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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Rare Dimension to our Great SPB (Don't miss reading this)

Dear SPB Fans,

Just listen to this song. Are you all wondering why this English song is featured here in this blog. Well there are many reasons ……

1. The lyrics for this song was written by our SPB !!! - It doesn’t stop with that
2. The music director is our Great SPB himself – again it does not end here
3. Yes, you all have guessed it right. The singer is none other than our multi-faceted and multi-dimensioned SPB – Surprised? I too was.

An excellent sample depicting three dimensions of our SPBsinging, MD & lyricist. As far as I remember, I have not heard any mention about this English song at all in any of the interviews. Lucky, that, I came across this one now. Our SPB in one of his interviews has mentioned that he is not at all knowledgeable on Western Music. After hearing this song, i wish to differ from him. This song was recorded in 1987. Just listen to the throw of his English words. He has clearly copied the accent to perfection. As MSV had said in one of his interviews about our SPB's excellent Kaelvi Gnanam, it is quite prominent here. He brings in a "quiver" in his voice at the start of the second charanam. Really fantastic. Great vocal dramatics in the entire song. Such a powerful rendition finally ending with a great "maama-mieya". The words are also clearly sung. The song seems to take various types from Pop to Rock to Rap. Commendable music also.


Also, please listen carefully to the lyrics. It is great.

One more interesting info is that the actor featured in this song is the renowned and popular drummer Sivamani who acts (sorry he has not acted - he has just done what he does in real life i.e. playing drums) the role of an African-American always playing drums in the movie and is also madly in love (which ends up being one-sided) with Vijayashanthi, the heroine of the movie. Our SPB has modulated his voice totally and his accent is also afro-americanised to suit the character. It does not sound like him at all. It is totally a different voice - seems to match the personality of Sivamani. Maybe he has gained inspiration from the voices of Old Time American or English singers . I forgot to mention the movie. It is a Telugu movie “Padamati Sandhyaa Raagam” (1987) and was shot primarily in the US. The hero for this movie happens to be an American.

Our SPB is the Music Director for this movie. There are also a couple of very good songs in this film of which one is rated as the best under his own MD. I will be featuring this number at a later date.

There are also other contributions by our SPB for this movie. It seems that the title of the movie was suggested by SPB and he also recommended Sivamani for the role in the movie.

(Note : Details of the movie was extracted from the website www.telugucinema.com)


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Nanda said...

Hi folks

I am a very big fan of SPB but I must say that the accent is not convincing at all in this song.. It is very clear from the pronunciation that it is an accent that has been put up.. or an attempt has been but not good enough.

I think I might have upset several people by saying this but I am hoping that my views will be received by some atleast..


கோவை ரவீ said...

Yes Dasarathi sir, u r 100% correct. I also saw this movie at Coimbatore Geethalaya Theatre. Fantastic roll done by Sivamani. Good narration go ahead. All the best. -- Covai Ravee


Hi Nanda,
I would say it is decent enough. Maybe you have listened to the old time English/American songs of rock & roll type wherein a singer sings with a bass voice, i mean englsih songs of 60s and 70s. It had that flavour at least and hence i thought it was a decent attempt worth mentioning and moreover it throws upa different dimension of our SPB. If you compare it with the present english type it may not sound contemporary, i agree but please listen to 60s/70s songs. Thanks.