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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ennodu Paattu Paadungal - Episode dated 26.05.2007

Dear SPB Fans,

I am glad to bring to you all one of the previous pending episodes (Episode No.19)-EPP-26.05.07 (courtesy : Covai Ravee for the audio file links).

This episode started off with a fresh set of 6 contestants who will continue in the next episode also.

Our SPB welcomed the contestants, the audience and the chief judge.

Details of this episode as follows :

Kural for the Episode :

(KuraL no.65)

மக்கள்மெய் தீண்டல் உடற்கின்பம் மற்று அவர்
சொற்கேட்டல் இன்பம் செவிக்கு.

Children's touch delights the body
Sweet to ears are their words lovely

Our SPB explains this as follows "VaLLuvar says there are only two types of joy. One is touching a child's tender body and embracing the child which gives joy to our body. The other is hearing their talk which gives joy to the mind. All other types of joys are trivial, he says" . So let us give the next generation a beautiful world to live in, like we received from our parents, our SPB said.

Introduction of the Chief Guest / Judge by SPB:
Our SPB introduced & welcomed the Chief Guest Mr. Aadhi who was a renowned guitar & mandolin player. He has played for many of the South Indian Music Directors namely M.S.Viswanathan, K.V.Mahadevan, V.Kumar (TAMIL), Satyam, Chakravarthy (TELUGU), Rajan Nagendra (KANNADA), Devaraj (MALAYALAM)..... and was their pet musician. For the past few years, he has been serving as the Secretary of the South Indian Film Musician Union. He is trying to earn opportunities for manual instrumental players to work with the current set of music directors in the current technology driven scenario.

First Round of the Contest (melody songs as per the contestant's choice": The list of songs of this contest were,
1) aagaaya vennilaave...... from arangEtra vElai (Dr.KJY & Uma Ramanan)
The contestant was Renu. SPB praised the contestant abundantly saying that all parameters namely rhythm & sruthi were good. However, he advised her to sing with a little bit more involvement to make it more beautiful.

2) aanandha raagam.... from panneer pushpangal (Uma Ramanan)
Sharanya Subramaniam rendered this song. Our SPB said to the contestant that even though the start was a bit shaky she had made up later. He said the reason was that most of girls singing today, even professionals, are singing in false voice. He told the contestant that above a particular range she had started singing in a false voice without knowing it. He demonstrated the difference between singing in a false voice and natural voice (open voice) by singing a few lines of the song himself. He requested the contestant to enjoy while singing. He said that everyone makes mistakes. He was modest enough to accept that he too had made lot of mistakes during recording and had received scoldings from the music directors. The main thing was to learn from one's mistake and eliminate it in futrue, he said. Subsequently, the permanent judge ManoBala chipped in saying that eventhough Uma Ramanan had sung less number of songs, all of them were hits and he himself along with other directors like Manivannan used to request for atleast one song by her in their earlier films so that the film runs well. This view was also shared by SPB.

3) unnai ninaikkavE...... from Jay Jay (Reshmi)
Lakshmi Priya rendered this song. Immediately after the song, our SPB asked the Chief Guest Aadhi to elaborate about his efforts to find work for yesteryear manual musicians in recording of a song in this electronic era. He said that 70~75% of the manual musicians are without work nowadays and he was trying his best to bring in a situation where the current crop of new music directors would use them for film music inspite of the modern electronic gadgets available which had rendered them jobless. ManoBala expressed similar thoughts on this.

4) vizhigalin aruginil.... from azhagiya theeyE (Ramesh Vinayagam)
Venkataraman sang this song. Our SPB paid abundant compliments to the contestant saying that he had excellent breath management and also that all parameters were quite good along with the way of presentation. He also mentioned that his voice sounded closer to the original singer Ramesh Vinayagam. If that was by nature then he said it was OK but if it was an imitation, he advised against it. Then he had a few words about Ramesh Vinayagam whom he said was a good composer having his own style. SPB said that Ramesh's first album was with himself (SPB) and it was really good music by him. He also sang well but was not oriented towards it. But unfortunately he was not doing much films due to whatever reasons, he said. He also spoke about the lyricist Kavi Varman, who works for a bank, who had penned the lyrics for this song. He said that his style was good and he never used an indecent word in the lyrics. He also revealed that the Ennodu Paattu Paadungal title song was by him. He requested Kavi Varman to continue in his own style without comprimising.

5) ennuLLE engO .... from rosaappoo ravikkaikkaaree (Vani Jayaram)
SivaSakthi sang this song. This time the chief guest Aadhi expressed his comments to the contestant. He said that her voice was good but she had to take care of Sruthi which was faltering at a few places. He stressed on the importance of sruthi. Our SPB also chipped in saying that when reaching higher note her pitch was getting reduced by a quarter note. He told some examples to explain about Sruthi.

6) malligai en mannan........ from theerkka sumangali (Vani Jayaraman)
Ranjani sang this song. Our SPB said to the contestant that she should have the song with 1/2 note lesser as she was struggling a bit at higher notes. He said that it was not a rule to sing in the original sruthi it was recorded. Ranjani replied that she had sung at a lesser note only, but still, our SPB suggested she could have lowered it by 1/2 a note to sing comfotably. He also said her rendition had some shades of carnatic flavour coming in which he said she should avoid while singing light music songs. Likewise while singing Carnatic songs light music shades should not appear, he said. Balancing the two was quite difficult which only a few were able to do, he confirmed. He citied examples of Yesudas, Unnikrishnan & Vani Jayaram who inspite of being basically carnatic musicians took care not to mix it up when singing light music. He sang the portion of the song where the contestant had tried to sing with more brigas and sangadhis like a carnatic singer which he said was not required for a song of this type as it would spoil the effect of the song. It has to be used only to the extent required for light music songs. He asked her to remember these two points for improvement. He said that she had a wonderful voice and was also singing openly unlike the present singers who are singing in false voice. She was not singing in false voice which is a good characteristic, he said. He also told her that striking the right balance between carnatic & light music was in her hands and that it does not come by teaching. The contestant replied that she would try to do her best to which our SPB said that she will do it as nothing is impossible. He said everything was in her hands and he further complimented her saying that present day singers like her had better IQ than the previous generations and that they absorbed anything faster like camphor catching fire instantaneously. He said that he himself took many rehearsals to perfect a song. He then went into his past experience of recording a song during those days when he said recording was done only on a single track for all the instrument players and singers and also that there used to be no air conditioning and that musicians used to sweat such that they removed their shirts off. Inspite of all that good songs were recorded, he said. The situation has changed a lot now, he said. He finally thanked the contestant for having presented a good song.

Message from our SPB :
"In the previous weeks I had talked about people criticising the cricketers for their bad performances & passing insulting comments on them. But, we ourselves fail to do simple things. We are not supposed to smoke in public places but we find lot of people smoking. In trains, people smoke in the toilets and even in aircrafts people attempt smoking. When we ourselves are not able to control these small weakness on our part what right have we got to criticize others. Cigeratte smoking does not only affect oneself but also has bad influence on others. So, please smoke only at designated places. This is an indication of being cultured. One does not have the right to spoil others' health, so abstain from smoking in public places "

SPB song :
Our SPB concluded the episode by singing one of his all time great songs which is a creation of M.S.Viswanathan - Kannadasan duo "vaan nila nila ...." from the Tamil film "pattina pravesam"

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