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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ilancholai Poothathaa Enna Jaalam

Dear SPB Fans,

This song "Ilancholai Poothathaa ....." from the Tamil Movie "Unnakkaagave Vaazhgirein" is a very beautiful IR-SPB combo number. The song is featured on Sivakumar. The heroine being Nadhiya. Lyrics is by Vairamuthu. This is a very good semi-classical number. I understood from some article that this is based on the "madhuvanti" raagam. The alapana at the start of the song provides a great beginning to the song with our SPB maintaining his voice well even at the lower notes. This songs seems to be mostly in the lower notes. The orchestration for this song is really a beauty with IR employing all the traditional instruments to produce a lovely number. A beautiful rendering all through by our SPB in a honey-toned voice. Must be one of the best of IR-SPB combo. But to my surprise, i heard this song for the first time only a few months back (somehow i seemed to have missed hearing to this number) and since then it has got embedded in me forcing me to post it now. This film also has another great song "kanna unai thedugiraen vaa..." which we will listen at a later stage.


iLanjchOlai pUththathA enna jAlam vaNNa kOlam (2)
oru pUnthenRal thAlAtta sila mEganggaL nIrURRa
iLanjchOlai pUththathA....

entha sonthanggaL yArOdu enRu
kAlam thAn sollumA..A.A
pUkkaL sollAmal pUththUvum mEgam
sEthi thAn sollumA
sOlai enggum sugantham..
mINdum inggE vasantham
nenjcham EnthAn mayanggum
kaNgaL sonnAl viLanggum
oru maunam thIrnthathu
suthiyOdu sErnththathu
oru thALam rAgam solla
santham ponggum mella
mAyamalla manthiram alla

.........iLanjchOlai pUththathA.............

UmaiyAy pOna sanggItham onRu
inRu thAn pEsuthO
mEdai illAmal AdAtha kAlgaL
inRu thAn AduthO
kaNNil enna kanavO
-nenjchil enna ninaivO
-nammai yArthAn kEtppathu
vithithAnE sErppAthu
intha pAsam pAvam illai
nEsam mOsam illai
ganggai enRum kAyvathumillai

............iLanjchOlai pUththathA...............

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1 comment:

Prasanna said...

Illan cholai poothatho -> B'ful song ... B'ful tune , orchaestration and Gr8 rendering by Jumbo ... The way he pronounces each atcharam is something Gr8 ... " Kanna unnai thedugren " in this song beauty falls when Giant enters as " Kanney unnai thedugiren vaa ... " . Gud selection dasardhi ...
Luv and Live with Music