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Monday, July 09, 2007

Celebration of our SPB's Birthday - 07/07/07

Dear SPB Fans,

As informed in one of the earlier postings, our SPB's Birthday this year, was celebrated with some of the Chennai based members, on behalf of the SPBFans Charitable Foundation, visiting RASA, a School for Special Children on 4th June 2007 and presenting to them a cheque for an amount of Rs.60,000 which was contributed by Fans and our SPB.

Further to the above visit, a team of Chennai Fans once again visited RASA on the "777" day (07/07/07) headed by the Webmaster. The purpose of this visit was to spend some time with the Special Children and also to handover the items bought from our donation, which could not be done during the earlier visit as the School was closed for holidays .

Members who visited this time around were
1) Webmaster - Mr.Giridhar Raja
2) Ashok (Trustee - SPBFans Charitable Foundation & Moderator too)
3) Venkat (thanks to him for arranging photographing thro' Sridhar)
4) Madhumita
5) Vijayakrishnan
6) C Balaji
7) S Balaji
8) Anand

9) Sridhar (also the photographer who captured the memorable moments)
9) Dasaradhi

We were welcomed warmly by the RASA Administrators, Staff and Children. The RASA Special children sang a few songs for us combined with some dance under the lead of Dr.Ambika, the founder of RASA. It was heart moving & soul stirring to see her & her associates treat the children as their own by exhibiting motherliness in their actions and encouraging the children to come forward to introduce themselves to us and also prompting them to perform in front of us. We were also prompted by Dr.Ambika to join in with the Children to dance for a song.

RASA had purchased some musical instruments , Wheel Chairs & Exercise Aids. These were formally handed over by our members to the RASA Administration.

On behalf of the SPBFans Charitable Foundation, we felt happy for having celebrated our SPB's Birthday by lending ourselves to a noble cause.

Please view the screen below for a Slideshow of the photographs taken during the MEET

To view as individual photos with Captions & description, please click on the URL below to go the site which has all the photographs



Covai Ravee said...

Dasarathi Sir,

Great Day (07.07.07) and Gr8 Function. The Snaps are very nice and excellent report. I feel attended this function directly. Thanks for posting snaps and immediate report. All the best to our Chennai Fans Team. -- Covai Ravee

Covai Ravee said...

To our beloved Web master,

Please include this page link in our Baluji website.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dasaradhi, Excellent write-up and you have summarized it well. Special thanks to Sridhar (camera support) and Venkat for the prompt supply of photos.


"வற்றாயிருப்பு" சுந்தர் said...

Hi Dasaradhi,

Great post and thanks for your great efforts. Appreciate it.

I'm feeling bad of being far away - anyway, your write up helps to some extent.

Thanks once again.

magisivappa said...

How I wish I were there!!???
A great deed done in a great way.

Thank you very much for the write up and the photographs.