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Thursday, June 21, 2007

An SPB-KJY duet :: en kaadhali yaar sollava

Dear SPB Fans,

Here is a unique combo number by two of the greatest playback singers of Indian Cinema, the two MUSIC DOCTORS – Dr.K.J.Yesudoss & Dr.S.P.Balasubrahmanyam. By posting this song, I must be inviting the wrath of our COVAI RAVEE because he had already started a campaign of posting male duet songs of our SPB with other singers and he had already posted some numbers in the Tamil Blog. This song might have been on his proposed list for posting. But, I could not resist the temptation of posting this number which had been at the back of my mind for quite some time. So, with due apologies to RAVEE, I am posting this song. (Dear Ravee, please accept my apologies)

Song : en kaadhali yaar sollava …..
Film : thangathilE vairam (1975)
Music : Shankar-Ganesh
Singers : KJY & SPB
Actors : Sivakumar, KamalHaasan, Jayachitra & Sripriya

While the MEDICAL DOCTORS are primarily bent on taking care of the anatomy, our MUSIC DOCTORS are doing royal service attending to the minds & souls of the masses to relieve them of their tensions, stress & blood pressures through their soulful rendering.

Medical Doctors are awarded doctorship after completion of 5 or 6 years of academics consisting of one year Internship. But, our MUSIC DOCTORS had to toil through years & years of internship (performances) before being conferred the Title.

This song happens to be the first duet sung by these DOCTORS who were in their internship stage during the year 1975.

This is a stage song featured on Sivakumar & KamalHaasan who play brothers in the film. KJY sings for SK and SPB for KH. This song is bubbling with our SPB’s enthusiasm and improvisations which is a must for a song of this type. He has been given the chance to render lot of English phrases in this song and he does it quite happily and enthusiastically too. KJY’s is a very composed rendition and he does not attempt anything extra. The song sounds very pleasant in their mellifluous voices.

Shankar-Ganesh’s composition needs to be lauded abundantly. It provides the right mood and great swing to the song. The starting music of the song seems to resemble some Hindi number (not sure?). The interlude is also great before the charanam and the song continues without a break thereafter with many English phrases voiced by our SPB and finally ends up as a song with only one charanam. Our SPB ends the song with lot of improvisations on the words. While listening to this song, I am reminded of the “Yadhon ki Bharat…” Hindi song as it gives similar feel.

The other KJY-SPB songs that come to my mind are “maama maama en paarthE..”, “irandu kaigal naanganaal….”, “kaattukuyilu manasukkulla…”. I am not sure if there are any other songs in their combo. Can any one add to this list?


SPB : 1-2-3 1-2-3

KJY: en kaadhali yaar sollava
isai ennum peNN allava
raaga thaaLangaLil, nalla bhaavangaLil
naan kondaadum kaNN allava

SPB: en naayagi naan sollava,
nadamaadum silai allava
neela nayangaLil, konjum naLiNangaLil,
naan kondaadum kalai allava

(sound of applause and whistle)

SPB: iLa nenjam kai thaaLam pOdum
narai mudi konda thalai kooda aadum

KJY :my song will provoke the feelings of the folks

SPB: yeah thats true hahahaha
padhinaaru niraiyaadha paedai

KJY:ingu manam irundhaal varavendum
naan aadum maedai

SPB: pakka thuNai irundhaal
perugaadhO aanandha Odai

both:perugaadho anandha Odai

SPB: hai baby come to the stage huh


SPB: thats good
come on dont hesitate why dont u dance with me?

SPB : inamendrum mozhi endrum baedham
endrum illadha kalai dhaanay geetham

SPB: music has got no language no caste no creed

sure sure!!!(cheers cheers????)

SPB: then forget your age mummy, rush to the stage

SPB :varavEndum vayaadhana maadhu

KJY :andha ilamaiyilae aadaadha aattangaL aedhu

SPB : indru mudhumaiyilae pazhangaala ninaivOdu aadu

both:pazhangaala ninaivOdu aadu

KJY:en kaadhali yaar sollava
isai ennum peNN allava
raaga thaalangaLil, nalla bhaavangaLil
naan kondaadum kaNN allava

SPB: en nayagi naan sollava,
nadamaadum silai allava
neela nayangaLil, konjum naliNangaLil,
naan kondaadum kalai allava

en kaathali yaar s...

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கோவை ரவீ said...

//Dear Ravee, please accept my apologies//
I think this song posted by Sunder. I will check it.
anyway No Problem Dasarathi sir, Good pick up. All the Best.