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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Bangalore Annual Meet Slide show

Bangalore Annual Meet Slide show.

Dear Bangalore Team,

HATS OFF to you ALL (RG & Mrs.RG, Prabhanjan, Arvind, Pradeep .......) for putting together a wonderful show and also enhancing it with some professional tocuhes (using Venu & Kalyan) to add a difference to this event.

After a long time, we had the fortune of listening to the Great Man singing some numbers close to his heart - courtesy Venu & Kalyan pair cooridnated by Bangalore Team

One more highlight (which i think Mr.Giridhar may be pointing out in his email) is that this Meet had the highest collection of Contributions / Donations till date. The overall response was astounding emphasised by the strength of the attendance

The show featuring Venu & Kalyan compensated that feeiling to a great extent

To sum it up, IT WAS A GREAT AND DIFFERENT EVENT which deserves abundant applause from ONE & ALL

After a long time, we had the fortune of listening to the Great Man singing some numbers close to his heart - courtesy Venu & Kalyan pair cooridnated by Bangalore Team

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Anonymous said...

Dear friends,

My special Kudos to R.G & Banglore team for the successful meet. Hope everyone enjoyed the meet, it shows the effort you & your team had put together.

RG & other members of the team, if fans express the goods & bads you dont need to apologise, coz these are the mistakes which is going to rectify us for the next meet wherever & whoever organise next year, so you all should get cheered up.

here below i am also going to express the ups & downs of the meet, these are all expectations of our group members, no one can make it 100% perfect to satisfy all the members. Hope the team will take it in the +ve way.

Proud moments:

1. HATS OFF for the arrangements made for the event in the given smaller time, i had lots of experience in making it,

2. Inviting to this meet of our speical Guests Mr.Charan & Sathya ( coz except the Chennai meet Charan had not participated in the meet) So on behalf of all the fans who had attended the meet I thank Mr.Charan & Mr.Sathya for the precious time spent with us)

3. Thanks to Webmaster for the cooperation for organaising this meet in Bangalore .

4. Thanks for the wonderful momentos given to all the participants, its really a wonderful gift. Keep it up.

5, Its great to make our Guruji to cut the cake for the celebration of getting the PADMABHUSHAN AWARD.

6. The venue is really gud & Audio is also good, even the last row fans had heard it very clearly. gud show.

7. Thanks for the refreshment b4 the start of the meet.

8. The interaction between Kalyan & Vishnu is good, new episode.

- Venky Ram, Chennai

Chitra said...

My sincere thanks and appreciation for the Bangalore team for their meticulous
planning and execution of the EVENT. What we got was a few unforgettable
hours of HIS kindness and ofcourse music.

I know it has taken months of coordination and efforts in putting together the days programme
and the team members have every reason to feel proud .

Thanks once again.


Muralitharan said...

Dear RG & Team,

I would like to express my thanks in my following way:-

1. Thanks for the excellent hotel arrangements. Personal thanks to Mr. Prabhanjan, who was so kind enough to call us early in the morning (3AM) to find out whether we have arrived safely and the hotel accomodations were all in order. We are pleased by the support.

2. Although lots of our friends are rushing to take pictures with their own camera, the organisers were so patient to request all of us to be seated and watch the show. Kudos to that!

3. Thanks for a wonderful photo session.

4. Though we missed a personal touch a little by Q&A, we were extremely happy to hear a lot of unusual songs from our Great Man's voice. I think RG's homework has really worked well on this subject. Ofcourse, a quiz program would hv had more fun!

5. Thanks for the lovely food

In terse, i could see an excellent team work with high level of enthusiasm and motivation.

Keep up the good work and congratulations from my side.

Best Regards,

Sattur Sankar said...

Dear Friends,
Enjoyed the great Sunday on yesterday along with our Big Man at Bangalore. Thanks a lot for the organisers those who put a great effort for the meet.


Subramanian said...

Dear Trustee / Friends,

I would like to thank every one for arranging wonderful meet with the legend Mr. SPB Sir and wonderful human being along with other friends at Bangalore. I have been waiting for quite some time to participate this kind of meet at least once in my life. Once again many thanks to Sri. SPB sir spending time with us when he is having busy schedule that too on Sunday.

Secondly , Congratulations to the team in Banglore for the arrangment which they have done for today's event. It is not that easy job to do but managed well. Being at Bangalore, I felt bad for not participated with the team to do the arrangment due to personal reasons. My apologies.
But somehow i am able to participate to the meet.

The event gave an opportunity for me to meet friends whom i have been interacting through the mails so far particularly Mr.Covai Ravee, Mr. Gopalakrishan from Covai, Mr.Vikas from Mumbai, Mrs Geetha Narayanan from Covai and Mr.Giridhar from Chennai. I also came to know many things through the meet about the SPB Fans Charity Trust. I was thinking something different before.

Very happy to be a friend of one of the great human being and global icon Sri. SPB.

Thanks again.
Subramanian. Bangalore