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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Independance Day - Jaihind!

Sweet Sixty

- B for bravado, benevolent, and Balu
There is a term "Sweet Sixteen", and ever heard about Sweet Sixty? Well it's our India and that "Chella Poakkiri" SPB. It's very, atleast somehow trouble-free to create patriotic feelings with the instrumentation, but craft the same feel in a voice is very difficult. If one wants to contradict my statement, well, you can, but before that, try to sing this song "Thaayin Manikodi" from "Jai Hind", without an Indian flag before you and in the morning time, when one has to strain the throat so much even for asking a cup of coffee. But that's what SPB did in this song, when the actor Arjun (the hero of this movie) insisted the singer to sing this song in the morning 9 AM, as the shooting was in the noon.

And don't think, by blaring in high-pitch, you can get the feel of patriotism, never. There is a simple difference between patriotism and jingoism, which is more towards the terrorism, but the patriotism is all about friendliness, kindness and indispensable power. So you have to bring all the three in a single song and at the same time to vie the instrumentation, and just listen to SPB in this song, if you are anyway a jingoistic, well you will become a patriotic person.

This song simply starts with usual patriotic slogans, and when SPB enters into the song, well, one will feel the thunder of music, and what a powerful voice it is, just like Sachin comes down the track and hit the ball over the rope only to see Mcgrath's nodded head. And when SPB sings 'En Indhiya Desam Idhu, Rattham Sindhiya desam idhu', it's impossible to stop your feeling which will punch the table in front of you, well great escape to my computer as my punch was not that much targeted!

SPB is quite famous for the mass song, and he usually sings with his open throated voice, he does quite often (without caring his voice), but this song is somewhat different from other mass songs, and as I said earlier, the singer has to convey the Indian tradition and culture too, which included not only bravado, but the benevolence with all our people. And the singer has to differentiate the feel, which SPB did it quite well, and listen to his modulation in 'Engal Ratham, Engal Kanner', and the magic is in articulating the two different 'Engal'.

The exodus excellence of SPB from first stanza to second stanza is the highlight of this song. When SPB sings 'Adhan Vearai Arruthuvidu', you can't resist your audacity, which India needs more in the future to thrash the Achilles' heel of our nation such as corruption, phony politics and all.

My dear NRI friends, if any of your friends wish to know about our culture and traditions, ask them to listen to this song, and tell them that our humanity is not an act of pusillanimous, but, it�s an act of our politeness, and ask them to listen to the lines 'pookal kondu vandhal idhu punnaiya desamada', in which SPB at his best, conveys the traits of our people.

India is not my country, it's my inspiration, and SPB is, not for singing, but for the total dedication and benevolence, which you can see only with our nation and my singer, both names start with the letter 'B' which stands for bravado and benevolent .

Sollugaaa Jaiiii Hind

Proud to be an Indian & having 'his' name

Thayin Manikodi.mp...


usha said...

Hi Mr.Sunder,
really a lovely wishes from u for this Independane Day to all. I love our national flag, when it is hoisting.Thank u for lovely greetings.

Covai Ravee said...

Very Nice report Bala. All the Best

Anonymous said...

Bala as usual onnoda punchoda super write up da ... Thanks sundar for posting this ...
Luv and Live with Music

Anonymous said...

Sundar, convey my heartfelt wishes and thanks to Balu for his
excellent write up on Jai Hind song. Very patriotic towards Balu and India....

Sincere Regards,

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