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Friday, April 27, 2007

jabilamma neeku anta kOpama & kaadhal enna ....

Dear SPB Fans,

Presenting to you all, one of the Telugu songs of our Guruji, which I had thoroughly enjoyed during the time of its release and still do whenever I listen to it on TV. It is one of my favourite telugu number and it had a soul stirring effect on me.

Song : jabilamma neeku anta kOpama
Film Title:Pelli (1997)
Singer :S. P. Balasubramanyam
Music:S. A. Raj Kumar
Lyrics:Seetharama Sasthry
Actor(s)/Actress(es):Naveen Vadde, Maheswari, Sujatha

This song is featured on Naveen singing it when Maheswari is angry. It is a night song very beautifully picturised. This song once again like many of our Guruji’s songs has the “moon” being referred in the lyrics. The special relationship between our SPB & the moon is everlasting as evidenced by the continuous stream of moon-based songs created for/by our Great. This song has an excellent flute-based beginning and the flute plays havoc at many portions of the song. Our SPB’s voice is really very very honey sweet in this song. He has provided a delicate & soft touch to the rendering. His voice tone is such that it brings out the effect of the night clearly. What lovely humming at many places in the song. The recording quality of the song is also good. I was indeed surprised to note that the Music Director is S.A.Rajkumar. I had been all along thinking that he had scored music only for Tamil Films. A lovely composition indeed.

This movie was a very good one with a different theme wherein the mother-in-law (Sujatha) herself is willing to have her daughter-in-law (Maheswari) remarried (to Naveen) because her son had turned notorious and had abandoned them midway through their life. She finally goes to the extreme extent of killing her own son who tries to stop the remarriage.


jabilamma neeku anta kOpama
jajipoola meeda jaali choopumaa
jabilamma neeku anta kOpama
jajipoola meeda jaali choopumaa
nivEnDi vEnnElE enDallE manDitE allaripOda rEyE aapuma

jaabilamma neeku antha kopama

chiguru pEdavi paina chiru navvai chErallanukunna
chElia manasulOna siri muvvai aaDallanukunna
unna maaTa chEpalEni gunDElo vinapaalu vinapaDa lEda
haaraticchi swagatinchu kallalO prEma kranti kanapaDa lEda
mari anta doorama kallalu kanna teerama

jaabilamma neeku antha kopama

manasu chooDa vamma
kOluvundO EdO nee bOmma
manavi aalakinchi manistE chaalE chilakamma
pranam unna palaraaTi shilpama prEma neeDa chErukOni pantama
tODu kOri dagaraitE dOshama
teeya naina snEham anTE dvEshama
Okasaari navvu ma nammu kunna nEstama

jaabilamma neeku antha kopama

Now listen to the melodious number

This movie was later remade in Tamil as "AvaL VaruvALA" (1998) with Ajit & Simran as the lead pair and Sujatha performing the same role. Our SPB has rendered the equivalent song in Tamil also with the music director also being S.A.Rajkumar. However it does not seem to have the beautiful effect as the Telugu number eventhough the performing artistes (SPB & Rajkumar) are the same . I have included the Tamil version also here.

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Balu, the Name said...

//However it does not seem to have the beautiful effect as the Telugu number eventhough the performing artistes (SPB & Rajkumar) are the same .

Well, Dasaradhi sir, first of all thanks for blogging a wonderful number by SPB under SAR in Tamizh!!, by this way I’m Contrasting the above statement posted by you. There are many reasons supporting me to combat your statement, eventhough, just samples listed below:

1. As a SPB fan, the first thing would be the expectation of SPB to laugh in between, it’s there in the Tamizh Version, but I was not able to locate in Telugu.

2. “Unnai Sutri Mooduvadhum Adhudhan”, while singing “Adhudhan”, SPB performs smart act, a session for aspiring singers, learn how to control breathe!!

3. In the second sharanam, at the end, the way SPB sings “Nizhal Theendumpodhilum Manadhodu Verikiren”, oha, if you sing like this you can console your lover very easily, yet a word of caution, dont make your lover to listen SPB's before yours!!!!.

Some Facts:

1. When CINI artist collecting funds for Kargil war soldiers, SPB performed this song.

2. Actor Ajith impressed with SPB’s voice (oho, who not) in this song, and he requested the director Raj Kapoor for SPB’s version of this song, FYI, Hariharan’s Version also there. Incidentally, Haraiharan Sings “Oho Vandhadhu Penna” song in this same movie which was originally sung by the greatest singer of this millennium in Telugu version “oho Yevvana Veena”, which is my favorite pick, eventhough I don’t know the ABCD of Telugu, because I love SPB!!!!!


1. I vividly remember this movie ran 100 days in Trichy, only for Simran and for that SPB’s romantic filled song “Kaadhan Enna”

2. I watched this movie along with friends after my "Operating Systems" exam!!!!

Confrontation, still conclusion:

I love both the versions, and I love SPB, no need to say!!!!!.


Hi "Prodigy" Bala,
Thanks for your elaborate analysis of the songs.
Well, i did not carry out such an analysis. I just went by the first impression that my ears collected on listening to the songs.
Of course, as a SPB fan, i do like both versions and the different nuances he has provided for the two versions.
Thanks for presenting your detailed thinking and also other details about the song and the movie

I Love Music said...

pleasant song to listen