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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Moon song sings along!

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Moon song sings along

Moon Come on Moon
No Vacillate Come on Moon
Mountain along, Come on Moon
Fetch some jasmine moon…

How many of you heard this wordsworth’s poem, who invited the cuckoo to his house, please raise your hands, may be I’ll count some 100 hands. OK now tell me, how many of you heard the tamizh version of the above poem,

“Nila Nila Oodi Vaa,
Nillamal Oodi Vaa,
Malai Meedhu Yeri Vaa,
Malligapo Kondu va”

By counting my own hand, I’ll count some thousands of hand; the maximum of hands would be students of Tamizh medium, because for them this poem is Moon-Dinner Song. But if I try to count the hands by asking about a song which was composed by the great Ilaiyaraja by getting the inspiration of above poems, I’ll end up with my twinkling eyes, as I don’t know how to count after 1 crore, the song is “Nilave Vaa” from Mouna Raagam.

What I liked with Raaja the most is that he knew how to get inspiration from other songs, and make it with his own taste and style. The songs like “Darling, Darling” from Priya, “Thenn Madhrai” from Tharmathin Thalivan are the instances of the above said quality of Raaja. Its stupidity to argue that Raaja too fallen in copying of others songs. In my view, Replica is different and getting inspiration is. Raaja is Raaja, King for ever.

The director Mani Ranthnam also got some inspiration from his predecessors like the great Sridhar, and made the actor Mohan to a soft character with Pyjama. The way he directed this movie is quite amazing, especially the characterization, who’ll forget the charming Karthik. And the hero Mohan also got some inspiration from the veteran “Kaadal Mannan” Gemini and his typical pyjama costume.

And singer SPB too, but like Raaja he used it in his own style. Just refresh the song “Nilavai Paarthu Vaanam” from “Savale Samali” from the potent throat of the great TMS and the song “Nilavuku Enmel Ennadi Kobam” from “Policekaran Magal” from the incomparable voice of my favorite PBS, here in this song “Nilave Vaa” also the theme is same, but the way SPB rendered is quite amazing, especially the way he sang the lines “Caveriya, Kaanal Neera Penmai Enna, Unmaai”, Can anyone sing this line as much as melodious as what SPB did? CAN’T BE.

Based on my minimal knowledge of Music, Expression of words is very important for any singer. SPB is a master, indisputably a sole master in expressing words of a song. In this song, just listen to “Oreoru Paarvai”, “Koorum poovum Edhu” and many, he is an expressive singer.

Its worth to say, SPB as “Paadum Nila Balu” (Singing Moon SPB)


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