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Friday, February 09, 2007

"pratirAtri vasaMta rAtri" - A "Ghantasala-SPB" duet

Dear SPB Fans,

Here is a beautiful duet by "Ghantasala - SPB" from the Telugu Movie "Ekaveera" (1969) which featured NTR, Kanta Rao, Jamuna & KR Vijaya. Music by
K V Mahadevan. Lyrics by Devulapalli Krishna Sastry.

I was all along wondering whether the Student (SPB) had ever sung with the Master (Ghantasala) and by serendipity, I stumbled on this song.

The student starts off the song with a humming and the Master joins in and from there on, it is a beautiful trip down music lane. SPB sings the first Pallavi followed by Ghantasala. Then the first Charanam is handled by Ghantasala and SPB follows next singing the second Charanam and then in the climax of the song both join together and complete a beautiful song. Our SPB's youthful & nascent voice combines well with the matured voice of the Master and together provides us with a unique musical treat for our ears. I presume that the Master would have sung for NTR and our SPB for Kanta Rao (?).

Please click on the title of the post to enter the dishant web page and on that page selected the button 'Play Selected' to listen to the song


pratirAtri vasaMta rAtri
pratigAli pairagAli
bratukaMtA pratinimishaM pATalAga sAgAli
pratinimishaM priyA, priyA pATalAga sAgAli
pratirAtri vasaMta rAtri

niilO nApATa kadalii
nAlO nii aMde medali (2)
lOlOna malle podala
poolennO virisi virisi (2)
manakOsaM prati nimishaM madhumAsAM kavaali
manakOsaM priyA, priyA madhumAsaM kAvAli
(pratirAtri vasaMta rAtri)

origiMdi caMdravaMka
oyyAri tAravaMka (2)
virajAji tiiga suMta
jarigiMdi mAviceMta (2)
nanujUcI, ninujUcI vanamaMtA valaciMdi
nanujUcI, priyA priyaa vanamaMtA valaciMdi
(pratirAtri vasaMta rAtri)

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