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Thursday, June 14, 2007

First Kannada Song by our SPB

Dear SPB Fans,

Today's posting is about the first Kannada song rendered by our SPB. History has it that he is the only singer who made debut in three languages namely Telugu, Kannada & Malayalam in a very short period.

As many of you might be aware, his first song was for the Telugu film "Sri Sri Sri Maryada Ramanna" and the song was "Emi Ee vintha mohamu" in which he sang with stalwarts like P.B.Srinivas, P.Susheela & Raghuramiah. That was on Dec 15, 1966.

Immediately in the year 1967, he made his debut in both Kannada & Malayalam.

The Kannada debut was also with P.Susheela (He also sang his first Tamil song with PS later in 1969). So, our SPB had the distinction of making his debut in three langauges with PS - a remarkable debut indeed.

Now the details of his first Kannada song

Song : kanasidO nanasidO ....
Movie: Nakkare Ade Swarga (1967)
Music: M.Ranga Rao
Lyrics: Vijayanarasimha
Singers: SPB, P.Susheela

I think the actors in the movie were Narasimnha Raju & Jayanthi, but i am not sure. Maybe Kannada fans can confirm this.

Just listen to the blossoming SPB voice, so youthful in tone and velvet in rendering. It appears to have some shades of Ghantasala & PBS tone mixed with his own. This is a lovely duet & also pacy in composition, with PS' voice very very sweet. Our SPB would have been just 20 years of age and how effortlessly he has rendered the song like a seasoned singer in a youthful voice.

Go ahead, enjoy listening to a beauty


kanasidO nanasidO
muguda manada bisi bayakeyO
idu ciguru hareya seLevo
ciguru hareya seLevo (kanasi)

iLidu baMdaLo bhAgya dEvate
jaladhA..re rUpa tALute
heNNu manasu halavu dinasu
eMdu dhAre tiLisitu
caMcalate heNNa hesaro
caMcalate heNNa hesaro (kanasi)

seLeye maiyali saleye niMdide
idu EnI amara sAdhane
olavu taMda gelaviniMda
amara daivI sAdhane
idu madhura hRudaya phalavo
idu madhura hRudaya phalavo (kanasi)

nAci svargave illi baMdire
aha nA..ri keMda tAvare
praNaya gIte modala sAlu
muttinaMthA nuDigaLu
idu doreye sudheya samavo
idu doreye sudheya samavo (kanasi)

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Meera Krishnamurthy said...


There is a mistake in second line..

kanasidO nanasidO
muguda manada bisi bayakeyO,(wishes of innocent mind) not uguda.


Hai Meera,

Thanks for pointing out the mistake. I hav corrected it now.

I had copied the lyrics from one of the Kannada film song sites and it had both options but on listening i heard it without the "m" so i used "uguda". I do not know Kannada, that's why.

Thanks a lot

Meera Krishnamurthy said...

Not a problem, Thanks for the beautiful song.

magisivappa said...

Absolutely right. His voice has budding voice sounds like Gantasala and PBS.