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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Music is mediocrity, if no teamwork

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Music is mediocrity, if no teamwork

Not only in sports like cricket, but also in Software Project Management and in Business Solution, teamwork plays a vital role always. Teamwork includes the excellence of people of same wavelength and the communication between them. Usually, teamwork fails in any sport or in Project management, when the Skipper/Project Manager thinks the sole responsibility of all the credits which he got from the team members. Ofcourse, the maximum of credits goes to the captain, but he/she is not the solitary for the success, he should know how to coordinate with the team members, and also he/she should share the success rate with the team members. The same theory applies to the divine music, especially to Cini music. The success of a good song relies in a team of composer, lyrist and singers. Tamizh film music got many such combinations, among which I love the combination of Raaja+Vairamuthu+SPB+S.Janaki. There are hundreds of songs we blessed with this combination, in which I love the song “Pothi Vaicha” from ‘Mann Vasanai’ which was directed by Bharadhiraja.

“Pothi Vaicha” song was composed by the maestro Ilaiyaraja. There is no doubt that Raaja is a versatile composer, he knows thousands of ragas, but whenever he composes the village side songs, he gets doubly power, hence I used to call him as 'VILLAGE VAALI'. Only he can compose folk songs better than anyone else. One can feel the smell of sand in his folk compositions. In this song also the starting bit, only he can compose. Raasaiya, I love you more than what I do with Ilaiyaraja.

This song was penned by Vairamuthu. In writing folk lyrics, Vairamuthu is what Raaja is in folk composition, as Vairamuthu use to include more pastoral poetic words in his songs. In this song, I like Vairamuthu’s usage of “Idhu Saayangalama, Madi Saaium Kaalama”.

This song beautifully sung by SPB and S.Janaki, a winning duet combination of Tamizh Film Music. Janaki starts the song with smooth and surreptitious voice while SPB nicely joins her with his usual trademark act of smiling. Janaki at her best in singing the lines “Pesi Pesi Raasi aanadhe”, where as SPB leads the way throughout the song with his amazing improvisation of singing art. SPB also fulfilled his fans’ expectations, just listen to the lines “Konjam Maranju Pakkava Illai mudhugu Theikava”, I dont know how to write/express the effect SPB gave in between the words 'paarkava' and 'Illai', he is master, a majestic master.

Again, it’s a Team Work which did the trick.


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