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Monday, April 02, 2007

Batata Vada - Hifazat (Hindi)

Today I am posting a classical comedy kind of song "Batata Vada" from the movie "Hifazat'(1987), Great melody by spb & s. janki combination.

This film was released in the late 80's starring Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit. The movie is old & dated but netherless a pleasent film. Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit are a moderate entertainer. Madhuri Dixit is a highly accomplished dancer & actress in hindi film industry

The historical melodrama from director Prayag Raja is a story of bigamy, royal scheming, power struggles, honor, betrayal and false identities.

The song employs potentially unrelated phrases and oodles of electronica, mridangam and loops mixed together in a heady mix with conventional Bollywood violin sweeps and flourishes to burgeon into a duet about the unpredictability and inevitability of love.

Beautiful music composed by great R.D. Burman and this song by S.P. Balasubramaniam and S. Janaki is a beautiful classical melody. S.Janki amma's voice is very very similar to Asha Bhosle in this song.
R.D. Burman had composed many hit songs for S.P.Balasubramaniam in which we didnt find any south indian accent.

Movie: Hifaazat (1991)
Cast: Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit
Music: R.D.Burman
Singers: S.P.Balasubrahmaniyam & s.janki

Batata vada aye batata vada,
Dil nahi dena tha , dena pada

Batata vada ho batata vada,
pyar nahi karna tha, karna pada

hote jo hosh mein hum, aise na jhoom na jaate
achha yahi tha pehle hum tum na paas aate
ab door jaana hai mushkil bada
Batata vada aye batata vada,
Dil nahi dena tha , dena pada
Batata vada ho batata vada

Lagta hai aaj dil ke armaan nikal rahe hai
kaisi hai aag jisme hum dono jal rahe hai
jaa thande paani ka le aa tu ghada
Batata vada aye batata vada,
Dil nahi dena tha , dena pada
Batata vada ho batata vada,

masti mein dil ki kashti jaaye na doob apni
dube ke paar utare jodi hai khub apni
tu bhi kawaari hai, main bhi hoon chhada
Batata vada ha haa
Batata vada ha haa haa
Dil nahi dena tha , dena pada

Batata vada, batata vada,
Batata vada, ta vada, ta vada
Batata vada ho batata vada...


கோவை ரவீ said...

Hi Vikas, SuPerB Joyful Vadaa.. I like this song.

Anonymous said...

Hi, very long back I watched this movie. Dabba movie, but this song is really fun song. I dont think SJ voice resembles Asha, anybody can recognize her laugh in between the song.

I am looking for two more spb and sj's hindi song 'tere pyar me hum doob gaye' from 'Jamai Raja' and 'chumma de' from 'khel khiladi ka'.

Thanks in advance.