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Monday, April 30, 2007

thiruththEril varum silaiyO...

Here is a SPB-PS love duet.

SONG : thiruththEril varum silaiyO...
FILM : Naan vaazha vaippEn (1979)
SINGERS : SPB, P.Susheela
MD : ILayaRaja
LYRICS: Kannadasan
ACTORS : Sivaji Ganesan, KR.Vijaya, Rajinikanth

This was featured on Sivaji-Vijaya. I had seen the movie during its release but I am not able to recollect the picturisation for this song. However, this song remains evergreen in my memory and I am presenting it to you to listen & enjoy. This is a good melody with good music by IR and the poetic flow of words from "Kavi Arasar" Kannadaasan. PS' voice sounds young in this song (she must have been 50 at that time) and our SPB’s voice had the flavour of his early 70s tone.

This movie was one of the rare ones featuring both Sivaji & Rajini. Rajini had only a small part in this film featured as a thief. There is also a fight scene between the two with Sivaji gaining the upperhand. During those times, Rajini had not yet become a Superstar and he used to take up whatever roles that came his way. Only in the earlier 80s his image gained a big boost and there has been no looking back for him since then.

Lyrics :

thiruththEril varum silaiyO...
silai poojai oru nilaiyO...azhagin kalaiyO
kalai malarO maNiyo nilavO...
nilavoLiyO.. yenum sugam tharum... thiruththEril varum silaiyO

maNa mEdai varum kiLiyO
kiLi thEduvadhu...kaniyO kani pOl mozhiyO
mozhi mayakkam pirakkum vizhiyO
vizhi kaNaiyO....tharum sugam sugam..
maNamEdai varum kiLiyO....

thaalaattu kEtkindra mazhalai idhu...
thaNdodu thaamarai aadudhu...
sambangi pookkaLin vaasam idhu
sangeedha ponmazhai thoovudhu
raagangaLil mOhanam mEhangaLil naadagam
unn kangaL yezhudhiya kaaviyam
yen idhaya mEdai thanil arangEtram (maNa mEdai)

sendhoora kOvilin mELam idhu
srungaara sangeedham paadudhu
sillendra thendralin kaalam idhu
thEnoorum sendhamizh pEsudhu...
dheebam tharum kaarthikai
dhEvan varum maargazhi
yen dheivam anuppiya thoodhuvan
naan dhinamum paarthirukkum thirukkOlam.. (thiruththEril)

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Dekha Hai Pehli Baar - Saajan (Hindi)

Dear SPB Fans,

Today I am posting a superhit song in Hindi "Dekha Hai Pehli Baar" from "saajan" (1991).

The story is about a poet and a happy-go-lucky youth (Sanjay Dutt) who fall in love with the same girl(Madhuri Dixit). When the poet learns of his friend's (Salman Khan) feelings for the girl, he hides his own love for her.Madhuri dixit got the best actress filmfare award for this movie.

Sameer's lyrics, music by Nadeem - Shravan and Alka Yagnik & SP Balasubramaniam's voice makes this song a class..The song is a combination of excellent singing & a heartfelt score.

SPB's honey-laden voice adds even more harmony to such a melodious number.

Film : Saajan
Release Year : 1992
Film Actors : salman khan, madhuri dixit, sanjay dutt
Lyrics : Sameer
Singer : S.P. Balasubrahmaniyam, alka yagnik
Music Director : nadeem shravan

dekha hai pehli baar saajan ki aankhon mein pyar
ab ja ke aaya mere bechain dil ko karaar
dilbar tujhe milne ko kab se tha main bekaraar
ab ja ke aaya mere bechain dil ko karaar
dekha hai pehli baar

palkein jhukaun tujhe dil mein basaau
ab bin tere main to kahi chain na paau
tu mera jigar hai tu meri nazar hai
tu meri aarazu tu mera hamsafar hai
dekha hai pehli baar

meri adaayen, ye meri jawani
bas tere liye hai ye meri zindagani
tu meri gazal hai tu mera taraana
aa teri dhadkanon pe likh du dil ka afsana
dekha hai pehli baar saajan ki aankhon mein pyar

dekha hai pehli baar jaanam ki aankhon mein pyar
ab ja ke aaya mere bechain dil ko karaar
dilbar tujhe milne ko kab se thi main bekarar
ab ja ke aaya mere bechain dil ko karar
dekha hai pehli baar

jabilamma neeku anta kOpama & kaadhal enna ....

Dear SPB Fans,

Presenting to you all, one of the Telugu songs of our Guruji, which I had thoroughly enjoyed during the time of its release and still do whenever I listen to it on TV. It is one of my favourite telugu number and it had a soul stirring effect on me.

Song : jabilamma neeku anta kOpama
Film Title:Pelli (1997)
Singer :S. P. Balasubramanyam
Music:S. A. Raj Kumar
Lyrics:Seetharama Sasthry
Actor(s)/Actress(es):Naveen Vadde, Maheswari, Sujatha

This song is featured on Naveen singing it when Maheswari is angry. It is a night song very beautifully picturised. This song once again like many of our Guruji’s songs has the “moon” being referred in the lyrics. The special relationship between our SPB & the moon is everlasting as evidenced by the continuous stream of moon-based songs created for/by our Great. This song has an excellent flute-based beginning and the flute plays havoc at many portions of the song. Our SPB’s voice is really very very honey sweet in this song. He has provided a delicate & soft touch to the rendering. His voice tone is such that it brings out the effect of the night clearly. What lovely humming at many places in the song. The recording quality of the song is also good. I was indeed surprised to note that the Music Director is S.A.Rajkumar. I had been all along thinking that he had scored music only for Tamil Films. A lovely composition indeed.

This movie was a very good one with a different theme wherein the mother-in-law (Sujatha) herself is willing to have her daughter-in-law (Maheswari) remarried (to Naveen) because her son had turned notorious and had abandoned them midway through their life. She finally goes to the extreme extent of killing her own son who tries to stop the remarriage.


jabilamma neeku anta kOpama
jajipoola meeda jaali choopumaa
jabilamma neeku anta kOpama
jajipoola meeda jaali choopumaa
nivEnDi vEnnElE enDallE manDitE allaripOda rEyE aapuma

jaabilamma neeku antha kopama

chiguru pEdavi paina chiru navvai chErallanukunna
chElia manasulOna siri muvvai aaDallanukunna
unna maaTa chEpalEni gunDElo vinapaalu vinapaDa lEda
haaraticchi swagatinchu kallalO prEma kranti kanapaDa lEda
mari anta doorama kallalu kanna teerama

jaabilamma neeku antha kopama

manasu chooDa vamma
kOluvundO EdO nee bOmma
manavi aalakinchi manistE chaalE chilakamma
pranam unna palaraaTi shilpama prEma neeDa chErukOni pantama
tODu kOri dagaraitE dOshama
teeya naina snEham anTE dvEshama
Okasaari navvu ma nammu kunna nEstama

jaabilamma neeku antha kopama

Now listen to the melodious number

This movie was later remade in Tamil as "AvaL VaruvALA" (1998) with Ajit & Simran as the lead pair and Sujatha performing the same role. Our SPB has rendered the equivalent song in Tamil also with the music director also being S.A.Rajkumar. However it does not seem to have the beautiful effect as the Telugu number eventhough the performing artistes (SPB & Rajkumar) are the same . I have included the Tamil version also here.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

athi kaalayil from Kalyana Kaalam

Dear SPB Fans,

Listen to this melodious number from our great

Song : athikAlaiyil
film : kalyANa kAlam (1982)
singers : SPB
lyric : Vairamuthu
music : SG
Direction: Robert-Rajashekar
Actors : Thyagarajan, Suhasini

This was one of my favourite songs in those days. This song talks about the early morning atmosphere (with the lyricist Vairamuthu describing the nature's scintillating morning effects in his own words) while taking bath & breakfast and the significance of love & affection in our life. I used to tease my mother with the verse "ammA koduppAL kApi kalanthu enrum athudhAn inippu marundhu" (english meaning goes like this - mother prepares & gives coffee which is a sweet medicine). Hope you all will enjoy this song too. Many of you might not have heard this song at all. Get treated to this beautiful fast paced melody. I am thankful to our Covai Ravee who provided the MP3 file of this song based on my request.

athikAlaiyil pani kAtRugaL veesida kandaen
kuLirae... theendathiru...
athikAlaiyil pani kAtRugaL veesida kandaen
kuLirae... theendathiru...

pookkaL vizhithu kaNgal thudaithu
kAlai vaNakkam sollum
thoongi kidantha sooriyan ezhunthu
sOmbal murithu koLLum
kuLikkumpOthu therikkum thuLiyil
kOdi vairangaL minnum
kuLikkumpOthu therikkum thuLiyil
kOdi vairangaL minnum

athikAlaiyil pani kAtRugaL veesida kandaen
kuLirae... theendathiru...

ammA koduppAL kApi kalanthu
enrum athudhAn inippu marundhu
ammA koduppAL kApi kalanthu
enrum athudhAn inippu marundhu
dOsai Arum rusiyum mArum
mudhalil kaipatRa mundhu
dOsai Arum rusiyum mArum
mudhalil kaipatRa mundhu

athikAlaiyil pani kAtRugaL veesida kandaen
kuLirae... theendathiru...

pArthu puLithu kasanthapOthum
pazhagi pOna bandham
uyiril nirainthu manathil vazhinthu
sugangaL vaLarkum sontham
kooti perukki kazhithu pArthAl
vAzhvil anbae minjum
kooti perukki kazhithu pArthAl
vAzhvil anbae minjum

athikAlaiyil pani kAtRugaL veesida kandaen
kuLirae... theendathiru...
kuLirae... theendathiru...

Monday, April 23, 2007

My love meri priyatama (Hindi) & Priyatama (telugu)

Hi SPB Fans,

Today posting “My love meri priyatama” is from the very sweet romantic film “Love” released in the year 1991 starring Salman Khan and Revathi in the lead.

Music composed by Anand Milind - adopted from Ilayraja's original song "Poove Sempoove"
The original version is the Telugu movie "Prema" starring Revathi & Venkatesh Composed by Ilayaraja. I have uploaded the another song "Saathiya yeh tune kya kiya" earlier on this blog. This movie is Revathi's debut movie in Hindi. It is a story of a juvenile murderer a killer of his dad or step-dad who ill-treated his mother.

My attempt to say anything about the emotions overflowing in SPB’s voice and his emotional rendition would be insufficient to do justice to its actual effect. It is also one of his songs which is capable of taking us yonder …to the world of pure love.

1. My love meri priyatama (video) - spb
2. My love meri priyatama - spb
3. poovae semboovae un vaasam varum - yesudas
4. priyatamaa naa hrudayamaa (telugu) - spb

Film Title: Love
Cast: Salman khan & Revathi
Singer: S. P. Balasubrahmaniyam & chitra
Music: Anand Milind

My love meri priyatama,
maggie meri priyatama,
kal tak tha main...galiyon ki dhool...tune kiya asamaan,
ehsaan ka tere yeh hai kamaal,
ke ho gaya aaj main bemisal,
patthar tha main tere pyar ne ......patthar mein dali hai jaan....

Daaman mera....aanchal tera,
aise bandhe taqdeer se,
khulte nahi saatho janam.... ab yeh kisi tadbeer se,
ab kaun humko karega juda...ke pyar hai aap apna khuda,
chahat to bas..jeena jeane..marna kya hai..yeh kya jane,
tu gham na kar meri jaan............
ehsaan ka tere yeh hai kamaal,
ke ho gaya aaj main bemisal,
patthar tha main tere pyar ne ......patthar mein dali hai jaan....

mere liye mukh pe kabhi,
ulze se baal bikhare nahi,
warna isi andhiyare mein... kho jaunga phir main kahi,
aason ki ek boondh teri kasam..mujhko na hogi samundar se kam,
uski lehron mein phir jaanam..doobega yeh sara alam,
main bhi bachunga kaha..............
ehsaan ka tere yeh hai kamaal,
ke ho gaya aaj main bemisal,
patthar tha main tere pyar ne ......patthar mein dali hai jaan....
My love meri priyatama, maggie meri priyatama,
patthar tha main tere pyar ne ......patthar mein dali hai jaan....

Movie Name: Solla Thudikuthu Manasu (1988)
Singer: Yesudas KJ
Music Director: Ilayaraja
Year: 1988
Actors: Karthik

poovae semboovae un vaasam varum
vaasal en vaasal un poongaavanam
vaay paesidum pullaanguzhal
needhaanoru poovin madal


nizhal poala naanum nadai poada neeyum
thodarginra sondham nedungaala bandham
kadal vaanam kooda niram maarak koodum
manam konda paasam thadam maaridaadhu
naan vaazhum vaazhvae unakkaagaththaanae
naal dhoarum nenjil naan aendhum thaenae
ennaalum sangeedham sandhoashamae
vaay paesidum pullaanguzhal
needhaanoru poovin madal


unaippoala naanum oru pillai dhaanae
palar vandhu konjum kilip pillai naanae
unaippoala naalum malar soodum penmai
vidhi ennum noolil vilaiyaadum bommai
naan seydha paavam ennoadu poagum
nee vaazhndhu nandhaan paarththaalae poadhum
ennaalum ennaalum ullaasamae
vaay paesidum pullaanguzhal
needhanoru poovin madal


Film Title: Prema
Actor(s)/Actress(es): Venkatesh, Revathi
Singer(s): S. P. Balasubramanyam
Lyrics: Aathreya
Music: Ilayaraja

priyatamaa naa hrudayamaa
priyatamaa naa hrudayamaa
prEmakE prati roopamaa
prEmakE prati roopamaa
naa gunDelO ninDinaa gaanamaa
nanu manishigaa chEsina tyaagamaa


silalaanTi naaku jeevaanni pOsi
kalalaanTi bratuku kalatOTi nimpi
valapanna teepi toli saari choopi
edalOni segalu aDuganTa maapi
nulivecchanaina Odaarpu neevai
Sruti laya laagaa jata chErinaavu
nuvulEni nannu oohinchalEnu naa vEdanantaa nivEdinchalEnu
amaram akhilam mana prEmaa


laa la la laa la la la laa la la
nee pedavi painaa velugaaraneeku
nee kanulalOnaa taDi chEraneeku
nee kanneeTi chukkE munneeru naaku
adi velluvallE nanu munchaneeku
ye kaaru mabbu eTu kammukunnaa
mahaa saagaraalE ninu mringutunnaa
ee janma lOnaa yeDabaaTulEdu
padi janmalainaa muDEveeDipOdu
amaram akhilam mana prEmaa


Sunday, April 22, 2007

paadaadha themmaangu from poonthOtta kaavalkaaran

Dear SPB Fans,

In one of the recent posts in the blog, you would have listened to our Great, performing a song in a jolly drunken mood (jodi jodi jodhidhaan from Guru). Now, we will listen to one of his pathos song in which he has really cried it out. Such emotions used to be very well delivered by the Legendary lady singers P.Susheela & S.Janaki and our Thalaivar has proved through this song that he is not one to be left behind on this aspect. This song is one such case where he showcases this attribute to a great extent. Give him any emotion and it is all there stored safely in his vault for him to just open it and let it out, for all of us to savour. Superb composition by the Maestro employing the flute beautifully with able support of lyrics by Vairamuthu.

Movie Title : poonthOtta kaavalkaaran (1988)
Song Title : paadaadha themmaangu
Music Director : Ilaiyaraaja
Singer : SPB
Lyricist : Vairamuthu
Director : Senthilnathan
Actors : Vijayakanth, Radhika

paadaadha themmaangu naan paada vandhaenae
paattOda saeraadha en sOgam sonnaenae
paara vizhundha vedha thannaala maramaachchi
saeru irundha nelam ponnaana vayalaachchi
yaaraala dhaan nadakkudhu idhu annaachchi
seeraaga thaan puriyudhaa adhu annaachchi
paadaadha themmaangu

munnaadi vaazhkkai kallu patta kaNNaadi pOla
en poNdaatti vaazhkkai muLLu maela pattaada pOla
munnaadi vaazhkkai kallu patta kaNNaadi pOla
en poNdaatti vaazhkkai muLLu maela pattaada pOla
panneerum illaama kaNNeerum illaama thaLLaadi ninnaenae naandhaanae
panneerum illaama kaNNeerum illaama thaLLaadi ninnaenae naandhaanae
thoLil pOttava en thaayi en sOgam theerththida vaa thaayi
ae sondhamum illa bandhamum illa vandhadha vittu ninnaenae
nimmadhi ennaikku engitta vandhidumO

paadaadha themmaangu naan paada vandhaenae
paattOda saeraadha en sOgam sonnaenae

punnaagi pOna nenjiloru poomaala pOttae
en ponnaana magaLae vaazha oru ponnaaram kaettae
punnaagi pOna nenjiloru poomaala pOttae
en ponnaana magaLae vaazha oru ponnaaram kaettae
kaiyeduththu thandhaenae kaavalukku ninnaenae kaNNeeru yaenammaa poomaanae
kaiyeduththu thandhaenae kaavalukku ninnaenae kaNNeeru yaenammaa poomaanae
saami kodukkala kozhandha varam
onnaalae paera puLLa nooru varum
ada vandhadhu ellaam vandhadhu illa
pOvadhu ellaam pOvadhu illa
innaikku nee thandha nimmadhi pOdhumammaa

paadaadha themmaangu naan paada vandhaenae
paattOda saeraadha en sOgam sonnaenae
paara vizhundha vedha thannaala maramaachi
saeru irundha nelam ponnaana vayalaachchi
yaaraala thaan nadakkudhu idhu annaachchi
seeraaga thaan puriyudhaa adhu annaachchi
paadaadha themmaangu

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Kannada Songs from the movie Muthina Hara

This is an article from Viji

Today's movie of the day is the evergreen "Muthina Hara" . Muthina Hara has all the ingredients of a great movie starting with the hugely successful and popular team of Vishnuji, Suhashini and Dr. Rajendra Singh Babu.

Muthina Hara was released in 1990 and this movie was directed by Dr. Rajendra Singh Babu. Music and lyrics for this movie was by Hamsalekha. I think full credit should go to him for a wonderful album. The story revolves around Vishnu and Suhasini. Vishnuvardhan is hurt in a war and admitted to a hospital where Suhasini is serving as a nurse. They get to know each other and come to know that both of them are from Coorg and gradually fall in love. The story spans two generations and explains the travails and trepidations of a soldier and his family. It's wonderful depiction of a soldier's life, dreams and aspirations....Kudos to Vishnuji, Suhasini for giving us one of their best performances ever.

Music was also a major hit and Hamsalekha produced some memorable and wonderful music. There are totally five songs in this movie. I would first list out all the songs and then would explain the situation of these songs.

1. Madikeri Sipayi - The most famous and evergreen romantic song between Suhasini and Vishnuji rendered oh so romantically by none other than our Guruji and Chitra K S. Lyrics are very cute with a touch of coorgi in them.

2. Kodaginolu - This is a solo by our Great SPB picturized on Vishnuji...The situation of this song is that all the colleagues of Vishnu in his mess want to know about his newly married wife. So Vishnu starts of with this song and reminisces some wonderful moments of his with his Suhasini...A very comical song rendered beautifully by the one and only Guruji

3. Huliya halina mevu - This is a very family song sung by Dr. SPB and Chitra K S. The situation is the birth of a son to Vishnu and Suhasini and the whole family is celebrating this joyous occasion.Here again you will find the usage of coorgi lyrics in the song. A very memorable and hummable number

4. Saaru Saaru - This song is sung by Dr. SPB and Latha Hamsalekha. This is picturized in the deserts of Rajasthan and picturized on Vishnu and another girl (I dont remember her name)...This is basically a puzzle song, wherein she asks some questions and Vishnu identifies...

5. Devara hoseda - This song is sung by the maestro Dr. Balamurali Krishna and has some wonderful lyrics.

The songs can be heard at the following link



Thursday, April 19, 2007

ponni nadhi from mudhal vasantham

Dear SPB Fans,

Now, listen to a solo melody from our SPB

Song : ponni nadhi veLLam inru ….
Film :
mudhal vasantham (1986)
Music :
Singer :
Direction : Manivannan
Actors :
Pandian, RamyaKrishnan, Chandrasekhar, VinuChakravarthy, SathyaRaj, Malaysia Vasudevan

This song was featured on Pandian & RamyaKrishnan. This song had nature as its background for picturisation. Adding beauty to nature is our Guruji’s mellifluous voice which takes the lyrics to a melodious ride, starting off with a humming in the pallavi. The Maestro’s orchestration is captivating with rhythmic beats and pleasing interludes. This film was one of the earliest of RamyaKrishnan. This film also had a great song “aarum adhu aazhamilla” by the Maestro himself.

Lyrics :

ponni nadhi veLLam inru
ponni nadhi veLLam inru
pongum inbamE sondhamE
ponni nadhi veLLam inru
pongum inbamE sondhamE
poovin vaasamE poojai neramE
en kaadhalin sangamam inrudhaan

ponni nadhi veLLam inru pongum inbamE sondhamE

paniyil nanaindha poomeni parugaththudikkum naan theni
adhu thandha sugam inba sugamE
pudhu thanga mugam indha mugamE
dheivam serththa nam kaigaL sondham paadudhu
thendral kaatril nam paadal sorgam thEdudhu
idhu iLamai inimai pudhumai

ponni nadhi veLLam inru
pongum inbamE sondhamE

thendral isaikkinra sangeetham solli varuvadhu ullaasam
manamthannil sugam solla vanthadhu
malar thandha maNam kondu vanthadhu
pongum aasai vegangal mangai thanthadhu
angam koorum mogangal thangam pOnradhu
ini inimai kanavugal udhaiyam

ponni nadhi veLLam inru
pongum inbamE sondhamE
naaLum unnidum naadum ennidum
nee thanthadhu enrumE inbamE

ponni nadhi veLLam inru
pongum inbamE sondhamE

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ennodu Paattu Paadungal - Episode dated 07.04.2007

Dear SPB Fans,

I am glad to bring to you all one more episode (Episode No.13)-EPP-07.04.07 (courtesy : Covai Ravee for the audio file links).

(note : the audio quality during the initial part may not be good. However, i think it is bearable. Request you all to bear with it)

At the start of the episode, our SPB made a sad announcement that the chief judge of the previous two episodes Mr.Subramaniam Raju had attained heavenly abode. Let us all pray for his soul to rest in peace.

This episode started off with a fresh set of 6 contestants who will continue in the next episode also.

Details of this episode as follows :

Kural for the Episode :

kollaal pulaalai maruththaarai kaikkooppi ellam uyirum thozhum

The message it conveyed was "if one is a vegetarian, all the living organisms will bless him by saying that he had not killed them for the sake of food". Further, our SPB added his following comments "So, Valluvar says that living things should not be killed. Even Buddha, Mahavir & Arutperunjothi had told this. Even, medically there are many benefits being a vegetarian. There are certain diffculties in being a non-vegetarian. To create we have the right but not to destroy or kill. So, Valluvar has said that we will follow the path of not killing". Non-vegetarians may be angry with me. However, medically also the increase in cholestrol is contributed to eating meat. There is nothing special in non-vegetarian food that is not available in vegetarian foods. As far as taste is concerned both are same. So, let us leave alone the harmful practice. Let us all vote for vegetarianism so that the world is evergreen"

Introduction of the Chief Guest / Judge :
The chief judge for this episode was "Veenai" Gayathri. He introduced her by saying that it would not be practical to give a long introduction about her as it would run into several pages like literature on the ragas. He said that normally one has the father's name as the intials but she was known with the initial of "veenai" itself. Her father was the famous music director Aswathama. Veena vidwan Kamalamma was her mother. She had her parents themselves as her gurus. She has become very popular in her own way and is a legend much like the yesteryear veeNai dhanammaaL. One would have heard her veena play in the early 80s songs of ILayaRaja. She has the distinction of popularising the veena around the world. She was also the first to play ghazal songs on the veena. Even, she had played many of the old songs especially his (SPB) songs on the veena and presented to this generation. He sang out a phrase of the song "gayatri manthirathai uchharikkum bakthanama" and then invited her. All the above information was presented by our SPB.

First Round of the Contest :
SPB informed that there would a total of 36 episodes and that this was the 13th. The list of songs of this contest were,
1) unnai onru kaetpaen...... from Pudhiya Paravai (Susheela)
The contestant was Ranjani. Our SPB praised her for the rendition & also for presenting a good song and said that all the parameters were right. ManoBala, the permanent judge shared his experiences about the filming of the songs in this movie. He said that all the songs in this movie had a tinge of sadness in them. He said that he had asked MSV the reason for this and it seems that the Mellisai Mannar had told that since the movie had a sad ending he had given such an effect to all the songs of the movie. Our SPB pitched in with his experiences about the film. He said that this was one of the first thrillers in Tamil Cinema and it was great on the part of Sivaji Ganesan to have done a negative role (because the projected hero himself happens to be the culprit in the end) without bothering about his image. He also queried Veenai Gayatri about her age at that time of this movie. She replied that she was around 5 years of age. Then our SPB started off in a lighter vein and asked her if she had started playing the veena at that age and she said yes. He further asked her if she used a small veena like the one kept in showcases. She replied laughing that she used the normal one. Our SPB then said that he had seen one of her veena performances at her age of 9 and on stage he said that he was able to see only the veena prominently but on hearing the music from it he felt that Goddess Saraswathi herself was playing it. He opined that this gift of playing veena so well must have been a carryover from the previous birth and she replied that it was all God's blessings for which our SPB said "ellaamE unga kaiyilEdhaan irukkuma" (everything is in your hands) for which she laughed gently.

2) vaNNam konda veNNilave.... from Sigaram (SPB)
Bharani Krishnan rendered this song. Veenai Gayatri chipped in with her comments saying that it was good song and that the contestant had sung it well. However, she said that he had faltered slightly in the pallavi but the charanam was bright and that there were small problems in sruthi. On the whole, she said that it was a good performance and presentation. Our SPB also presented his comments saying that this composition was tricky one in the sense that one would tend to sing flat at the higher note or go overboard and land into sruthi problems. He also praised the singer for a good performance with a note to take care of sruthi. I think everyone will be aware that the music director for this song & film was our SPB himself.

3) ninaithu ninaithu ...... from 7G Rainbow Colony (Shreya Goshal)
Shashwathi rendered this song. Our SPB appreciated her by saying that her sruthi parameters were extraordinary. However he pointed out a few mistakes in the thalam saying that she had missed out at certain portions and also that she had delayed the start of the charanam. More focus was required on this, he said. Otherwise, he praised her sruthi parameter and her confidence as well. He felt as if Shreya Goshal herself was singing it, more so as the contestant was of the same age & build as Shreya. He also mentioned that this was the one song of Yuvan Shankar Raja (song of Maestro ILayaRaja) which was his (SPB's) favourite.

4) Thamizhukku amuthenru.... from panjavarna kiLi (Susheela)
Radhika rendered this. Our SPB mentioned that it was a wonderful composition for a Bharathidasan song. He applauded the contestant for a good performance. However, he unearthed some mistakes in the alapana portion saying that she had diverted a bit there but expressed that it was always difficult singing it live as compared to a recording where one had the liberty to go in for many takes to attain perfection. He also said that she had a sharp voice which is a boon. During this, i noticed one aspect of our Guruji. We have always heard many people saying that he is fast in picking up a song during recording. When he reproduced the alapana in this song for explaining the mistake to the contestant, one could see his talent of picking-up come to the fore. He rendered it perfectly as if he had heard rehearsed it many times.

5) kaNNa karumai nira.... from naanum oru peNN (Susheela)

Pallavi sang this wonderful song. Our SPB started off his feedback on a lighter vein saying that the contestant was not dark (the song is picturised on a dark woman singing out to kanna for creating her like that) and anyhow nowadays lot of facial creams were available to overcome this defect whereas in earlier times it was a problem. He pointed out to the contestant that she was singing in a false voice and that the orchestra had helped her by downplaying their part to make her voice louder. He also said that this was a problem with many of the new and upcoming singers who cultivate the habit of singing in false voice in order to reach higher pitch. He said that this would be a deterrent for them when they sing at lower pitch and they could end up blowing out only air. He mentioned that this tune was used as such for both telugu & hindi versions as it was a great tune.He finally advised the contestant quite strongly to do away with her false voice and use God given natural voice and make the song bright like the light.

6) maalai pozhudhin........ from Bhagyalakshmi (Susheela)
Vijayalakshmi sang this song really well in a bold voice for her age. She was just a Std IX student. Here again Veenai Gayatri expressed her comments first by saying that the contestant had sung well with a bright voice. She called for better expression, however, she said that the contestant was quite young and better expression would make the performance total. Our SPB also called for more involvement. He once again talked on breath management as the contestant had broken up words for want of breath. However, he felt that she was very young and had enough time at hand to learn the naunces. Overall, he appreciated her for her wonderful rendition, bright voice & presentation. In fact she was the youngest among the contestants.

The contestants part being completed, our SPB turned his attention to the chief judge Veena Gayatri with a few questions to her. He asked her if the modern digital technology available for music was a boon. She replied saying that it would be a boon if it retained the identity of the performing artiste. She pointed out the example of our SPB himself saying that he sings from the naabi and has thus established an identity for himself which the digital technology would not spoil and that anyone could identify his voice without any problem. She further said that nowadays it was getting extremely difficult to identify a singer even if there is a mention of their name because they sing different songs in different voices thereby not creating any identity for themselves. She mentioned that this also applied to the veena where digital technology should aid enhancement and not spoil the identity of the playing artiste. She told that the sound from the veena represented the inner soul of the human. Our SPB shared his knowledge about the veena saying that the sound emanating from it could be equated with that of various zones of a human body which he said had been proved scientifically also. Gayatri also added saying that she had done her research work on this very topic.

With this, the episode came to an end and would continue next week also with the same set of contestants and then the winner would be declared

Message from our SPB :
The message for this episode was about AIDS. He started saying that all were aware enough about this and hence he did not dwell on it. He only had an information to pregnant woman saying that even if they had AIDS, it was not a must that the child will also get AIDS. There were free medicines available in hospitals which the AIDS effected pregnant woman can avail to prevent the child being born with AIDS. So, he requested one and all to educate woman about this aspect in order to eliminate their worry.

SPB song :
He started off saying that he would be singing a song that would not have been heard till date. He mentioned that many were of the impression that "aayiram nilave vaa" from "adimaippeN" was his first song. He informed that "iyarkai ennum" from "shanthi nilayam" was his first song in Tamil and that aayiram nilave vaa must have been his fourth or fifth song. He said that for adimeippeN he had recorded one more song in addition to aayiram nilave vaa but this was not featured in the film as many had felt that it was a slow & ghazal like number and hence it was sidelined to the archives. But this song, he told, had wonderful lyrics by Pulamaippithan. He said he was lucky to have sung that wonderful song as well and then proceeded to sing the song "veeraththile kaviyezhudhi...".

My experience with this song is dated back many years. In one of the "paattukku paattu" program of SUN TV, telecast every Sunday at 8:30am, he was the chief guest (during those times when Adbul Hameed was compering the program) and he sang this song at that time.

Now, let me say bye to you now and comeback with yet another episode next week.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

jOdi jOdi jOdi dhaan from Guru

Dear SPB Fans,

Presenting to you an intoxicated song by our SPB with Chitra.
Our Covai Ravee had already posted this song in the Tamil Blog a few weeks back. I am repeating it here for the benefit of other members.

Song Title : jOdi jOdi jOdi dhaan
Movie Title : Guru (2006)
Music Director : A.R.Rehman
Singer/s : S.P.Balasubramaniam,Chithra
Lyricist : Vairamuthu

Director : Mani Ratnam
Actors : Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Mithun Chakraborty, Madhavan, Vidya Balan

Our SPB must have got himself drunk before singing the song. It appears so. So perfect, is the drunken style rendition !!!. He has done it in many songs earlier (ennadaa pollaadha vaazka, oru jeevandhaan, raman aandaalum, singaari sarakku, vandhanam en vandhanam, sorgam madhuvile, aandavana paarkanum, vaanam keezhae vandhaalenna etc...) but in this song he has given the ultimate effect. The situation in the film is that Guru - the character is blessed with twins and he gets drunk to the brink to celebrate it. I happened to listen to the Hindi version of the same song by some Hindi singer (i think). It is no where near our SPB one. Not even an iota. Not much of emotions in that song. You will not be able to relate it to a drunken man. This differentiation clearly brings out the greatness of our Legend once again to the fore. He is the ultimate, as we all know. Even now, he sings a song as if it is his debut. He has even expressed this in many of his interviews and also on stage saying that it is the fear to perform well each time which drives him to give his best. At the age of 60 !!!. An institution to learn from.

ARR has shown his versatility in tuning a jumpy number to suit the mood and Vairamuthu has once again shown that he is an allrounder, always game for any situation.

Lyrics :

Rendu manga doi rendu manga doi
ada oththa kallu la
ada oththa kallu retta manga
ada oththa kallu la
oththa kallu la rendu manga

yela yela yela yela
yela yela yela yela

jodi jodi jodi dhaan
edhuvum rendu dhaan
aaNum poNNum vaanu mannu
eduhvum jodi dhaan
pOdu guru pOdu guru
paavam ennayaa
oNNu oNNu oNNellam rettaiyaachu na
thaali kattum pettaiyO rettaiyaachu na

paarththu guru paarththu guru
badhil sollaiyaa

paadhathil periya sangili rendu saeraadhO
kairenda velangu rendu kattividaadhO
oththa nenju thaangumo
yemmo yemmo yemmo le
yemmo yemmo yemmo le
yemmo yemmo yemmo yemmo le

yemmo yemmo yemmo le
yemmo yemmo yemmo le
oththaiyama rettai pillaiyaamaa

jodi jodi jodi dhaan
edhuvum rendu dhaan
jodi jodi jodi dhaan
edhuvum rendu dhaan
podu guru podu guru
paavam ennayaa

ohhh paappayaa vaNakkam
nazar bhai salaam
hey seethamma ram ram un paera marandhutaynae
nila mattum uchchiyil rendu mulaichittaa
pagalukkonnu raavukkonnu odhikivechchikita
current cut na oththa nilava aethukuvaen
ooru paarthu ketkumae aevan senchadhu doi
bOdhai aera maedhai aagi budhi vandhurichu guru

jodi jodi jodi dhaan
edhuvum rendu dhaan
thaali kattum pettai
ellam rettaiyaachu na
paarththu guru badhil sollayaa

yela yela yela yela
yela yela yela yela
yela yelo yela yelo

kannu rendu poothu kedukka
kathurikka mulaicha kathurikka

hey pulla petha odambae
poothu nikkum arumbae
veyil pattu vaadividaadhae
mothathil rettai naan peththu irukaen
kaattu odamba vechchu iruken
innum rendu peththuka poraen

hey chinna kiruku muththirichae
kannu kaitha aththirichae
thanni thottiyil sikkikichae - polambinkirichae
hey chinna kiruku muththirichae
kannu kaitha aththirichae
thanni thottiyil sikkikichae - polambinkirichae
un butti vaasam niruthiko
budhi konjam thiruthikko
pillai peththa appana
kuththukalla pola nillu adadada
ivanga sollaradha kaeLu

moonu pakkam kadalu thanni mutti nikkudhu
bhoomi kooda thannipOttu thalaiya suththudhu
ponnumaiyalae ponnumaiyale ponnuu maiyaleee
oththa nenju thaangumo thaangumo
yemmo yemmo yemmo yemmo
yemmo yemmo yemmo le
yemmo yemmo yemmo le
yemmo yemmo yemmo yemmo le
yemmo yemmo yemmo le
yemmo yemmo yemmo le
yemmo yemmo yemmo yemmo le
yemmo yemmo yemmo le
yemmo yemmo yemmo le
hey oththaiyama rettai pillaiyaama ohooi

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Monday, April 16, 2007

prem prem o meri dilruba - Junoon (Hindi)

Hi SPB Fans,

Todays song is "prem prem o meri dilruba" from flop hindi movie "Junoon" 1992 starring rahul roy (flop star), pooja bhatt, avinash wadhwan (unknown)

This movie is Mahesh Bhatt’s disastrous horror (more horrifying) film starring his daughter Pooja with his protege Rahul Roy and the wooden Avinash Wadhawan. This early nineties flick comprised of some ‘Gulshan Kumar-type’ music by Nadeem Shravan, with Anuradha Paudwal hogging all the limelight. Still, I would say the music was good - and O meri dilruba tu dil ke kareeb hai is a song that I love immensely. SPB have beutifully rendered this hit song from flop movie along with anuradha but its vvideo is very scary.

Song - prem prem o meri dilruba
Film - Junoon
music - nadeem shravan
lyric - sameer
director - mahesh bhatt
cast - rahul roy, pooja bhatt, avinash wadhwan

prem prem prem prem

o meri dilruba.. tu dil ke kareeb hai
tera pyar mera naseeb hai
o meri dilruba..

na jaane dil kispe aaye
sochke prem kiya nahi jaaye
raaz yeh koi samjh na paaye
kaun kaha kab dil ko churaye
pyar tera mere dil mein chhupa hai
tu meri kya hai tujhe kya pata hai
mera dil meri jaan meri chain meri aarzoo
mujhko to sanam kabse thi teri justaju
ye dard-e-jigar o jaaneja ajeeb hai
tera pyar mera naseeb hai

ghar mein rahoon ya baahar jaoon
tujh ko kahi bhi bhool na paaoon
haal mein apna kaise batoon
cheer ke dil tujhe kaise dikhaoo
ab tere bin mujhko nahi jeena
teri bina zindagi, zindagi na
main jeeoon ya maroo
meri jaan tu bata kya karu...
chahat mein teri yunhi kabtak aahen bharu
tu mera humdum, tu mera habib hai
tera pyar mera naseeb hai

o meri dilruba.. tu dil ke kareeb hai
tera pyar mera naseeb hai

prem prem prem prem

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Jeeva Veenae - Hombisulu (kannada)

Hi SPB Fans,
Today I am posting a kannada song "Jeeva veenae "from the movie "Hombisilu"(1978).
This film was released in the late 70's starringVishnuvardhan & Aarathi.
The melodious tune Nagendra & Rajan and beautiful renditon by SPB and S. Janaki makes this song a class.

The beauty of this song is Melody, interlude and SPB Voice. listen to this my favourite duet by SPB and Janaki and Enjoy.

Music Dir : Rajan-Nagendra,
Lyrics : Chi. Udayashankar,
Playback : S.P.Balasubramanyam & S.Janaki
Album : Hombisilu

Jeeva Veenae Needu Nidithadha Sangeetha
Bhavageethae Baalinolumaeya Sankaetha
Indhu Milanadha Santhosha , Sukha Santhosha
Shuba Sandhesha Sandhesha , Sandhesha..voo

Jeeva Veenae Needu Nidithadha Sangeetha
Bhavageethae Baalinolumaeya Sankaetha

Nidhiyuva Managalu Eradu , Nidithadha Raagavu Ondhae
Minchuva kan Nanchina Sanchu Indhu Ondhae
Prathisuva Hridhayavu Eradu , Papadha vaeravu Ondhae
Saeruva Shuba Samayadhae , Viraha Iradhu Mundhae

Bhavageethae Baalinolumaeya Sankaetha
Jeeva Veenae Needu Nidithadha Sangeetha

Olavina Bayakaeyu Andhu , Milanamahothsava Vindhu
Naavu Anu Dhina Mudhadha Prema Kavana
Kanasina Raathriyu Karadhu , Vandhirae Nenasinha Hagalu
Kaanuva Hombhisilina ,Sukhadha Soorya Kiranaa

Bhavageethae Baalinolumaeya Sankaetha
Jeeva Veenae Needu Nidithadha Sangeetha
Indhu Milanadha Santhosha , Sukha Santhosha
Shuba Sandhesha Sandhesha , Sandhesha..voo

Jeeva Veenae Needu Nidithadha Sangeetha
Bhavageethae Baalinolumaeya Sankaetha

kAdhal viLaiyAda from kaNmaNi rAjA

Dear SPB Fans,

This is one of the SPB-PS duets i like very much. I came across a discussion article on this song in the dhool.com TFM pages, an extract of which i have reproduced later in this post. This song also reminds me of an SPB music concert in Chennai titled "5 in 1" which took place an year back in which our SPB was the central figure and five lady singers sang with them namely P.Susheela, SP Sailaja & three other budding singers. There was even a picture on the banners and on the advertisements which had SPB's image at the centre surrounded by the images of the five lady singers in a circular fasion. It was an imaginative one. It clearly brought out the message that our SPB is the central point.

During this concert SPB & PS sang quite a few songs and all of them were great to listen with PS voice still retaining the timbre. There were lot of interactions between them during the program. When SPB told the gathering that it was really great to hear PS sing so well even at this age, PS replied that she was still young enough and there is no age as far as singing is concerned. Quite true !!!! representing the state of our Guruji's voice too. As usual, our Thalaivar also came out with a remark regarding the picturisation presented on the banners. He opined that PS image should have been at the centre and his' should have been on the circumference along with the other lady singers. Magnanimous.

In this concert the SPB-PS duo sang the song of this discussion. It was after many many years that i had the opportunity to listen to this great duet from them. They brought out all the nuances of the song as it was in the original and seeing them render it together gave me a pleasant feeling

Below is an article from the dhool.com TFM pages reproduced here. This talks about the song in detail

From: bb (@ on: Wed Oct 6 01:02:01 EDT 2004
Song of the Day: kaadhal viLaiyaada from kaNmaNi raja.

- Saravanan writes:

bb, rajaG and Srikanth, kudos to your efforts in bringing SPB to tfmpage!

This one is for you: ‘kaadhal viLaiyaada’ from kaNmaNi raja.

Sung by SPB & P.Suseela. Lyrics by Kannadasan. Music by MSV.

kaNmaNi raja (1974/ Muthuvel Movies) starred Sivakumar, Lakshmi, M.N.Rajam, Thengai Srinivasan & others. It was scripted by Balamurugan and directed by Devaraj-Mohan.

The story traversed the usual domestic feud- the clash of wills between the haughty dowager Jayalakshmi (M.N.Rajam) and the poor, yet proud Janaki (Lakshmi) whom Jayalakshmi’s son (Sivakumar) woos and weds. Things take an almost irreversible path of simmering antagonism between the two women. However the birth of the grandson, and their love for him sets the way for the rift to mend. Shedding aside her exaggerated sense of amour propre, Jayalakshmi finally accepts Janaki wholeheartedly. Curtains!

The film was one among many such clichéd ventures, and probably doesn’t deserve to be remembered at all, had it not been for two songs. Sift patiently through the chaff: the platitudinous LRE number ‘yEi machchaan meesai vechE’, and the precocious proclamation by Pushpalatha ‘ naan aaNaiyitaal’; and you’re left stunned with the remains: two dazzling duets by SPB and PS: ‘Odam kadalOdum’ and ‘kaadhal viLaiyaada’.

It is surely SPB’s fault that he overwhelmed the 70s with a plethora of bewitching songs; for had he sung only a handful, we would have found it easier to remember, celebrate and cherish each work of his. As it happens, every year of that magnificent decade boasts nonchalantly of numerous remarkable compositions of MSV, V.Kumar, Vijayabhaskar, S-G and later IR, all brought to immortal life by the exuberant songster. Dazed by the sheer numbers, we very often tend to inadvertently pass over some truant treasures. And this surely is one such oft-overlooked gem that needs to be pulled out from oblivion and resurrected to its rightful glory.

The period of courtship is past (represented by ‘Odam kadalOdum), the marriage has been solemnized; they are now overcome by the whirl of the rapture that that initial days of marital life evokes. Looking forward to a life filled with joys, and with hearts brimming with hopes of such joys lasting forever, they sing this song. The situation is this; and the setting is sylvan Kodaikanal. And what a wondrous winner our mellisai mannar comes up with!

The magic begins with the arresting pallavi; MSV does away with a prelude here. SPB just needs a few deft notes, and we revel vicariously in those vivacious vistas of conjugal bliss that he instantly summons up. PS, that unassuming, yet ideal voice of femininity, soars gracefully in tandem with SPB’s ecstatic flight. The song is filled with unforgettable moments; my heart goes aflutter in delight each time I listen to PS rounding off that humming repartee in the first interlude- has unshackled, surging happiness ever found such disarming delineation? SPB has done it before, and he has done it since, yet his hushed amusement in ‘pollaadha vetkam varum’ is a perennial joy. The buoyant arrangements of the charaNams showcase the intuitive MSV in his elements.

Song : kAdhal viLaiyAda
Film : kaNmaNi rAjA (1974)
Singers : SPB, P Suseela
Music : M S V
Lyric : Kannadasan

kAdhal viLaiyAda kattil idu kaNNae
thooya maganAda thottil idu kaNNae
eNNangaLin inba nadanam
kannangal meethu anbu nilai ezhuthum
kAdhal viLaiyAda kattil idu kaNNA
thooya maganAda thottil idu kaNNA

senthoora singAram kondAdum peNNukku
en uLLam sorgam tharum
sevvAyin meedhoorum thEnAtRil nAn Ada
pollAdha vetkam varum
kaNNodu kaNN nOkki paNbana PeNN koNda
kALaikkum mOham varum
anbAna mAppillai onRagum nEerathil
AsaikkuL acham varum
maNNil varai ...thanga malargaL
peNN koNda kAdhal....perumai ena ezhudhum... (kAdhal)

sevvAzhai kOlangal seerAttum megangal
ponoonjal pOdattumae
chillenra poongAtru pallANdu nAm vAzha
thenpAngu pAdattumae
neerAttu theerAmal therOttum pushpangaL
pAratti pEsattumae
nEraga kiLLaigal Arathi thattOdu
thAlattu pAdattumae
enrum idhu... ninru nilavum
en vAzhkai vAnam... inimaiyudan thigazhum (kAdhal)

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Kannada Songs from the film Hrudaya Geethe

Dear All,

I am back after a long hiatus. Some of you might remember that I was writing
these articles a long time ago showcasing one kannada movie everyday with our
Great Baluji's songs....I thought i should restart this and take you to a whole
lot of wonderful movies in kannada....sorry that i was away for a long
time...will try to write regularly from now on....

Today movie of the day is Hrudaya Geethe.Hrudaya Geethe was directed by
Bhargava and this movie was released in 1989. Movie starred Vishnuvardhan,
Khusboo and Bhavya in the lead roles. Music was composed by the amazing
evergreen duo of Rajan-Nagendra...All the songs in this movie were a major hit
without a doubt...

Broad storyline of this movie goes like this...Vishnuvardhan and Khusboo are
neighbours and khusboo is training to be an athelete..They fall in love and one
day the landlord of Khusboo's house tries to molest her and in the heat of the
moment, Khusboo kills this guy..Vishnuvardhan witnesses this and takes the blame

on himself so that Khushboo can pursue her dream of becoming a number one
athelete...They hatch a plan and Vishnuvardhan acts like a person with mental
disabilities...The court orders Vishnuvardhan to be sent to a mental hospital
and this is where he meets his old friend Bhavya who is now a doctor
there....She immediately realizes that he is faking mental illness and to
protect him, takes charge of his treatment..

But unfortunately, Khushboo marries someone else and Vishnuvardhan witnesses
this and he really looses his mind and taken back to the mental asylum and this
is where Bhavya treats him and while treating him falls in love...what happens
next to Bhavya and Vishnuvardhan's love story forms the rest of the story....

This movie had a total of about six songs which I have listed out here....But
the most famous song is "Yuga yugagale" rendered so beautifully by the master..I
dont think anyone else can sing so sweetly.....I am also giving the lyrics of
this song. This song is in two versions..One is Vishnuvardhan singing for
Khushboo and the other is Bhavya singing for Vishnuvardhan and that version is
rendered by Chitra. I think she has done a brilliant job...Kudos to her....

1. ee kade burma bazaar - Sung by the maestro with lyrics by the legendary
Geethapriya - This song is picturized on vishnuvardhan and other prisoners in
the prison
2. Hrudayageethe haaduthire - Sung by the maestro with Chitra KS and lyrics by
Dodda Range Gowda
3. Preetiya Mattanu - Maestro and Vani Jayaram with lyrics by Shyam Sundar
Kulkarni - This is a duet picturized on Vishnu and Khusboo
4. Premaanuraaga - Wonderful painful melody by our Maestro with lyrics by
Rudramurthy Shastry - This song is picturized on Vishnu and the situation is the
wedding of Khusboo...
5. Yuga yugagale - Maestro - Lyrics by Vyasa Rao M N - This song is picturized
on Vishnu and Khushboo
6. Yuga Yugagale - Chitra K S - Lyrics by Vyasa Rao M N - This song is
picturized on Bhavya and Vishnuvardhan at the mental asylum

I am sure that all those who understand Kannada will appreciate the wonderful
lyrics of this song...For all those who dont, here's just a glimpse of what the
song means....Its a romantic song where the hero is announcing that their love
is eternal....in this declaration, he is quoting many calamities like the world
deserting them etc., and pledging that their love is eternal....Not sure if I
have been able to communicate everything...

Please feel free to write back to me on your suggestions/feedback or even if you
want to know more about any kannada movie and music....waiting for your


Movie Name: Hrudaya Geethe
Music Director: Nagendra, Rajan
Lyrics: Vyasa Rao M N

Lyrics of the famous Yuga yugagale saaagli is here...

YugayugagaLe saagali
namma prema shashvatha
giri gaganave beeLali
namma preethi shashvatha
nadhi sagara keraLali
namma prema shashvatha
jagavene heLali
namma preethi shashvatha
YugayugagaLe saagali
namma prema shashvatha

naDugali bhuvi biriyali
neene ee baaLa jeeva
uriyali kiddi sidiyali
yekhe ee thapa bhava
olavindhu thumbhibandhu
maithumbha minchidhe
odanaadi preethi needu
ee ninna premige
ee bheethi inneke
ee dhooraveke

YugayugagaLe saagali
namma prema shashvatha
giri gaganave beeLali
namma preethi shashvatha
nadhi sagara keraLali
namma prema shashvatha
jagavene heLali
namma preethi shashvatha

Bhayava bhiDu neenu ninagagi oDoDi bhandhe
sukhadha madhu neenu manasalli thangaLi thandhe
amara ee prema baralaradhendhendhu saavu
dhahisu ee mauna manadhali yekhintha novu
ee pranave hoogali ee lokhave nukhali
endhedhu sanghathi neene

YugayugagaLe saagali
namma prema shashvatha
giri gaganave beeLali
namma preethi shashvatha
nadhi sagara keraLali
namma prema shashvatha
jagavene heLali
namma preethi shashvatha

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Article by Viji

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

AnbuLLa Rajinikanth -- "ThEn poovE poovE Vaa..."

Dear “Fans of our Legend”,

I would like to present to you all one more melody from the “IR-SPB-SJ” combo.

Song : ThEn poovE poovE vaa ….
Film : AnbuLLa Rajinikanth (1984)
Music : ILayaRaja
Singers : SPB & SJ
Actors : Rajinikanth, Ambika, Rajkumar, Meena (as a child artiste)

This song is featured on Rajkumar-Ambika singing a love duet and is a flowing melody indeed, with great singing by our SPB & SJ. This song is full of delicate improvisations by both, with our SPB taking the lead. He delivers his characteristic laugh as well, at few places. The ending of each phrase sung by him has his unique stamp especially “naanum kamban dhaan konjum bOdhu” (in the first charanam) the way he renders “bOdhu” stretching it charmingly and delicately & also “unai ninaithEn” towards the end of the song. One information I found confusing about this song is that in many websites the male singer is mentioned as “Krishnachander” (???!!!) (maybe, he would have sung the track and it got credited to him) and in some sites as SPB, when it is quite clear and known that it is the one & only SPB with his clear stamp on it.

The Maestro has provided lively orchestration with guitar & flute taking the lead initially then followed by the violins. The interludes too have abundance of sounds from these instruments.

Now about the film which has the name of the Superstar in it. The primary characters in this film are Meena, as a child living in an orphanage and Ambika, working there who later comes to know that Meena is her own child born out of the relationship with her lover Rajkumar. The Superstar plays a cameo role and appears as a real life character, that of actor Rajini. Meena is featured as an adamant child who does not mingle with other children & elders in the orphanage and always maintains a distance from them. Actor Rajinikanth happens to visit the orphanage on one occasion and even then she shys away from him and does not care about him. However, later she sees one of his films on TV (I think it must be Annai Oar Aalayam where he is seen with an elephant) and this impresses her a lot and for the first time in her life opens out and writes to him as “Rajini Uncle” and expresses desire to meet him. This is a start off of a special relationship between the two and hence the title “AnbuLLa Rajinikanth”. This role of Rajini would have endeared him to the children as well, earlier having attracted the adults of TamilNadu. Meena had grown leaps and bounds since then finally ending up pairing with the Superstar himself in a couple of films later. A good & decent movie.

This film had two other songs – one by Yesudas and the other by Latha Rajinikanth (I think) which were great.

Now, listen to the song of the discussion.

Lyrics :

ThEn poovE poovE vaa...thendral thEda
poondhEnE thEnE vaa...raagam kooda
naan sollum gaanam...nee thandha dhaanam(2)
nooru raagam nenjOdu dhaan
unai ninaiththEn poovE poovE vaa...thendral thEda

pani vizhum pulveLiyiL dhinam dhinam pon pozhudhil
kani vizhum unn madiyil kalandhidum unn uravil
naanum kamban dhaan konjum bOdhu
Oh..konjum inbam pOl vEru yEdhu..
dhEva dhEvi..yennOdu dhaan

unai ninaiththEn poovE poovE vaa...thendral thEda
poondhEnE thEnE vaa...raagam kooda

idaiyinil unn viralgaL..yezhudhidum yen sugangaL
aNaikkaiyil unn udalil azhundhidum yen nagangaL
meendum meendum naan vEndum bOdhu...
kaadhal yogam dhaan kattil meedhu
kaaNa vEndum unnodu dhaan

unai ninaiththEn poovE poovE vaa...thendral thEda
poondhEnE thEnE vaa...raagam kooda
naan sollum gaanam...nee thandha dhaanam(2)
nooru raagam nenjOdu dhaan
unai ninaiththEn poovE poovE vaa...laalalaala
laa lala lala la laalalaala

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Monday, April 09, 2007

ee chaitra veeNa jhum jhummani from Preminchu PellaaDu

Dear SPB Fans,

A few days back I had posted a Tamil song “O Vennilaave Vaa Odivaa” from the film “Aanandha Gummi” with Music by ILayaRaja. One of our members had posted a comment indicating that there is also a Telugu version of this song. So, I am posting it here for the benefit of our Telugu members.

Song : ee chaitra veeNa jhum jhummani ….
Movie : preminchu pellaaDu (1985)
Music : ILayaRaja
Singers : SPB, SJ
Lyricist : Veturi
Director : Vamsi
Actors : Rajendra Prasad, Bhanupriya, Tulasi

The Tamil song had come out first and ILayaRaja had lifted his own tune later for the Telugu version. Only the basic tune seems to be the same. He has made some changes in the composition at some places and also in the humming part. The Tamil version had the chorus team singing the humming whereas in the Telugu version, SPB & SJ themselves have rendered it. The Tamil version has a chanting of some verses towards the end whereas the Telugu version does not have it. The Telugu version seems to project a happy mood throughout while the Tamil one had a melancholy touch in its second charanam. The orchestration in the interludes is also slightly different. Maybe the picturisation was different in telugu version. Anyhow, a good one to listen to.

Lyrics :

ee chaitra veeNa jhum jhummani
ee chaitra veeNa jhum jhummani
rodagaa naa yadola tummedalaa chaesae prEmaalaapanA (2)

ee chaitra veeNa jhum jhummani

lAla lAla ……

viDipolaeni viriteevelalO
kurulae marulai pOtunTae
yeDabaaTaedi yadalOtulalo
adimae velapae puDutunTae
tanuvu tanuvu taruvu taruvai
puppoDi muddae peDutunTae
poolae gandham poostunTae
toligaa nA chelito kougililO saagae prEmaaraadhanA

ee chaitra veeNa jhum jhummani
ee chaitra veeNa jhum jhummani

laala lAla ……

gaLamae paaDae ala koyilanae
valachi pilichae naa geetam
nadulai saagae rutuSObhalanae
abhishEkinchae makarandam
gaganam bhuvanam kalisae sogasae
sandhyArAgam avutunTae
layalae priyamai pOtunTae
vanamae yavvanamai jeevanamai saagae raadhaalaapana

ee chaitra veeNa jhum jhummani
ee chaitra veeNa jhum jhummani
rodagaa naa yadola tummedalaa chaesae prEmaalaapanA

Friday, April 06, 2007

pehla pehla pyar hai - live in concert (hindi)

Today I am posting a hit and most romantic song of SPB in Hindi
"Pehla Pehla Pyar Hai" (LIVE IN CONCERT) from the movie 'Hum Apke Hain Koun '(1994).

In a live concert of Lata Mangeshkar, SPB was introduced by Madhuri dixit, she added that "Mee madhuri Dixit" (Martathi) i.e. I am Madhuri Dixit, by the grace of Lata Mangeshkar we are here, we have our beauty and we have our acting career. Some singers are not only popular in India but all over the world. ONE of the greatest singer is SP Balasubrahmaniyam".

His voice modulation is legendary and his gifted personality with a God-given voice continues to mesmerise millions of fans.
This film was released in 1994 starring Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit. Hum Aapke Hain Koun is a family melodrama with typical Bollywood romantic comedy, and it is considered a classic as the highest-grossing movie ever in India. The story is about the family’s genuine love for their children who encourages their children to pursue true happiness and overlook the principles of sacrifice. The exchanges towards the end are a melodramatic reciprocation of love and honor in the family.

Madhuri is at her best and Salman is at his best in the movie. Madhuri dixit won the Best Actress filmFare award for her power packed performance. SPB was also nominated for filmfare awards but he didnt get the award.

The memorable music is by Raam Laxman. SPB is the best ever singer in Indian film music. SPB has carved a special niche for himself. He is the role model for every aspiring singer.

Film : Hum Aapke Hai Koun !
Release Year : 1994
Film Actors : Salman khan, Madhuri Dixit
Lyrics : Dev kohli
Singer : S.P. Balasubrahmaniyam
Music Director : Raam-Laxman

Pehla Pehla Pyar Hai
Pehli Pehli Baar Hai
Jaan Ke Bhi Anjaana
Kaisa Mera Yaar Hai..

Uski Nazar, Palkon Ki Chilman Se Mujhe Dekhti, Uski Nazar...
Uski Haya, Apni Hi Chaahat Ka Raaz Kholti, Uski Haya
Chhup Ke Kare Jo Wafa, Aisa Mera Yaar Hai
Pehla Pehla Pyar Hai ...

Wo Hai Nisha, Wo Hi Meri Zindagi Ki Bhor Hai, Wo Hai Nisha
Use Hai Pata, Uske Hi Haathon Mein Meri Dor Hai, Use Hai Pata
Saare Jahan Se Juda, Aisa Mera Pyaar Hai
Pehla Pehla Pyar Hai
Pehli Pehli Baar Hai

naa paata panchamritham & konji konji alaigal oda :: different creations for similar situations

Dear SPB Fans,

Till now, we have been posting bi-lingual versions of a song having the same tune or composition. There have also been cases, where, during remaking of a film from one language to another, new compositions have been created quite different from the original version. This could be due to the use of different Music Directors for the two versions as also the difference in picturisation by a different film director. I am presenting to you one such case.

The Telugu Film “Allari Mogudu” (1992) starring Mohan Babu, Meena & Ramya Krishnan had a song “naa paata panchamritham” sung by our SPB. The song featured a contest, set-up in a Studio, between a renowned carnatic vocalist (actor Nagesh) and a young aspiring musician (Mohan Babu). Our SPB had lent his voice for both the actors in the song. He has clearly presented a distinct difference in the way of rendition by modulating his voice in Bhagavatar style for Nagesh and with a young & sweet voice for Mohan Babu. One could easily differentiate the portions pertaining to the two actors. His singing befits the starting words of the song "naa paata panchamritham". A very good composition by MM Keeravani in the semi-classical mould. Film directed by Raghavendra.

I could not locate the lyrics for the telugu version on the websites and hence i have not included the same here.

The above movie was remade in Tamil as “Veera” (1994) with Rajinikanth, Meena & Roja in the lead roles. Meena played the same role in both the versions. ILayaRaja was entrusted with the task of delivering great songs for this movie. For a similar situation, IR came out with “Konji Konji Alaigal Oda”, a wonderful melody. In this version, the contest is not directly between two artistes, rather, it is a music competition on stage and Rajini is featured as one of the contestants. Our SPB was the automatic choice for this song also. At this point in the film, Rajini is featured as a young aspiring musician who had come to the city (from his village) to pursue his music interests. Our SPB starts off with a subtle tone for Rajini. During the course of the song, Roja who is among the audience floats into the dream world with Rajini dressed in modern attire and during these scenes SPB’s voice changes gear and gains a modern lilt to it to reflect the romantic mood. Here again one could easily differentiate the voice tones which alternate in the song. Sweet Sweet rendering by the Legend. An excellent composition by the maestro with the varying rhythm patterns in the song suiting the mood of the scenes featured (the villager Rajini singing & the Rajini-Roja pair romancing). Film directed by Suresh Krishna.

Lyrics :

konji konji alaigal oda
kodai thendral malargal aada
kaatrile paravum oligal
kanavile mithakkum vizhigal
kanden anbe anbe

o anbil vandha raagame
annai thandha geethame
endrum unnai paaduvaen manadhil
inba thenum oorum
konji konji alaigal oda
kodai thendral malargal aada

maanguyil koovuthu maamaram pookkuthu
megam vandhu thaalaatta
ponmayil aaduthu venpani thoovuthu
bhoomi engum seeratta
aalam vizhuthu aada athil aasai oonjal aada
annangalin oorvalam
sa ga ri ma ga ma ma dha pa ni da sa ri nee nee
swarangalin thoranam
engengum paaduthu kaadhal geethangale

konji konji .......

maadavan poonkuzhal mandhira geethaththil
maadar thammai marandhaada
aadhavan karangalin aadharaval ponne
aatril pon pol alaiyaada
kaalai paniyil roja puthu kavithai paadi aada
iyarkkayin athisayam
sa ga ri ma ga ma ma dha pa ni da sa ri nee nee
vaanavil oviyam
engengum paaduthu kaadhal geethangale
konji konji alaigal oda
solai thendral malargal aada

konji konji.....