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Monday, June 04, 2007

A Birthday Article by "Prodigy" Bala

Dear SPB Fans,

On the eve of our SPB's birthday, everyone of us will be on an alltime high today relishing his sweet presentations to us and wishing him for an everlasting life.

On this day, one of the greatest fan of our SPB- 'Prodigy' Bala has put up his thoughts and constructed an article. On his behalf, i am posting this article (received through Covai Ravee) in this english blog.

Prodigy Bala's article

There is an adage in Tamizh “Sivathodargalai vanangudhal, panividai seithal andha sivanuke panividai seivadharuku samam”, which means “worshiping and lionizing the aficionado and devotee of the Lord Shiva is very much equivalent to worship of Lord Shiva”. So on this day I want to share about SPB’s supreme fans I came across in my life. There are many people like Ravi sir (who started a SPB fans club long back), Ashok is SPB’s devotee as he worship SPB’s portrait in his house, Kaamal is considering SPB as his GOD and many more. But I want to mention about the Female fans, they considering SPB as their inspiration, mentor and GOD, and they are ready to do anything for SPB and his mellifluous and mesmerizing voice.


She always loves SPB like her parents. This cute and slim girl, a back-to-back state rank holder in her 10th and 12th always dedicates her achievements to SPB, and it continued when she got her Gold medalist, and still it continues as she dedicated her Physics research scholar to SPB few weeks back. We use to call her as “MMBS”, i.e. Mobile Memory Bank of SPB songs, just wake up her from a sound sleep and ask her the details of any SPB songs, and she will tell you the complete details with the lyrics. She is passionate about two things, Physics and Music, for Physics, she considers the great Albert Einstein as her mentor and for Music, SPB is her all time favorite.

On every 4th day of the month June, one can see Priya in Vadapalani temple and she will be praying for SPB, and for her, SPB is her “UNCLE” and paternity and she believes that for every of her success and achievements, her UNCLE is behind.


Just enter into her personal room, one can view 4 quarters, one is filled with computer books and Laptop, the next quarter filled with books of Jeffrey Archer and Ayn Rand and the big portion is for her Audio CDs, and most of them are, albums by SPB. She is of only 26, and she already achieved a lot in the field of IT, and if you want clear any doubt related to IT, just ask her, then she will fix her I-Pod in her ears and play some SPB’s melodies, and the next few minutes, you will get the solution. She only suggested a website and YahooGroup for our students’ association and both launched by SPB. She is very composed, conformist, perfect and short tempered person as she wants others also perfect like her, and whenever she gets infuriated, the best way to mollify her is to play SPB’s romantic “To kis baat ki hai ladaai” then you can view her cute smiling.

For her SPB is “MENTOR”, and she always believes that, SPB is the inspirational source for her achievements and good-deeds.


Another state rank holder, in her view, SPB is the greatest singer that our nation ever produced. She is a good singer and I vividly remember an incident that one of her friends wanted to make fun with her and sarcastically said “SPB hides his inability and always laughs in between the songs and people claims this nonsense as nuance”, the next second, Gayathri was very much exasperated and argued with him, finally that boy almost cried and disclosed that he mad a fun.

For her SPB is the “GREAT SINGER” and she believes that SPB is unsurpassed and there wont be another SPB.


She is a girl from Colombo, and she sent a mail to me in 2001 by thinking me as SPB. (I’m Honoured!!!!) That day I came to know that in this world neither Beethovan nor RajniKant will get the greatest fan like her. She always put SPB in her soul and thinking about SPB always. She is very kind-hearted and in my humble view she is the greatest fan of SPB and SPB really blessed to get this girl as his fan.

For her, SPB is like her “FATHER” and she is thinking about him always.


She always prefixes “SPB” in her name and very kind hearted and considers SPB next to GOD. I want to share one of her mails to me,

“When I close my eyes I’ll immediately get two faces without a second thought. They are Ranganatha & ofcourse baluji.”

For her, SPB is her “GOD” and she is visualizing and thinking of SPB always in her mind.


She loves SPB like anything, I happened to see her mail in SPB’s YahooGroup and I want to share that mail with you all on this day.” Enakku Spb sir-aa romba pidikum. Avaroda songs elathaum rasichu kepen. Enakku oree oru asai enoda life mudiyarathukkula Spb sir-aa oruthadavai Nerla Pakanum, but epidi pakurathu- nnu theriyala. Pls epidi-nnu sollunga, naan Trichy-lla iruken sir, enga house Trichy-la than irukku, so madras varamudiathu naanga midil family. Enakku Spb sir-oda photograph and autograph anupunga sir.Pls sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Enakku Spb sir 2 times mail anupi irukaru. Naan avarukku mail pannen avaru enakku reply anupinaru. Enakku romba santhosamaa irunthuchi enaga vittla sonen, romba santhosa pattanga. Enakku antha kunam romba romba pidichi irukku. avaroda songs kettu naan avaroda pattukku adimai agiten. Spb Sir Namakku Kidachaaatthu oru naala Pokisham. “

Usha Shankar

A fan of SPB from her childhood, and I happened to see her posting in many music related forums and all her posting in those forums reflecting her love and affections towards SPB. She started to love SPB’s voice from “Iraivan endroru” to till date.

Usha mam, I’m great fan of you, and I want to say onething on this day that the song “sarighamapadhani” from Ragha Banndhangal” was sung by our SPB with VJ mam, it was not by BMK sir, as you think!!!!!

Maheshwari (Magi)

She is very affectionate on SPB and she detests comparing SPB with others like me. A true fan of SPB as she follows SPB’s ideology of appreciating the good things, as you can see his appreciating words on many forums.

Amudha and Kokila

Then they were doing their 10th class in 2003, SPB with KJ Jesudas visited Trichy for a concert, and both the girls tried to meet SPB, but it ended up in vain. They were sad and that time my article about SPB published in an English and Tamizh newspapers and they mailed me and asked SPB’s address, and after giving the address, they felt very happy and shared their love and affections on SPB with me. They sent lot of mails all carrying lovable and caring words about SPB, as I felt very small fan of SPB in front of those two young girls. One of their mails is given below:

“Hai Sir,
How r u? I am fine. 10th mark list s. Anitha 400 & j. Kokila 410 marks. Please yours phone number. yours address.yours next film? any way thanks sir.


yours lovingly
s. anitha & j. kokila “


She was only 4 in 2003, she always requested me to play the song “Adiyee manam” from “Neengal Kettavai” before going to her kinder-garden. As I continuously eulogized about SPB, she became a fan of SPB and she will come 9’o clock sharp in the morning and requesting me “anna SPB uncle paattu poadungo” then she will enjoy the song, just remember she was only 4 then. And she used to say “anna unga name um Balu, uncle name um Balu”, and oneday by showing my photo with SPB, I asked her “Subhi, tell me who is very cute in this photo”, she stunned (reason self explanatory!!) for a while, and answered “SPB uncle only looking very cute”, then I asked “Am I not looking cute?”, she replied very smartly “no anna, neera pakkarathuku neenga azhagu, photo la SPB uncle dhan azhagu”!!!!!!

On Jun 4th, 2003, I told her “Today is SPB uncle’s birthday”, then I gone to my office. That day evening she came with flowers and “Kungumam”, and gave to me by saying “anna I did a pooja for uncle, please give this to uncle”, Am I fan of SPB? No, not at all.

If one wants to be a good singer in this birth, he must pray the almighty with milk and honey last birth. I don’t know SPB prayed like that in his last birth, but I know why SPB is still going strong is, only because of fans like all the above persons.

Happy Birthday SPB sir, on behalf of all the above supreme fans.

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magisivappa said...

Thank you very much for including me in recognising me as HIS fan.


"Thenralukku fan venduma"?
Thenralal adithu chellappatta suru thoosi!!