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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Soul Sagacity

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Soul Sagacity

How a cini song should be to the ears of an amateur who listen music as a treat to the soul? Simply it should enter the ‘Helix’ of the ears with some soft instrumentation, flows towards the ‘Antihelix’, with some mild elevation of instrumentation, gives treat to the ‘Eardrum’ and ‘Cochlea’ of ears with mixing of voices of singers with instrumentation, and giving some overlapping effect to the semicircular canals, and finally it will end with the same effect as it starts in the Eustachian tube and gives some soothing effect to listeners’ soul. If you are one among those amateurs like me wants to feel this effect, let’s join with me, we’ll listen to the song “Manasukul Oru Puyal” from the movie “Star”

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“Manasukul Oru Puyal” song was composed by the great musician AR Rehman, penned by Vairamuthu(people are thinking its by Pa.Vijay), and sung by Sadana sargam along with SPB, a sweet chubby boy, people always lying that this boy’s age is sixty, sweet sixty?

Not the actors, but the composer also applies the facial of “Aaridharam” and in position to give so called commercial hits. A good composer always wants to give good quality songs, which will give the soothing effect as I’ve explained in the starting, but it’s the fans, we always make those composers to a core upset, and blaming them like anything. It’s the stupid fan, you rate a big to the “mukkabla’s” when there is quality of “Ennavale” is there. So please stop to blame composer, and listen to this song, you will escape from going to the hell for committing the mistake, and thanks to ARR for giving this melody to our ears and souls.

Dear Mr. Vairamuthu, how long you have planned to make earthquakes in the budding butts of flowers? You implemented it thru the voice of Janaki, then Chitra, and in this song, by Sadana Sargam. But anyway, fans like your analogies with real-world illusions!! Sadana Sargam ji, don’t lie that you don’t know Tamizh, your pronunciation of Tamizh words in this song is really amazing, and no need to explain about your voice as your having the word “Sargam” in your name itself.

By playing this song, I asked my mom that who sang this song; you know what the answer was from my mom? “SPB Charan”! That’s what the success of SPB is all about. Day by day the sweetness in his voice is in increasing graph. Just listen to the starting humming, and then in the ‘pallavi’ the starting of “Manasukul”, simply great! And in this song, SPB sang many words with ‘Tongue tip’ style, which adds sweetness to this song, just listen “Un Madiyil”, Simply awesome! And just listen to his domination over ARR and Sadhana Sargam in the overlapping effect, simply marvelous! Great, Awesome, Marvelous, these words are enough to praise this sixty year old chubby boy?

People are really amazed with SPB’s voice and use to ask how is SPB able to reach the soul everytime he opens to sing? For this simple question, do not interrogate the God, this amateur Balu is enough to answer you, take the answer.

SPB is having the Seventh Sense of soothing listeners’ Eighth Nerve, which connects ear to the soul.

Fact File

Friends, do you know this song was recorded live, with both the singers sang together.


SPB and Sadhana Sargam sang some duets in Hindi and Kannada too. What was the first duet sang by this duo in Tamizh?

S. Balasubramanian

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