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Friday, August 28, 2009



Hi All

The Institution chosen was 'Indira Gandhi International Academy', which houses about 260 children studying from Standard 1 to PUC. These children are the wards of SriLankan refugees housed at various camps in India.

After shortlisting the list of requirements put forth by the school, we had supplied 130 Trunks [for the children to store their belongings], 10 desks with draws for teachers from standards 1 to 10. A Fridge, and a couple of Basket Ball Boards with Hoops and net.

Malarvannan, Prabhanjan & Arvind along with Toufeeq played a major role in scouting, bargaining and procuring the items. I think everyone will agree when I say, Malarvannan stood up and took the overall responsibility, Prabhanjan and Arvind Pitched in with great enthusiasm and they pulled it off really well. Kudos!!

Well, the school children had made a fabulous decoration - they had put up 'thoranam' right from the gate all the way up to the school, and made colourful designs with flowers, and a welcome message for our Guruji with different flowers - all in all a spellbinding decoration. Those who saw it would vouch for the beauty of the arrangement.

Our Guruji arrived at 7:30 AM sharp, got out of the car at the gate when he saw children lined up on both sides to welcome him, garland him etc. He was cordially welcomed by the founder Mr. Mohan, Ms. Lakshmi Gopinath - Founder Bright Society & a volunteer as well, and Ms. Chitra Rajasekhar.

Guruji was directly taken to the 'dining room' which had doubled up as the events rooms, where they had made a dias of sorts. After the welcome note by Ms. Lakshmi, the talent events started. It was truly impressive seeing the children perform so well. As Malar has already explained about this, let me skip a repeat.

Mr. Mohan welcomed our Guruji and spoke about their longing for their homeland, and made an impaasionate plea to Guruji to lend his voice to unite all Srilankan Tamils, as his voice was the one they all had grown up listening to.

Our Guruji, praised the children for all the effort, and mentioned that he too grew up listening to Radio Ceylon, which played not just Tamil songs, but also Hindi & other language songs. He spoke how language which is just a means of communication between people and that it should not end up becoming a barrier between them. He praised the school, teachers and Volunteers for all the effort they have put, and also the fact that a school for Sirlankan Tamils was setup in Karnataka. He spoke in a way to encourage Children in their lives ambitions.

His impromptu rendition of the song which Little Deepa wrote put us all on an emotional high. Many of our fans were seen feeling thrilled, and getting goose bumps [self included].

All Fans on their volition had sponsored the breakfast for the day on personal account - which was bread omlette, egg etc. The school authorities had graciously accepted our request to arrange for 'veg' breakfast for our Guruji. They had arranged a breakfast for all our fans, not just Guruji. Idli, vada, Pongal and Coffee. We all sat along with the children and had breakfast.

Then Guruji had a tete-a-tete with the fans. Prabhanjan gave Guruji his marriage invite. Prasad Babu informed that it was his marriage anniv, and Guruji promptly gave him a boquet... and then he left the venue at about 9:45 AM.

The event, in my humble opinion was a resounding success in all aspects.

Vijay from Hyderabad with is friend, Abu Bucker from Pondy, Arvind Royan with his friend, Malarvannan, Prasad Babu, Satish and his two friends, Prabhanjan with his friend Suresh, Chitra [who is our fans group member and also a counsellor/ volunteer at the school] participated [Pl forgive me if I have missed out anyone]

I second what Prasad has said. I think it would be a very good gesture, and show people our fiundation is just not about donations but also that we take things we do seriously and whole heartedly in many way.

I am sure our man would indeed compose musc and sing those lyrics. For, everyone present knows that he said to Mr. Mohan 'I will compose music, sing and send this to you. You might use it in your 'unifying' attempts, or other song collections you put together. But, not many know that when he was just about to go back into the Airport at Departure Gate, he fumbled through all his pockets to find that one piece of paper, and as he found it he said :

"'Naan idhai paadi kodukkaren nu solli irukken sir. Adhaan yengayaavadhu misplace panniteno nu bhayandhuttean. Andha ponnu yezhudhinadhu. Record panni avangalukku anuppanum."
"I have promised to set tune to these lyrics by that girl; sing & send it to them. Thats why I was afraid if I had misplaced it. I have to record & send it to them" - Translation

Here is the lyrics in Tam: People who feel upto it to make a meaningful gramatically correct translation into other languages can attempt to do so please.

வானம் ஒன்றுதான்
பூமி ஒன்றுதான்
மனித ஜாதியும் ஒன்றுதான்

உண்மை ஒன்றுதான்
உள்ளம் ஒன்றுதான்
உலகத நீதியும் ஒன்றுதான்

உலகில் என்றுதான் போர்கள் ஓயுமோ
நன்மை காண்பதும் அன்றுதான்
எத்தனை அரசுகள் எத்தனை முரசுகள்
எத்தனை எத்தனை யுத்தங்கள்

கொஞ்சும் புறாக்கள் பீரங்கிக்குள் கூடுகட்டவே
இடம் வேண்டும்
போர்க்களை ஒழித்து பூமி படைப்போம்
பூபாளம் பாட வாருங்களே
போர்க்களம் எங்கும் பூச்செடி வெய்த்து




Giridhar Raja said...

To all who made this event a great success:

Kudos for pulling off a great charity event at Bangalore. I'm glad that the entire team came together to make this event a great success. What's important to our charitable foundation is to ensure the money reaches the most deserving, providing them the most essential items for their daily living.

An event of this magnitude involves a lot of hard work from several committed people. It's very heartening to see that our charitable foundation has found many more of such people through this event.

Once again, hats off to you all. May SPB Fans Charitable Foundation grow to greater heights!!

Best wishes & Kind regards,
Giridhar Raja

Anonymous said...

By god’s grace I could able to go to Banguluru from Hyderabad, and grace the event, irrespective of the fact that the following day is Vinayaka Chaturthi. As Narayana and Malarvanan mentioned the event really went well. I was thrilled to stay in the presence of our BOSS for 2:30 hours. Kudos to Bengolore friends for their excellent effort to make this event go wonderful. Thanks to Prabhamjan, Narayana and other friends (Sorry I can’t remember all the name) for giving me good company. After our Guruji left, we assembled in the ground for some time and had some fun (singing, joking etc…).

Mangalampalli, Vijay

Anonymous said...

Good Work Bangalore friends ...Good to know that Foundation starts spreading it's activities branched across country from chennai , hyderabad & Bangalore... Wish the same to grow in large scale to help the needy in bigger way ...
Tnx to Webmaster & Moderators and Our Beloved SPBji for their support in all our activities.

Luv and Live with Music