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Friday, December 29, 2006

A racy disco number from the early 80s

Dear SPB Fans,

This song is “Solla Solla Enna Perumai…” from the Tamil Film “Ellaam Inba Mayam” (1981). Music by IR.

After a very long time (more than 20 years) , I happened to hear this song and immediately it filled me with nostalgia of the times when I viewed this song on the screen and watched dumbfound at the modulation of our SPB voice and the matching gutsy dancing by Kamal. I used to murmur this song all day long during those times and after that it had gone to the archives and has come to surface only now.

This is a great disco number which came prior to “Ilamai Idho Idho”. In this song, I would say our SPB has made Kamal to dance to his gutsy singing. Kamal would have had no other choice but to match up to the ferocious singing of our SPB. In fact, I would say SPB had made it easy for Kamal to dance since he had already danced with his voice and given the required momentum for Kamal to fall in line comfortably without much effort. I think this must be one of those songs where our SPB has brought in so many voice modulations. Just listen to the ferociousness with which he renders this song and also keeps changing the tone of the voice throughout the song and also before the second charanam from shriek to bass. Mind blowing. IR is fortunate indeed to have our SPB give life to his composition.

IR’s orchestration – what to say – no words at all. Just listen to the way he has made all the instruments play to his tune and had given a great disco number. Simply superb.

I was charged up all through listening to this yesteryear disco song.

Please find below a discussion article on this song, extracted from a site where the writer talks in detail the technicalities of the song.

The one thing that immediately popped up to my mind is the way IR has used the chorus in the whole song. Plus the voice modulation though out the song. Let me try to put down my view as below. The opening is grand. A guitar strumming and then percussion alone soon follows. Then comes the harder to diagnose factor. Is it the vocal counter parts or is it some instrument or is it both some instrument and the chorus together. SPB is the de facto choice for songs of such voice modulation. Boisterous singing by SPB soon follows. Listen to the percussion, rhythm change in the pallavi. Another subtle thing to notice in the pallavi is the way SPB modulates his voice. Ie, the way he sings the “Solla solla enna” is different from the way he sings the word “Perumai” (more bass effect in this word), and this continues through out the song. The guitar and the percussion complementing each other are nothing but pure ingenuity. CSR, listen carefully that the guitar is alone for some good seconds (Before SPB sings the first charanam being prominent, but if you listen, the first interlude has lots of place where you can hear the guitar alone.). (The !!).Percussion stop. The second interlude is amazing. The sax/ trombone is terrific (an amazing display of jazz elements). The voice modulation from shriek voice, to normal voice to the bass voice when the chorus singing “Thaatha thatha “ is mind boggling. Also listen to the chorus meanwhile singing “Thom”, just giving an impression that it’s a percussion beat, but i guess its only the chorus singing it in such a way. The ending of the song is another beauty. Listen to SPB’s imitation there. The song goes to a crescendo with all the clapping. All this before “sakala kala vallavan” is some thing to notice and ponder over the genius that IR is. Thanks CSR for reminding the song. This song is in a cd combo released by universal Panner Pushpangal/ Ellam Inba mayam/ Kadal Meengal. Another underrated gem of a song. Can we take this to the other fans in the group too.


Dear Friends, i could get hold of only the video version of this song. So, some may not be able to see & hear to this song in case of low Internet speed connectivity. I am sorry for this. I am not able to get hold of a purely audio version, If someone is able to find it please email the link to me and i will include it here

Thursday, December 28, 2006

A New Year Greeting in our SPB's Golden Voice

Dear SPB Fans,

A Happy Year 2006 it has been for all of us,
.........For our SPB’s voice still continues to rule us ;

His voice has completed its fourth decade,
........And we are lucky enough that it did never fade ;

May we pray on this New Year eve to the Almighty,
........To keep him healthy to sing well into his 70s, 80s and 90s ;

Let’s pray for a whole new year of our SPB song,
........For us to discuss on them all day long.

Please choose either the video song or the audio song depending on the speed of your internet connectivity

One More "MSV+SPB" duet "Niththam Niththam....."

Dear SPB Fans,

Here is one more song in MSV+SPB combination. The song is "niththam niththam en kaNNOdu" from the film "koottup puzhukkaL". However MSV comes only at the start of the song and rest our SPB takes off in his own style with lot of sangadhis.

This song i have posted in this blog based on the request of one of our SPB fans "Rajith"

This song like the previous MSV+SPB one appeared in the "Song of the Day" discussions on the Dhool website. So, i am giving a link to that page instead of talking anything more on the song. The page has all the discussions about the song and also has the link to play the song.

Please click on the title of this post "One More "MSV+SPB" duet "Niththam Niththam....." to go the webpage wherein there is a link to the song


niththam niththam yen kaNNOdu inba kanaa
nenjam yengum veN panneerai sindhum nilaa
iLa maalai nEram vandhaaL vizhi Oram yEdhO sonnaaL (iLa maalai)
yedhaiyO ninaiththaaL ..siriththaaL...OdinaaL.. (niththam)

maNNilE veedu katti aada vandhaai nEtru..
nenjilE koodu katti vaazha vandhaai indru..(maNNilE)
andha malarum ninaivu thOndrum
adhil ulagam marandhu pOgum
andha uravu thodara vEndum..
inba kanavu palikka vEndum... (niththam)

aaaaaa...minnalO sElai katti.. veedhi yengum pOgum
ammammaa paarthirundhaal kangaL pattu pOgum aaaaaa..(minnalo)
idhu paruvam aLiththa seerO..
unnai padaitha kalaignan yaarO...
adi iravil malarum poovE...
yendhan iLamai parugum thEnE..... (niththam)

A Hindi Number by SPB for Kamal

Dear SPB Fans,

I came across this video clip of an Hindi Number by our SPB for one of Kamal's Hindi film. The song is very lively and our SPB is in his usual flamboyant mood rendering this song romantically. The locations in the song sequence is also quite pleasing adding to the beauty of the clip. The music flows beautifully along with the lyrics and gives a total pleasant experience in listening to this song.

Below is a video description available in the site incorporated by the brother of the actress appearing in the clip with Kamal.

"The most beautiful song from the 1982 movie "Yeh To Kamaal Ho Gaya", starring Kamal Hassan, and my sister, Anne. I wish the sound quality could have been better in this clip. The singer is SP Balasubramaniam, who is among the best Indian singers of all time (which means, that he's one of the best singers, ever). Anne played the character Kathryn Saxena, and is credited in the movie as Hannah Mitchell"


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Preserves for perfection - Sollayo Solai Kili

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Preserves for perfection

“Sollaiyo Solaikili” from “Alli Arjuna”

ARR never used SPB for every songs like other composers, and he always preserves SPB for perfect numbers. Notwithstanding, SPB is the singer who sang the maximum number of songs (149 songs) for ARR, he always called by ARR for the perfect numbers, which can’t simply possible with others who doing gimmicks like swara aalaphana, which is jargon for amateur music lovers like me. And ARR always uses SPB for the songs, which are remade from Bollywood and rendered by Udit Naryanan, who holds the record of singing in many regional languages. There are many hit songs by SPB, which are originally sung by Udit, starting from “Taal” songs for which Udit bagged state award to the recent hit “Ye Tara” from spirited SRK’s Swedhesh for which Udit bestowed with the national award. Eventhough both SPB and Udit got different singing styles, they are known for their hard work and importantly for the perfection. I love to lend my ears for both the versions from these legendary singers, but this particular song “Sollaiyo Solaikili” from “Alli Arjuna” (“Sunthahai mera kudha” from Pukar) is the top of all other songs, which rendered by SPB with Swarnalatha inTamizh.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If you notice keenly the duet songs of SPB for ARR, there will a humming from the female voices, and SPB usually takes the songs very steadily, and joins the female voice very effectively, hence in this song too. What I love with SPB is that even though he sings with full swing, never misses the sruthi and in this song too, listen to the lines “Indha Oomai naadagham Mundindhadheeeeeee”, Spectacular, suffice word to extol.

Swarnalatha, a singer holds the unique record of singing with SPB under all the popular composers like MSV, Raaja, ARR, Harish Jeyaraj, Deva, Vidhyasagar, Manisharma, Karthik Raja and Yuvan Shankar, and neither Janaki, Sushila nor Chitra done this. Especially ARR’s uses this vintage pair for delivering diverse emotions, in the “maaya machindra”, you will feel the impish love, in the “Endan Vaanil”, a love pathos, and my all-time favorite “Kaadhelenum”, one will feel the melodious mood and love environment. In this song also, one will feel the heaven in the earth, and both SPB and Swarna voices are in vibrant form.

Swarna leads the way in the charanam, but SPB never let the female singers to dominate in the duet songs, and he pushes Swarna to the back with his usual weapon of laughing in the lines “Vetkkam unnai Kattikoduka”, listen the smile keenly, you can visualize the smug of SPB over Swarna, but anyway Swarna competes SPB very well, like her predecessors PS, SJ and KSC.

Once ARR expressed that he uses singers to sing for his music, but SPB makes music to sing, may be ARR uttered this after recording this song “Sollaiyo” from “Alli Arjuna”, here even Music itself melts in SPB’s soothing voice, and forgot to tell my Mom loves Swarnalatha’s voice always.


Music itself melts! - "Theendai"

Music itself melts

“Theendai” from “En Swase Kaatre”

Ofcourse, ask me by waking up me from a siesta, sound sleep, or even from a coma stage, sure, I’ll tell you, Ilaiyaraja as my favorite composer, as I became a devoted fan of Raaja, but I like AR Rehman also for his innovative way of composing the opera and using the octave at the best. He is the one who introduced many great singers to the cini music, to name a few, Hariharan, Unnikrishnan and Harini. He also introduced some new talents to the Tamizh film music, hitherto, only few singers were ‘monopolizing’ the music field. Albeit, ARR introduced many new talents, he never forgets to utilize the legendary voices, and especially ARR’s usage of the mesmerizing voice of SPB needs a high note here. Being ARR’s favorite singer, SPB always gives an extra extravaganza while singing, and almost all the songs from this duo are unforgettable, many were melodious solo and some cinematic commercial solo too, but apart from these songs, this duo gave many memorable duet songs, and “Theendai” from “En Swase Kaatre” is one among.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This song based on the concept of overlapping duet, where the singers’ voices, both male and female voices are overlapping with the composer’s orchestra. This concept is, anyway not at all novice to ARR, as he gave this magical effect many times before with his baton. I can’t think anyone other than ARR, who can give these overlapping effects after the maestro’s mind-boggling.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Well, for any mellifluous melodies, be it old melodies, may it modern days rare, one composer must be blessed with singers who can embellish the song with their ‘nirvana’ nuances. They must have to deliver their best, but not to spoil the nitty-gritty theme of the composers. Hence, the obvious choice will be SPB, whose voice fresh for ever, and when singer of Chitra’s caliber combines with SPB, it’ll be a great feast to the ears. Chitra starts the song with his honeyed humming of “Kalithogai”, which is a notable literature of Tamizh and then lifts the song straightaway with. Then, SPB joins along with his vintage counterpart with his soothing voice. Words or plaudits of paper texts can’t be ever suffice to praise this duo’s duets, especially as said earlier the overlapping of voices.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

SPB, in this song, at his usual form, his classical rendering of the lines “Kaadaloadu” needs a special mention. Not to take the credits away from the ‘cuckoo’ Chitra, she adds the flavor to the feast. It always a stiff competition, when SPB joins with Chitra, but always SPB leads the way not only by means of experience, but also with his voice suitability to the hero. Once the cute Arvindsamy asked by the college girls (my college days, aravind was hot choice of girls, and me far beyond!!!) in a function about the aptness of SPB’s voice for him, then he replied very gently, by shaking his shoulders “No Surprise, as Balu sir voice suits to any hero.”

Unlike some composers who use the baton as a bamboo by not allowing the singers to improvise (they call it as strict), ARR is one who always gives liberty to the singers to render the songs with their creativeness. Thus, in this song also, ARR allows the vintage pair to improvise as much as possible, and one can witness even music melts in the voices of Chitra and the great, the only great SP Balasubramanium.


Duet dwells durability! - Indhira Logathu

Duet dwells durability

“Indira Logathu” from “Uyirullavarai Usha”

There always will be a preferred pair for any composer. Because that duet pair must be able to understand what the composer is looking for to express his composition and lyrists’ words. For MSV, it was TMS and P.Sushila, for Ilaiyaraja it was SPB and S.Janaki, by late, AR Rehman utilized the winning pair of Raja’s times SPB and KS.Chitra and then with Swarnalatha. Along with the female voices, SPB always presented a good music by not only understanding the composer’s needs, but also the fans’. Like this, T.Rajendar introduced a dynamic duo; SPB with BS.Sasirekha, this pair under the baton of TR presented many unforgettable songs, in which I love the song “Indira Logathu” from “Uyirullavarai Usha”.

“Uyirullavarai Usha” was composed by TR, asusual he penned this song using his poetic power and he proved again that he is a scholar in Tamizh. In this song, he compares the heroine with ‘nature’ analogy. He used Breeze, lotus, and etc, especially I love the lines of comparing heroine’s face with lotus, and eyes with bees, simply splendid.

Now, TR needs a voice which expresses his lyrics, and ofcourse as everone murmurs the name, and he is SPB. Balu is the obvious choice to sing these kinds of songs which is to decorate a heroine, he performed it many times before. After a chorus, SPB starts this song with a mumble and mellifluously, “Indiralogathu”, and then followed by his potent, but soothing voice makes the listener to reverie about the heroine.

The way SPB starts the Charanam is quite amazing, and as admired by the analogous lines of TR, I can compare SPB’s way of singing this song with a high-chase cricket match, for this, players must start with steady, and then rocket-rise in the middle, then finishes with a style and elegance, as SPB starts the charanam very steadily, “Thendraladhu”, then gives a rhythmic raise with elegant, and finishes the first charanam with style, and his smiling while singing “Paavam” is quite above the word marvelous.

SPB repeats the same above effect in the second charanam too, and his breathe control while singing “kalaimaghal aadinal” is a lesson the aspirant singers to learn how to control breathe, and catch the souls of the listeners.

As its SPB all the way in this song, the female voice BS has nothing much to do, apart from escorting with the elegant voice of SPB, which BS finished successfully. Especially, her ‘la la’ in the finishing of first charanam is highlight of this song, and again SPB joins her with ‘hmm hmm’, proved this pair ability to sing duet songs.

To the whole, this is a perfect duet song which included with good lyrics without usual love songs’ lyrics such as “adiye”, “umma ummamama”, “sekka sevandha” and etc, good composition without usual “dandanakka”, “dora dummunu” and selection of good voices without bad pronunciations tamizh words, which listeners can tolerate by saying “pauruvaayillai”, in nutshell, this duet dwells durability.


Sunday, December 24, 2006

A "MSV - SPB" duet

Dear SPB Fans,

The song in discussion is “Enakkoru Kaadhali Irukkindraal…” from the film “Muthana Muthallavo” (1976). Music by MSV and lyrics by Vaali.

This song is one of the rare kinds in the sense that this involves both the Music Director and the singer performing together for the song with equivalents enacting the song on the screen. MSV & SPB being the singers with Thengai Srinivasan & Jai Ganesh enacting roles of MD and singer respectively on the screen.

I caught hold of this song in one of the discussion threads of “Song of the Day” series on one of the websites. I was greatly impressed by the rendering of MSV and SPB. Both have sung differently in their own styles quite contrasting to each other and have made it a masterpiece. The orchestration also is really unique and great for this song. Just listen to the piano and the violin bits - they are great. In this song MSV sings a major portion of the song with a Pallavi and two charanams with SPB singing a pallavi and one charanam.
I have given below the discussion threads about this song as copied form the site

Saravanan writes:

‘enakkoru kAdhali irukkinRAL’ from muththana muththallavO. Sung by MSV & SPB. Lyrics by Vaali. Music by MSV.

Instances of MSV singing along with SPB are something to cherish and celebrate.

Perhaps MSV was doubly enthused as the lines reflect his philosophy--how convincing he sounds as he sings his lines! And SPB at the other end enjoys himself as usual. Hark at the piano and the violin seamlessly blending with the voices and adding to the allure of this masterpiece.

Saravanan, terrific choice. Once again you guys take a song that has been playing in my mind only recently and make it SOTD! "The Master and the Commander" is how I would like to refer to this song as :-) SPB shows why he is in a different league altogether in this song.

This song is an all time favourite for most of the MSV & SPB fans. I think post-75 MSV completly relied on SPB only, to deliver what he wanted and never once Balu let him down.Tune,singing,interludes ,lyrics- a great song in every sense.
A genuine rare gem. When i heard this for the first time, i liked it instantly for the very reason that SPB just gives invigorating touch with his sweet sangathis and his slyly vocals.

This particular song is a fantastic one in all aspects. The style of MSV's modulation and SPB's modulation are different but perfect for the lyrics. A very good team work.

In the movie, Thengai Srinivasan acted as the Music director and Jai Ganesh as a singer. If I am not wrong, this must be the first movie to have music director in important role. Thengai Srinivasan perfectly (some times overdone) imitates MSV.
This song also had a mention in one of the SPB interviews as follows

An Exclusive Interview with S.P.Balasubramaniam
By Balaji Srinivasan (bb)

Below is an extract from the above interview related to the song in discussion

Balaji: You said that M.S.V gave you a lot of liberty. Can you take one song that you like and tell us how you recorded it? Like "enakkoru kaadhali irukkindraaL".

SPB: avar anbaaga ennai niraiya thittinaar, andhap paattu paadumbOthu. He had composed, I went to the studio. He said, "ippO naama reNdu pErumE act paNNap pOrOm. naan oru Music Director. nee ennai chance kEkka vandhirukkE. indha soozhnilaiyilE oru paattu - naan piano vaasikkap pOrEn, nee ennOda sErndhu paadap pOrE".

Then, I learnt this song. To start with, I thought the sangathi would be difficult to sing. avar anAyAsamA paadarArE, naan ennap paNNap pOrEnnnu nenaichEn. (hums the sangathi). ozhungaa varumaa? We were going to sing in the same booth - that was a live recording. With his encouragement, I got the confidence.

After a couple of takes, I went a little beyond the expectation of his. (Laughs) Take aanathukku appuram sonnAru, "idhu romba nallA irukku, naan illainnu sollalai. aanaa, modhal thadavai chance kEtka music director kittE vandhirukkaravan music director-ai overtake paNNi pOyAchunnA enga gathi ennAgumnnu manasilE konjam yOsanai paNNu. kutti viduvEn thalaiyilE, rascal! nee singer ippO. nee adhai manasile vachukittu pAdudA"nnaaru! (Laughter all around) Romba romba anbA sir, romba nallA irundhudhu andha situation.
Just listen to the way SPB ends the word "Thamizhosai" & "Ethirkaalam" at the end of the Pallavi and his charanam (a briga type rendering of the word, i would put it). Just out of the world. He has given the words a beauty by his great improvisation.
enakkoru kaadhali irukkindraaL avaL
Ezu surangaLil sirikkindraaL

gam pd niSRiS nndd pnddpm mg gpa..


enakkoru kaadhali irukkindraaL avaL
Ezu surangaLil sirikkindraaL
kItham avaLathu vaLaiyOsai
naatham avaLathu thamizOsai
thamizOsai.. (2)

panjamam pEsum paarvaiyil endrum (2)
paNjaNai pOdum enakkaaga
dhaivatham ennum thirumagaL mEni
kaigaLai aNaikkum inidhaaga

(enakkoru kaadhali)

ennudan vaazum innoru jeevan (2)
mellisaiyaagum ennaaLum
vaiyagam yaavum en pugaz pEsa
kaivasam aagum edhirkaalam

(enakkoru kaadhali)

thEnsuvaikkiNNam Endhiya vaNNam
naan tharu paadal avaL thandhaaL
mOhanam ennum vaahanam meedhu
thEvathai pOlE avaL vandhaaL

(enakkoru kaadhali)
Please click on the title "A MSV-SPB duet" to listen to this great duet by the composer and his able disciple.

"IRUVAR" Musical Concert

Dear SPB Fans,

Today, the 24th Dec 2006, i happened to see the "IRUVAR" musical concert featured on our SPB and Malaysia Vasudevan on Vijay TV. Eventhough, the program had started at 5:30, i came to know about it only at 6:10pm, so i missed out on 40 minutes of program. I am giving below the songs sung and other aspects of the program that took place from 6:10 onwards. This is for fans who were not fortunate to see the program today on Vijay TV.

When i switched on the TV set, the following song was under play

Andhi Mazhai Pozhigiradhu (SPB, KS Chitra)
Our SPB introduced some subtle variations here and there.

this was followed by,

Germaniyin Sendhaen Malarae (SPB, Saindavi)

Then there was a dance by a professional group for a medley of song bits like "Megam Kottattum", "Eeiyyai Unnai Thaane", "Aay Muthu Muthu-a", "Annaathae Aaduraar", "Pattu Kotta Ammaalu"

Then the next round was dedication of songs to one another. There were totally five major singers involved in the program namely our SPB, Malaysia Vasudevan (MV), KS Chitra (KSC), Saindhavi & Madhu Balakrishnan (MB).

MV : He sang SPB's "Mandram Vandha Thendralukku". The starting hum was done by SPB himself maybe to help out MV who was not at his best, his voice not like yesteryear's. It has aged and the strain showed.

KSC : She sang SPB's "Nilaavae Vaa" and it was generally good but there was some strain at higher notes. She introduced some subtle variations towards the end of the song similar to what our SPB usually does in such shows.

SPB : He sang MV's "Aasai Nooru Vagai" mostly sticking to the original rendition pattern of MV except towards the end where he introduced some variations in the way he sang the word "Sorgam" and the beautiful pause he gave before the word "Vaa" and then finally ending the song in his own style that he uses for some of his own songs.

Madhu Balakrishnan : He sang SPB's "Mannil Indha Kaadhal Andri". His rendition was not lively and there was no sign of the breathlessness that SPB gives at the end of each charanam. He should have practiced well for such a song

After this dedication by singing other's songs, our SPB sang the final number of the program "Engeyum Empodhum Sangeedham" ending with a different aalapana towards the end and some additions here and there.

Then all the five singers came on to the stage and the anchor (i do not know her name) invited each one to say something about the IRUVAR and the program.

Chaindavi said "Indhamaadhiri Jambavaangalapathi Pesaradhukku Enakku Arugadhaiyae illai, paadavachadhae adhigam"

KSC said "thanks for the opportunity to sing in such a program"

MV said this being the first program featuring them together, he was very happy.

MB said that this was his second stage program and he was happy. He seemed a bit tentative on stage.

Finally our SPB concluded with his characteristic notes - he said it was not just five people (the singers), it was 50, no 500 who were behind the program starting with the music system which was good and the musicians and their hard work & practice, car driver, lights man, junior singers, coffee suppliers, vijay TV bottom to top brass and so on.

As a final conclusion all the five joined hands together and bowed three times to the audience (similar to one that happened in the 17th Dec '06 concert)

(Thanks to Mr.Venkat who provided the information regarding the concert on Vijay TV)

Others on "Our SPB"

Given below are some portion of articles which i came across when browsing the newly created website on MSV. These are related to our SPB

Excerpts from an interview with Music Director M.S.VISWANATHAN.

During one of the interviews given by MSV, he had this to say about our SPB.

‘Balu-virrku swara gnyanam kidaiyAthu, kELvI gnyanam romba jAsthI. sila vAttI avanE pOttuduvAn (the sangathis). Oru vAttI pAdi kAmithhAl appadiyE pAdi viduvArgAL…..athu thAn Balu, athu thAn LR Easwari’

‘Balu, without notating can sing with precision what singers with swara gyanam cannot. I have seen singers parsing tunes into swarams and fumbling but with Balu…never has that happened ‘

Following is the observation of a writer on our SPB in one of MSV’s concerts in 2002.

S. P. Balasubramaniam is one singer who lifts every show that he is in, to incredible levels of enjoyment. Those who have followed the veteran's stage appearances over the years are only too familiar with his verve, ebullience and imaginative improvisations. And coupled with the zest of MSV who went round to the percussionists' side clapping and guiding them, particularly for the number, "Engaiyum ... Epodhum", the mood proved contagious.

It was a nostalgic moment for M. S. Viswanathan when he recollected the happenings during the composing of the lilting love song, "Vaan Nila". Those were the days when songs were recorded on a single track and music was not as techno-savvy as it is today, said SPB who had sung the song then. The two remembered the great talent of violinist Mani and MSV's assistant Joseph Krishna, who were part of the number. And as SPB walked away after "Vaan Nila", he turned around to the violinist who had played the solo and softly clapped in appreciation. Such gestures speak volumes about the grace and goodwill of a singer.

Views by Mr.Ram, Moderator – MSV times

A thread on the ever-lasting, soothing, versatile voice called "S.P.Balasubramaniam"; He will enhance any tune by any composer; MSV Fans consider MSV-SPB combo as the best "chemistry"; They both keep on improvising any tune; In the next generation by Illayaraja, he reached another epitome, singing for actors - Kamal, Rajni, Mohan etc, when the actors were in their peak; The next generation for A.R.Rahman, statistics show that the singer who has sung the maximum song for ARR is SPB!!! So in all stages in Tamil Film Industry SPB had some kind of speciality, some way or the other.

Can any one in the world imagine 35000 songs in his/her life? What a feat???!!!

(The above extracts are from www.msvtimes.com which is an exclusive website created by some of MSV’s ardent fans on MSV and inaugurated this month Dec 2006)

Saturday, December 23, 2006

SPB in a different voice

Dear SPB Fans,

We all know that our great SPB is a master of different voices. He has sung in matching voices for different comical characters in films like for Surilirajan (many films), Kamal (Japanil Kalyanaraman)etc.... in Tamil .

In Telugu also, his initial period was mostly involved in singing for comical characters on the screen and even later he has sung many such songs. Thus he had a wide repertoire of voices in his stock to provide them whenever a music director / producer / director needed.

The song which i am talking about here is from the Telugu Film "Indhrudu Chandhrudu". It starts off like "Nachina Fooddu.....". Kamal had done two roles in this movie. One is that of an Old Mayor and the other a young one. This comical song is featured on the old Mayor Kamal. And my God, what a perfect matched voice our SPB has produced for this character. A deep throated voice exactly suiting the character since Kamal has spoken in such a voice for this character. The dedicated singer he is, our SPB would not settle for slightly different voice and put in his full effort to give the same voice as that of the voice in which Kamal had delivered the dialogues.

Just listen to the song and wonder at the talent of our great SPB.

In one of the interviews, Kamal was very critical about our SPB for singing this song in such a voice. THE REASON - our SPB had to undergo surgery because of singing in such a voice and Kamal was affectionately blaming our SPB why he should go to that extent of straining his beautiful voice just for this song and that he should preserve it for long life. Our SPB i understand could not sing for two to three months after rendering this song since his throat was very much affected. The voice is so deep throated. To feel the effect i tried singing the song in such a voice and i completed only two lines and i started coughing for more than 2 minutes before i could come to normal and still my throat felt sore. We should be grateful to God that our SPB could regain his voice after the surgery. This is because there was a great risk that the surgery could have spoiled his voice and he would not have been able to render songs like ever after that. HOPE our SPB does not attempt anything like this in future. His voice should be nurtured to last long for many more years to come.

In the Tamil version of the same film "Indhiran Chandhiran", Mano has sung this song (in fact all the songs in the movie. In Telugu our SPB has rendered all the five songs). But he has not attempted changing his voice like our SPB and hence the effect is normal and nothing great.

Please listen to this different song by clicking on the title of this post "SPB in a different voice".

After opening the link, please click on "Play Selected" just below the Kamal photo appearing in the link page to listen to this different song.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

SPB's First Song (15/12/1966) & His First Year (1969) in Tamil Music

Dear SPB Fans,

Ever since i came to know that 15th Dec 1966 (40 years ago) was the debut day of our SPB through our Fans' emails and finally through our SPB's voice on 17th Dec 2006, i was curious to listen to his very first song of his career.

I searched the website for quite sometime to get a link to hear this song and in this process, i stumbled on to a page created by one Mr.Saravanan. I was really amazed at the details contained on this page.

Even though, i had gone through the history of our SPB on the SPB Fan Group site, this Saravanan page gave many other details about our SPB's pre & post debut life. It really makes interesting reading. I am not sure if many have read it.

The beautiful thing about this site is that it not only talks about SPB's debut song and the incidents leading to the recording of the song, it also gives a link to play and listen to the song which i have been trying to hear for quite some time.

One more valuable addition i found in this page was the prelude to his Tamil Music debut. It brings in many more details than what i have read in other articles. Also it lists down the five songs that he sang in his debut year in Tamil in the chronological order (this order throws up a new insight regarding the sequence of songs sung) along with a link to play all the five songs in the article in between the description of each song.

It also has other page links which talk about SPB.

Hope this makes interesting reading & listening for all the SPB fans. A unique article indeed. Thanks to Mr.Saravanan for presenting it.

Please click on the Title of this post "SPB's First song...." to go to this extraordinary article about our SPB

Monday, December 18, 2006

"EVERGREEN SPB" - A Musical Nite : 17 Dec 2006

Dear SPB Fans,

I take this opportunity of bringing to you all, the events of the Musical Concert of our SPB which took place at Kamarajar Arangam, Chennai on 17th Dec 2006. It indeed turned out to be a great day to be cherished forever in our life.

As ever, this concert too had lots of improvisations in songs and playfulness by our beloved SPB.

He turned up for the event in a very youthful appearance which belied his age of 60 years. He looked very much lesser in age on stage, both in appearance and in singing.

Scheduled to start at 6:00pm, it began at 6:45pm only (already 45 minutes of our SPB time lost for us – translating to at least 5 songs). By that time, the auditorium had filled up to its brim and you could see many more fans lined up along the sides of the auditorium “standing” to watch his performance. Lakshman of Laksman Sruthi Orchestra kept mentioning that the size of the gathering was “3000” (during the program). Let us accept it as such as he should know better due to his vast experience. So, it was a packed house ready to get treated to a memorable SPB night.

Well, entered our SPB in a pleasant lavander coloured Kurta and white pyjama, neatly made up and at his youthful best.

He started off by saying that he was happy to see the filled up auditorium which showed the love and affection that the gathering had for him. He then wished everyone and mentioned that 15th Dec 2006 was the completion of 40 years of singing. He went back in history recollecting the incidents of that day 15th Dec 1966 when his mentor Mr.SP Kothandapani had summoned him for audition and had then predicted that he would shine in the field for the next 40 years if he was disciplined. Our SPB wondered what made his mentor say that and on what basis. But true, it happened, as evident from his presence in front of us fans 40 years later. Even though he was happy about it, he felt sad that his mentor was not there to see his achievements.

Lakshman started off saying that they had a unique collection of many songs which had not been performed by SPB earlier on stage and our SPB said that he had been under tension to render them properly because he himself had forgotten those songs and he had rehearsed that day from 10am to 4pm non-stop by listening to the songs so that he did not make mistakes while rendering. (DEDICATION TO THE CORE EVEN AT THIS AGE – HE NEED NOT HAVE. THAT’S THE DIFFERENCE THAT SEPARATES OUR SPB FROM THE REST)

With that, our SPB started off with the song “Pachhamala Poovu Nee Uchhi Mala Thenu” (Film : Kizhakku Vaasal) and completed it to a rousing applause. Who said he is ageing? Not at all, his voice was at its youthful best rising comfortably to high octaves and transcending all levels of the octaves comfortably as ever.

Next, he rolled on to a number related to GOD and sang the song “Athindhom” (Chandramukhi) Unfortunately this song had interruptions due to power cut and a few valuable minutes were lost here. During this song, SPB sang an additional saranam which was not in the film but was sung at the time of recording. A small girl joined him to sing the small bit that comes in a young girl’s voice. At the end of the song, our SPB started off his humorous quest by commenting on the girl’s hairdo. “Ennamma idhu “wig”ga illa originala, Enadhu original” and started caressing his hair (in English -is it a wig or original, mine is original).
Next he had a break for some breathing space and a song was filled by the Orchestra’s own singers. This pattern was continued in the entire program, that is, 2 songs by SPB, one song by Orchestra, again 2 songs by SPB and so on. This was to give breathing space to SPB. Our SPB mentioned that even though he had done a non-stop one man show some years earlier, he had become older and needed the break in between. At this time, Lakshman chirped in by saying “Sir, unga Paatta Kekkumbothu ungalukku vaisu aana madhiriyae theriyillae”. SPB countered saying “Enakku dhan vaisu aayidichu en paattukillae” (English - Sir, listening to your song, we do not see as aged, SPB replies “Only I am old not my song”).

At this juncture, he appreciated the audience for their patience shown during power failure and requested them to continue the sportive and gentlemanly behavior

The series of other songs that followed are as follows:

Bharadhi Kannamma Neeyadi Chinnamma (Ninathalae Inikkum)
Lakshman introduced the first of nine upcoming female singers to join SPB in singing the songs. When he introduced the singer as the one who has entered into singing with the film “Kuthhu”, SPB had a strange expression for her (jokingly) and wondered about the funny names of the films. SPB was all praise for MSV composition for this song and he wondered and expressed his views to the young female singer(s) that they were not fortunate enough to sing for such compositions. They had to sing meaningless songs and of course mentioned that it was not their fault as they could sing only what they are offered.

Sandhana Kaatre Senthamizh Ootrae Sandhosha Paattae (Thani Kaattu Raaja)
Here he talked about “Isaignani” Ilayaraja’s composition and wondered to the younger female singers that they were not fortunate enough to get to sing such melodious numbers.

Raathiriyil Poothirukkum Thaamarai Than Penno (Thanga Magan)

Oh, Butterfly, Butterfly, En Virithai Siragai (Meera)
The female singer who accompanied him in this song was Madhumitha, a slim and tall girl. Our SPB introduced humor before start of this song by commenting on her. He said “ennamma nee en pakkathula ninna theriya maattaengariya. Enna maadhiri Olliya irukka venaamaa. Namba Rendu Peru Nikkumbothu “18” maadhiri irukku” (English  you become unnoticeable when you stand beside me. Should you not be slim like me? We together look like “18”)

Ilakkanam Maarudho Ilakkiyam Aanadho (Nizhalgal Nijamaagirathu)
At the start of this song SPB continued his above comment in a different way. The female singer this time was on the heavier side like our SPB and he said “Ippo Ilakkanam Sariya Irukkudhu” (Now the grammar is OK) and started off with this song which made up a humorous prelude to the song. This is a unique way of starting of a song because none of the songs was announced upfront. After the song SPB narrated an incident on MSV. He said that MSV usually addressed him as “SPB Sir” and never called him “da” till then. But on the day of recording the song, SPB had gone back home and late that night he received a call from MSV who said “Dei Kanna, En Paattukku ennamma uyir kuduthuttae da” (Hey son, what a life you had given to my song). SPB felt this was equivalent to many awards and once again sang that bit which ends “Maarudho o o o ….” ending that only if it is sung like that it has beauty and jeevan. He requested the audience to start off a signature campaign in order to represent to the Indian government for awarding MSV with at least a “Padma Vibhushan” if not Bharat Ratna. This is for a man who really deserved it, he said.
After this, he sang again the specific line of the song "dheivangal ellaam unakaagappaadum paadaamal poanaal edhu dheivamaagum" (he changed the word unakaagappaadum to umakaagapaadum). While singing this line, he referred Dheivangal as "the singers performing on the stage including himself" and "umakaagapaadum" to the audience & fans. WHAT AN IMPROVISATION AND PRESENCE OF MIND. THIS CLEARLY SHOWS THAT HE ALWAYS HAS THE MASSES AT THE BACK OF HIS MIND

Dhevuda Dhevuda Ezhumala Dhevuda (ChandraMukhi)
Our SPB had a comment for this song also. He said that film makers nowadays do not give much scope for meaningful songs due to whatever reasons they only know. He was musing who was dictating this trend of meaningless music. He added in saying that there were only few actors like MGR & Rajinikanth who had made it a habit to give at least one meaningful song in their movies.

Thoda Thoda Malardhadhenna Poova (Indhra)
Here, SPB was all praise for ARR’s composition. He mentioned that this was one of his most liked songs of ARR’s. He also revealed a secret regarding the composition. There was a flute play towards the end of the song. SPB informed that in the original, this sound was not produced by flute but Rehman’s own whistling. This was a surprise indeed because one would clearly take it for a flute play.

Sippi Irukkudhu Muthum Irukkudhu (Varumaiyin Niram Sigappu)
Our SPB had a comment or two on the young girl (less than 15 years of age) who sang with him for this song. When she came on to the stage, SPB looked at her as if in a frightened manner and said that he had to be careful with this girl as she was a dangerous preposition and he was indeed afraid of singing with her (maybe based on some previous experience). He requested the girl (jokingly) to be kind to him and not to over perform him. It was a pleasant incidence and SPB came out with lot of improvisations for this song like – when the girl started the song “Thandana Thathanna…” SPB asked “Naan idhukku enna pannanum, aadanuma, paadanuma…” (What do you want me to do, dance or sing)

O Maanae Maanae Maanae Unnaithaanae (Vellai Roja)

Maalai Soodum Velai Andhi Malai (Naan Mahaan Alla)

Thulli Thulli Nee Paadamma Seethaiamma (Sippikkul Muthu)
There was a lighter part to the song here. When the female singer Reshma came on to the stage to sing in a glamorous attire, the crowd started whistling on seeing her. SPB chipped in by saying “Partheengala, idhanae venaamgarudhu”

Ponnondru Kandaen Pennangu Illai (Padithal Mattum Podhuma)
Actually, our SPB had gone off the stage for the break as he had done two songs. At this time, Lakshman called SPB Charan on to the stage and requested him to sing a song. Charan seemed not comfortable as he was not prepared and he tried refusing politely. But Lakshman insisted to fill in the breathing space. SPB came to Charan's rescue. He came on to the stage and said that Charan would end up singing only his song if forced. Instead, he came forward to sing along with Charan a song which they had not sung before. And the song happened to be this song. SPB was great in this song. However Charan was tentative and uncomfortable. Maybe, the imposing presence of his Father had an effect on him. When they sang the line "Nee Indri Naanillai, Naanindri Nee Illaiyae" they gestured at each other and embraced shoulders.

En kanmani en kaadhali ila maangani (ChittuK Kurivi)
The method of recording was explained by our SPB for this song since the Pallavi is of a different type with a second trailing voice in between each word. He explained that this was recorded twice. First the song was recorded with gaps (to fill in the trailing bits) and then the intermediate bits were recorded separately on a 35mm tape and merged together to give a unique effect to the song. He also mentioned about Ilayaraja’s elder brother “Bhaskar” (no more) who had participated in the song by adding in the dialogue bits in the song.

A presentation ceremony for the various sponsors followed with momentos and shawls being presented to SPB and by SPB. Before proceeding with the next song, he also stopped for a while to talk about our “SPB Fan Group” on the net. He said that although he did not have any fan associations as such and nor he needed one (because all are his fans) unlike the actors where there is segmentation, he was appreciative about this fan group which he mentioned was created and run by well educated persons mainly having good jobs with most of them from IT. He also mentioned that Giridhar Raja (who also happens to be his son-in-law as mentioned by him) was instrumental in creating the website. He also commended the various social activities carried out by the group. He accepted momentos from Venkat & Team. He said it was worthwhile to allocate a few minutes for this team in presenting momentos

Povoma Oorgolam, engengum engengum (Chinna Thambi)
This was a new experiment with all the nine female singers joining in and each rendering a few lines of the song thus all of them participating in the song. This was the final song.
Then SPB joined hands with all the nine female singers and bowed before the audience thrice as a mark of respect for our love and affection towards him.

He then thanked the various sponsors without whom this program would not have been possible. He also thanked the Press, Media…. for being kind to him and projecting him as a non-controversial personality, due to whatever reasons best known to them. His thanks were also for the musicians who had tirelessly worked throughout the month to practice and get everything right as most of the songs would have been new for them. He said that they had done rehearsals up to 4pm that day without sleep the previous day and had come straight for the program.

SPB then wished everyone a Merry & Happy Christmas and also a “Happy, Prosperous, Musical, Harmonious ……New Year”. He was worried about the influence of Western culture on the Indian Youth and pleaded that they take only the positives of that culture. Our Indian Culture by itself is a great one and we should be proud to be an Indian, especially a South Indian. Let us set aside all differences due to caste & creed and lead a united and harmonious life, he said.

That ended the eventful and happy night for the fans.

The program was filled with many other small instances which I am not able to recollect and link it to exactly where in the program it happened. However, I am listing them down below just for a reading.

1) Laxman was frequently saying “Check, Check” into the mike for testing. SPB countered saying “Eppavum Cheque-dhaana, Cash-ae Vaangamaatiya yaa”

2) When the clock struck “nine”, Lakshman was saying, how to keep the audience attention intact. He mentioned about the Radio Jockeys who conduct night programs to lure the audiences. SPB followed this up with “Where are the horses”.

3) When one of the female singers Ganga came on stage, he invited here by singing a small Telugu song bit which starts with “Ganga….” This he did twice to her when she came on stage. He also quizzed here about the relationship between Ganga and Lord Shiva which she shyly denied. He then said that most have forgotten about Ganga since she was on the head of Shiva and remembered only Paarvati. He then enquired Ganga “Ennamma, nee un husband thala melae dhanae irukkae” (Is it not that you are on your husband’s head)

4) SPB thanked all the nine female singers for giving him the opportunity to sing with them – WHAT A GREAT GESTURE THAT WAS. He also mentioned this individually to some of the singers after completing a song and they replied that it was their fortune to sing with him. He also apologised to some of the female singers that even though he had heard some of their songs, he was not aware of who had sung the song due to lot of new entrants into the field. He suggested to the TV media to display the names of the singers also when the songs are played. He also said that even though he did not have the opportunity of singing with them in films, he was happy that he could sing with them on stage.

5) SPB had something good to say about the singer “Gopal Sharma” (a part of Laksham troupe). He was appreciative of his high pitched voice and said that in one of the programs he was confused as to what to sing after hearing this singer sing a high pitched song from the Hindi Film “Hero”. SPB indeed requested Gopal Sharma to sing the same song which was his favourite even though he would planned some other sang. SPB also explained the type of singing for this song which is known as "SUFI" style of singing which is high pitch in nature and sung in the evenings & nights It is really a wonder that Gopal Sharma’ voice matched the requirements of this song, our SPB said. The original was sung by a Pakistani Femal singer he told us. He also requested Lakshman to encourage singers like him to select similar songs and present them WHAT MAGNANITY ON THE PART OF OUR SPB.

6) There were many songs requested by the many fans present. Due to practical constraints like lack of practice of the musicians and of himself and lack of time he could not oblige. However, he satisfied the requirements to some extent by singing a medley of songs (two to three lines each) requested by the audience like
a. Kamban yemanthan
b. ilamaienum poongatru
c. vedam anuvinil oru nadham (salangai oli)
d. aaiyiram nilavae vaa
e. dhorakkunaa ituvanti seva (sankara bharanam)
f. unakenna melae nindrai etc………………….

7) When many fans started requesting lot of songs which he could not oblige, SPB started a discussion on stage with Lakshman (during a brief break when his assistant wassearching for his song book) on the concept of making a program by singing only the Pallavis of all his songs. Lakshman replied "Sir, adhuvae oru maasam melae odumae". Then Lakshman chipped in by saying if SPB agreed then they could do a full week program titled "SPB Vaaram". SPB suggested that each day could be dedicated to a music director. Lakshman said "next year". Why not "next month" replied SPB. There it ended. LET US ALL HOPE THAT THIS CONCEPT TAKES SHAPE AS THIS WOULD BE A UNIQUE TREAT TO ALL OF US

8) During the program, Lakshman requested feedback from the audience if they were enjoying the selection of songs so that he could adopt the same pattern of presenting forgotten or not performed SPB songs on stage for the future SPB concerts. Everyone acknowledged in the positive. He also said that the selection of songs was based on his being a very great fan of SPB. He indeed reflected most of our minds also by selecting a list of melodious songs.

9) SPB also garlanded the nine female singers towards the end of the program. Some one reminded him of the young girl of less than 15 years of age (not in the list of nine) who had sung the song "Sippi Irukkudhu" with him. He also called her to the stage. And when someone asked if she is to be garlanded, his reply was "andha ponnum oru artist dhaanaeya" (that girl is also an artist) and garlanded her. GREAT SPB

There were many improvisations by SPB in almost all the songs and it would be impossible to mention everything. Anyway he does this every time and it can be felt only when one listens to the songs. SPB fans have to keep their ears and eyes open to find out when this will be telecast by Vijay TV so that they can experience all that happened from their living room.



Friday, December 15, 2006

Inking the Immortal


Music is the vernacular of human the soul, I don’t know about the author of this quotation, but the quote is cent percentage true. You can’t figure out a single person who hates music. It’s a divine art, in that there are several branches, Playback singing is one among, which I love to the core, albeit I don’t know how to sing a song, and I never tried that too. Playback singing means, singing a song in the backside of a play, hence called so, but for me, the definition is rather the other way out, playback singing is one art, which actually backing a play. Explicitly, patronage a play is nothing but Playback singing. Undoubtedly, Indian film music has been heavily dependent on the art of playback singing.

Over the years, hundreds of Playback singer, who really took, still taking listeners’ souls with their melodious voices, and only few among considered to be as Legends, because of their unique way of singing, to name a few, Rafi Saab, Kishore da, Dastatten and last but not the least SP Balasubramanium. In the north, both Rafi and Kishore took the entire Film music for almost three decades, and here in south, it was by two everlasting names, whenever one enunciates those elegant names, obviously will get the oeuvre , they are none other than KJ Jesudas and SP Balasubramanium.

The above four will remain as legends forever, apart the other singers, because of their unique style and the way, they expressed the songs from their throat, rather you can say from their souls. I like all these four legendary singers, as Kishore’s yodeling is, indubitably the best and the way he changes the pitch from the ‘chest register’ to the ‘head register’, while yodeling, is a mega treat to listener’s ears, on the other hand, Rafi's ability to generate the complete range of emotions and draw the listener into the song, mood, and character remains unsurpassed. All of this was accomplished without doing antics and frolics like yodeling, the other side, KJ Jesudas of South makes the listeners to cry and his classical knowledge speaks volume for him. And SPB, is having all the above plus an extra something, that extraordinary extra made me to decide SPB as the greatest singer India has ever produced. After a 40 years of glorious singing, still he is going strong, competing with the youngsters even at this age, and on this date, Dec 15, 2006, on his 40th year of singing, I wish to explain something about him, as an atonement, because he is not just a singer for me, as he inspired me and my career at a higher notes, and thus this blog is all about.

Inking the Immortal

Well, to all the above, before writing about SPB, my intuition is asking a question “What can I write about the greatest singer of our country SPB?” ya ofcourse it’s true that we, mortals can’t write or say anything about legendary people. Even, if I start to do that, I will run the risk of penning meaningless platitudes. Hence, to sit comfortably infront of my desktop, I start to refresh the musical journey of SPB and the way he inspired me in my career.

SPB’s mellifluous voice worked wonder for many songs and still he is raring to achieve and competing with young talents even after 40 years splendid singing. Notwithstanding, SPB is a not a classically trained singer, he surpasses all the linguistic barriers with his versatile way of singing and over 40, 000 songs in his credit, which is simply awesome. Just a cursory glance at SPB’s repertoire shows us his mind-boggling versatility. Who else could have sung songs from the movies, Sankarabaranam, HAK, Saagara Sangamam, Payanangal Mudivadhuillai, Kaadhal Ovaiyam and many to list, genres with so much fervor and effortless ease?

This effortlessness is perhaps his unique quality. Other than heavy classical songs, I have not heard a SP Bala's song where he struggles through an octave or to convey the nuance of the song exactly as intended by the lyricist. Indeed, there isn't a genre of south film music that is not embellished by him.

The Late 70's and mid 80's were unquestionably the golden age of Tamizh film music. The 1980s particularly, so is because of the simplicity, lightness, and melody of the compositions. Diverse composers like MSV, S-G, Shyam and Ilaiyaraja infused a sense of variety into the music. And fresh lyrist like Vairamuthu gave life to the songs. And SPB ruled the Singing kingdom with his melodious voice under the baton of all the music directors, particularly his works with Ilayaraja is an endless era. In nutshell, one can’t find a composer who never used SPB for his instrumentation.

Likewise, his playback singing enhanced the careers of many a star like Kamal, Rajni, Mohan, Prabhu, Salman, Chiru, VishnuVarthan, to name only a few. Till date, SPB rendering his voice to Kamalhasan, and the actor who is arguably the greatest actor, himself agreed that his career graph ascended to the greater heights because of SPB’s romantic voice. Mohan, who is one who gave most number of silver jubilees in Tamizh, despite his initial flops, profoundly dependent on the fact SPB’s melodious voice. On the other hand, SPB’s stylish and fast beat songs gave star values to Rajni, Chiru and Vishnuvarthan. Even today, it’s everyone’s view that an introduction song of SPB to Rajni and Chiru will do the magic for the film itself.
Apart from filmy heroes, SPB never denied to sing for comedy artist. There are singers, who are only accepting songs for heroes, SPB stood in the exceptional side by singing songs even to comedians like Suruli, Thengai Sinivasan, Veenradai moorthi and many. And his variation of singing while singing to these artists can’t be replicated by other singers anyway. When those comedy artists made the viewers to laugh, on the other hand, backside of the silver screen, SPB made the listeners to laugh by his comical way of singing. His comical way of singing in the songs “Engengum Kandenamma”, “Vaa Machan Vaa” and “Vaaya Vaaya” gave big plus to the music directors as well as the concerned actors.

SPB is famous for his articulation of romantic songs, and he overshadowed many counter part singers, and still made them to give their best to sing with him. Perhaps, SPB sang a song with every female singers, and the long list included with some legendary names like Lata, Asha , P. Sushila, Vani, and Chitra, but still People consider the great S.Janaki as his amazing pair for romantic numbers and who will forget their eternal duets like “Adhikalai nerame”, “Saaliooram”, “Siriya paravai”, “sandhana kaatre” and many to list. Actually, I’ve a total of seven CDs each of including hundreds of SPB-SJ duets, which are my bet time soother.

The highlights of SPB’s songs are his improvisation, modulation and cute laughing in between song, whenever needs. I came to know that many producers and composers requested SPB to laugh atleast once in song to satisfy the musical fans, for those fans, SPB’s laughing is Cherry in a cool ice cream. SPB never saddened either his composers, or his fans. His cute laughing in songs like “Siriya Paravai” and “Achamillai” are beyond the explanations and plaudits. If you are not going to title me as craze, I’ll reveal you all one thing that, I have a separate CD which includes the cute laughing of SPB in the songs!

Frequent readers of my blogs ( http://spbindia.blogspot.com/ ) on SPB, aware this fact, that, I’m always speaking and praising about SPB’s finishing touch of the songs, which is obviously one of his unique qualities, whice every of his followers are trying to follow. As an axiom, the ‘sruthi’ of any song always decided by the finishing of each line by a singer, and for SPB, this is a childplay, and he does this with an ease always. Just listen to the song “Muthumani” from “Adharmam” (not the Mano’s version, which also well sung by Mano, except the fact of finishing touch!), and listen to the lines “Kannale nee ennai Kalavdi kondaiyoo”, thus, the finishing touch while articulating the word “Kondaiyoo”, for this reason only I always use to say that SPB is the sole great and legend of Indian Film Music.
SPB is another specialty is that his voice suits to any actors, and one will virtually feels that the actor himself is singing while the chubby Balu giving the expression to the actors. Once, to a “Poomalai” interview, actor Kamal quoted like this “Balu is not singing for us, rather you can say he is acting for us”, hence, in my childhood, I was a great Kamal fan, and was thinking Kamal himself rendering all his songs, believe me or not, even today whenever that Guru’s Kamal from the aircraft calling Sridevi “Hey My Dear, Look hear, here I Say” and teasing her “Hey Baby, are you feel about me now,ahh”, I use to think it’s from the throat of Kamal, which is the success of SPB, ofcourse.

Skip the songs “Mannil Indha Kaadhal”, “Sattham Illadha Thanimai”, these breathless songs were, SPB himself disclosed as gimmick. But, generally, SPB’s breathe control, if one starts to explain about SPB’s breathe control, that explanation will be full of adjectives and superlatives with a fixed “SPB’s breathe control is”. SPB knows how to control his breathe while rendering high-pitched songs, and he knows how to pass the same, during songs. Even at this age, he is the sole kind of this technique; hence all the music directors approach him to sing this song even now, and for younger generations’ actors. For an instance, just listen, “Mun paniya, Mudhal Mazhaiya” from Nandha, for actor Surya, you will feel the same magical breathe voice of yesteryears’ songs like “Vedham Anuvilum”, that’s what the uniqueness of SPB and his breathe controlled singing.

SPB is an extrovert and he is very much energetic in stage performance and live shows, and particularly he improvises a lot in those shows. His vivacious attitude in the stage shows makes the listeners to get a high-spirited music to their ears, which is an unique quality of this person, even the maestro Illaiyaraja likes this quality of SPB.

SPB is having a separate room for his awards and accolades, and the number increases, day by day. Apart from six national awards and innumerable state awards, he has already titled with country’s one of the prestigious award “Padhamasri”, in 2001, and many to follow like Padmabooshan, Bhrath Ratna, and DSP. Actually, he is the artist, who generally not identified with awards and accolades, rather you can say, those awards are bestowed because those are given to SPB, and his Excellency of services to the music field.

Anyone can be bestowed with awards and accolades, but it’s rare to get good names and good equation with everyone and that too very difficult in the cinematic line. But, SPB, on the other hand, gained good name and equation with everyone because of his humanity. Everyone like SPB, as MSV use to say “Dei, you are not only my son, but for music too”, and Raaja always calls him as “Dhadiya” and AR Rehman consider him as his mentor, and use to call him as “GURU”, and whenever Young singers eulogize on SPB, they use to call him as “Uncle”, which clearly shows you that what a great human-being SPB is.

Another irreplaceable quality of SPB is his dedication, perfection and involvement in his profession, although he is known for his unpunctuality during recording, still he does atonement that tardiness with his full involvement and dedication during recording. He always does justice with every song, be it for a Hero, Comedian, Star valued actors and etc.

Apart from singing, SPB is known for his mellifluous music score. He was working as an assistant to the great composers like LP, Burman and some. He composed music for almost 75 movies, in which his name still remains with popularity for the musical score for the movies, ‘Mayuri’, ‘Sigaram’, and some to list.

He is an actor too, and people can’t forget his performance in movies like ‘Keladi Kanmani’, ‘Sigaram’, ‘Kadhalan’ and many. And he proved himself as an all-rounder by getting succeeded in the production of films and a successful dubbing artist.

But the above of all, SPB is known for his impeccable courtesy and great humanity. Even though he is short tempered, as every good artist is, he is very polite and very humorous in times. Everyone like him and his simplicity and humanity, I don't remember ever reading or hearing that SPB felt the least discomfort when people (though gossip) criticized that he is monopolizing the film music scene, he never uttered a single word with frustration when people disparaged about his pronunciation of Hindi songs. But to the higher notes, these noble qualities of SPB proved him as a legend, and those noble qualities made me to consider him as my LIFE TIME MENTOR and when I have implemented my life time dream of an association to the student’s community, by considering SPB’s involvement and dedication in the field taken as one line theme, he himself praised the concept and blessed our members for the noble concept, and not only that, he launched our association’s website with pleasure. He is such a down to earth person.

Now it’s dedicated to

Today, Dec 15, 2006, he is celebrating his 40th year of glorious singing field, we don’t have ages or privilege to bless him, but atleast, as an atonement of his sweet voice, which have been soothing many of our ears, we can pray for him, that I want to do it on this day, regardless we are doing it everyday, and for ever.





SPB, you are the best, none other.

--A True Fan of SPB
S. Balasubramanian

SPB - 40 : A Saga of Love # 4

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Rather than explaining PRODIGY, just visit http://www.prodigyhub.org/ and If I start to write about my Part-4, now, It’ll never end. And SPB launched this website.

Written By

- S. Balasubramanian

SPB - 40 : A Saga of Love # 3

Shelter of Songs

It was my critical time. No one can get success always, bad patches are applicable even to greats like Bradman and our own Sachin. If no bad time, then he is not at all a human-being, he is god. But the thing is we should remain as human-being. S, I had bad times, this part will explain how SPB helped me to shelter those. Friends onnu sollatuma, “vizhardhu, thappe kidaiadhu, anghaiye vizhundhu kidakaradhu dhan thapu, u should have to get up and conquer the world with ur noble qualities.

Ok continue with part-2, i got to know who is SPB, and started to listen his songs, if anyone speak about SPB and his qualities, naan romba sandhosha pada aarabhichen, yennu ennaku theriyla friends, but I used to go seventh heaven, whenever anyone speaks about SPB. I used to listen only his songs, ethanai songs friends, 1000s of songs, in this context I want to mention one song, I don’t know either u know about that film or not, “annanuku jey”, arjun was the hero, in that film, there is a song “annanuku jey”, enna song theriuma friends, oru song kulla ivlov bbhavam koduka mudiuma nu naan asandhuten, SPB thanaiya varuthi paadi irrupan, sathiyama evnalium mudiyadhu friends, pls enakagha andha song a kelunga. And another song is from abrova saghodharghal (annatha adurar & unnai ninaichen) friends indha songs ellam made me to love SPB more and to the core.

SPB a eppadi yavadhu pakkanum nu daily god a pray pannuven.

And I finished my 12th std, and at that time I love chemistry (still I love chemistry) and wanted to take chemistry in my colleging (friends, naan padikum pothu ennaku guide panna yaarum kidaiadhu, even i don’t know about professional course at that time, that also a seed for our association “prodigy”, i’ll explain this in separate chapter). But I got my first blow, I didn’t get a seat in a known college for chemistry instead of that I got computer science, I’ve joined (just refresh kamal’s statement friends, which i added in my part-2). I joined in CS, there are 78 friends in my class, out those 79 students (including me), only 5 are from Tamizh medium, so I often got irritated by some English medium students that I cant conquer like pervious encounter as I was from Tamizh medium, even the faculty members thought that, I can’t continue my rankings in college, armchair critics, I can use this phrase only. What made me more sad na friends, they irritated Tamizh, that’s the problem, at that time SPB came to save me, with one quote and one song, my life time song, ( I’ve one audio cas including of all the songs, which changed my life completely).

I got irritated by my friends’ statements, but ennakulla oru “veri” vandhadhu friends, “if I cant who can”, and if I succeed, it’s a accomplishment to Tamizh, and its “pavithram”. I decided to conquer, at that time Duet film was released, one song, one singer can sing that, “tha na na thana na …. Thangame tamizhku illa kattupadu, oru sarakirikudhu murikirukudhu mettu podu, ethani sabhaghal kandom , ethanai ethani kadhikaghal kandom, athanium suudam katti suttu podu, metu podu, mettu podu, en thai kodutha tamizhkillai kattupadu”, ( s friends, no limitation for tamizh, and my success)

Indha song dhan friends, ennai veri thanama padika vaichadhu, padichen, indha song kettudhan ella exam ku poven, friends, don’t search the meaning for the word “ecstasy” in dictionary or lexicon, those may give meaning like “joy”, “happiness”, but if one want to know the real meaning one has to feel, music & language ellam onnudhan friends, namma rendaium feel pannanum, appadidhan naan “ecstasy” nghara word a feel pannren whenever I listen the above song, appadi patta song friends adhu. U may say that I should thank Vairamuthu and ARR also, s i agree that, but yaarala andha song enkitta vandhadhu, which voice, whose expression made me to attain my goal, the great SPB. If one want to go heaven even when alive, just ask them to listen SPB’s finishing in that song, “sa sanidhapa pha pamaghari”, (unnakada muraiyana sanghidham theriyadhu, indha alavuku endha kombanalum paada mudiyadhunu subbudu sonnadhudhan correct)

oha my god, ennaku spb venum, i cant live without spb. Ippadidhan pulamba aarbhichen friends , enga amma kitta.

And now that quote, in one of the interview at that time, SPB told like this “oru velaiya panna ennala mudiayadhu nu naandhan sollanum, mathavanga solla kudathu, how can others decide that I can’t do that work”. Enna quote theriuma friends, every time I refreshed quote and listen the “duet” movie song and attended my exams, and not a wonder that I was the only distinction holder in my college, and got university rank. After getting my rank, I ran away to my personal room, closed the door and started to listen the “duet” song, SPB was singing

“idhu makkal paatu, thanmana paatu, idhu poradum unghal vazhkai pattu”.

Ippa sollunga friends, idhu ennaku kadaicha success a?? Not at all friends, credit goes to my life, which is nothing but SPB. Ippadi patta spb ya naan eppadi mentor nu sollama irruka mudium, avandhan ennaku life friends.

That song and that quote gave me this laurel. U know friends, I’ve one habit, I used to pray god like this “give all laurels to eone, ellarum enkooda eppodum irruaknum, ellarum sandhoshama irrukanum, ellarum saagha kudathu nu naan unkitta kekkamatten, but naan sethadhuku apparam dhan ellarum saaghanum, esp my parents, brothers, sisters, friends, and my own SPB………. (don’t think me as a cracy, pls)

And after getting my distinction I applied for one famous college for my MCA, which is my life ambition, and applied in that college. But u know friends, I didn’t get the seat, naan enna paavam senjen friends, ennaku theriyala, U know friends, why my application was rejected, its not because of my %, its because of my “jaadhi”, (jaadhghal illadi pappa nu sonniye bharadhi, nee enghe irrukirai, please don’t come again here, u’ll make suicide) enna sonar theriuma friends andha principle, solla kudathu friends, naan sollavum matten, this is the biggest blow ever I got in my life. Still its piercing me friends. Life veruthu poachu, at that point of time.

I came out from that college with depression, and was thinking of that seven letter stupid word “success”, “victory”, ennaku andha samayathula vetri aluthu pola friends, vetri veruthu poachu, what I can get using my laurels, I can’t get a single MCA seat using my laurel. Nera oru tea shop ku ponnen, tea order pannen, ( I love tea and cofee like SPB’s songs, rendum illama ennalla irruka mudiyadhu), tea varathukulla thaniya ukkandhu azudhen, i cant explain that friends, how sad I was at that time, miracle happened, I heard an oracle, asariri nu tamizh la solluvanga theriuma friends, what else SPB’s song in that tea shop “thali maghane kalaghadhe, thanimai kandu varundhadhe”, ……………………………………………………….

( Dec 18, 2004, first ever SPB YahooGroup meet )
Wait for part-4, which will include my other side of life, prodigy……........... My goal & ambition

SPB - 40 : A Saga of Love # 2

Preludes to part 2

1. Came to his name is SP Balasubramanium, same as my name, shortly called as SPB.

2. One interview+2 movies changed my life completely, (arthanari ennai complete a change pannitan, udhyamoorthiku ulle irrundha spb ennai complete a change pannitan) friends, how many laurels now I’m having, all goes to that person, friends. How????


That was a Good Interview


That was ‘thalapadi’ released time. If anyone ask me who is my favourite, rajni or kamal? I would definitely answer “both”, former is for his style and kamal is for his perfection and involvement, (once, kamal said, “sakkadai kazuvara velai paartahlum, naandhan nalla panravanu per edukanum, what a divine quotes, it’s not a quote of ‘garvam’, it’s a quote of involvement and perfection’, his “unnal mudium thambi” changed me a lot, we’ll discuss that later). Ok so I used to see all the rajni & kamal movie, on that day, I requested my elder brother Vishwanathan ( u know friends, he is a great fan of spb than me) to take me to thalapadhi. He told me that just wait for one day, today in dd one interview is there with SPB. I got tensed with him and didn’t speak with him. Then, the interview was telecasting, at that starting of that interview, I caught up with my buddy song, starting with raaja’s keyboard and that mesmerizing humming from my my (i’m crying friends, I can’t control this) singer’s ‘hmm, hmm aha aha n “ and that song “keladi kanmani”, … I started to run to watch that song, and asked Visu “dai indha song ippa yenda podran”, he just replied me “because this song sung by SPB”. SPB???? Who’s that, he is the one u always compare with Jesudas when you fight with appa???(my father and my younger sister are big fan of KJJ, all other in my family my ma, elder & younger brothers are SPB’s fan, still even today one can see the clash in my house.).

He replied "YES"

(Presenting ACOUSTIC CD, website for SPB, Jun04-2002 )

When my brother showed me SPB, ”this is SPB, unnoda perudhan evanukum, Balasubramaniam”, at that time I was eagerly watching the DD, (GOD GOD Please show me the face of my lover, I can’t wait, please) and I found one middle-aged man, oha my god, SPB, u r the one, changed my life completely with ur voice, where r u from da, u took my heart, I started to cry, unknowingly, if anyone will say that love at first sight is false, then i’ll dispute with that person, because I started to love SPB in my first sight.

And I must put some words about that interview which changed my life. In that interview, SPB was telling about his character in “manadhil urudhi vendum”, the character of life, I wanted to be like that, I’m like that, and I will be like that only, in that film, in a particular scene, Suhasini complained SPB, “Doctor neengale ippadi irrundha patient ellam eppadi smoke pannama irrupangha”, and director of that film KB instructed SPB that, after the dialogue from Suhasini, hehas to put his cigarette box in the dust bin, but what SPB did, just sing that “mangalam” song, and smells the cigarette one last time and put it in the dust bin. KB praised SPB “adhudhan avanoda involvement and improvisation”, “vashitar vaayala bramarishi pattam”, U know friends, ‘manadhil urudhi vendum’ is my life time movie, before the climax of that film, that “nandhini” character affected me very much, but in the climax, that arthanari took the whole crowd by his dialogue “profession dhan ennoda first wife nandhini, naan ava koda ve kudumbam nadatha poren kadaici varikum, please ennai yaar kittaum matti vidudha” apaadi nu solluvan paarungha friends, hats off da bala, ippa sollren vayasukum love kum samabandham illa, that 15 yrs old bala started the love with 45 yrs old SPB. A saga started, may be love saga u can call it as.

U know friends, in that film title, how SPB credited? “arimugam thiraiku munnal”, great na friends, namma ellam evolov koduthu vaichavanga, to live a contemporary life with SPB. And friends, after that ennaku paithiyam pudichitu, always thinking of that person, sonna namba mattengha friends, but u can come to my house and ask my ma, daily engha amma ta solluven, “amma pls spb ya ennaku marriage panni vai, pls ma” (pls don’t mistake me, read my caution statement in my part-1), daily engha amma voda madi la paduthu tu azuven, (amma ta thavira veru yaar kitta share panna mudium friends sollungha???) But this affection didn’t change my schooling records, I stood first in 12th also and in my Hindi exam also, but ennaku ennomo theiryla friends, SPB entered into my soul, u know he is my intuition for all my success.

And my love and affections were increased because of my chemistry sir, (chemists are really alchemists), my chemistry sir used to call me as “SPB” only, and all of my friends did the same. Because of that only in our group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/spbfans) I used to write this “proud to be having his name”.

Not only “manadhil urudhi vendum” , but also “unnal mudium thambi” made me to set a social life in servicing other people, actually they are not all other people, my people, my india’s ppl. U know if one want to led a good human life he/she needs the following:

1. Karuna rus. (karunai ullam to help others) (keladi kanmani song based on this rus)
2. Veer rus ( to advise others by leading others to a good way)
3. Sringhar rus (love feeling, to love others)
4. Hasyam rus (humorous and cool in difficult situation and make others happy)
5. Rowdhram rus ( wrath, to find the flaw in the environment and try to thrash that flaw)

These are the five things we should follow. That particular film having the answers for all these in songs pattern, all sung by SPB, SPB, SPB, SPB, and SPB.

1. Akkam pakkam parada (karunai)
2. Unnal mudium thambi (veeram)
3. Idazhil kadhai (sringaram)
4. Enna samayalo (hasyam)
5. Last but not the least, “punghai undu”, (wrath) my all time fav. (sudhadhanyasi ya ivlov suthama spb thavira yaaralum paada mudiyadhu friends, avan ennai daily ennai ennmo seiyaran friends, avanoda bashai la sollanum na “inbamana andha vali ennai theendi selighridhu” friends. Everyone is masochist, if he/she is in love.)

This film changed me completely, esp. those songs, I took the decision, may be life time ambition, “to survive this life for helping others”,

But at that age, I don’t have money, but I have knowledge and brain, by using those I can help students. Friends “onnu sollren kelungha, namma india va periya level la kondu varanum ma inga ulla students a seriyana muraila payanpaduthanum, adhudhan naan pannen, pannitu irruken, innum pannuven, naan saagara varikum.”

I started an association exclusively for students “prodigy”, by making SPB as mentor and now it includes 65 members in which there are 15 state rank holders. Even in my last meet SPB asked me “how SPB is mentor for an association which is dealing with education”, I simply replied, “for prodigy, SPB is not the mentor sir, SPB’s involvement and dedication are the mentors, I used to advise students, whatever field take, u should involved in that, and dedication is the key. Sir, I like your involvement and dedication while singing”.

(Presenting PRODIGY CD-Jun04-2002)

And friends, I had some bad time also. Even in that time SPB made me to wake up. That will be my part-3.

Wait until then....

SPB - 40 : A Saga of Love # 1

For the first time, I disclose my secret love towards SPB.

Bee in my bonnet

Big b’s

Dear friends

My detailed mail in front of u for the first time, wait, wait… before reading this, one caution it includes some censored love contents, please adjust those, i cant write my autobiography without two big b, one is bharadhi and another one is as u all knew, ‘balasubramaniam sp’. If the above two b’s r not there, then no this b, balu. So adjust my over-enjoyed contents which i can’t avoid.

Bee in my bonnet

dear friends, everyone is having one peak time, in those time whatever he/she do, ends with a success, big success. I too had that peak time 1989-1992. 1000 days almost, my red letter days. I had a lot in those times. I was studying my 8th in 1989-90. U know friends, before my 8th annual, i stood in second rank in my class, because one razor rival i had, she is sasikala( i had obsession love with her and she too with me, those are different stories, but censored in this context, don’t mistake me, teenage, we cant avoid those!!), sasi joined in our school in 6th std, after that i missed my first rank, just count friends , there are 6 exams in 6th (3 midterm + one q-ly, one ½-ly+ one annual exam) so 6 exams in 7th also and 5 exams in 8th std (except 8th std annual) 17 exams sasikala only got first rank, this poor balu ended up with second rank. Seventeen times, i happened to study in the history books that there was a king, kajini mohd, he fought to attain india, defeated 17 times and 18th time he conquered, because of one bee, in the wall. In my life also that 18th time had come, 8th std annual exam, i don’t have bee, to get motivated to beat my life time rival Sasikala. But one song, only one song, changed the scenario completely friends, “keladi kanmani padaghan sanghadi, nee idhai ketpadhal nenjil or nimadhi”. That song did something on me, on my soul, on my career, u ask anyone this song should be in his/her top 10 song list, I bet u.

(My first Photo session with SPB, Feb 07, 2000)

Hence, “bee in my bonnet”, only that song……..

Beyond my success who?

I used to listen that song and to write my 8th std annual exam, then result came, this time Sasi ended up with second rank, the first rank went to a song who changed my life time completely, “keladi kanmani Paadaghan Sangadhi”.

After that no looking back friends, I got more laurels, even I cant able to count those, hat-trick rank in Tamizh exam, district rank in science talent test, district rank in my hindi exams, district rank in my 10th, ekalaiyavan award, best student award, abvp award, yuvakala award, a lot friends, I cant list out, credit goes to only one song, “keladi kanmani”

Being love

U know friends, I started to fall love, homosexual love, u may call it. But this time it was not like my teenage love with Sasikala, and my puppy love over my class teacher, those are infatuation, obsession loves, but this time I fall in true love, (andha mugam theriyada oruthanukagha naan engha arabhcihen, always thinking of that face-unknown person, sappadu, thanni eduvum sapidama love panna aarbhichen), but i don’t know even his name, how he will be, and how he is looking, I don’t know friends, but one thing is sure, I fall in love, (vairamuthu language la sollanum na, "kaan vizhithu kanavu kanden") which will going to give more laurels in my future.

Ok romba mokka potuten nu ninakiren, meedihya PART-2 la continue pannren, illati unghaluke bore adichidum, but ennaku balu va pathi pesa bore adikadhu.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pani Vizhum Malarvanam

The Tamil Film “Ninaivellam Nithya” (1982) has many wonderful songs. Let’s take it one by one.

This song does not need much explanation. This is a wonderful song wherein Balu’s voice and the accompanying guitar bit are woven in beautifully making it debatable on which is sweeter. It transcends all time barriers and sounds pleasant even today. This song is better listened, neglecting the visual content in the song which is not of much significance. Similar to the “Ilaya Nila” song, this one also has superb guitar play by IR. The way the music from the violin longingly lends itself to the end of the first two lines of the songs’s pallavi has the trademark of IR.

When Balu sings “Kaigal Idaidhanil Neligaiyil” he modulates his voice giving it a magical effect.

Panivizhum malarvanam un paarvai oru varam
inivarum munivarum thadumaarum kanimaram


saelai moodum ilanjoalai maalai soodum malarmaalai
irubadhu nilavugal nagamengum olividum
ilamaiyin kanavugal vizhiyoaram thulirvidum
kaigal idaigalil neligaiyil idaiveli kuraigaiyil
eriyum vilakkuch chiriththu kangal moodum


kaaman koayil siraivaasam kaalai ezhundhaal ha haa parigaasam
thazhuvidum pozhudhilae idam maarum idhayamae
viyarvayin mazhaiyile payiraagum paruvamae
aadum ilaigalil vazhigira nilavoli kulirgaiyil
mazhaiyil nanaindhu magizhum vaanambaadi



SPB at his best in a Hindi Melody from HAHK

Just listen to this song. It is from the Hindi Film "Hum Aapke Hain Koun (HAHK)" featuring Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit.How soft our SPB has rendered it. The mood of the song is captivating. It is a night song & romantic with a soft touch. Salman & Madhuri both look captivating in this song. SPB's voice is a perfect match for Salman and for quite some time he has been the automatic choice for Salman. It's a melody to the hilt.

The song starts off with a beautiful guitar play and our SPB's voice joins in seamlessly into the song with a soft touch. Just observe the sweetness in our SPB's voice. This reminds me of the first few words of one of Susheela's initial song "AMUDHAI POZHIUM NILAVAE" which clearly reflects on our "PAADUM NILA BALU". He in fact has poured honey into our ears. One of the features of almost all songs in this film is that the intermittent music between the Pallavi and Charanams is that of the other songs in the film. A unique approach by the Music Director RamLaxman.

This film was the first one i saw immediately (two days) after my marriage with my wife. A perfect movie at that time. We used to listen to the songs from this movie during our honeymoon trip, particularly this song on our Walkman with one earphone in one of my ears and the other one in hers.