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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Romantic Song is enunciating enthusiasm

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Romantic Song is enunciating enthusiasm

There is a big variation between a Love duet and a romantic duet. For a love song, in my view, no need of much effort from a singer, as these songs always represent the love between a hero and heroine of a story. To sing these kinds of songs, Tamizh Film Music got many fabulous singers in the names of PBS, Hariharan, by late, Karthik, they impress a lot in these songs. In Contrast, it’s very (add on more very’s series) difficult to sing romantic numbers, because in these songs, the singers must be in a position to represent not only the feel of love, but in addition to that, they have to give the feel of teasing, mischievous, Ishq (Love play) and more importantly singers should decorate the songs with lively work such as smiles, spruce and some side-splitting work too. AM Raja was one such singer, and his impish “Pattu padava” is the best example for romantic numbers. After his demise, there was void for his place, then SPB took that place, and till date, he is the solitary singer for singing these kinds of songs, hence SPB sang many such songs, one among is “Mutham poadadhe” from “Ennakul Oruvan”.

“Mutham poadadhe” from “Ennakul Oruvan” song was sung by SPB with S.Janaki. SPB is famous for his stylish way of pronouncing each and every word of a song, in this song also, in the pallavi, he whispers “poadhadhe”, emphasizes “Rathamm” and elastic enunciating of “Naaneme Naanudhe”, and Janaki also there to enhance the song.

There is a long running debate between Music and lyrics. Many people are arguing that Lyrics is for Music, and many also there for the vice versa. This song is, atleast the Charanam “Tamizhnattil Eppodho Madhuvilaku” is surely music for lyrics. It’s tough for any music directors to compose music for a string of words, but composer will get a relief, when they get a singer like SP.Bala, who always gives ‘renaissance’ to the lyrics with his romantic voice. In this song also he gives impulsive effect to the charanam, and reduces the burden of Raaja with his ‘alapana’ work.

Whenever I listen to this song, I usually remember another masterpiece of SPB-S.Janaki “Seer Kondu Vaa”, especially, SPB’s improvisation of uttering the word “Va” two times in the finishing. In this “Mutham Podhadhe” song too, when Janaki finishes the first Stanza, SPB starts with “Podhadhe”, instead of singing “Muttham Podhadhe”, apart from composers’ logic, SPB’s lateral thinking gives life to a song always.

A romantic song without SPB’s stamp smile? Never. In this song, his long-but paused laughing adds value to the romantic environment, and remembers SPB’s another romantic laughing in “Siriya paravai” song of “Andha Oru Nimidam”

Singers usually give popularity to a song, but SPB, on the other hand, gives perpetuity to a song.

-S.Balasubramanian (www.prodigyhub.org)

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