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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Parents dreaming about their child

Dear SPB Fans,

Today's song is a wonderful & soulful presentation by the "White Nightingale" Susheelamma and "Singing Moon" Baluji under the baton of the "Maestro" IlayaRaja.

Recently this song was enthusiastically discussed by our members Vijayakrishnan & Madhumita during our visit to RASA on "777" day (07/07/07) and I happened to overhear their discussion. I immediately registered it in my memory for posting and that is how it has entered this blog today.

Song : thaalaattu piLLai undu ......
Film : achchaani (1978)
Music : ILayaRaja
Singers : SPB, PS
Lyrics : Vaali
Actors : Muthuraman, Lakshmi

I understand that this song is featured on Muthuraman & Lakshmi. Beautiful lyrics by Kavignar Vaali depicting the birth of a child to the couple and the dreams that they nurture on their child's future. Our SPB & Susheelamma have provided the right emotion to the lyrics. Susheelamma's voice is sweet & crisp and her diction as usual crystal clear. Our Guruji's voice is soft and well rounded in this song. Maestro's orchestration has some improvisations. For example, the interlude before the first charanam. It starts with veena play first with guitar strings & flute following next and then a mixture of guitar and veena before the first charanam takes off. The interlude before the second charanam is very short and the Maestro compensates the loss here by bringing in a brief interlude after the two lines of that charanam which is not there in the first charanam. A super improvisation by the Maestro.

This movie was a landmark movie for Tamil Film Industry as it introduced the "Urvasi" award winner actress Shoba. Eventhough she first acted in Balachander's "Nizhal Nijamaagiradhu" and the movie was completed earlier, it was released only after "Achchaani". She acted only for a brief period of 2 to 3 years between 1978 to 1981 but she created such an impact with her natural and subtle acting that she has found a place forever in the Industry. Such a great artiste ending her life with a suicide at the young age of 20. A great loss to the Film Industry.

Now, listen to this classic melody


thaalaattu.. piLLai undu thaalaattu
maNiththottilil mullai meththaiyittu
siRu maanganik kannam muththamittu

paaraattu.. annai ennai paaraattu
undhan pEr solla piLLai petreduththaen
andha baakkiyam seydhu paereduththaen


naan padaiththa thaen mazhalai
nalamudan vaLarndhu vara vaeNdum
vaan padaiththa muzhu nilavaay
vaazhvil veLichcham thara vaeNdum
maan padaiththa maiviziyae
innoru piLLai peRavaeNdum
ondrO reNdO piLLai
endraal inbam koLLai
mey silirththida magan padippadhu
mazhalai endra mandhiram
yaazhisaiyilum aEzhisaiyilum
illai indha mOganam


vaazhkkaiyilae vazhakugaLai
en magan naaLai theerththu vaippaan
varuththamurum maanidarkku
maruththuvam seydhu magizhndhiruppaan
naam vaLarththa kanavugaLai
nanavaay nijamaay aakki vaippaan
kaNNan vaNNam kaNdu
thuLLum uLLam reNdu
thenpodhigaiyil nindrulavidum
thendral pOla vandhavan
senthamizhinil sindhisaikka
sandham koNdu thandhavan



Covai Ravee said...

Thanks Dasarathi sir,

Mr.Ashoke, This song ask to me post at myspb. U are do it. Congratulation sir. This is lovely song one of my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dasaradhi,

Thanks for this song links Thaalaatu... . annai undu Thaalaatu... .. Im really happy to hear and read the lyrics which you have given in the link. Really its superb song sung by our Guruji.
Thanks with regards
A. Venkatesh

Anonymous said...

Thnks for presenting a lovely song dasaradhi sir