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Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Vintage SPB Telugu Song : his first SOLO Hit

Dear SPB Fans,

It has been quite some time that I had posted a Telugu song. So, today’s posting is of a vintage SPB song. This song is quite significant, in the sense that, it was this SOLO song rendered by him, in the year 1967, which became a hit and helped boost his credentials and status in the film industry.

Song : mEDanTE mEDaa kaadU, gooDanTE gooDU kaadu
Film : Sukhadukhaalu (1967)
Music : SP.Kothandapani
Lyrics: Devulapalli Krishna Sastry
Playback: S.P. Balasubrahmanyam
Cast for the song: Chandramohan, Vanisree
Others in the movie: SV Ranga Rao, Ramakrishna, Haranath, Jayalalitha, Ramana Reddy

This movie was directed by K.Balachander. This was a remake of his Tamil hit film “Major Chandrakanth”.

There is a background story as to how our SPB got the chance for this song. This detail was featured in one of the websites and below is the story.

S.P. Balasubrahmanyam shares details about his first solo hit experiences:
Intially Kondandapani gaaru wants Mohammed Rafi to sing the song mEDanTE mEDaa kaadU..., but then due to issues with accent, he decided to go with Ghantasala gaaru. The 'muhoortam' of the film Sukhadukhaalu was to start with a song recording with Ghantasaala. Ghantasaala got sick and sent word that he could not come. The producer, Raghava, was furious with music director Kodandapani and others that this was allowed to happen on the muhoortam day. Kodandapani approached Raghava and suggested that there was a young man in the studio that can sing the song and if Raghava approves, the recording can proceed.
Raghava listened to SPB rendering the song mEDanTE mEDaa kaadU... and agreed for him to sing the song for the film. (Kodandapani gave SPB his first break in Sree Sree Sree Maryaada Ramanna, and SPB hung out with him a lot, working as an assistant. SPB named his recording studio and his film company after Kodandapani.) The Tamil film has music by Kumar who worked only once with KB. But the songs are all time great hits. But Kodandapani has used his own tunes for this film which is also a great musical hit.

Lyrics not available for this song and hence I am posting only the song.

GO AHEAD & LISTEN TO A VINTAGE SPB VOICE. The voice has a strong resemblence to that of Ghantasala Master and also his style of diction is different as compared to later years. Was he imitating the Master in those early years based on some pressure???. It appears so. I am not sure.

Please click on the link below to go the ESNIPS website wherein the song will be played automatically


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நன்றி தாசரதி அவர்களே.