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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

B for Banter, and Balu

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B for Banter, and Balu
I’m not going to lie, nor going to pretend to show me as a gentleman of music lover, by saying I love only melodious songs, never liked songs of teasing and fun. I love any kinds of songs, may be love mostly melodious, but the fast paced teasing and fun songs also my hot picks. For this kind of songs, both the singer and the composer should pretense some comical sense to the words of the lyrist. There are many songs which made me to love the compositions, and love the singers, who sang those teasing songs, in which I love SPB’s style of singing those banter songs with his usual amusements an trademark laughing and improvisations, till date, and for ever, the song “Aatha Aathorma” is a divinity song for me, and SPB sang many songs in this category, once such song is “Thaluki Thaluki” from the movie “Kizhaku Vaasal” music by Ilaiyaraaja.

From Shri Semangudi, an erudite of music, to Ramu, an amateur of music, there are many fans, lovers of Raaja’s music and songs. Hence, its Raaja’s duty to fulfill the need of all kinds of musical fans, for erudite, Raaja has to compose some raga based songs, and for amateur, Raaja has to compose fast paced songs, which is usually teasing and banter songs, he always ends with a foot tapped numbers to satisfy the backbench fans, and this song “Thaluki Thaluki” is one such song.

Once director-actor R.Parthiban who loves to innovate something different always, quoted and called a singer as his “Chella Poriki” (Darling-Rogue) as he admires that singer and he praised then the way that singer sang the teasing songs “College torandhutuchu”, “Yaai Kala”, “Silku, Siliku” and many for Paarthiban. That singer is SPB and known for his stylish way of singing the banter songs, this song “thaluki thaluki” also a masterpiece of SPB. In this song, SPB with full of Zeal and amusements, and punches with laughing and teasing, I think for singing this kind of songs, SPB considers himself as the hero, here in this song also he represented the hero Karthik’s character very well with his mischievous voice.

Raaja always plays with SPB, and use to ask “Bala, why do you always laughs between Song da?”, and SPB use to reply “It’s my style da, if you not like this, remove it”, but it never happened, ofcourse who will hate SPB’s apt laughing. I happened to see one of the stage show of Raaja-SPB in a video tape, in which SPB before singing this song “Thaluki Thaluki”, asusual praised Raaja, and explained that he recorded this song twice, as Raaja wanted some laughing along with “Sirichu Sirichu” lines. Everyone knew the result, SPB fulfilled Raaja’s request beautifully with his laughing.

We are really blessed with composers like Raaja and singers like SPB, and his banter songs.



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