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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Leela Legacy

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Leela Legacy

Kamal Hasan is Brain Lara of Tamizh Cinima, as Lara’s effort always to a losing west indian’s cricket team, Kamal’s effective endeavor always to the commercial flop tamizh movies. There are innumerable flop movies in those Kamal’s performance went to vain. But a true artist like Kamal never loses their confidence, and always trying the best. Being a singer on his own, Kamal always gives importance to music, next to his favorite make-up department. One can surely go for Kamal’s movies for Kamal’s performance and also for the music. For most of the film, Ilaiyaraja composed the Music, and mostly all the songs still ringing in the ears, in which there is a song “Enge Endan Kaadhali” from “Enakul Oruvan”.

For ‘Ennakul Oruvan’, the music scored by Ilaiyaraja. This song was sung by SP.Balasubramanium. Actually, this is a bit lengthy song compared to other contemporary songs by Raaja. It’s a dialogue based song too, and SPB made it very lively with his zeal-filled voice.

There are many instances where I befuddled by SPB’s voice with Kamal’s. There are many songs sung by SPB, which I was thinking that those were by Kamal himself, especially songs with dialogue, I can list many, to list a few, “Hey My dear Look here, here I say, ahha” from Guru, “Come sweety, lets dance together” from Ouruvangal Maaralam”, and this song’s “Solladhe appadi”, all of you aware of cat cloning, dog cloning, but this purely a voice cloning, replicate the reality.

For a romantic hero, a singer must give some exquisite elfin effects (EEE, we use to call this ability, its not an engineering stream) while singing romantic numbers, just feel that EEE by SPB in the lines “aha..naan vaasikadha vaadhiyame nee oruthidan anbe”.

Kamal is not only a romantic hero, but he is a good dancer too. As you aware, he was working as a choreographer in his early stages of career. For a dancing hero, a composer always prefers the usage of drums mainly in the song sequence. And the job of singer is to fill the places with some “ra pa”, “dhadhom” and etc. This is cup of tea for SPB, as he sang many songs in this fashion, who will forget “Thevai Indha Paavai” and “Pachondiye Kelada” from Andha Oru Nimidam”, and in this song also SPB is very much joining with the drums, and his “reba..raba” and “rapa rapa” are honey to our ears.

Sure, SPB is Sachin Tendulkar of Indian Music.

-S.Balasubramanian (www.prodigyhub.org)

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