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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Emi Ee Vintha Moham - Sri Sri Sri Maryada Ramanna (telugu)

Hi SPB Fans,

Today's post is a debut songs of our guruji in telugu.

"Emi Ee Vintha Moham" was from the film Sri Sri Sri Maryada Ramanna composed by S.P.Kondandapani. He sang the song alongwith P.B.Srinivas, Eelapati Raghuramayya and P.Suseela.

I am not aware of this songs is posted on this blog earlier or not.

This song was recorded on 15th Dec 1966 which is Guruji,s birthday as a Singer in the Film industry. & Movie was released in 1967. Guruji sang 2 songs for this movie.

I could not find the lyric for the song but found some articles from http://www.telugucinema.com/c/publish/movieretrospect/SreeSreeSreemaryaadaraamanna_retro.php

SPB on his debut film:

S P Balasubramanyam

This is my debut film. It happened because of Sree Kodandapani gaaru. He was one of the judges when I contested in a singing competition in 1963 in Madras. After the program, he came to me and said that I'd become a popular singer and will keep on singing for the next forty years! And, true to his blessings, I find myself still singing, even after forty years! He took me to S. Bhavanarayana gaaru, introduced me, and recommended me but nothing happened on that front. I was disappointed and went back to college to complete my second year AMIE.

Again, Kodandapani gaaru called me one day and took me to Padmanabham and asked me
to sing a song. I sang the title song of mErE mehboob, pibarE raamarasam, etc. to
Padmanabham, who liked my voice and assured that he'd definitely give me a chance. A
part of the song Emi yee vinta mOham! was intially supposed to be sung by Ghantasala
maasTaaru. He went to his native place to attend to his mother who fell ill and was thus
unable to come to the recording. As the shooting neared, they made me sing it on an ad
hoc basis, with an intention to replace it with Ghantasala maasTaaru's voice if it was not
as good. Though I had only one charaNam to sing, I practised the whole song. On the day
of recording, December 15, 1966, no car came to pick me up.
I waited for sometime and went the studio on my bicycle. Until I went to Vijaya Gardens, I
had a feeling that they might not have liked my voice, but when I reached I was informed
that the car had a mechanical problem. After waiting for some time, I got a call from
Kodandapani gaaru and I recorded the whole song in twenty minutes. I was paid Rs. 300/-
as the remuneration for this song. I mailed Rs. 100/- to my father. At that time, I used to
get Rs. 80/- per month from my home to meet my expenses in Madras as I was staying in
a room along with other friends for my studies.
While sending the money, I also wrote to my father that he need not send me money for
another two months. My first song along with bigwigs like P.B. Sreenivos, Raghuramayya
gaaru, and P. Susheela was a memorable experience. When Ghantasala maasTaaru
returned from the village they showed the song to him. He said that my voice was good
and insisted that the voice should be kept as is in the song. It was his blessings and S.P.
Kondandapani gaari blessings, which I cannot forget even after forty years...

Padmanabham speaks:

Veeturi and I are very good friends. He was the permanent writer for our drama troupe
'Rekha and Murali Arts' (Rekha is Vallam Narasimha Rao's daughter and Murali is
Padmanabham's son who acted in Pelli Kaani Thandri, a remake of the Hindi flick Kuvaaraa
Baap). Though I was busy with films, I used to allocate ten days each month for dramas.
My brother Purushottham, music director S.P. Kodandapani, Director K. Hemambharadhara
Rao, Actors Perumallu, Dandu Venkataraju from Keshavaram were my partners in this
troupe. Veeturi gave me a story for a drama but the herione had a double role and we
thought it'd not suit a drama and put it aside. But then, Kodandapani pursuaded me to do
it as a film, and I approached NTR for the film.
He agreed to do it immediately and that movie was eventually a big hit; yes, it's Devatha
with Savithri in dual role. Then we did another film Potti Pleader-u based on Bhamidipati
Radhakrishna's play "idEmiTi?" (Sobhan Babu's first dual role film) which was also a big
hit. After getting success in two films, we started out third film Sree Sree Sree Maryaada
Ramanna. As I had a comedian image, we chose the film with a theme that has scope for
comedy as well as a message-oriented concept.
In both the previous films, several actors acted in guest roles, which was a good plus for
these films. So we decided to do it the same way in this film too and we requested
Krishna, Sobhan Babu, and Harinath to do a song in the film with Rajasree. We planned to
get the song sung by Raghuramayya gaaru, P.B. Sreenivos, and Ghantasala maasTaaru,
but maasTaaru was busy at the time of recording. It was then that S.P. Kondandapani
gaaru showed me SPB and introduced him as a good singer.
So we thought to go ahead and record the song with him instead of Ghantasala gaaru.
Today, I feel very proud to say that he was from our banner! The film became a landmark
due in Telugu films to Balu's debut. The film was a huge success in itself, and we wanted
to dub it into tamil too but it didn't work out due to some reasons. Out of my 400 movies,
this film gave me utmost satisfaction, I should say.
The film's indoor shoot was done entirely at Golden Studio and Prasad Studios. For
outdoor, Padamu village in Chittor district was our location. The tiger fight scene was also
shot at Golden Studio. We used a real tiger and got its jaws stitched together for safety,
but it was still too risky. S.P. Kodandapani appeared in a small role in the film also, as a
person who brings to the King's court a complaint about a cat. (This is his second screen
appearance, after appearing as a music conductor in the film Potti Pleader-u). The
producer, and Padmanabham's brother, Purushottham shares the scene with Kodandapani.

A shepherd boy Rami (Padmanabham) becomes Rammanna with the blessings of a sage.
The Minister and the Army Commander of the kingdom torture the people for more money
on the taxes. Ramanna informs this to the King, and the King offers him to take the
throne for three months and solve the problems. Ramanna takes the challenge and
succeeds in that and also wins the heart of the princess in this process.

About the film:
The film is more famous as the greatly well-versed, popular Guinness record-holder
playback singer Padmasri S.P. Balasubrahmanyam debuted with the film as a singer.

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