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Friday, August 17, 2007

Chennai 6000028 - 100th Day Celebration - Video

I'm very touched to see the last few minutes of Part 3. I'm sure you're are of teh SPB Foundation run by SPB Fans and the contributions they have made for various noble causes. Samarpana was one of the them and you can find detailed write-ups in the Fans Yahoo Group.

The final part of the last video shows Samarpana's specially abled children with teh Chennai 600028 team. I became emotional after watching that.

There are lot of interesting scenes in these episodes, especially on Rajini and Kamal. Both were shown with a great timing sense for appropriate lyrics of the songs played - that emphasizes about friendship. Kamal, on his speech, mentioned "We both will come again for another celebration and will clap". He added "Without His permission, I committed we would come again for another celebration - well, I know what he likes!" with great applauses. With a great timing sense he concluded 'Now, He will come and vibrate this stage!' - implying Rajni's latest punch dialogue in the latest movie Shivaji The Boss.

Rajini, while delivering his speech, emphasized a lot about Friendship. He talked about how a true friend is important. He went to an extent saying that friendshiop is the most important thing in life and a true friend is more important than wife!

Part # 1

Part #2:

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Covai Ravee said...


I also saw Samarpana Programmes "Saroja Samman Nikalo" Prog end. That time i was very exited. Thanks for posting. All the best.