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Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Patriotic Song by our SPB

Dear SPB Fans,

Recently we have been posting many songs which covered a wide range of Lullabies, love songs, romantic songs, disco numbers, comedy songs, pathos song of our great SPB.

The whole world knows about the versatility of our genius and we, as fans, have been trying to explore and enjoy the wide repertoire and dimensions of our beloved singer by posting various songs and discussing about his various facets.

I thought it would be appropriate now to bring in one more dimension of our SPB in singing. That is “PATRIOTIC songs”. The voice which turns melodious for a love song, soft for a lullaby & pathos, gutsy for disco numbers and comical for the comedy songs changes itself to provide a feeling of anguish and anger when rendering a patriotic song.

Just listen to the song “Gandhi Dhesamaey Kaaval Illayaa….” from “Naan Sigappu Manidhan” (1985) starring Rajini & Ambika (with Bhagyaraj appearing in a small role delighting all). One can realize the ultimate patriotic feeling that our SPB has brought into the song. IR has produced a great orchestration reflecting very well the mood of the song.

Our SPB’s voice assumes various emotions throughout the song. Initially it represents one of anguish at what is happening in the country today regarding unemployment and caste differentiations. He just comes out with a heavy & powerful rendering. In the second charanam his voice brings in a feeling of anger & sorrow at the way internal traitors are spoiling the nation when our soldiers on the border are guarding the nation against outsiders. Listen to the rendering of the words “raththathin aarugal odudhadaa...” in the second charanam. He emotes differently here matching the mood (he almost seems to weep here) and then, after this, switches emotions to dynamics again.

One more song showcasing our SPB’s histrionics in singing.

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