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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Seventh Wonder vs Seventh Heaven

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Seventh Wonder vs Seventh Heaven

Everyone in our teenage wanted to visit the Taj Mahal, its not only one of the seven modern wonders, and a symbol of true love, but also it shows the power of our architecture. There are many things made us to fall love with Taj mahal, includes the front-back page of your maths table-book(Vaaipaadu), your history book which includes the portraits Sha-ja-ha and Mumthaz, last but not the least, your first love, teenage love. For me, apart from the above things, one film song also made to fall love with Taj Mahal, a song ‘Pani Vizhum’ from the movie ‘Mouna Raagam’.

Mouna Raagam was directed by Mani Rathnam, in wholesome a good story, but the concept of this song ‘Pani Vizhum’ is the most which I like. All of you may happened to visit Taj Mahal for Honey Moon only, I think (Correct me If wrong, I’m Bachelor), but this song’s concept, simply awesome, hats off to Mani sir.

Have you ever felt thru a song the outer body shivering with cold and inner body with fire? I feel this, whenever I listen to this song, credit goes to a man who took the entire universe with his instruments, he is none other than Raaja. Even, in a recent interview PC Sriram amazed and refreshed his memories of ‘Mouna Raagam’ Music compositions by Raaja, especially the usage of flute. Why People use to call Raaja as Maestro, there are many reasons, one among is your mobile phone’s ringtone of Mouna Raagam’s theme music. Raaja, he is not a mastero, but ‘Mastero of Maestros’.

‘Pani vizhum’ song well sung by SPB and S.Janaki, an incomparable compo of the Indian film duets. Well, like you all, I love their duets. There are countless duets those mesmerized our hearts, and put both Balu and Janu in our souls. In this song, the slow, silent and soothe presentation from both SPB and S.Janaki takes us to the heaven. In this song, SPB didn’t improvise anything, just sang what the composer asked for, nor S.Janaki. But, this is true both SPB and S.Janaki overtook the composer in some point of times, the former takes our hearts with his gloomy effect of while singing ‘Thanithu Vaazhdhenna Laabaham”, (SPB did it again for ARR composed ‘Ladki Ladki’ from Ratchagan) whenever I visit Taj Mahal, I feel this line, I don’t know why, and S.Janaki even overtakes SPB along with Raaja with her murky melodious humming in the starting of the second stanza, ‘Ha Ha Ha Ha’, my dear friends, if you want to know the difference between an infatuation and true love, come to me, I Love S.Janaki, and I proud to say, she is my darling.

Today, my teenage desire of visiting Taj Mahal fulfilled as I’ve been into Taj for atleast ten times, I refreshed my nostalgic memories of my history book when I visited Taj in the 350th year celebration. It never be getting bored by visiting Taj, I wish to visit Taj daily, whenever I visit Taj, I use to carry the song ‘Pani Vizhum’ in my CDman.

For me, Taj mahal is the seventh wonder, and the song ‘Pani Vizhum’ is the seventh heaven.


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