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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Suriyan Radio Presentation of 4th June 2008

Dear Friends,

The following Lovely comments from G.Dasarathy Sir, Chennai. I welcome his comments and appreciations and i sat to him Thanks a lot. These all credits goes to Dr.SPB and Mr.Sunder, Bostton.

Here is the given again 3 audio same files links for Other Lang SPB Fans.

File 1

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Covai Ravee Avargale,

They say something in Tamil which translates to "Even if it is late, it is the latest" in English. I have been late in listening to this Suriyan Radio Presentation of 4th June 2008 but I am trying to present my latest comments I thought it would be easy to comment, but alas, I am at a loss for words to express the uniqueness of this great radio presentation. Only a true and great fan of SPB can make such a program possible. Dear Covai Ravee, HATS off to YOUR initiative and efforts & ably supported by Sundar as I understand. What a way to celebrate the LEGEND's birthday by presenting a program which is a dextrous mixture of events that took place in the Singer's life during the different periods of his life and making it come as a live show and that too presenting along with his UNSUNG songs series.

File 2

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The Suriyan FM presenter Mr.Lakshmi Narayan and Mr.Ravi Varma have added life and soul to the program through wonderful editing and presentation. The base voice of Lakshmi Narayan seems to add beauty to the effect of the night. Congratulations. Eventhough, I have been one of those fortunate fans who had seen the 30 years celebration of our SPB's singing career and heard all 14 unsung songs of HIS, the way a mix of the two were presented by SURIYAN FM was simply astouding. We could feel the truth and sincerity in SPB's voice when he expressed his thanks to all HIS seniors and forerunners in the Industry, to all those who had paved the path for HIM and to the FANS One would have felt our hairs bristle on listening to Kalaignar Karunanidhi, S.Janaki & Vaali praising our GURUji. We would have rejoiced listening to the popular songs of other singers in our LEGEND's sweet, melliflous & expressive voice. And finally the way some of his other songs were interlaced into the program. It is superb. For eg. the "naan oru medai paadagan..." (i am a stage singer.....) seems to accurately present the views which he used to express at many occasions. It says "i have learnt very little and still have a lot to learn" "I go to wherever there is music".

File 3

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It applies to HIM the song "madai thiranthu......" - is a true depiction of an aspiring artiste and suits his state of that period when he was trying to make a name for himself in the industry the song "paadum bothu naan......" - talks about his songs and himself as well and we can go on adding the positives of all the songs presented in endless time. I stop now to once again congratulate the team of Covai Ravee, Sundar, Suriyan's Lakshmi Narayan & Ravi Varma for a memorable and unique presentation on the memorable day of our LEGEND. This year's celebrations have started off really great. KEEP it up HATS off to Sundar for making available the complete series of UNSUNG songs on Esnips to all the Fans



usha said...

hi Ravi Sir,
really a gr8 work done by u..what a song selection u have done for the birthday spl?.. really superb..beautiful collection of undung songs by our gr8 S.P.B Sir... I really enjoyed all the songs in his voice, which we all missed in past...If possible make another programme of our guruji, continue of this programme... that will be a nice idea to hear more words from HIM.. enjoyed a lot of HIS interview with gr8 songs...the programme RJ's are also present the programme nicely.... Hats of to this programme... thanx a lot on behalf of all the fans of S.P.B.Sir.....

Anonymous said...

ravee sir...FM program was excellent. It was neatly organized and very nice content.was inspiring.. Pray God you hard work earns you more and more recognition...
enkatakrishna, bostton

Anonymous said...

You have done a great job.We really enjoyed the programme.We would love to listen to more of this type.Being a great fan of S.P.B,I would like to get these songs.. Can u please send these wonderful collections to my id.. 'p.haksar@yahoo.com' ??Can i get your email id please..??