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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Felicitation to our SPB : Vajrostavam Day 2

Dear SPB Fans,

I came across this video clipping on YOUTUBE which features felicitation done to our SPB on the celebration of 75 years of Telugu Cinema. Thought you will all feel delighted to see this video clip. Please click on the PLAY button to view the clip.

Please find below an English translation of the Telugu Speeches of Shri.Dasari narayana Rao and our SPB. I have tried my best to capture the near meaning of their Speech. Hope it has come out well. Please pardon for mistakes if any.

Not only our Telugu Film World, the entire Nation should feel proud to have graced the Era of Shri Ghantasala. To fill the void left by him, the Goddess of Arts had given us a boon in the form of SP.Balasubramaniam. (claps). Both of us entered Fildom at the same time. Both of us looked alike – we were so lean (SPB face lightens up with a beautiful smile). Even now we are alike – I need not tell you in what way. Many singers sing a song as a song, but when two actors act their body language and their style of presenting a song differs. For the same singer to sing for 10 different heroes is an impossibility. Just by closing one’s eyes, one could tell for whom he has sung and that is possible only by HIM.(claps). He is not a SINGER, HE is a “ACTING SINGER”. That is why, even in spite of many State Awards & National Awards, HE got further national recognition through the Padma Shree Award. It did not stop here. Tamil, Kannada and in other national languages he has sung and through “Ek Duje Ke Liya” a new voice boomed in Uttara Bharatham and the entire world and it belonged to our SP.Balu and it captivated the Bombay Film World – the SP.Balu voice. A Telugu Voice making it heard across the entire nation and not only to the Telugu World and the Nation but also to the entire world presenting a classic Telugu voice is SP.Balu whom we are fecilitating today. (claps).

Balu will address you ALL. Whether singing is better or talking is better, i leave it to you ALL.

SPB speech:
On this occasion I touch upon the feet of Sripathi Panditaradhyula Sambamurthyand my mother Shakunthalamma who had given birth to me, my GodFather Kothandapani Garu who had given life to me as a singer and Padmanabham Garu who gave me the opportunity to sing my first song in his film. I express my thanks to them. I am also thankful to the entire nation especially to the Telugu people and the telugu film industry for having listened and nourished me all these 40 years and also to all music directors, technicians, my family and those who had presented my songs on the screen. If I had missed out mentioning someone please forgive me.

With that, he ended his speech by singing a few lines of “Endaro Mahanu Bhavulu…”


magisivappa said...

Great addition to the blog.

Prasanna said...

Hi Dasaradhi
Gr8 work to respect Gr8 Human n the Earth ...Kp gng with ur Gr8 efforts ...

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