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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

mEdaiyil aadidum melliya poongaatrE.....

Dear SPB Fans,

Here is a posting of a song after a long gap from my side. I thought I should commence again with an old love duet.

SONG : mEdaiyil aadidum .....
FILM : vaNdikkaaran magan (1978)
SINGERS : SPB, Vani Jayaram
MD : M.S.Viswanathan

This is an exquisite composition from the Mellisai Mannar MSV. It is a pacy and lively melody with the singers providing the right touches to the lyrics. The first lines of the charanams sung by Vani Jayaram has lot of "zh" based words and her diction is very clear on all these words. Very cute and nice to hear. Our SPB's voice is lovely & great and just puts the words into a melodical swing. Just listen carefully to the last line of the song which our SPB renders. He provides a small pause before the word "aadinaal" adding a great beauty to it.

Kalaignar Karunanidhi joined hands with "Makkal Kalaignar" Jaishankar to make "Vandikkaaran Magan". The film was based on CN Annadurai's story and had fiery dialogues by Kalaignar.

Vandikkaran Magan had in its lead the hit pair of the 70s, Jaishankar and Jayachitra. This song was featured on Jaishankar and Jayachitra.


mEdaiyil aadidum melliya poongaatrE...
nee aadaiyil aadinaal manmadhan viLaiyaattE (mEdaiyil)
mEnagai pOloru punnagai pudhuppaattE
unn mEniyin saayalO aanandha neerootrE (mEdaiyil)

pazhukka pazhukka rasam pizhiya pizhiya pazham
uLLoora kaLLoora thaLLaadumO...(pazhukka)
kudikka kudikka manam midhakka midhakka dhinam
vaNdaattam koNdaattam uNdaagumO..
Odai meenaada Odum neer vENdum
uravil naanaada oruvan nee vENdum (mEdaiyil)

laalaaaa haa....lalalaaaalaaa

odiya odiya idai neLiya neLiya nadai
ullaasa pallaakkin oorgOlamO...(odiya)
nerunga nerunga mella odhunga odhunga yennum
oodalgaL yuvaraaNi oyyaaramO
maalai idalaamO... manjam varalaamO
sElai thodalaamO... kaigaL padalaamO... (mEdaiyil)

nazhuva nazhuva yennai thazhuva thazhuva varum
viththaigaL kaNNaa unn veLLOttamO
mayakki mayakki pinbu maraiththu maraiththu vaiththal
anbE unn selvaakkin adaiyaaLamO..
kaadhal viLaiyaada kaaval kidaiyaadhO
kaaval thadai pOttaal aaval meeraadhO... (mEdaiyil)

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1 comment:

Gopal said...

Thanks for the one of the evergreen hits.

V. Gopalakrishnan