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Friday, April 06, 2007

naa paata panchamritham & konji konji alaigal oda :: different creations for similar situations

Dear SPB Fans,

Till now, we have been posting bi-lingual versions of a song having the same tune or composition. There have also been cases, where, during remaking of a film from one language to another, new compositions have been created quite different from the original version. This could be due to the use of different Music Directors for the two versions as also the difference in picturisation by a different film director. I am presenting to you one such case.

The Telugu Film “Allari Mogudu” (1992) starring Mohan Babu, Meena & Ramya Krishnan had a song “naa paata panchamritham” sung by our SPB. The song featured a contest, set-up in a Studio, between a renowned carnatic vocalist (actor Nagesh) and a young aspiring musician (Mohan Babu). Our SPB had lent his voice for both the actors in the song. He has clearly presented a distinct difference in the way of rendition by modulating his voice in Bhagavatar style for Nagesh and with a young & sweet voice for Mohan Babu. One could easily differentiate the portions pertaining to the two actors. His singing befits the starting words of the song "naa paata panchamritham". A very good composition by MM Keeravani in the semi-classical mould. Film directed by Raghavendra.

I could not locate the lyrics for the telugu version on the websites and hence i have not included the same here.

The above movie was remade in Tamil as “Veera” (1994) with Rajinikanth, Meena & Roja in the lead roles. Meena played the same role in both the versions. ILayaRaja was entrusted with the task of delivering great songs for this movie. For a similar situation, IR came out with “Konji Konji Alaigal Oda”, a wonderful melody. In this version, the contest is not directly between two artistes, rather, it is a music competition on stage and Rajini is featured as one of the contestants. Our SPB was the automatic choice for this song also. At this point in the film, Rajini is featured as a young aspiring musician who had come to the city (from his village) to pursue his music interests. Our SPB starts off with a subtle tone for Rajini. During the course of the song, Roja who is among the audience floats into the dream world with Rajini dressed in modern attire and during these scenes SPB’s voice changes gear and gains a modern lilt to it to reflect the romantic mood. Here again one could easily differentiate the voice tones which alternate in the song. Sweet Sweet rendering by the Legend. An excellent composition by the maestro with the varying rhythm patterns in the song suiting the mood of the scenes featured (the villager Rajini singing & the Rajini-Roja pair romancing). Film directed by Suresh Krishna.

Lyrics :

konji konji alaigal oda
kodai thendral malargal aada
kaatrile paravum oligal
kanavile mithakkum vizhigal
kanden anbe anbe

o anbil vandha raagame
annai thandha geethame
endrum unnai paaduvaen manadhil
inba thenum oorum
konji konji alaigal oda
kodai thendral malargal aada

maanguyil koovuthu maamaram pookkuthu
megam vandhu thaalaatta
ponmayil aaduthu venpani thoovuthu
bhoomi engum seeratta
aalam vizhuthu aada athil aasai oonjal aada
annangalin oorvalam
sa ga ri ma ga ma ma dha pa ni da sa ri nee nee
swarangalin thoranam
engengum paaduthu kaadhal geethangale

konji konji .......

maadavan poonkuzhal mandhira geethaththil
maadar thammai marandhaada
aadhavan karangalin aadharaval ponne
aatril pon pol alaiyaada
kaalai paniyil roja puthu kavithai paadi aada
iyarkkayin athisayam
sa ga ri ma ga ma ma dha pa ni da sa ri nee nee
vaanavil oviyam
engengum paaduthu kaadhal geethangale
konji konji alaigal oda
solai thendral malargal aada

konji konji.....


Anonymous said...

Dear Dasaradhi,

Thnx for posting my favourite song. I really love this song.


கோவை ரவீ said...

Adra Chakkai Adra Chakkai..(Prassannaa ithu unga favorite thanee) SuPerB melody Dasarathi sir. All the best.