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Thursday, August 30, 2007

SPB, Vocally Venerated

"Who is GOD?"

The answer for this question differs from person to person. If you ask an atheist, he will mock at you, and may define the term as "nature" by considering himself as Baron d'Holbach. On the other hand, just ask a person who believes the existence of GOD, he will define the term with specific conceptions. And ask a scientist, especially a Physicist, he will adjust his spectacle, and will reply �Light� by deriving some equations and the great Albert Einstein and his equations will assist him to confuse us. And, do not ask the definition to a philosopher, because you will end up with a state of bewilderment. Even the definition of "GOD" is itself ambiguity; hence do not ask the question of its existence. But according to the old adage and conviction "There will be a power above us which rules us", and the power again differs from person to person and his thoughts. And one must agree that the GOD is nothing but a superior soul, and an honesty heart which will help you to know thyself. For me, the power which makes me to know myself is nothing but the divine MUSIC.

A good music, no need to say, always pacifies our souls, and songs with soulful voices, sometimes, really inspires you to do divine works, and once such song is "Nee Aandavana" from Vaaname Ellai which was sung by SP Bala along with his counterpart KS Chitra.

The movie 'Vaaname Ellai' was directed by K.Balachandar, who is very much popular for his storylines, and this movie doesn't stand in the exceptional side of the director's usual ideology, which was a tale of five youths and their antagonism towards the society. Maragadhamani composed music for this movie, and, no need to say, his venerated vocalist SPB sang all the songs of this movie.

This song's situation is the twist of this movie, where all the antagonistic youths who all decided to commit suicide found an orphan kid and that kid was weeping, hence to restrain, they sing this song which starts with a far-fetched feathery voice of SP Bala.

Care and Compassion is the theme of this song, which very well conveyed by SPB, and we came across many great singers in our times, they can sing songs of many feelings, but SPB always sits in the supreme seat, who can sing many feelings in a single song with his versatile vocalizations, and this song is an evidence. In order to console the kid, he starts the song with mollifying tone, and along with that kid, he takes the listeners also to a world of humanity.

And in the first 'charanam', which is the sole soothing of SPB, and he starts with his usual dulcet voice, and he sings 'Un pole oor ilaiye' with a nimble nuance to express the anger about our nation's so called linguistic diversity. Also his mischievous melodic while singing 'Oru kannal paarkkirayai odhikeedu ketkkirai', needs no explanation.

But all the above, the way SPB drifts from reassuring rendering into colonial compassionate mood while singing 'thaalatida mozhi' and 'Paaloota vazhiillai', is the highlight of this song. Actually, in the first line, SPB consoles the kid by saying that there is a language to sing a lullaby, and the very next line, SPB admits the inability that they can't replicate the motherhood, which clearly emphasizes the theme of this song. And, SPB repeats the same effect with another shade of style when sings 'Undhan soagam sonnal Yeakkam poividum'.

Music is a team effort, I totally agree. In this song also, the composition of Maragadhamani, the consoling lines of Vairamuthu, and the accompanying act of KS Chitra need a special mention. But, the final credit goes to a singer who emphasized the theme of song, which needs no verbal and instrumental stuffs, but a vocal ingenuity, and he is SPB, the name and his voice which inspires not only many budding singers, but also many people to work for the civilization.

SPB, an Inspirer.

Proud of having "HIS" name


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Covai Ravee said...

Very nice writeup. Thanks Sunder & Bala