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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

MunPaniya : A soulful rendition by the Legend

Dear SPB Fans,

Today’s discussion is about one of my favourite SPB songs. This song gives me immense pleasure whenever I savour it. It is a unique rendition by the LEGEND quite different from his other numbers.

Song : mun paniya mudhal mazhaiyaa …….
Film : Nandha (2001)
Director : Bala
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers : SPB, Malgudi Sudha
Lyrics : Arivumathi
Actors : Surya, Laila, Rajkiran

Fans who regularly watch the “Ennodu Paattu Paadungal” program of our Legend on Jaya TV will know very well that he advocates a lot against singing in false voice and has even expressed worry & anxiety at the current trend of singing in false voice and the negative effect it could have on the vocal chords of a singer. However, in one of the recent episodes of the program when he was commenting on one of Janakiamma’s song “senthoora poove” wherein she had used false voice to good effect, he had mentioned that false voice could be used at places to enhance the beauty of rendition. This means that he is not totally against false voice, only that, it has to be judiciously employed depending on the nature and requirements of the song to add beauty.

And for this song in discussion, our SPB has indeed used false voice a lot to lend beauty to it. He has thinned his voice to such an extent at some places that it gives a very heavenly effect. He sounds very young in this song. When listened with eyes closed it takes us to a different world altogether. What a great rendition by our Legend. He has poured the utmost emotions into this song making it a memorable and an evergreen song.

Hats off to Yuvan Shankar Raja for providing a melodious orchestration to this song and proving that he is indeed the rightful heir to the Maestro. His excellent use of the flute is commendable and instruments play delightful havoc throughout the song. Add to this, the excellent use of chorus.

The lyricist Arivumathi is new to me. I understood from an article that he is one of the rare lyricists who is quite firm in not allowing English words creeping into his lyrics. He seems to have lost some opportunities because of this principle. His lyric for this song is very good. It brings out the innermost feelings of the silent lovers into words and showcases how they feel embedded in each other without expressing to each other in words.

Laila was very cute in her expressions and so too Surya with his playful glances and smile. This is a background song and the actors do not mouth the lyrics.

Pleasant experience in Toto.



mun paniyaa
mudhal mazhaiyaa
en manadhil aedho vizhugiradhE
uyir nanaigiradhE oh ……….
puriyaadha uravil nindrEn
ariyaadha sugangal kandEn
maattram thandhavaL nee dhaanE

(mun paniyaa ……)

(start of chorus)
manasil edhaiyO
maraikkum kiLiyE
manasa therandhu
solladi veLiyE
karaiya kadandhu nee vandhadhu edharkku?
kannukkullE oru ragasiyam irukku
manasa therandhu
solladi veLiyE-ae...
(end of chorus)

en idhayathai
en idhayathai vazhiyil
engaeyoe marandhu tholaithuvittEn
un vizhiyinil
un vizhiyinil adhanai
ippOdhu kandu pidithuvittEn

idhu varai enakkillai mugavarigal
adhai naan kandEn un punnagaiyil
vaazhgirEn naan un moochilE...

(mun paniyaa…)

(start of chorus)
salanga kulunga
Odum alaiyE
sangadhi enna
solladi velliyE
karaiyil vandhu nee thuLLuvadhu edhukku?
nilava pudichukka nenappadhu edhukku?
aylo aylo aylay aylo-o
(end of chorus)

en paadhaigaL
en paadhaigaL
unadhu vazhi paarthu vandhu mudiyudhadi
en iravugaL
en iravugaL
unadhu mugam paarthu vidiya aengudhadi
iravaiyum pagalaiyum maattrivittaay
enakkul unnai nee oottrivittaay
moozhginEn naan unn kannilE...

(mun paniyaa …….)

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Covai Ravee said...

Very Nice melody. All the Best.