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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Our SPB's Inspirations

Dear SPB Fans,

For quite some time, i have been posting song after song of our SPB. I thought "why not break this delightful monotony"

So, in this posting, i have embedded an audio file which features our own SPB talking in depth about his inspirations. It runs to "eleven" minutes.

This audio part is an extract from the "SPB ISAIPAYANAM 30" program (this took place in the year 1996 in Chennai commomorating his completion of 30 years singing). A few months back i had posted the audio file of the entire program running to 2 hours. I wonder how many of you would have had the time to listen to it fully and might have missed out this portion wherein he talks of his inspirations & influences of other singers on him.

What i have done now is prepare an extract of that portion of the program wherein our SPB narrates his inspirations. You will also hear GangaiAmaran's voice here and there as he was the compere for the program.

Unfortunately, the narration is completely in Tamil. However, non-Tamil fans can still enjoy the bit songs that our SPB renders when talking of his inspirations.

One will understand from the audio that our SPB's primary inspirations & influences were

1) Mohd.Rafi
2) Ghantasala Master
3) Kishore Kumar
4) P.B.Srinivas
5) T.M.Soundararajan
6) K.J.Yesudas

7) P Susheela & S Janaki (during his younger days when he had a female tone)

He talks about these singers and also sings one song each (only a few lines) of the male singers.


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கோவை ரவீ said...

Super Dasarathi sir.
To our WM sir pls do the needful Mr.Dasarathi request sir. Pls add in SPB website. Thx.