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Sunday, February 11, 2007

On a Hot Summer Morning .........

Dear SPB Fans,

For a change, listen to this different type "Anglo-Tamil" song by our SPB recorded in the early 70s i think for the Tamil Film "raaNi yaar kuzhandhaii" (1972) which featured Jaishankar & Lakshmi . Music is by either TV Raju or Shankar-Ganesh, i am not sure. This used to be one of my favourite SPB numbers during the 70s and this would be aired a lot on Radio and love it for the way it has been rendered by our SPB. So versatile he has been right from the start of his singing career. And i wanted to present this song to all of you. I am not sure how many of you would have heard this. Thanks to Covai Ravee for providing details of this song. This is a "Road Romeo Type" song and just an excellent rendering all through. I cannot say all the nuances of SPB in words. So, just listen to this for yourself and enjoy. Our yesteryear singer A.L.Raghavan used to sing these type of songs before SPB came into the picture and our SPB has capably taken over from him in singing these type of songs. I know that you will all be smiling at the way our SPB has rendered this song. Quite funny indeed.


On a hottu summeru morning
A girlu wentu walking
Her face-uh balae fine-u
And The sweety issu mine-u

maadi veettu poNNu
Oru jOdi thEdum kaNNu
aadi aadi nadakkum bOdhu
adhirudhadaa maNNu

aiyayyO What shall I do
Tell me what to do
ammammO what can I do
I am mad after you

Kokkarakokko .....

aahaa, rolledu goldu mEni
nee romaa puri raaNi
summaa thooNdil pOttu izhukkudhammaa
unnudaiya baaNi

un paruvaththile sexxu
en nenjaththile fixxu
nerungi nerungip pazhagum bOdhu
neeyum naanum mixxu

en kaiyi romba raasi
nee thottup paaru rosi
paiya paiya pazhagi vandhOm
kaadhal romba easy

oorai suththum baama
naan oNdikkattai thaamma
unakkum enakkum poruththamuNdu
mudichchu pOdalaamaa!

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கோவை ரவீ said...

Good Start. Go ahed and post all old songs Dasarathi sir. All the best.