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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Eto Vellipoyindi Manasu..Rajesh


This song sung by Mr.Rajesh, Play Back Singer. I wish to him had SuPerB Sweet voice of SPB. Enjoy this song and wish to him.

SINGER: Mr.Rajesh (Gr8 Voice of SPB)

Thanks to Ms.N.Usha, Hyderabad for Lyrics, Snap, Song file and SuPerB her View.

This is a fantastic Melody song, sung by Mr. Rajesh
The humming coming in the middle of the song is soooo nice to hear
and enjoy the song in a lovely mood. This song was actually meant
for the Hero sing by thinking his lover and ask his family all about
his doubts. such a nice romantic, melodious song we should defenately hear once in
our life. we feel the feather touching of hearing this song. All of us must enjoy
the song and tell the feeling of yours.We can feel the emotion of Mr.Rajesh in
singing the song.

Eto Vellipoyindi Manasu..........
Eto Velli Poyindi Manasu, Ilaa vontarayindi vayasu
oh Challagaali Aachookitheesi Kaburiyaleva
Emayindo,Emayindo, Emayindo.........

Ee Snehamu Kaavaalani Innaalaki Theliyaledu
Ichenduke Manasundani Naakevvaru Cheppaledu
Chelimi chirunaamaa Thelusukogaane
rekkalochaayo, Emito....

Eto Vellipoyindi Manasu, Ilaa Vontarayindi Vayasu
Oh Challagaali Aachooki Theesi Kaburiyaleva
Emayindo, Emayindo, Emayindo........

Kalalannave Koluvundani Kanulundi Yemlaabamandhi,
Ye Kadalika Kanipinchani Silalaanti Brathukendukandhi
Thodakaru Unte Jeevitham Entho Vedukauthundi Antoo...

Eto Vellipoyindi Manasu, Ilaa Vontarayindi Vayasu
Oh Challagaali Aachooki Theesi Kaburiyaleva
Emayindo, Ahahaahaa manasu, Ilaa vontarayindi Vayasu
Oh Challagaali Aachuki Theesi Kaburiyaleva
Emayindo, Emayindo, Ahahahaa , Ahaahaahaa,
Mmmmmm ,Mmmmmm......

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Absolutely great ! Keep posting more of this kind.


It was so soothing... in these days of heavy orchestrisation,this is so refreshing.

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, This song was sung by Rajesh who imitated Balu very well. It's not SPB.

Bhanuprasad said...

it was marvellous!!!! so toching!!!

Covai Ravee said...

To Frieneds and Anonmy

Thanks for gr8 information this song was sung by Mr.Rajesh Play Back Singer. Sorry for wrong information. I congratulation to Mr.Rajesh had Sweet SPB Voice.

Once again thanks information.

usha said...

Sorry friends for my wrong details about this song. I really dont know about this song was sung by Rajesh. In future i'll take care this mistake won't happens again. Thanks for the comments in straight manner.

Covai Ravee said...

Hai Harephala

Thanks for enjoy this song this song sung by Mr.Rajesh. In oversight we (I and Usha mam) posted wrong information. So, pls bear with us. I was corrected correct details. And I also dedicate to Mr.Rajesh this song.

Thanks for visiting and keep touch with us regularly.

Covai Ravee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Dear Ravee,

Both Ms Usha and yourself are mistaken. The song was sung by Rajesh, not by SPB.

Rajesh sings just like SPB, and says he can't help it!

SPB himself told on several occasions that people were mistaken often that the song was sung by SPB. He adds that he received several calls congratulating him on this song!

- Ramana Murthy

Anonymous said...

This song is by 'RAJESH' (a singer from karnataka), who sounded very similar to GREAT SPB.
SPB sir himself mentioned the similiarity of voice in a gathering of 3000 people for a talent show finals in Bengalur few years ago.
Hope credit belongs where it is due.

- Sooryudu

Anonymous said...

Dear Covai Ravee,

Now I am going to bowl a GOOGLY to you.

Wondering what it is ?

Well, this song "Eto vellipOyindi manasu.." is NOT SUNG by our SPB. Surprised !!! But, it is true.

In 1996, I bought a cassette imemdiately on release and listened to it. I had no doubt that it was not SPB at that time. But repeated listening created a doubt in me and i curiously referred the details on the cassette cover and to my surprise I found that my doubt was right. IT WAS NOT SPB.

Who is the singer then ?

Well, it is RAJESH. His rendition seems to be just like our SPB. He has imitated SPB almost perfectly even the small laugh at one place. At that time, I thought he was a good mimic of our SPB. There were also a few other songs in the same film sung by RAJESH.

I once again heard about this RAJESH during the Jan 28th,2007 Bangalore Meet with our SPB. When someone asked our SPB about many upcoming singers imitating HIM, he said that the trend was not good for those singers. However, HE said that there were a few good singers like RAJESH whose natural voice resembled HIS for no fault of theirs and they were quite unfortunate to have such resemblance which would hamper their growth.

I think Rajesh is from Karnataka, if my memory is right.

Well. Rajesh had indeed fooled ONE & ALL.

warm regards,


zakaas4u said...

Dear Anna,

Thnx for this post. Rajesh's voice is very close to SPB sir's voice than Mano.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ravee & Dasarathi Sirs,

I wonder what is this!! How can this happen?

As the blog was from Ravee sir its like an authorised one...100% confirmed...And now I am seeing a mail from him, saying its not SPB. when I hear the song...its even more unbelievable & confusing.

All that glitters is not gold!!
There cant be one more Sun, one more moon & one more SPB voice!

The voice of Rajesh is likely to be Balu Sir's & is not able to be identified unless informed.

Its highly frustrating!


Covai Ravee said...

Hai Priya mam
How are you?

//The voice of Rajesh is likely to be Balu Sir's & is not able to be identified unless informed.//

We both (I and usha) are confused we are listerned first time. So we also confused. A small different i found in song our Baluji voice full strength slightly missing that's all but song very nice. Once again I thank to Mr.Dasarathy sir personally call me and told details immediatly.

the godfather said...

i dont know who has sung this song and neither do i understand telegu but this song is something which makes me standstill as long as the song is playing, great singing