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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Kalaganti Kalaganti .... from Annamayya

Dear SPB Fans,

Here is a popular Telugu song from "Annamayya" (1997). This movie was a landmark movie in many ways.

Primarily, our SPB had sung "14" songs in this movie. That itself is a superb tribute paid by the Music Director M.M.Keeravani to our Great. It is an irony that our SPB was not considered for the National Award having rendered all the songs superbly and soulfully.

Our Great also dubbed the voice for Actor Suman in this movie and he received a Nandi Award for this. Just listen to the quality of his dubbing voice (if you happen to see this Telugu movie). It is great.

This film showcased Actor Nagarjuna's histrionics which drew praises and tributes from all quarters and proved that he could do some serious acting.

Finally the Music Director Keeravani got a National Award for scoring the music for this film.

This particular song "Kalaganti Kalaganti..." which draws it's lyrics from the "Annamayya Keerthana" has been rendered very soulfully by our SPB.

From whatever little Telugu i know, this song seems to dwell upon the dreams that Annamayya had and it lists down whatever he had seen in the dreams. The way our SPB renders the song is really great. His tone changes many times in the song, at times it seems to convey a feeling of "wonder" and at times a feeling of being "awestruck" at what was seen in the dream. And when he renders "Kalaganti Kalaganti..." it seems to come from a man who is in a trance & in another world all together and in a bliss. With such softness he has rendered it. Such great performance is possible only by our Emperor.

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kalaganTi kalaganTi
ippuDiTu kalaganTi
EllalOkamulaku appaDagu tiru vEnkaTaadreeSuganTi


atiSayambaina SEshaadhri SikharamuganTi
pratilEni gOpura prabhaluganTi
SatakOti suryatEjamulu velugagaganTi
chaturaasyu poDaganTi chaturaasyu poDaganTi
chayyana mElukonTi

ippuDiTu kalaganTi

arudaina Samkhachakraadu lirugaDaganTi
sarilEni abhaya hastamunukanTi
tiru vEnkaTaachalaDhipuni choodagaganTi
hariganTi guruganTi
hariganTi guruganTi
antaTa mElukanTi


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