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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

PBS, Susheela, Janaki, SPB Felicitated

PBS, Susheela, Janaki, SPB Felicitated
[Friday, May 30, 2008]

In a grand and opulent style the four top playback singers of this nation Dr.P.B.Srinivas, P.Susheela, S.Janaki and Dr.S.P.Balasubramaniam were felicitated by producer of 'Ganga Cauvery' R.V.Venkatappa at the audio release of the film at Chowdaiah Memorial Hall in Bangalore on Thursday evening.

It was a touching felicitation function and the first audio release of a film made by S.P.Balasubramaniam in Kannada. Symbolizing Ganga and Cauvery rivers a set was erected by art director Hosmane Murthy at the audio release function.

Addressing on this occasion noted playback singer Dr.SPB said,” The love and affection what he got from Karnataka has not come for him from any other part of the country. Dr.PB Srinivas, S.Janaki and P.Susheela and me are all non Kannadigas yet the people of Karnataka showed immense love for the talent. They simply loved our songs. This is admirable said SP Balasubramaniam. I have learnt so many things in my profession from PBSji, Janakiamma and Susheelamma. Among them the humbleness is most important”.

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Mr.R.G.Narayanan view, Bangalore

This event happend a little over a month ago. The function was held towards the audio release of the film 'Ganga Kaveri', featuring the producer Mr. R.V. Vemkatappa's son Akshay.

In this fuction they felicitated Shr. P.B.Srinivas, Smt. P.Susheela, Smt. S.Janaki and our beloved Shri. S.P.B. To add to the events narrated by Covai Ravee, our man was in a pretty jovial mood from the start. Before the diginitaries were called to the dias, they were seated in the front row of the audience area, where our man was regaling SJ with some joke or the other, and as usual, she was continuously laughing, from time to time joined by PS.

To give a hint of his palyful mood;

while they were trooping one behind the other to the dias, PBS, PS,SJ,SPB one behind the other [in that order], our man put both hands on SJ's each shoulder and mimicked the way children run behind one-another like a train, moving from one side to another!

While PS was asked to speak, she apologised for not being able to speak kannada, and asked if Balu would translate what she spoke. Our man readily took the mic, but he was less in a mood to translate than to have fun. So, when she said, that there two kokhilam [Kuyil] on stage [referring to herself and SJ], our man immediately shot back saying, [roughly translated] 'I dont know who started this habit of calling females 'kokhila'... The word kohilam comes from Sanskrit and it connotes male gender. Kokhilam is never applied as a female gender... I dont know why, but you females have hijacked the word, and we males are left in lurch without having anything to call ourselves... . This is really unfair... [pointing to the crowd], let all the males unite against this.... No amma, you should accept that there are 4 kokhilam on stage...'. Needless to say everyone was in splits.

To take it to next level he said, pointing to PBS, 'he is a kokhilam, I always call Susheela amma 'white' kokhilam, isn't she a white kokhila....[ turning to SJ who was sitting right next to him, moving his hand over her head in playfull caressing way] this lady sitting next to me.... er.... is a 'white head' kokhila [referiing to her greying hair]'... The whole audi was enjoying and laughing their hearts out [including SJ, who knows our mans way only too well]....

Somehow the topic went to age when PBS had first spoken [calling himself 16 year old, because of a kannada song which starts 'I am a 16 year old boy', he had sung for Dr. Raj I believe], and PS who spoke next, also took it up as a theme and spoke how she had no white hair, so she was younger, etc :) . Then SJ came and said, 'Of all the people on stage I am the youngest'... Immediately our man, leaned sideways, with hands on his hip, and gave a mock offended expression!! ! to which SJ retorted saying 'Yeah... yeah... I know Balu, you are the youngest by way of age, but I was talking about experience'

All the other dignitaries and organisers praised how, though all of these singers mother tounge not being kannada have contributed so much with such great songs in Kannada. And as Ravee has mentioned, our man as he usually does, showered/ heaped all praises for Kannada fans.

Just tought would fill in our people on the non-core aspects of the function. Hope you liked reading this....

R.G.Narayanana, Bangalore

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