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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

SPB song from an "Unreleased Movie"

Dear SPB Fans,

I came across some songs of SPB featured in Dhool.com "Song of the Day" collections which are from movies not released and hence only a rare few would have heard it.

I am featuring now one such song in this blog now.

The song is "Yaaridhu dEvadhai....." from the Unreleased Tamil Movie "En PriyamE". Lyrics is by Na. Kamarasan and Music by Gangai Amaran. This movie as i understand was made around 1983. It was directed by Sivakumar and produced by Pondy M.A.Shanmugam.

This has good lyrics and a good tune also. Our SPB has played around in this song a lot with chuckles and small laughs here and there and also with a very melodious voice.

Enjoy this rarely heard song. I am also listening to it for the first time.

I will be featuring two other songs of this category in my next posts.


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