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Friday, August 31, 2007

mazhayum neeye - azhagan

Hi SPB Fans,
Today's song is very very favourite song of Guruji.

I am very thankful to
Saravana Karthikeyan who gave me this classic song. I am in love with this song.

You all must knowing more than me about this song, so I am not wasting my time too explain more on this song. Just listen to it & enjoy.

Movie Name: Azhagan (1991)
Singer: S.P.Balasubrahmaniyam

Music Director: Maragatha Mani

Year: 1991

Actors: Bhanu Priya, Geetha, Madhubala, Mammootty

mazhaiyum neeyae veyyilum neeyae
nilavum neeyae neruppum neeyae
adadaa unaiththaan vaazhum maanidar kaadhal enbadhaa


idhu enna mannil kooda nilavum varumaa
sarasam payilum vizhiyil varumae
idhu enna thenral kooda analaaych chudumaa
thanimai ninaivil analaaych chudumae
paarkkaamal mellap paarththaalae adhudhaanaa kaadhal kalai
thoaloadu allich chaerththaalae adhudhaanaa moaga nilai
adadaa idhudhaan sorggamaa
idhu kaamadhavaenin yaaga saalaiyaa


kalaiyellaam kattruk kollum paruvam paruvam
kadalneer alaipoal manamum alaiyum
karu neelak kangal rendum pavazham pavazham
eriyum viragam adhilae theriyum
aegaandham indha aanandham idhan ellai yaararivaar
aedhaedhoa sugam poadhaadhoa adhan aekkam yaararivaar
mudhalaay mudivaay ingu enrum vaazhvadhu kaadhal onrudhaan


Thursday, August 30, 2007

SPB, Vocally Venerated

"Who is GOD?"

The answer for this question differs from person to person. If you ask an atheist, he will mock at you, and may define the term as "nature" by considering himself as Baron d'Holbach. On the other hand, just ask a person who believes the existence of GOD, he will define the term with specific conceptions. And ask a scientist, especially a Physicist, he will adjust his spectacle, and will reply �Light� by deriving some equations and the great Albert Einstein and his equations will assist him to confuse us. And, do not ask the definition to a philosopher, because you will end up with a state of bewilderment. Even the definition of "GOD" is itself ambiguity; hence do not ask the question of its existence. But according to the old adage and conviction "There will be a power above us which rules us", and the power again differs from person to person and his thoughts. And one must agree that the GOD is nothing but a superior soul, and an honesty heart which will help you to know thyself. For me, the power which makes me to know myself is nothing but the divine MUSIC.

A good music, no need to say, always pacifies our souls, and songs with soulful voices, sometimes, really inspires you to do divine works, and once such song is "Nee Aandavana" from Vaaname Ellai which was sung by SP Bala along with his counterpart KS Chitra.

The movie 'Vaaname Ellai' was directed by K.Balachandar, who is very much popular for his storylines, and this movie doesn't stand in the exceptional side of the director's usual ideology, which was a tale of five youths and their antagonism towards the society. Maragadhamani composed music for this movie, and, no need to say, his venerated vocalist SPB sang all the songs of this movie.

This song's situation is the twist of this movie, where all the antagonistic youths who all decided to commit suicide found an orphan kid and that kid was weeping, hence to restrain, they sing this song which starts with a far-fetched feathery voice of SP Bala.

Care and Compassion is the theme of this song, which very well conveyed by SPB, and we came across many great singers in our times, they can sing songs of many feelings, but SPB always sits in the supreme seat, who can sing many feelings in a single song with his versatile vocalizations, and this song is an evidence. In order to console the kid, he starts the song with mollifying tone, and along with that kid, he takes the listeners also to a world of humanity.

And in the first 'charanam', which is the sole soothing of SPB, and he starts with his usual dulcet voice, and he sings 'Un pole oor ilaiye' with a nimble nuance to express the anger about our nation's so called linguistic diversity. Also his mischievous melodic while singing 'Oru kannal paarkkirayai odhikeedu ketkkirai', needs no explanation.

But all the above, the way SPB drifts from reassuring rendering into colonial compassionate mood while singing 'thaalatida mozhi' and 'Paaloota vazhiillai', is the highlight of this song. Actually, in the first line, SPB consoles the kid by saying that there is a language to sing a lullaby, and the very next line, SPB admits the inability that they can't replicate the motherhood, which clearly emphasizes the theme of this song. And, SPB repeats the same effect with another shade of style when sings 'Undhan soagam sonnal Yeakkam poividum'.

Music is a team effort, I totally agree. In this song also, the composition of Maragadhamani, the consoling lines of Vairamuthu, and the accompanying act of KS Chitra need a special mention. But, the final credit goes to a singer who emphasized the theme of song, which needs no verbal and instrumental stuffs, but a vocal ingenuity, and he is SPB, the name and his voice which inspires not only many budding singers, but also many people to work for the civilization.

SPB, an Inspirer.

Proud of having "HIS" name


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Sunday, August 26, 2007

o sajan - mardon wali baat (hindi)

Hi SPB Fans,

Todays song is nice SPB & Asha duet song from 1988 movie "Mardon Wali Baat". Music composed by R.D.Burman. This song is one of my MOST Favourite song.

Song - O Sajan..

Film - Mardon Wali baat (1988)

Music - R.D.Burman

Singer - S.P.Balasubrahmaniyam & Asha Bhosle

Starring - Sanjay Dutt, Dharmendra & Jaya Prada

Produced By: BRIJ

Directed By: BRIJ
Year - 1988

O sajan O sajan la la la laaa..

O sajan..Beet Na jaaye saawan,
jal raha hai tan man, Ang laga le saajan,
na jaa tu aa, meeta mere tan ki tadpan

dharti bheegi kaliyon ki bhi bujh gayi hai agan
pyas miti na.. aag bujhi naa.. ab tak jale ye tan,

o....Dhadkanon Mein Sargam,
Do dilon ka sangam, pyar ka yeh mausam..
Mujhe pata na tha sanam, maange tujhko mera mann

O sajan, Beet na jaaye saawan, jal raha hai tan man
Ang laga le saajan, na jaa tu aa, meeta mere tan ki tadpan

La la laa laa..
tu na jaaye paas kisi ke, itna pyar doon
tere hothon, aakhon par main sab kuchh vaar doon

o....Dhadkanon Mein Sargam..
Do dilon ka sangam, pyar ka yeh mausam..
Mujhe pata na tha sanam, maange tujhko mera mann

O sajan, Beet Na jaaye saawan, jal raha hai tan man
Ang laga le saajan, na jaa tu aa, meeta mere tan ki tadpan

Mujhe.. pata na tha sanam.. maange tujhko mera mann

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Telusaa Manasaa

This is a beatiful melodious duet song, sung by our S.P.B and Chitra. This song is in full of romantic mood with a melodious backgroud music of Keeravani, a beautiful lyrics. The hero express his love to his lover, how much he admire and love her. Very beautiful song sung in high pitch by S.P.B Really enjoying the music and his voice. Please hear the song with a Romantic mood.

Thanks to Ms.N.Usha, Hyderabad send to me personally Song lyrics and her review.
-- Covai Ravee

This Song and Video file Dedicate to Mr. Vikas Kamble, Mumbai. (Special Request)

Singer:S.P.B. Chinna Kuyil Chitra
Lirics:Seetha Rama Shashtri
Actors:Nagarjuna, Manisha Koirala,Ramya Krishna

Ahhaaa Ahhaaa Ohohoo Ohohoo oho oho
oho oho oho oho oho oho
Telusaa Manasaa idhi yenaati anubhandamo,
Telusaa Manasaa Idhi Yejanma Sambhandamo,
Tharimina Aaru Kaalaalu, Edu Lokaalu Cheraleni Odilo
Virahapu Jaadalenaadu Vedi Kanneeti Choodaleni Jathalo
Gatha Janmaala Bhandaala Bangaaru Kshanamidi
Telusaa Manasaa idhi yenaati anubhandamo
Telusaa Manasaa Idhi Yejanma Sambhandamo

Prathikshanam Naa Kallalo Niliche Nee Roopam
Brathukulo... Adugaduguna Nadipe Nee Sneham
Oopire Nivugaa Praname neevigaa
Padikaalaalu Untaanu Nee Prema Saakshigaa..
Thelusaa Manasaa Idhi Yenaati Anubhandamo..
ahaa ahaa ahaaaahaa haa ahaa ahaa ohhohh oho oho

Darling everything every mood you think
I'll be with u, What would I do without you
I want to love for ever for ever and ever.

Ennadu Theeriponi Runamugaa undipo
Chelimitho Theega saage Mallelaa Alluko
Lokame Maaninaa Kaalame Aaginaa mana
Eegaadha Migalaali Thudileni Charithagaa

Thelusaa Manasaa Idhi Enaati Anubhandamo
Thelusaa manasaa Idhi Yejanma Sambhandamo
Tharimina Aaru kaalaalu Edu lokaalu Cheraleni odilo
Virahapu Jaadalenaadu Vedikanneti
Choodaleni Jathalo, Gatha Janmaala
Bandhaala Bangaaru Kshanamidhi

Thelusaa Manasaa Idhi Enaati anubhandamo
Ahaa Ahaa Ahaa Ahaa Ahaa Ahaa Ahaa

Friday, August 17, 2007

Chennai 6000028 - 100th Day Celebration - Video

I'm very touched to see the last few minutes of Part 3. I'm sure you're are of teh SPB Foundation run by SPB Fans and the contributions they have made for various noble causes. Samarpana was one of the them and you can find detailed write-ups in the Fans Yahoo Group.

The final part of the last video shows Samarpana's specially abled children with teh Chennai 600028 team. I became emotional after watching that.

There are lot of interesting scenes in these episodes, especially on Rajini and Kamal. Both were shown with a great timing sense for appropriate lyrics of the songs played - that emphasizes about friendship. Kamal, on his speech, mentioned "We both will come again for another celebration and will clap". He added "Without His permission, I committed we would come again for another celebration - well, I know what he likes!" with great applauses. With a great timing sense he concluded 'Now, He will come and vibrate this stage!' - implying Rajni's latest punch dialogue in the latest movie Shivaji The Boss.

Rajini, while delivering his speech, emphasized a lot about Friendship. He talked about how a true friend is important. He went to an extent saying that friendshiop is the most important thing in life and a true friend is more important than wife!

Part # 1

Part #2:

Part #3:

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Independance Day - Jaihind!

Sweet Sixty

- B for bravado, benevolent, and Balu
There is a term "Sweet Sixteen", and ever heard about Sweet Sixty? Well it's our India and that "Chella Poakkiri" SPB. It's very, atleast somehow trouble-free to create patriotic feelings with the instrumentation, but craft the same feel in a voice is very difficult. If one wants to contradict my statement, well, you can, but before that, try to sing this song "Thaayin Manikodi" from "Jai Hind", without an Indian flag before you and in the morning time, when one has to strain the throat so much even for asking a cup of coffee. But that's what SPB did in this song, when the actor Arjun (the hero of this movie) insisted the singer to sing this song in the morning 9 AM, as the shooting was in the noon.

And don't think, by blaring in high-pitch, you can get the feel of patriotism, never. There is a simple difference between patriotism and jingoism, which is more towards the terrorism, but the patriotism is all about friendliness, kindness and indispensable power. So you have to bring all the three in a single song and at the same time to vie the instrumentation, and just listen to SPB in this song, if you are anyway a jingoistic, well you will become a patriotic person.

This song simply starts with usual patriotic slogans, and when SPB enters into the song, well, one will feel the thunder of music, and what a powerful voice it is, just like Sachin comes down the track and hit the ball over the rope only to see Mcgrath's nodded head. And when SPB sings 'En Indhiya Desam Idhu, Rattham Sindhiya desam idhu', it's impossible to stop your feeling which will punch the table in front of you, well great escape to my computer as my punch was not that much targeted!

SPB is quite famous for the mass song, and he usually sings with his open throated voice, he does quite often (without caring his voice), but this song is somewhat different from other mass songs, and as I said earlier, the singer has to convey the Indian tradition and culture too, which included not only bravado, but the benevolence with all our people. And the singer has to differentiate the feel, which SPB did it quite well, and listen to his modulation in 'Engal Ratham, Engal Kanner', and the magic is in articulating the two different 'Engal'.

The exodus excellence of SPB from first stanza to second stanza is the highlight of this song. When SPB sings 'Adhan Vearai Arruthuvidu', you can't resist your audacity, which India needs more in the future to thrash the Achilles' heel of our nation such as corruption, phony politics and all.

My dear NRI friends, if any of your friends wish to know about our culture and traditions, ask them to listen to this song, and tell them that our humanity is not an act of pusillanimous, but, it�s an act of our politeness, and ask them to listen to the lines 'pookal kondu vandhal idhu punnaiya desamada', in which SPB at his best, conveys the traits of our people.

India is not my country, it's my inspiration, and SPB is, not for singing, but for the total dedication and benevolence, which you can see only with our nation and my singer, both names start with the letter 'B' which stands for bravado and benevolent .

Sollugaaa Jaiiii Hind

Proud to be an Indian & having 'his' name

Thayin Manikodi.mp...

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Congratulation to Chennai 600 028 Team

Courtesy: Writeups and Excellent Stills. Thanks to Indiaglitz.com

Congratulation to Chennai 600 028 Team - Covai Ravee and SPB Fans

Chennai-28 Celebrates Its 100th Day Fittingly
[Monday, August 06, 2007]

Chennai-600028, one of the real offbeat and entertaining movies in recent times, was all about friendship.

The film’s producers SPB Charan (Capital Film Works), JK Saravana (Tantra Films, Singapore)and director Venkat Prabhu are bosom buddies, and the film’s essential storyline was about camaraderie fused over cricket and locational closeness.

So it was fitting that the film’s 100th day celebration, held in Chennai yesterday, was graced by two of the best known pals in film circuit — Rajnikanth and Kamal Haasan. Adding an extra flavour to the occasion was the presence of the ever-friendly SP Balasubramaniam.

Speaking on the occasion, Rajnikanth said,” Everyman needs a mentor in his life. Equally important is a friend, who helps one to shape one’s thoughts and character”.

In fact, Rajni went on say that friends come higher in hierarchy than the wife in inter-personal relationships.

The audiences were taken by surprise when Rajnikanth and Kamal Haasan occupied the stage as the invitations for the event did not carry their names.

Picture: Chennai 600 028
Singers: Dr.SPB, Ms.Chitra
Music: Yuvansankar Raja

If the earlier song dealt on friendship, this one revolves around romance. A shrewd Yuvan has chosen his instruments carefully to provide a romantic feel. The tune is quite the same to the previous song. But the soft-beat of drums and good chorus make the difference. It is a vintage SPB. Comfortable in touching the high octaves, it is a tailor-made song for the veteran playback singer. Not far behind is Chitra. The seasoned campaigner chips in with her best.

yaarukkuL ingu
yaar nenjai ingu
yaar thanthaarO
vidai illaa oru kaeLvi
uyir kaathal oru vaeLvi

yaarukkuL ingu
yaar nenjai ingu
yaar thanthaarO
vidai illaa oru kaeLvi
uyir kaathal oru vaeLvi

kaathal varam naan vaanga
kadai kaNgaL nee veesa
kokkai pOla naaL thOrum
ottrai kaalil nindraen

yaarukkuL ingu
yaar nenjai ingu
yaar thanthaarO
vidai illaa oru kaeLvi
uyir kaathal oru vaeLvi

oorai v(a)ellum thOgai naan
unnaal indru thOttrupOnaen
kaNNaal yuththamae nee
seithaai niththamae
oh ho,
nindraai engu minnal keettru
niththam vaangum moochchu kaattaa(i)
unnai soozhgiraen naan
unnai soozhgiraen
kaatril vaiththa soodam pOlae
kaathal theernthu pOgaathu
unnai neengi
ushnam thaangi
ennaal vaazha aagaathu
anbae vaa... hey hey

yaarukkuL ingu
yaar nenjai ingu
yaar thanthaarO
vidai illaa oru kaeLvi
uyir kaathal oru vaeLvi

unthan aadai kaayap pOdum
ungaL veettu kambi kodiyaai
ennai eNNinaen naa
thavam paNNinaen
aah ha ha
ketta ketta vaarththai solli
kitta kitta vanthaai thuLLi
etti pOi vidu
aethO aa(g)ividum
kaathal koNdu
paesum pOthu
chennai thamizhum
sen thaenthaan
aasai veLLam
paayum pOthu
vanga kadalum
vaaikkaal thaan
anbae vaa...

yaarukkuL ingu
yaar nenjai ingu
yaar thanthaarO
vidai illaa oru kaeLvi
uyir kaathal oru vaeLvi

kaathal varam naan vaanga
kadai kaNgaL nee veesa
kokkai pOla naaL thOrum
ottrai kaalil nindraen

yaarukkuL ingu
yaar nenjai ingu
yaar thanthaarO
vidai illaa oru kaeLvi
uyir kaathal oru vaeLvi

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Prema Entha Madhuram

This Post Lovely presented by: Ms. N.Usha, Hyderabad.
I thank to Ms.Usha madam for SuPerB Writeup, Lyrics and Song also sending to me personally. I am happy forward this post to you all. -- Covai Ravee

This is a solo song sung by our gr8 S.P.B. But it is also a
song of sad mood. The back ground music given by Ilayaraja
and his instrumental mixed with the song and the music itself
create a sad mood and melodious solo singing touches our heart.
A lovely song, song for the actor Karthik in this movie,to express
hi love failure and mentioning of his lover Shobhana. The scene in
this song itself is so heart touching. Plz enjoy this sad song also.

Picture: Abinandana (Telugu Pathos Song)
singer: S.P.Balasubrahmanyam
Music: Mastro Ilayaraja
Artists: Mr.Karthik, Mrs.Shobana

Prema Entha Madhuram,
Priyuraalu Antha Katinam
Prema Entha Madhuram,
Priyuraalu Antha Katinam
Chesinaanu Prema Ksheera saagara Madanam,
Minginaanu Halaahalam
Prema Entha Madhuram
Priyuraalu Antha Katinam

Preminchutena Naadoshamu,
Poojinchutena Naa Paapamu
Ennalani Ee Edhalo Mullu,
Kanneeruga Ee Karige Kallu
Naaloni Nee Roopamu,
Naa Jeevanaadhaaramu
Adhi Aaraali Povaali Praanam
Prema Entha Madhuram
Priyuraalu Antha Katinam

Nenorvalenu Ee Thejamu,
Aarpeyaraadha Ee Deepamu
Aa Cheekatilo Kalise poye,
Naa Repatini Mariche Poye
Maanaali Nee Dhyaanamu,
Kaavali Ne Soonyamu
Apudaagaali Ee Mooga Gaanam

Prema Entha Madhuram,
Priyuraalu Antha Katinam
chesinaanu Prema Ksheera Saagara Madhanam
Minginaanu Halaahalam
Prema Entha Madhuram,
Priyuraalu Antha Katinam.

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Monday, August 06, 2007

Mere rang Mein, Mallikavaa Rangavallivaa & Mangel Thangama

Dear SPB Fans,

Today's post is very special song for me from Movie "Maine pyar Kiya". - Mere Ranga mein rangane Wali.
The Film was dubbed in to Tamil as "Kathal Oru Kavithai" and in Telugu as "Prema Paavuraalu".
I have got Its tamil & Telugu versions as well.

1. Mere rang Mein rangane wali - Maine Pyar Kiya (Hindi)
2. Mallikavaa Rangavallivaa - Prema Paavuraalu (Telugu)
3. Mangel Thangama - Kathal Oru Kavithai (Tamil)

Maine Pyar Kiya is a 1989 Bollywood movie directed by Sooraj R. Barjatya and starring Salman Khan and Bhagyashree. Maine Pyar Kiya was one of the most successful Bollywood movies of the 1980s and made Salman Khan a major star. The film is a departure from the gritty and violent films that were so popular in the 1970s and early 80s.and its music was responsible the films success to a large degree. A composer duo in the form of Raam - Laxman was born with this musical hit. This is one such movie which does not grow old with time.

I did not get the Lyric for Tamil & Telugu version on Net. So, posting with only hindi Lyric & details.

Movie Name: Maine Pyar Kiya (1989)
Singer: S.P.balasubrahmaiyam
Music Director: Ram Laxman
Lyrics: Asad Bhopali
Year: 1989
Producer: Rajshree Pictures
Director: Sooraj R Barjatya
Actors: Salman Khan, Bhagyashree, Mohnish Behl, Reema Lagoo

Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali, Pari Ho Ya Ho Pariyon Ki Rani
Ya Ho Meri Prem Kahani, Mere Sawaalon Ka Jawab Do, Do Na

Bolo Na Kyu Yeh Chand Sitare
Takte Hai Yuh Mukhde Ko Tumhare
Chuke Badan Ko Hawa Kyu Mehki..?
Raat Bhi Hai Kyu Behki Behki..?
Mere Sawaalon Ka Jawab Do, Do Na

Kyun Ho Tum Sharmai Hui Si
Lagti Ho Kuch Ghabrai Hui Si
Dhalta Hua Sa Aanchal Kyu Hai..?
Yeh Mere Dil Mein Hulchul Kyu Hai..?
Mere Sawaalon Ka Jawab Do, Do Na

Dono Taraf Benaam Si Uljhan
Jaise Mile Ho Dulha-Dulhan
Dono Ki Aisi Halat Kyu Hai..?
Aakhir Itni Mohabbat Kyu Hai..?
Mere Sawaalon Ka Jawab Do, Do Na

Thursday, August 02, 2007

maine pyar kiya - CID moosa (malayalam)

Hi SPB Fans,

Todays post is a 1 Malayalam Song from movie "CID Moosa"(2003).

This is the first song in
south indian language which i can easily understand, because this song is just a collection of hindi film names same as "mere jeevan saathi" from "ek duuje ke liye".

CID MOOSA Released in 2003 is a superhit comedy movie in malayalam. Our Guruji have
rendered 1 nice comedy song in this. I think Its 4th time he has sung the song with Film names.

Listen it & love it !!

Movie Name: C I D Moosa (2003)

Music Director: Vidya Sagar

Year: 2003

Producer: Anoop, Dileep

Director: Johnny Anthony

Actors: Bhavana, Dileep

Maine pyar kiya, (Kya kiya..?) pyar kiya to darna kya

Akele hum akele tum, kabhi khushi kabhi gham

Mujhe kuch kehna hai, kuch kuch hotha hai

qayamat se qayamat tak, hum tumhare hai sanam

Ye silsila hai pyar ka, oh sanam, teri kasam

Pyar kiya hai pyar karenge, dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge (2)

Chori chori chupke chupke, saajan, ashiq, laila, majnu
Heer raanza, pyar kiye jaa
Muje kuch kehna hai haai.. kuch kuch hotha hei

do raaste, do badan, hum hai raahi pyar ke

hum dono, dulha dulhan, hum panchi ek dal ke

bobby, haseena, dil se, nageena, chandni, roja, Julie, Heena

main khiladi tu anadi, chalthi ka nam gadi

pyar to hona hi tha..

mujhe kuchh kehna hai.kuch kuch hota hai