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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

"Kavidhaigal Sollum...." num Balu

Dear SPB Fans,

This song is from the 2001 film "Ullam Kollai Poguthe" starring Anjala Javeri, Prabhu Deva, Karthik.

I have chosen this song for the way our SPB has sung this one. If you notice, he sings it lightly without stressing too much on the words and gives a melodious flow to the lyrics. One more highlight of this song is the way he has modulated his voice to sound young, young and really young (he must have been 54 at that time but he sounds 20 to 25 years younger). The tone also matches for Karthik who lipsyncs for this song. Listen to the way he renders the word "Peyar" in the first line of the song. There are lot of small improvisations by him in this song like a small laughter, the way he sings same lines differently and so on. Have your ears tuned to register all these.

Music is by Karthik Raja and lyrics penned by Pa.Vijay.

Listen and enjoy this light melody with Sujatha accompanying our SPB for this song


kavidhaigaL sollava, un peyar sollava
iraNdumae ondrudhaan oho
oviyam varaiyava, un kaal thadam varaiyava
iraNdumae ondrudhaan oho
yaar andha roja poo
en kanavil medhuvaaga
poo veesi poonaaL, avaL yaaro?

uLLam koLLai poagudhey
unnai kaNda naaL mudhal
uLLam koLLai poagudhey
anbae en anbae
(uLLam koLLai poagudhey...)

(kavidhaigaL sollava...)

pulveLi meedhu nadakkadhey
hey palagaihaL irukku poongaavil
adhai dhaan padithida kaatrukku
oh theriyaadhey theriyaadhey
pookkaLai pookkaLai theeNdaadhey
malar kaatchiyil solgiRa soRkaL idhu
adhai dhaan vaNdugaL eppavumdhaan
kaetkaadhey kaetkaadhey
ellai koadugaL thaandaadhey, ulaga dhesangaL sollum
paRavai koottangaL kaetkaadhey
paRakkum paRakkum nammai poal
oah........ oah........

(kavidhaigaL sollava...)

kaatrena kaatrena naan maaRi
un swaasathai naanum kadan vaangi
ragasiyamaay naan swaasikkava oah
swaasikkava swaasikkava
maeghangaL maeghangaL naanaagi
un koondhalin vaNNathai kadan vaangi
vaanathin iravuku kodithidava oah
koduthidava koduthidava
kadalin alaiyaaga naan maaRi
unadhu peyar solli varava
undhan kai kuttai kadan vaangi
nilavin kaLangam thudaikkava

(kavidhaigaL sollava...)

I have included two links of this same song in this post. One is the one shown below (music plug-in). This is not playing the full song and it is truncated at the end. I have included this because of the good sound quality. For the full song (with lesser sound quality) please click on the title of this post ""Kavidhaigal Sollum...." num Balu" and then select "PLAY SELECTED" on the screen that appears subsequently to play the song

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Anonymous said...

இசையின் ஸ்வாசத்தின் விசிறிகளுக்கு.

என் மிக இனிய புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள்