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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Invigorating the Musical Muscle

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Invigorating the Musical Muscle

SPB is a legendary singer and there is a Yahoo!Group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/spbfans) for him, where there are many great fans of SPB, those fans not only discussing about SPB’s songs but also serve to our society and prove that they are great fans of SPB, who is known for his modesty and humanity apart from his melodious voice. In this group, SPB’s fans are gathered as a family and discussing about SPB’s songs, and sometimes they use to start different kinds of forums too, in that context last year one of the members started a forum of comparing SPB with some epic characters. At that time there was a controversy raised when one of the valued members compared SPB with ‘Ramayanam’ villain Ravana in order to say that SPB is a multi faced personality got thrived in Singing, Music, producing the films and acting as Ravana got ten faces with him. Because of that controversy flare-up, I left my own idea of comparing SPB with ‘Ramayana’ Vaali, who usually gets the opponents’ power while fighting, as SPB usually gets doubly power while singing duets with counterpart and many times he outshines the composers also with his amazing improvisation and stylish way of singing, for the instances, there are many songs, in which, especially I love the song ‘Nenjam paadum’ from ‘Nenjil Oru Raagam’.

In this song, SPB sang only few lines, and one can count the number of words sung by SPB in this song. But the way he picks up the song is quite amazing. SPB actually didn’t sing this song, but just humming and some lively instrumentation work with his voice.

A song is considered to be a live one, not only by means of the musical compositions, but also by means of the zeal expression by a singer. In this song, SPB gives energetic effects to the song with his purring picks and whining whistles and his usual stamp of ‘dhara ra’ and “la la”’s.

While singing this song, Balu gives some intoxicated effects, and the way he lifts the same in the second stanza is beyond the definition of eulogy and his voice reflects both the shades and sides of a congenial coin of singing.

There is a denigration about SPB that he Monopolizes the southern musical field over the years, if one wants the greatest illogical statement ever, then take this, actually they people do not aware of the truth that bee will go to the honey filled flowers. But, it’s very much true that SPB is dominating the co-singers with his voice, but at the same time, he inspires them with his voice and way of singing, hence I supposed to compare him with the great Vaali of Raamayana.

BTW, I forgot to tell, this song was composed by T.Rajendar and S.Janaki sang this song along with SPB.

-S. Balasubramanian (www.prodigyhub.org)

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