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Monday, August 21, 2006

Melodious locates a Musical Milieu

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Melodious locates a Musical Milieu

Neither a Rajni nor a Kamal, if one ask me about my favorite actor, I would rather select ‘Navarasa Nayagan’ Karthik, still in my friend’s circle, identifying me as a fan of Karthik, not his mischievous “Mr. Chandramouli”, nor his bravado “Ashok Vishwanath” impressed me, but the innocent portrayal ‘Ponnurangam’ from the film “Kizhaku Vaasal” impressed me a lot. You will giggle at me if I say, those days, when I was in 9th class, I imitated ponnurangam’s mannerism, and for that year Diwali, I bought a White pant, which was my first pant, usually I love to wear trousers then, and I started to put a long straight lined “Kungumam” in my forehead, and till today the style continues, as you can see a straight lined kungumam in my forehead in every of my photo. Not only Karthik, but also impressed with songs of Kizhaku Vaasal, in which the most, I love the melodious “Paacha malai poovu” sung by SP Balasubramanium.

The melodious “Paacha malai poovu” was composed by a composer, who can’t ever be dominated by the entry of other composers. As the name spells, HE IS RAJA FOR EVER. Flutes are from bamboos, ofcourse, but raja captivates those flutes with his melodious compositions. Nobody like to be a slave, but flutes, keyboards, and etc, likes to be bondage under the feet of Raaja and his mesmerizing melodies, along with the souls of musical fans. Still, the dialogue from a dedicated fan of Raaja is ringing on my ears “I wanted to die on the feet of Raaja after pouring my assets under his foot”. Raaja, that dedicated fan just stolen the words from my mouth, may be from many.

If you think about Raaja and his musical hits, then you can’t think about any singer other than SPB, who is the another reason for all of the hit songs of Ilaiyaraja, and in this song “Paacha mala poovu” also SPB takes us to a melodious musical milieu with his honey-filled voice. SPB sings this song with casual effects and with his usual improvisation, listening to his render of the lines “Poo naathu Mugam Paarthu Veenila” is an eternal feeling.

This song is favorites of many music fans, the popular TV compare Abdul Hameed is one among us. He always astonishes with SPB’s voice, and about this song once he quoted in a stage “If this song may sing by any singers other than SPB, it wouldn’t be a hit and never been an evergreen song as it’s today, only because of SPB’s voice.”

Even Raaja also great fan of this song, as he always praises SPB and quotes “SPB sings and improvises the songs in stages more than in recording rooms”, SPB use to sing this song with many improvisations in the stage shows.

SPB alias Melodious always gives life to Raaja’s Music, and guides us to a musical milieu.


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