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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Telusaa Manasaa

This is a beatiful melodious duet song, sung by our S.P.B and Chitra. This song is in full of romantic mood with a melodious backgroud music of Keeravani, a beautiful lyrics. The hero express his love to his lover, how much he admire and love her. Very beautiful song sung in high pitch by S.P.B Really enjoying the music and his voice. Please hear the song with a Romantic mood.

Thanks to Ms.N.Usha, Hyderabad send to me personally Song lyrics and her review.
-- Covai Ravee

This Song and Video file Dedicate to Mr. Vikas Kamble, Mumbai. (Special Request)

Singer:S.P.B. Chinna Kuyil Chitra
Lirics:Seetha Rama Shashtri
Actors:Nagarjuna, Manisha Koirala,Ramya Krishna

Ahhaaa Ahhaaa Ohohoo Ohohoo oho oho
oho oho oho oho oho oho
Telusaa Manasaa idhi yenaati anubhandamo,
Telusaa Manasaa Idhi Yejanma Sambhandamo,
Tharimina Aaru Kaalaalu, Edu Lokaalu Cheraleni Odilo
Virahapu Jaadalenaadu Vedi Kanneeti Choodaleni Jathalo
Gatha Janmaala Bhandaala Bangaaru Kshanamidi
Telusaa Manasaa idhi yenaati anubhandamo
Telusaa Manasaa Idhi Yejanma Sambhandamo

Prathikshanam Naa Kallalo Niliche Nee Roopam
Brathukulo... Adugaduguna Nadipe Nee Sneham
Oopire Nivugaa Praname neevigaa
Padikaalaalu Untaanu Nee Prema Saakshigaa..
Thelusaa Manasaa Idhi Yenaati Anubhandamo..
ahaa ahaa ahaaaahaa haa ahaa ahaa ohhohh oho oho

Darling everything every mood you think
I'll be with u, What would I do without you
I want to love for ever for ever and ever.

Ennadu Theeriponi Runamugaa undipo
Chelimitho Theega saage Mallelaa Alluko
Lokame Maaninaa Kaalame Aaginaa mana
Eegaadha Migalaali Thudileni Charithagaa

Thelusaa Manasaa Idhi Enaati Anubhandamo
Thelusaa manasaa Idhi Yejanma Sambhandamo
Tharimina Aaru kaalaalu Edu lokaalu Cheraleni odilo
Virahapu Jaadalenaadu Vedikanneti
Choodaleni Jathalo, Gatha Janmaala
Bandhaala Bangaaru Kshanamidhi

Thelusaa Manasaa Idhi Enaati anubhandamo
Ahaa Ahaa Ahaa Ahaa Ahaa Ahaa Ahaa


Anonymous said...

Dear Anna,

Thnx a ton for posting this song. i remember this moment when i requested this song to our SIR.
his song is er special to me.

thnx agian

Covai Ravee said...

Hai Vikas

How r u? I know very well ur feelings. So i was posted ur video clip in this song. All The Best Vikas.