Sangeetha Nataka Akademi Awards 2001. In the year in which Ilaiyaraja won the Kerala State Govt’s Award for the Best Music Director (song) for Kaalapani, Jerry Amaldev bagged the Award for the Best Music Director (Background music) for his work in Kazhakam.

Jerry Amaldev leads a quiet, contended life in Selaiyur, a Chennai suburb. He does music for Christian devotional songs. He harbors no bitter thoughts, and accepts his fate with a philosophical shrug.

When asked about Amaldev (Sangeetha Sagaram/Asianet), Vani Jairam spoke glowingly about his “beautiful orchestrations”. She ended her panegyric saying ‘Oh, he’s a very nice man”. And that perhaps is an ultimate tribute to this neglected composer!

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Song No.2 from an Unreleased Tamil Film

Dear SPB Fans,

Here is one more SPB song from an Unreleased Tamil Movie. This song is again stolen from the "Song of the Day" discussion in Dhool.com. I am not putting in my words for this song since there is a very elaborate write-up by one Mr.Saravanan giving a very clear background to the song in the original discussion itself. So, i have just cut & pasted the article from dhool.com for your benefit. But one thing i noticed from my side is that the tone of SPB's voice seems to be different (maybe too nasal than usual). I don't know why. Maybe to suit whatever character he has sung for ?.

From: bb on: Sun Mar 20, 2005 10:23 pm

Song of the Day: ninaivilE manaivi endRu from sa ri ga ma pa.

- Saravanan writes:

‘ninaivilE manaivi endRu’ from sa ri ga ma pa. Sung by SPB. Lyrics by Udhayanan. Music by Srikumar.

* * * *

Ragamalika International’s sa ri ga ma pa (not to be confused with Parthiban’s 1994 film sa ri ga ma pa da ni) was another movie whose reels lie forgotten in the attic of some crestfallen producer’s house. The record sleeve has a picture of Roopa condescending to part with a reluctant smile. The other songs were ‘Odum nadhigaLil’ by Jayachandran & PS (Kannadasan), ‘ennamma ennamma’ by Malaysia Vasudevan (Thendral Thyagarajan) and ‘ulagathil naanoru’ by S.Janaki (Kannadasan)

Putting up a brave face despite the ravages wrought by the ethnic conflict in the early 80s, Radio Ceylon endeared itself to its listeners by continuing to air their favourite programmes. And it was in mid 1983, when the schools in Madras were closed in view of the happenings across the Palk Strait, that I first happened to listen to this song one lazy forenoon. And soon enough, Sunday after Sunday, this song stayed put as the numero uno in the weekly countdown, nonchalantly fighting off spirited challenges from the more hyped Goliaths.

* * * *

Many of us would remember the song ‘vaai vittu sirichaa nOi vittu pOgum’ from KB’s poikkaal kuthirai. The voice that accompanies Malaysia Vasudevan is that of Udhayanan, who had also written the lyrics. Udhayanan was a lyricist who became MSV’s protégé in the early 80s, and he also lent his voice to some of his own lyrics. Though big time success eluded him, Udhayanan proved his bona fides in the few songs that came his way. Besides ‘vaai vittu siricha’, other songs written by Udhayanan that I recall are ‘aththiyum poothathu’ (manmatha rathangaL/PS/ KVM), ‘pachchai moLagaa’ (nandRi meeNdum varuga/ Udhayanan & Kausalya/ Shyam), ‘naanthaandi naanthaandi’ (dEvi darisanam/ PS & Renuka/ MSV), ‘maambalathu poosaari dabaaikiRaanya’ (aasaikku vayasillai/ Udhayanan & Manorama / MSV) and ‘Otta paanaila naNdai vittaa’ (mun oru kaalathil/ PS / MSV)

* * * *

Who was this Srikumar, whose entry into tfm and exit from there went wholly unnoticed? tfm often poses such questions whose answers we would probably never know. Yet in the one album that could attain, Srikumar has left behind some lingering memories. While the stylish JC-PS duet ‘Odum nadhigaLil aadum malargaLil unadhu mugam’ would strike a chord in many, the SOTD remains firmly entrenched in our memories. Creating an appealing tune is perhaps the easy part of the assignment; arranging an unobtrusive, apposite orchestration as a charming trellis around the lyrics is a daunting challenge for a debutant. But Srikumar comes out in flying colours. And SPB, of course, has to go all out to unleash his magic and honour a humble composer. Right from the opening humming, he makes the song his, and fills it with his finesse. With an amused indulgence that is so becoming, SPB captures the romantic flights of fancy of a love-struck man, singing of his beloved in a tranquil moonlit night.

Simply elegant. Elegantly simple.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Kalaganti Kalaganti .... from Annamayya

Dear SPB Fans,

Here is a popular Telugu song from "Annamayya" (1997). This movie was a landmark movie in many ways.

Primarily, our SPB had sung "14" songs in this movie. That itself is a superb tribute paid by the Music Director M.M.Keeravani to our Great. It is an irony that our SPB was not considered for the National Award having rendered all the songs superbly and soulfully.

Our Great also dubbed the voice for Actor Suman in this movie and he received a Nandi Award for this. Just listen to the quality of his dubbing voice (if you happen to see this Telugu movie). It is great.

This film showcased Actor Nagarjuna's histrionics which drew praises and tributes from all quarters and proved that he could do some serious acting.

Finally the Music Director Keeravani got a National Award for scoring the music for this film.

This particular song "Kalaganti Kalaganti..." which draws it's lyrics from the "Annamayya Keerthana" has been rendered very soulfully by our SPB.

From whatever little Telugu i know, this song seems to dwell upon the dreams that Annamayya had and it lists down whatever he had seen in the dreams. The way our SPB renders the song is really great. His tone changes many times in the song, at times it seems to convey a feeling of "wonder" and at times a feeling of being "awestruck" at what was seen in the dream. And when he renders "Kalaganti Kalaganti..." it seems to come from a man who is in a trance & in another world all together and in a bliss. With such softness he has rendered it. Such great performance is possible only by our Emperor.

PLEASE CLICK ON THE TITLE OF THIS POST "Kalaganti Kalaganti .... from Annamayya" to go the Raaga web page in which again please click on the song title "kalaganti kalaganti" to listen to the song.


kalaganTi kalaganTi
ippuDiTu kalaganTi
EllalOkamulaku appaDagu tiru vEnkaTaadreeSuganTi


atiSayambaina SEshaadhri SikharamuganTi
pratilEni gOpura prabhaluganTi
SatakOti suryatEjamulu velugagaganTi
chaturaasyu poDaganTi chaturaasyu poDaganTi
chayyana mElukonTi

ippuDiTu kalaganTi

arudaina Samkhachakraadu lirugaDaganTi
sarilEni abhaya hastamunukanTi
tiru vEnkaTaachalaDhipuni choodagaganTi
hariganTi guruganTi
hariganTi guruganTi
antaTa mElukanTi


SPB song from an "Unreleased Movie"

Dear SPB Fans,

I came across some songs of SPB featured in Dhool.com "Song of the Day" collections which are from movies not released and hence only a rare few would have heard it.

I am featuring now one such song in this blog now.

The song is "Yaaridhu dEvadhai....." from the Unreleased Tamil Movie "En PriyamE". Lyrics is by Na. Kamarasan and Music by Gangai Amaran. This movie as i understand was made around 1983. It was directed by Sivakumar and produced by Pondy M.A.Shanmugam.

This has good lyrics and a good tune also. Our SPB has played around in this song a lot with chuckles and small laughs here and there and also with a very melodious voice.

Enjoy this rarely heard song. I am also listening to it for the first time.

I will be featuring two other songs of this category in my next posts.


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