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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Song No.2 from an Unreleased Tamil Film

Dear SPB Fans,

Here is one more SPB song from an Unreleased Tamil Movie. This song is again stolen from the "Song of the Day" discussion in Dhool.com. I am not putting in my words for this song since there is a very elaborate write-up by one Mr.Saravanan giving a very clear background to the song in the original discussion itself. So, i have just cut & pasted the article from dhool.com for your benefit. But one thing i noticed from my side is that the tone of SPB's voice seems to be different (maybe too nasal than usual). I don't know why. Maybe to suit whatever character he has sung for ?.

From: bb on: Sun Mar 20, 2005 10:23 pm

Song of the Day: ninaivilE manaivi endRu from sa ri ga ma pa.

- Saravanan writes:

‘ninaivilE manaivi endRu’ from sa ri ga ma pa. Sung by SPB. Lyrics by Udhayanan. Music by Srikumar.

* * * *

Ragamalika International’s sa ri ga ma pa (not to be confused with Parthiban’s 1994 film sa ri ga ma pa da ni) was another movie whose reels lie forgotten in the attic of some crestfallen producer’s house. The record sleeve has a picture of Roopa condescending to part with a reluctant smile. The other songs were ‘Odum nadhigaLil’ by Jayachandran & PS (Kannadasan), ‘ennamma ennamma’ by Malaysia Vasudevan (Thendral Thyagarajan) and ‘ulagathil naanoru’ by S.Janaki (Kannadasan)

Putting up a brave face despite the ravages wrought by the ethnic conflict in the early 80s, Radio Ceylon endeared itself to its listeners by continuing to air their favourite programmes. And it was in mid 1983, when the schools in Madras were closed in view of the happenings across the Palk Strait, that I first happened to listen to this song one lazy forenoon. And soon enough, Sunday after Sunday, this song stayed put as the numero uno in the weekly countdown, nonchalantly fighting off spirited challenges from the more hyped Goliaths.

* * * *

Many of us would remember the song ‘vaai vittu sirichaa nOi vittu pOgum’ from KB’s poikkaal kuthirai. The voice that accompanies Malaysia Vasudevan is that of Udhayanan, who had also written the lyrics. Udhayanan was a lyricist who became MSV’s protégé in the early 80s, and he also lent his voice to some of his own lyrics. Though big time success eluded him, Udhayanan proved his bona fides in the few songs that came his way. Besides ‘vaai vittu siricha’, other songs written by Udhayanan that I recall are ‘aththiyum poothathu’ (manmatha rathangaL/PS/ KVM), ‘pachchai moLagaa’ (nandRi meeNdum varuga/ Udhayanan & Kausalya/ Shyam), ‘naanthaandi naanthaandi’ (dEvi darisanam/ PS & Renuka/ MSV), ‘maambalathu poosaari dabaaikiRaanya’ (aasaikku vayasillai/ Udhayanan & Manorama / MSV) and ‘Otta paanaila naNdai vittaa’ (mun oru kaalathil/ PS / MSV)

* * * *

Who was this Srikumar, whose entry into tfm and exit from there went wholly unnoticed? tfm often poses such questions whose answers we would probably never know. Yet in the one album that could attain, Srikumar has left behind some lingering memories. While the stylish JC-PS duet ‘Odum nadhigaLil aadum malargaLil unadhu mugam’ would strike a chord in many, the SOTD remains firmly entrenched in our memories. Creating an appealing tune is perhaps the easy part of the assignment; arranging an unobtrusive, apposite orchestration as a charming trellis around the lyrics is a daunting challenge for a debutant. But Srikumar comes out in flying colours. And SPB, of course, has to go all out to unleash his magic and honour a humble composer. Right from the opening humming, he makes the song his, and fills it with his finesse. With an amused indulgence that is so becoming, SPB captures the romantic flights of fancy of a love-struck man, singing of his beloved in a tranquil moonlit night.

Simply elegant. Elegantly simple.

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