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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mazhai Tharumo En Megam ...... our SPB pleads

Dear SPB Fans,

This is a lovely melody from the 1978 Tamil Movie "Manidharil Iththanai NirangaLaa" starring SriDevi and Murali Mohan. Kamal has also acted in this movie but not as an hero.

Did you all notice the humming of a female voice at the end of the Pallavi and Charanams. This was by SP.Shailaja the beloved sister of our SPB. This marked her entry into Tamil Film singing and she had started with a small role of humming in her own brother's song. Her full fledged song however was in 1979 only.

Shyam is the Music Director. This is one among his melodies. Many would have forgotten him. But he does seem to have to his credit some good numbers which may not be known to many. Maybe we can explore those at a later stage.

Good music with violins at the start and with guitar picking up in the pallavi and violins peeping in here and there in the charanams. I happened to note one feature of this song. It does not have any identifiable music in the interludes. The humming of SPS is the only bridging link between the Pallavi and the Charanams and the overall effect you get is that of a continuously rendered song. I have not heard anything like this before. Seems to be a unique composition by Shyam.

Our SPB has sung this with lot of bass in his voice, maybe, to project the mood of the song wherein the hero (MM) expresses his state of mind & being and calls upon the herione (SD) to open up and accept his love and longing for her and wondering how all this would happen. Good lyrics indeed (i am not able to get the name of the lyricist - someone can help)



mazhai tharumO yen mEgam
mayangudhamma yeNNangaL yaavum
thOhaikku thoodhuvan yaarOthOL thotta thendraladi
thodarndhu nee paadum raagam yennaponvandE…. (mazhai tharumO)


thEnirukkum vaNNa malar nEraadudhu
thEneeeyil ondru ingu pOraadudhu… (ThEnirukkum)
azhaikkindra kaNgaL seiyum aanandha kOlam
thadai pOdum uLLam Yaar seidha paavam…(2)
thaLirE nee annappEdu yeNNam maarumaa… (Mazhai TharumO)


kOvilukkuL dheiva magaL kudiyErinaaL
kaadhalukkuL yendru avaL padiyEruvaaL..
sirikkindra thanga sirpam thEril varaaadhO
silai vaNNam angEkalai uLLam ingE..
nilai thannai solla thoodhuvan yengE
iLaikkindra sEdhi Solla anbE Odi vaa… (Mazhai TharumO)


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magisivappa said...

Great song of the season.

Nice to listen to the song when there is pleasant rain and great weather.

Thank you

Sebastin Pradeep said...

மழை தருமோ ஏன் மேகம் …
மயங்குதம்மா எண்ணங்கள் யாவும் …
தோஹைக்கு தூதுவன் யாரோ … தோள் தொட்ட தென்றலடி
தொடர்ந்து நீ பாடும் ராகம் என்ன … பொன்வண்டே …. (மழை தருமோ)

… ஆஆஅஹஹா …ஓஹோஹோ ….ம்ம்ஹ்ஹ்ஹூஒம் …

தேனிருக்கும் வண்ண மலர் நேராடுது …
தேனீயில் ஒன்று இங்கு போராடுது … (தேனிருக்கும்)
அழைக்கின்ற கண்கள் செய்யும் ஆனந்த கோலம்
தடை போடும் உள்ளம் யார் செய்த பாவம் …(2)
தளிரே நீ அன்னப்பேடு எண்ணம் மாறுமா … (மழை தருமோ)

… ஆஆஅஹஹா …ஓஹோஹோ ….ம்ம்ஹ்ஹ்ஹூஒம் …

கோவிலுக்குள் தெய்வ மகள் குடியேறினால் …
காதலுக்குள் என்று அவள் படியேருவாள் ..
சிரிக்கின்ற தங்க சிற்பம் தேரில் வராதோ …
சிலை வண்ணம் அங்கே … கலை உள்ளம் இங்கே ..
நிலை தன்னை சொல்ல தூதுவன் எங்கே …
இளைக்கின்ற சேதி சொல்ல அன்பே ஓடி வா … (மழை தருமோ)

… ஆஆஅஹஹா …ஓஹோஹோ ….ம்ம்ஹ்ஹ்ஹூஒம் …